Haitham al-Haddad – Sisters praying Taraweeh at Mosque – Ramadan Q and A

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The conversation is about praying in the presence of a waif. The speakers discuss the importance of praying in the presence of a waif for a woman who may become lazy. They also mention the benefits of praying in the presence of a waif for a woman who may become lazy and maintain safety and security in her life.
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Do you encourage sisters to pray throw in the mosques as well?

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No, not really. Not really. In general, Salah for Sisters is better in their homes in general. Yeah, I know some people might say yeah, but sisters if they stay at home they might miss it. We say why why me? Do you make that habit? Your sooner the sooner for us as men? Yeah. If not one is to pray in the masjid. What is better for us is to pray in the masjid. Okay. It is allowed to pray at home. If someone said Yeah, but okay, I pray at home. Yes, you can pray at home, but you might be sinful or you might lose a lot of freewill too. So the opposite is true for sisters. It is better for them to pray at home, they get more reward. So why do you leave that virtuous act by praying a tone? Yeah.

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And praying in the masjid. However, yeah, if they are going to be really lazy and they are not going to pray in at home, then what what we say? We don't say is better to pray in the masjid we say then it is allowed to pray in the masjid. Yeah. Okay.

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And it is better from which perspective? Not better? Because it is better than praying in at home? No, because it is better for you. Because I told you I'm not praying from this perspective. I hope that it is clear. Yeah. The best is to pray at home and pray regularly. Yes, as much as you can. Yes, that if she feels that she's maybe might become lazy or won't pray, if it is likely that this is going to happen, then we say then pray in the masjid that is better not because of the Salah in of itself for you is better, because you are going to miss triangulate your show this is with one condition if you are married, then of course your husband has to approve this because that is the

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condition of marriage. Yeah. If you have well he father etc. Then you make sure that they are happy with this and they that your safety and security is maintained

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