Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Introducing Ramadan To Reverts

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of fasting, including becoming more resilient, building up strength, and reducing risk of falling in love. They emphasize the importance of fasting for personal growth, achieving spiritual health, and achieving spiritual health. The speakers also stress the importance of praying for a good day and staying busy to avoid getting tired, and suggest focusing on fasting during the day to receive the blessing of the Lord. They emphasize the importance of fasting for rebuilding one's behavior, gaining acceptance in society, and improving mental well-being.
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Ud dumo bikuni Kooning use sumava ud to be Kumu Russa.

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Wala UD dooby Kumu. Swati took me to live data Valley to can be more hada ma de kumada Khun Tosh moon

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in Alhamdulillah doc marijuana Stein on a South field who wanted to boy lay, whenever to be learned he mean surely unforeseen. Amin say at Dr. Molina, Maryam de la who philomel de la la la mejor del para Hari Allah was hadwen ilaha illa hula hula Shadi kala, wash Edwin Mohammed Abdul Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all praises or for Allah. We praise Him, we thank Him, we ask him for his help. And we ask Him for His forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allahu taala from the evil ourselves and the evil of our actions. Whoever is guided by a law, then no one can be skyed them and whoever is misguided then no one can guide them except for Allah. I bear witness that there is no

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god worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is his final messenger I'm a bad festival a Salaam Wa La Kumara to Lloyd I care to I just want to welcome you all and humbly learn We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless this gathering in sha Allah on the doors of Ramadan May Allah bless us all inshallah and led us to live to see Ramadan and bless us in a and I want to thank the sisters from DCA from inviting me he to share you know some inshallah beadalon knowledge with everyone Benin later Allah. So my dear sisters, we upon our seas, Ramadan, the month of mercy and blessing, the month of forgiveness, the month when the doors of Jana and

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mercy are opened, and the doors of the hill fire are shot and locked, and the devils are chained in this month. And in this month, more people are freed from the fire in this month than any other month. And so Allahu taala has filled this month with all like every opportunity to get his blessing to get his forgiveness and to get his mercy. So it's only the deprived person Subhanallah that they could miss out on the forgiveness of a loss of pantalla in this month. So the evening. The first of what I thought to share with you today is to talk about some of the wisdoms behind fasting

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insha Allah to for us because some of you know 100 I've heard some of the sisters he might be their first Ramadan. So it's important for us to you know, reflect and even for those of you who are old enough

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And fasting we still need to reflect on the wisdoms inshallah behind why we fast.

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So panelist, we need to realize that everything Allah has commanded us in this religion, there are great wisdoms and benefits behind everything Subhan Allah isn't there's nothing in this religion of Islam, except that there are huge benefits and wisdoms behind it. And there's nothing that Allah Subhana Allah has forbidden us from doing any slam, except that it's Yanni there's this, this again huge wisdoms behind why Allah and His Messenger has forbidden this particular thing for us. So these sisters panel are first of all, what Ramadan does, when Ramadan comes to us. It first of all reminds our hearts of what is the true goal and what is the true purpose of this life? Like Allahu Allah,

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Allah says in the Quran, wanna holla cool, Gina? Well, INSA Illa de Abu Dune, that I haven't created the, the you know, the gene, nor the human beings except to worship Me, all ye we get distracted with the dunya we get distracted with the worldly things with our lives and we forget about what is the reality of this life. So Ramadan, what it does, when it comes, it makes us wake up and realize what is the purpose in this life? And what should I be striving for as a Muslim in this life. So this is the first thing that Ramadan does for us. Now, the thing Yani, there's some things we can reflect upon while we're fasting.

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So first of all, from the things that we can reflect upon, while fasting is yummy, when a person becomes hungry and thirsty, when you become hungry and thirsty, when you're fasting. To think about, first of all, if this is the thirst that I feel in this life, then imagine how is it going to be on the day, which, you know, Allah subhanaw taala told us, it's a day, which is the length of 50,000 years, the day of judgment, the day resurrection, when all of mankind will be gathered to be called to account, the length of this day, as Allah told us, is a length of 50,000 years. So imagine when the sun is brought, like only a mile away from the people's heads, and they'll be drowning in this

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sweat, many will be drowning in this sweat. But the point is you only the intensity of that hate, and there's no response, you know, it's a panel off from the intensity of that heat and less a lot, you know, a loss of hands, you know, let that person comes with course, righteous deeds that will screen that person from the intensity of the sun. But the point is that we should be thinking about if this is how thirsty I feel in this life, then what would it be like on your piano, thinking about the thirst on your piano, and who would give you a drink on Yom Okayama subpoena law, so this is, you know, this is from the reflections that we can make another one also, another of the wisdoms

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behind fasting, or the benefits we think about while fasting is to think that, um, one of the things that fasting does, it creates, it creates resilience. It helps you to become more resilient as a Muslim. Now, you think about it if you live a spoilt life. Okay? If you don't go through a kind of hardship, how would you learn resilience? How would you learn how to be strong, and then Allah wants us to be strong, what meaning Allah does not want us to be weak in our religion, he wants us to be strong believers. That's why Allah Subhana Allah has given us certain,

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you know, certain commands in the religion that gives us makes us build up and become stronger as believers. So for example, when you fast and you get hungry and thirsty for the sake of Allah, this helps you to learn how to be patient and how to go without food. Sometimes, if a day ever came in your life, where you're deprived, like, we don't know what's going to happen to us in this life. Did the Syrians May Allah relieve their hardship? and given us did they think, you know, 10 years ago that they will be going through what they're going through today? We don't know what's going to happen to ask the panel. We don't know what Allah subhanaw taala might trial us with in our lives.

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But through fasting is something that strengthens us, it gives us resilience, that if hardships come our way, inshallah we're more able to, you know, to be able to bear those hardships. Like sometimes if you can't find food, when you can't find drink for a certain amount of time. If you only the fact that you fasted Ramadan, you say to yourself, well, I've done this before, it's not like the first time I've gone without food and drink, you know, so it isn't what there's a certain amount of it's character building, you know, it's it builds you up. And you think about the early Muslims in the early days of Islam, like look at what the disbelievers did, they cut them off. They cut them off

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from their food supplies, and to the level that the Sahaba the companions and the prophets that a lot and it was selling. The Hunger was so much they were eating like the leaves of trees, they were eating grasses, they had to tie a stone to their stomach to stop the pains of hunger. That was the messenger of a lot. So long line it was said I was going through such trials. So we have to realize that as believers like Allah told us in the Quran, you know, it's

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Not enough like you know, you know just to say men now well whom now you've you've done like it's not enough for a person just to say we believe and to think that you wouldn't be tested in this belief to see how sincere you are in this belief so we don't know any Allah knows Yanni what tests and trials might come our way but in sha Allah by fasting, it's a way of building up our resilience, the inilah huhtala and making us strong as believers really to strive you know, really to strive inshallah for any circumstances that come our way. A third

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of the benefits inshallah of fasting is that,

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you know, fasting is from what a great the greatest things that teaches you how to have a flawless how to have sincerity for the sake of a law.

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You know, all year, what do we do all year, we're just feeding and drinking, sorry, eating, eating and drinking and feeding our bodies. But what fasting does what fasting does, okay? It nourishes the soul. Okay, we're constantly worrying about feeding our bodies, and nourishing our bodies, you know, watching what food we eat, and all of these things. But we often forget that our soul needs nourishment. Now what nourishes the soul is acts of worship, acts of worship is what nourishes the soul. And fasting is from those things that nourishes the soul. So and the way that the way that the fasting nourishes the soul, is it teaches you a plus, it teaches you to how to be sincere in front

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of a law. Because what happens is that when you're fasting, no one's watching you, except like Yanni, a person could pretend to fast in front of people, but they could easily just go and eat behind everybody's back kootenay right, you could easily cheat. No one would know if you if you sneakily went and ate at home No one will know. But what is the reason that you don't eat? What is the reason that you don't drink sneakily? Because you know, Allah is watching you. Right? You know, Allah is watching and that's why you don't eat and that's why you don't drink, sneakily and break your fast sneakily because you know Allah Subhana Allah is watching you and he caught and that is

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something that teaches you how to have a floss it builds up the feeling of sincerity in your heart then develops that feeling that Allah is watching me. Okay, so that's that's that's the way that fasting teaches us how to have a class and this is exactly why the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us an authentic hadith, it's actually a hadith could see that Allah has said that every good day that the son of Adam does is multiplied from 10 to 700 times

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except for a psalm he loves. So for Inna hooli, y and z be certain the Allahu taala has said that all actions at all acts of worship all good deeds you do the reward you get for it is multiplied from 10 to 700 times Okay, except for a cm except for fasting. Allah says that that is the main reward for it Yeah, neither reward is left up to a law so we know that the the reward you get for fasting is even greater than the normal days and what is the reason for that? Because of this sincerity is something you're doing only for Allah. This is the reason

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okay for another of the best or not from the other. Another of the benefits inshallah of fasting as well is that it teaches you how to get self control of your ness. Okay, the next is the soul. Like an Allah tells us instruct us. So for example, in an noxa, the amount to be sued, that the nature of the soul, the nature of a person's soul, is it inclines you towards it inclines you towards evil, towards being lazy, towards going away from the path of a law? That's the way that's what the soul the nature of the soul is? Right? except Allah says a llama ropey except for who Allah has mercy upon them. So what what fasting does is it teaches you how to get control of your next how to

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develop self control. And that's why you'll find that that that believer,

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you'll find that because you what is the reason why a person finds it easy? Why does the believer find it easy to obey Allah and His messenger? Why do they find it easy to you know, for example, to pray their prayers on time? too fast? Because they got their next they discipline their naps? Okay, like in the beginning when you first become Muslim, you find praying is hard. It's really hard to pray your prayers on time because you know why? Because you haven't disciplined your naps, you haven't disciplined your soul. So that's why it's hard in the beginning, but the more you keep on pushing yourself and getting that self discipline to pray your praise on time, and even fasting you

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know, I remember the first Ramadan I fasted Whoa, it was really hard, but mind you, my first Ramadan was in summer

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So for any of you fasting this year your first Ramadan This is like a piece inshallah a piece of cake This is just you're going to get hungry, because in the middle of winter, you're going to get very hungry set, I will talk about that after, make sure you fill up on very good

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when I call them complex carbohydrates to keep burning through the day for yourself because you're not used to fasting so you're probably gonna get really hungry and go What is this? You know, it's not like the 24 hour femen you know, the full, you know, the 48 hour feminine. So, um, yeah, so I remember, you know, like, I'm shaking, it's like, oh, my God, you know, it was hard, you know, it's Panama. But, you know, once your body gets used to once you get yourself used to it, it's how Allah toughens you, and you get control over your over your ness.

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Okay, so if you're over the thing is, the more you get control over your next, the more you get control over your soul and your next, the more that you're able to make your your soul obey Allah in other things, and obey His Messenger, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in other things.

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So this is what fasting does, it helps the person get control over their naps, because the next All right, the next has desires. Okay, the next, the nature of the next it goes to always push you towards following your desires, whatever you want to do, you know, and obviously, most of that is since things that Allah has forbidden things that the Messenger of Allah has forbidden. So if you just follow your naps, you know, the people of this dunya in generally, except for who Allah is guided, if you look at them, what do they follow? Whatever they have, their mind tells them, isn't it? They do it every day mine tells them and whatever they feel like doing, they just go do it.

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What's why because they're following their necks, they're following their desires. But Islam tells us No, you have done and when not enough, Sanyal Hauer Allah says, you know, you have to forbid the soul from going to * from following the house from following you know, whatever it desires.

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So this is how fasting teaches you to get control over your neck, it's a training. And this is a 29 or 30 day training session. Okay, it's a 29, or 30 day training session, where you're training your soul to get like to get control over your soul. And this is similar to other types of the other acts of worship also teach this control of the NES. Like, if you look at praise, they also teach you to get control of your naps, because look, your next wants to sleep in your nest wants to sleep as much as it wants, okay, and just relax in your warm bed. But Allah has commanded you to wake up for fetch on time, in the cold to get out of your bed, when you're you know, and cold and go to the bathroom,

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you're freezing, and turn on the water and start you know, taking will do. So by doing that if you can overcome your nerves in doing that you're getting control over your nerves. This is how this is how far I press, the more you do it, you're getting control and it gets discipline. Now you find that children who are brought up upon the commands of Islam, you see they more able to be obedient and to pull themselves in line and have self control over themselves. Why because they've they've been growing up with fasting, they've grown up with prayers, so they're able to pull themselves in line, whereas children who just brought up doing whatever they wanted, you know, like, you know, not

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having that sort of discipline, not having that self control, it's harder for them, it's harder for them to have self control in other areas. So you'll find that the more you discipline yourself with these acts of Islam, the more you'll find you get control in other aspects of your life as well. It puts your life together, it puts your life in place.

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Okay, so this is this is some examples of how this is some examples of how, you know, fasting, it helps us to get control over our naps.

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Okay, another thing that another way that, you know, benefits that we get from from fasting.

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Oh, and just just to add on to that point as well, that what darlin that simple scholars said in regards to fasting, they said, if a person is able to control themselves, you know, and you allow, you're able to control your desires from going to what Allah has made halon because normally food and drink, and marriage relations is parallel. But if a person is able to withhold their desires, due to the commendable law in fasting, if they're able to withhold their desires from what is normally permissible for them, then it can be much easier for them to withhold the desires from going to what Allah has made her arm from the beaten actions. So this is from the benefit. So if

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you're able to stop yourself for 29 to 30 or 30 days, stop your desires from going to what Allah made permissible, then inshallah you will find after Ramadan, that if it came to, for example, a choice between buying that hat on meats, you know, eating something forbidden, you're not going to go to that, you know, doesn't know if I have this semaj of bacon. You know, something

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Not that you're not going to do that because if you've been trained to discipline yourself, but and to stay away from what Allah has, has forbidden.

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Okay, another another benefit that we get out of fasting as well, is that

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subpoena law, it reminds us of our brothers and sisters who don't haven't been, you know, they haven't been given what we've been given, you know, people who are going through hardships, the poor, the needy, those who are, you know, so Panama, those who don't have what we have, it makes us our hearts think about them.

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Right if you

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if you get hungry and you get thirsty, when you're getting hungry and thirsty, it weakens you like when you're fasting, you feel weakened from your fasting, you know from your not having food not having drink, so you feel weakened.

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Now, if you think about it, if you were just living like you think about it, you think about the wisdom of this. If we were just like if we didn't have fasting, and look at the state of a lot of Muslims today, they have so much money, so much wealth, okay, it's very easy. The more that you know, the more that a person gets blessed with the things of this world, the more they can become hardened and not care about others. Okay, and not care about others. But what fasting does it make it humbles you, it humbles you and it and because you get you feel weakened from the food and drink. So you start thinking subpoena law. At the end of my day, I'm going to have a start, I'm going to be

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able to eat but there are people in this world basically like that every day, they go to bed feeling like this. So it's something that humbles you down and makes you think about others. Allah says in the Quran Kela in Al insana, the Yoko agua who still now stellaluna in Iraq, because Pooja, so Allahu Allah says in Surah Allah, He says that from the nature of mankind is that they are inclined towards a Baba, like, which means that the nature of mankind is they, you know, the met the nature of mankind is once you start feeling self sufficient, you know, once you feel like you've got all the blessings and wealth and luxury, you naturally start to feel self sufficient, like you don't

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need anyone, you don't need a lot like a lot of people, when they all opens up the dunya for them, the world, you know, the world the things, they start feeling like, I don't need a lot in my life, I'm fine by myself, you know. And also, so what what happens when you get that self sufficient feeling in yourself, is that two things, first of all, you you know, you transgress you transgress against, the commands have a lot, you have no problems in transgressing against the commands of Allah and going against what he's commanded you and going into what he's forbidden, and turning away from Allah in general. And the second thing that happens is you tend to transgress against the

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creation, like you don't care anymore, because you know, you think you're so powerful, so strong, so you've got no problem with cheating, other Muslims, you know, lying and oppressing other Muslims in general. So this is a bad quality that Allah does not want for us. He wants us to have care and empathy for our Muslim brothers and sisters. So this is what fasting does in Ramadan. When we fast, we feel more humble, it brings us down No matter how much money we've got. But it brings us back to reality of how we are, we are essentially weak. We think we're strong but allows reminding us essentially you're weak, if it wasn't for Allah blessing you with his food and drink, you'd be

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nothing special, you'd be nothing and you wouldn't even be able to survive. So it's bringing us back down to reality. It's a reality check for us. And it makes us have empathy with our brothers and sisters around the world. And what does that do? It propels you to want to give sort of your heart when your heart becomes humbled in this way. Now you feel like I want to help I want to help others if this is how I feel every day. So Panama I want to be generous normal dot i want to I want to give to the sake of Allah and make dark my brothers and sisters everywhere around the world that's that's going through these trials and tribulations.

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So this is from the benefit, this is from the you know, the wisdoms of fasting.

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Okay, so now inshallah I'm going to move on and speak about the goal of fasting that should be in our minds inshallah,

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which is something that I mentioned in the in the in the beginning when I was reading the yet the verses of the Quran. So within these verses, Allahu Allah says, Yeah, you will Edina Amano quotevalet como si amo kemah kuchibhotla Latina, New Albany con, la la contacta con. So Allahu taala says in these verses are you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you, just as it was prescribed upon those who came before you why law laquan that upon that you may get the duck off of Allah and taqwa may

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You know having fear and be wearing of a law, having fear and be wearing of a lawn or how does a person develop, see and be wearing of a law, because Yanni you want the Jana and you see the fire, so, and you want the forgiveness of a law, so that makes you stay away from what Allah has forbidden what His Messenger has to be done, and, and, and to and to try to act upon the commands that Allah has commanded you. This is taqwa, why do you do that? Why do you act upon the commands of Allah? Why do you stay away from the prohibitions because you have been wearing of a law you're aware that Allah is watching you, Allah is going to call you a cat to account for whatever you do in this life

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so this is what this is what this is the goal behind fasting we have to put this in our minds that there's a goal behind fasting we should be a we should be aiming for and that aim is that inshallah we hurt by fasting Ramadan we should see a change in ourselves in this month that the way I entered Ramadan

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I should be different when I come out the other side you know, when you go in the car wash the car comes in dirty. This is the old fashioned Car Wash so I haven't seen one of these car washes anymore but they used to be really fun you know you get in the car because all dirty and you see then he goes for about five minutes all the things come around, polishing the car was really fun. And then he came out the other side and what does a car look like? Oh nice and shiny. Okay and you this is what we want to get out of Ramadan. We want to come into Ramadan we come in with our sins, we come in without deficiencies becoming without negligence. Like maybe we're not paying our prayers on time

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now. You know, we're not you know, steadfast, whatever, whatever our case is. So we hope you know Ramadan that we train our souls in this month, and we come out the other end improved. So we should all be aiming for self improvement. In short, this is what we should be aiming for in the lab. May Allah make it easy for us all inshallah. Now the important point here is that we need to realize you know, that fast in Ramadan is not just about giving up food and drink. Okay, it's not just about giving up food and drink. It's not it's not that's, that's, that's not the end of it.

00:27:11 --> 00:27:21

Rather, the main thing that Allah wants to teach us is, he wants us to reach this level of taqwa. He wants us to reach this level of taqwa

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of avoiding sins, and prohibited actions and forbidden acts. So

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what we should be aiming for is trying to perfect our fasting for the sake of Allah. So fasting is not just about giving up food and drink. Fasting is about trying to perfect your character. It's about guarding your eyes from looking at things that Allah has forbidden, guarding your ears, from things that Allah is has forbidden or dislikes, or saying things that Allah has forbidden. So this is how we try and perfect our fasting in this way.

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In some Hadith in some narrations, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam For example, He says in in a hadith narrated by Abu hurayrah, the Allahu anhu men Lamia, Tao Ola zuri, while Anna Nabhi, while Johanna valetti Silla, he had written hygiene, and yet our Dharma who was shut off. So the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Whoever does not leave, whoever does not give up full speech and acting upon it and ignorant behavior. Allah is in no need of him giving up his food and drink. So what we learn from this hadith the sisters is that, you know, when you're fasting, you have to bear in mind your character, pay attention a lot to your character, the way

00:28:40 --> 00:29:18

you're speaking, not to lose your temper not to start screaming not to start swearing, you know, like So Allah is trying to train our characters through this fasting, perfecting our manners. So and also guarding your tongue from saying something Haram. You know, if someone tries to open up a subject of like backbiting about someone, and they will trust me, Allah is going to test you in your sincerity in your fasting. So sooner or later, someone's going to try and argue with you, you know, if you're married, you know that the husband Whoa, he's a big test, you know, sooner or later, the husband says something agitating, and you feel like you want to react or the child you know, you

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keep trying especially got teenagers, you know, they try to argue with you, they're going to try and draw you up. You have to set yourself a lot is testing me to see how sincere I am in my fasting. Of course, you're not going to break your fast we want to try and God out. We want to try like people's fasting is not of the same level. That is different levels of fasting according to you know, people are rewarded differently for the fasting according to how much they've been careful with their with their fast. Okay, so that's why inshallah we want to try to avoid doing anything that can reduce our reward for fasting. So any type of scenes a type of disobedience of a loss of pantalla we

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Reduce during the you know, reduce your reward for fasting. So, like I said, you know, like, obviously lying, backbiting, you know, listening to what Allah has predicted. All of these things, highlight is going to cause the reward for the fasting to be reduced. So that's why, if the person is fasting sincerely for the sake of a law, then you feel that your eyes can't look to what Allah has prevented. You feel like your is can't listen to what Allah has prevented. You feel like your tongue can't say what Allah has prohibited. So this is this is how you know how sincere you are in your fasting.

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And even the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, it may be that a fasting person gets nothing from their fast except hunger and thirst. So you know, you might have fulfilled your thoughts, but it's possible to if you just completely don't ignore this, if you completely ignore this, you know, guiding your fasting, it could end up because of how much backbiting it eating, how much lying in swearing and, and bad behavior and everything in Ramadan, it could end up with you know, okay, you've you've got it crossed off that you've you've fasted Ramadan, but as far as your reward you missed out on this huge reward that Allah is offering us. So this is what we have to keep

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in mind.

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So the way you know, think about if you want to know how should your manners be in Ramadan, try to think about what was the law of the prophets that I love, it was the noble flf you know, the noble and high manners This is how we should try to have the best manners especially while fasting Ramadan, and even the Messenger of Allah. So the last one he was selling, he told us that if someone tries to argue with you to say in nice saw him in the store, and to say, like I am fasting, I am fasting, why do you say this? To remind yourself that you're fasting? Because what you might think what's the point in saying that but when you say it, you know, when you say it like audibly you're

00:31:56 --> 00:32:16

reminding yourself that of what you're doing reminding yourself of your intention that by you Yani, if you don't if you engage in this argument, right now, you're going to reduce your award and you're also reminding other person as well. So even if someone tries to back by it, they say, oh, did you hear about that sister, you say look, we're fasting Let's not talk about it, because you don't wanna reduce your reward

00:32:17 --> 00:32:30

so remember that a lot is going to test you there be times when you're fasting I love gonna test you to see so when that happens on tries to engage in an argument, just remind yourself this is our testimony right now and I don't want to I want I want to protect my voice as much as I can.

00:32:31 --> 00:33:08

So imagine if you go through 2930 days like this guarding your eyes, guarding your ears guarding your tongue, you know trying your very best to perfect your fasting. Can you imagine like they you know, the psychologist for example, they say it takes 21 days to develop a habit. So imagine if you before Ramadan you to try to use to sweat I used to back but whenever you had bad characteristics, and any kind of Ramadan with sincerity and you try really hard to train yourself. Imagine how you're going to come out the other side Ramadan, you're going to be a changed person. And this is what Ramadan should be. For us, it should be a life changing event. We should you know, it should change

00:33:08 --> 00:33:48

us we should be a different person on the other side, in sha Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah open it for us and guide us in this month and help us to make a lot of repentance to Him. May Allah you know soften our hearts and help us to make repent a lot. This is a chance for us to get the forgiveness of Allah, Who ever perfect say fasting like Allah says, Sorry, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said min sama Ramadan. Amen and wa t seven, Wolfie Radha who met de cada min Danby, who ever fasted Ramadan, with a man with sincere faith and hoping for the reward from Allah. Allah, you know, the Messenger of Allah says will feel a level metacoda mean then be you have his

00:33:48 --> 00:33:58

previous sins forgiven for him. This is the chance that Allah is giving us in this month. Okay, so just to mention a few other things we should concentrate on in this month.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:39

You know that in this month, this is a month of worship, it's a month of a data. Okay, so number one, if we want to get close to Allah in this month, the number one thing we should be trying to strive with, is getting our prayers in time, praying our fridge on time, praying glass on time, what I mean by on time on time means within the timeframe, you've got, like you don't have to pray on the dot. Like the minute that the event goes off, you don't have to pray straightaway, you've got a couple of hours. But it's not advisable to. It's not advisable to delay your prayer too long because people who delay their prayers, people who have the bad habit of delaying their prayers are the ones

00:34:39 --> 00:35:00

who have the greatest risk of missing their prayers. So missing a prayer means that the time for the finishes, and you end up praying it in other time. So it's not allowed to do that. It's a sinner to like a major sin in fact to do that, unless you have an excuse. All right. So we have to keep the now in our minds. So our first and fourth

00:35:00 --> 00:35:21

My priority for Ramadan is trying to get our prayers under control our five prayers, our five daily prayers, we try to get those under control first. Now everyone here you're on different levels in your religion, some of you are just entering into Islam or coming back to Islam and other people have been muslims for a long time. So you've got to you've got to take on

00:35:22 --> 00:35:56

you know you've got to take on what you're ready for it your level, okay, you can't just come in and try to do everything all at once in one go when you haven't even got yourself disciplined, for example, in praying your five prayers on time if you try to do everything that we do in Ramadan, probably after two weeks, it'll just be too hard for you and you probably cave in or something you know, I'm trying to say so my advice always to sisters, when they're coming back, you know, coming back to yourself or coming into Islam. I always say you know, when you go to the swimming pool and you're learning how to swim, you don't dive into the deep end, you weighed in slowly. And this is

00:35:56 --> 00:36:39

how we should be this is our approach we should take in Islam we weighed in slowly you take on don't take on too much that you know you can handle take on what you're able to do. And we have to follow follow things in order priority. So your priority number one as a Muslim is to get those five prayers you know get those five prayers down on time. And once you've got that down under control, you know and you're and you're fasting Ramadan as well of course because that's also compulsory, then we can add on to that with with our other things. Okay, so. So the other thing we're focusing on in Ramadan in sha Allah is focusing on night prayers. These are optional, these are not

00:36:39 --> 00:37:19

compulsory, but they are optional. And they are definitely must have like they're very highly recommended for us to pray the night prayers which we call them tunnel with which you sit and praying in the mosque, like you know, at the different mosques now after a shot after the night prayer, they're going to they're going to keep on they're going to pray some sets of prayers. So it's very recommended for us in Ramadan to to to pray these night this night prayer and again the Messenger of Allah so Allah when he was in a segment on Ramadan, he went and watched the seven oufit Allahu metacoda Minh Denby, you ever stood in the nights of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping

00:37:19 --> 00:38:02

for the reward will have his previous sins forgiven. And just to mention something here too. Just because you pay in the mosque doesn't mean you can't pay taraweeh at home what is total we're just praying to God, you know two units of prayer, two by two by two by two but even you don't have to pay you don't have to even pay the whole 11 you can just pay for or you can pray to any whatever you're able to do but you're trying to do your best the Sunnah, what the prophets that allow it was going and he's the Jew is used to pray long, like longer type, you know, longer Raka and he used to pray altogether 11 but that's because he surprised he's a stand for longer in his career, okay, but

00:38:02 --> 00:38:41

if you're not able to stand for longer length, just pay two by two by two. Even if you pray at home, if you felt tired, set the alarm on, pray in the middle of the night or pray before Soho pay before the morning meal. Okay, just as long as you catch try to just make sure that if you pray the night prayer sometime during the night and don't deprive yourself of this reward, this great reward that you know, Allah is giving us if we if we do the night prayers during Ramadan. Okay, so that's, that's, that's the first thing that we should be focusing on inshallah, and be one of our goals for Ramadan. And another of our goals is to read as much for us as we can. Okay, because as we mentioned

00:38:41 --> 00:39:24

in the AMA, before, that the month of Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed. So it's the month of the Quran. So we try to read as much Quran as we can for those of us that got Arabic, then of course, we should be reading the Quran as much as we can in Arabic because every single letter Arabic letter that you read from the Quran, is equal to 10 to 700 times in reward, or 10 Hasina, but we know that every Hassan that is multiplied from 10 to 700 times and in Ramadan, Allahu Allah and how much more let's multiply. So you cannot even imagine how much rewards you get just from reading the Arabic moose ha, for those of us who don't know Arabic yet, then obviously we try to read as

00:39:24 --> 00:40:00

much of the English translation, that's all we can do for now. But inshallah, we should all put the intention not to stay like that, like our hopes for the future. Our ambitions for the future is to be able to get to the state where we can actually read from the Arabic most half and get and not deprive yourself of the reward from Ramadan. Okay, so now, what I'm going to do is that's what we basically that's basically our focus for Ramadan. And then besides that, your focus is filling your day with as much good deeds as you can, whether it's visiting a sick sister for the sake of Allah, praying a funeral prayer for the sake of a lot you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

No cooking for someone who's sick, especially we know from the best of date is feeding those who are fasting. Because if you provide a star if you provide the breaking of the fast for fasting Muslim, you get the same as their reward for fasting without reducing from their reward. So for example, inviting people to break fast with you, or feeding people overseas giving giving them food to eat for free thought. So these are all from switch in general, as a Muslim in Ramadan, you're looking for whatever good days you can find as much as you can to fill your day with, you know, as much good deeds try to make a lot of is still far like stuff for law or stuff for law during Victorville or

00:40:41 --> 00:40:48

remembrance of a law. You know, it's a panel law with hamdulillah we'll let you laughing along with law but you know, whatever, whatever drivers you can.

00:40:50 --> 00:41:34

I can now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through a quick a brief outline of a brief outline of our day, how does ad day look? And of course, you can schedule this according to your own situation. But let me just go through this. So first of all, before we first the sisters and Allahu Island, what they're saying is a love Island. Most likely Ramadan will begin will begin tomorrow night. So if that's the case, okay, that's the case. You know, Dawn begins tomorrow night because I want to explain something in his plan. The day begins from the night before. So once Molly pamps, the day of Islam begins, so if, if Ramadan is Monday, it means we have night prayers tomorrow night.

00:41:34 --> 00:42:12

Okay. So now what we do, dear sisters, is that if we know it's gonna be Ramadan, the next day, we have to put in our hearts the intention to fast if for Fahd fasting for obligatory fasts, we have to have the intention before we start the day to fast that day, in order for it to be counted for us as a compulsory fast. So you put in your heart that tomorrow, in sha Allah, I'm going to fast Ramadan, that all you have to do is not to even say that but in your heart, you've got that, you know, you've got that intention. I'm going to wake up to Soho tomorrow, and I'm going to fast for Ramadan. That's how we fast Ramadan, that's as simple as that.

00:42:13 --> 00:42:55

Then from the sooner is, the sooner No, it's not obligatory, but it's recommended to wake up before such and definitely if you're a new revert, please don't sleep in because you're going to need that food. So wake up before fudge like it maybe three quarters of an hour before the time for the prayer for the budget pray, and it's okay, eat at that time. The Messenger of Allah told us that the food is blessing in the support and imagine the melodica angels, they ask forgiveness for you, just from taking that Soho just from taking that morning meal. So have that morning meal, eat well on I recommend for a new revert, and anyone who's going back to fasting or not used to it, complex

00:42:55 --> 00:43:20

carbohydrates, things that burn slowly and, and also drink plenty of water tubes so that you don't get thirsty. And also drink eight dates dates do help a lot, you know, so after you finish eating your food, fill up with some dates like have maybe three days five days you know, fill up because I really do find that really helps me like usually the first day I'll have a bit more to eat but as you find as days go by, you can actually get by eating less.

00:43:24 --> 00:44:02

Like for example, every coach has different types but like for like board beans, eggs, all of those are slow burning carbohydrates and that you know, like I've actually Protein Protein as well Protein Protein and complex carbohydrates are things that burn slowly and that keep you full they keep you full for longer so look for things that like homeo wholemeal as well anything that like I you know eventually I get to the point where I just tend to have weak bigs sometimes I get the dates and put on the weetbix with some milk and that's my son who often in Ramadan Yeah, but it does keep me full for a long time even porridge No. Oh, that's what I had sometimes. I have you know, Uncle Toby's

00:44:02 --> 00:44:12

uncle Toby's porridge. I put my dates in it, you don't know me and that's that's my support and you know, have some water drink a couple of a couple of cups of water because you do get thirsty, even though it's only winter.

00:44:13 --> 00:44:56

Okay, so we have our server and then we've already got our intention that was even by getting up for school. That's even an intention. Okay. And then the time for the time for the morning prayer comes. So now if we haven't got we'll do we go take hold off. And we go pray to Sunnah prayers if you know choosen prayers is recommended to pray. Okay, I'm trying to simplify this for you who have been with me for long just to make it simple for other not overcomplicate it, too simple to sinner prayers, and then we've got our two rakaat two units of thought prayer. Okay, so we pray out to record a Fudd prayer. Now what's recommended after that, again recommended is you know, to do after the prayer,

00:44:56 --> 00:44:59

you know, you would have heard about Subhan Allah and you know,

00:45:00 --> 00:45:22

33 times to Panama and hamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 33 times that you know a lot, you know, I won't, I won't go into too much, you know until about get the fortress of a Muslim, you have the drawers of the morning in the evening, you can read off that. And to read grant at this time as well if you're able to read Quran at this time, it's recommended. And after that if you can stay until the sun rises.

00:45:23 --> 00:46:04

Once the sun has risen, you can pray what's called to have prayer, this is just an extra prayer as well. And it has a great reward of sadaqa on all of the parts of the bones and joints of your body. So it's equal to 367 calm is a huge reward just from paying to Raka Doha, you're thanking Allah, you're thanking Allah for the day by praying that you rock out of Doha. Okay, so then you could maybe do some housework you could go to sleep or be whatever you want to do. It's up to you, you know, and but in general, we focus our day on waiting for amaka said they could doing good dates. Okay, then that comes. Try to pray. Okay, just is one thing to mention about the five prayers, try

00:46:04 --> 00:46:41

to get your life to revolve around your prayers. A lot of mistake of what people do is they try to fit their prayers in wherever they can. And they make their prayers revolve around their life. That does not work. The way we should be as Muslims, especially in Ramadan is to train yourself to make your life revolve around your prayer. If you have to go shopping, you say yourself beforehand. Should I pray though, if I'm going to be out, wait a minute, I better pray God first before I go. Because you know how many people they say I'll just go shopping first. And they try to fit their prayer in around around their shopping and what happens after comes they haven't prayed. So make

00:46:41 --> 00:47:21

your life revolves around your prayers. This is the best advice I could give anyone, and try to pray your prayers within the first half an hour. If not the first hour, don't try to delay after that. Because you lsvt for those people who delay their breath, down them they are in the biggest risk of missing praise. Okay, then after prayer, then the afternoon prayer again, same thing. And then we have the sunset comes. It's moderated. So just before about to break the fast. This is when we should make a lot of Dwyer it said but the internet said this is most likely the time with the fasting person gets it. They are dry, answered the supplication and said submit because you're the

00:47:21 --> 00:48:01

weakest at that moment. You're the weakest at that moment just before the break to break your fast. So make do I ask Allah to forgive you to give you Jana to save you from the whole fire to guide you. You know, ask Allah for the good for your family to guide your children, keep them on the straight path, keep yourself on the straight path. Okay, make all those types of making strong in Islam, you know all of these types of drama, and then break your fast. In short, what's recommended is with dates, break your thoughts with dates, and drink some water. Okay. And then what's recommended is to go and pray your finds sunset prayer, every pray, go and pray that straightaway before eating all

00:48:01 --> 00:48:35

the food because if you go if you start to eat all the food on the table, why then did you get lazy and you don't feel like getting up, you might delay your maugeri prayer, your stances and even for your body. It's been fasting all day. And then you guys stuff your face. Most likely you've you know, it's not good for you even for your stomach to just go from nothing to suddenly fitting up with everything, you know, I mean, so that's that's also recommended to pray, pray your mother in prayer, and you sooner prayers and what's recommended, you know, for the sinner prayers to try to stick to the 12 nowhere fill the 12 extra prayers of a day and night if you're able to do that, the

00:48:35 --> 00:49:15

to wrap up before before before fetch the farakka before the midnight pay, and the two after the midday prayer. And the two after Margaret and the chart I share the like the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us whoever prays these 12 were called robots he prays in a day or night that Allah will build for them a house in Ghana. So this is if you want you know that reward we should try to kill so stuck to that and it's Ramadan is the best time to develop good habits for yourself to try not to miss those prayers, especially in Ramadan in sha Allah. Okay, so then, after you've eaten before, you know it's time for a share. So I recommend, especially if

00:49:15 --> 00:49:39

you're new revert, you know, because when you're a new revert, it's not easy. You know, like you're going to struggle a lot against your naps against yourself. Go to the mosque, try to pray in the in the mosque with the Muslims. You know, it keeps you strong being in that environment. Everyone's supercharged Ramadan and pray behind the man because you don't probably know how to really recite Quran for yourself. So you're going to need, you know, the Imam to recite for you.

00:49:40 --> 00:49:59

So pray, pray, pray totally in the mosque is better for you, I believe especially once you know how to read the Quran. Then if you know if you need to pray at home you can pray at home if you trust yourself, but if you know you're the lazy type, especially when it's cold and raining and you feel like just getting in the blankets and going to sleep then I recommend you try to go to the mosque because you know

00:50:00 --> 00:50:13

We all know we're human beings and we get weak. So you need to think of ways to make yourself strong. And the best way is having people around you. Okay? So that's, that's, that's basically in a nutshell, the way we spend our day of Ramadan.

00:50:15 --> 00:50:55

So basically, I just want to sum up quickly as white saying how to fast this talk about how to fast how to fast, it's very easy. Just make your intention to fast beforehand. And then you avoid doing anything that writes too fast. Okay, whether it's by eating or drinking, or what comes under eating and drinking, and also, you know, the marital relations, like as in sexual *, this is something that cannot be done by the fast is forbidden for the the fasting person during the day during the day. But of course, it's permissible at night. Okay, just make that clear. And so these things, these things break the fast, they have to be avoided. So we have to avoid anything that

00:50:55 --> 00:50:56

breaks the fast.

00:50:57 --> 00:51:05

In short, if you have questions about that, I'm more than happy to to go into that. But that's basically in a nutshell how we fought it's very simple,

00:51:06 --> 00:51:15

straightforward and shala it's easy, may Allah make it easy for everyone. So if you have questions, I'll be more than happy to, to answer any questions in Sharla. Your sister

00:51:18 --> 00:51:19


00:51:22 --> 00:51:22

the evening?

00:51:28 --> 00:51:31

Yeah, the only thing about it with with Lima.

00:51:32 --> 00:51:48

It's it there's nothing particularly in religion that says you can't but the only thing about it is you're newly married. There's obviously a fee that you want to be a control yourself in the day and hold on. That's the only thing about it. So that we can say we can't do it. But this is just something to keep in mind.

00:51:50 --> 00:52:30

Sorry, get married and have and have and actually have your wedding party at night in Ramadan. There's nothing specific says you can't. But the only thing that probably, if you feel that, you know you might fall into like, because it's not allowed to have marriage relations when we're fasting. In fact, if someone does it intentionally knowing it's from a bomb, there's actually what's called creation for it, that they have to roll. The first is a free day, which we don't have slaves. Then after that, you have to fast consecutively for two months to make up and make Toba repentance and make up for the day. So if you purposely break your past now, if you accidentally ate I want to

00:52:30 --> 00:52:52

mention something here because you might be new revert. And then you wake up and have breakfast and you forgot. And you say oh my god, I broken my fast. So I just want to tell you something that if you accidentally ate and you forgot your fasting and you ate that does not break your fast, just so you know because you might think Oh no, I've stuffed up. I'm not a real Muslim I've eaten because I've sort of mentioned that inshallah.

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