Mohammed Hijab – Hard Questions to Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the controversy surrounding the presence of Jewish- Jewish groups behind the wall and the potential for groups to become Muslim-razials. They stress the importance of history and the "has economic system" rather than a "has political system" concept. They also discuss the inconsistency of opinion and narrative in the media and the importance of history and the "people's source of truth" in political interactions. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be mature enough to criticize and be a part of the scholarly tradition, while also addressing the inconsistency of people's own political beliefs and the importance of history and morality in political interactions.
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Next question. I don't want to spend too much time on this, because I'll ask you another important question to do with

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kind of Muslim relations in the West, which is a big question which we do need your consultation on. But this question is just because obviously, it's become an area of controversy, which is the Jewish my Jewish question. I'm sure.

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You kind of suspected this. I mean, I think the area of controversy is that I don't know if you said this or not. But it seemed like what you were saying is there's an impossibility of a group of people behind the wall. But if you really think about it, it's not really an impossibly it, would it be if you think about it being it's not my Lachlan, and it's not like a squared circle, what would you have referred to as an impossibility and it's not actually an impossibility for there to have been a group of people behind the wall, for there to have been continued to be J. Okay. The whole issue Honestly, I think Allah knows best, but

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along with Stan,

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what I don't like defending myself or getting involved in criticism back and forth, to each his own.

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The entire issue is quite simple.

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Are we required to believe in the existence of 10s of millions of people called you judging Jews who are currently alive at our time, but is it 10s of millions? Or is there anything that says that since a minute so the Hadith mentioned that for every one of you there's like 999 of them had the dimension that they are you know, beyond number the the the issue comes up, you know, their their makeup had opinions, minion saloon is in the Quran by the end of times, right? Yeah. So one could very easily extrapolate from this. Yeah.

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There's, there's 10s of millions or hundreds of millions. And you say that the Habib also clearly, let me finish. Let me finish this, and then we'll catch you again, may Allah soften my hearts and the hearts of our critics and also granted a lot sometimes I feel that some people are just hunting for mistakes and just wanting to to just, you know, find a reason to bring you down and shoot anyone fed. I mean, it's, it's just, it's there, it's there. You're probably not gonna say this. But May Allah guide me and guide them and make us more productive. Might I keep on saying this, your main focus should not be criticizing other people. I don't think this is Islam. Yes. Once in a while, we

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need to correct mistakes and a very, you know, gentlemen, one, but even then we look at the pros and cons, of course, anyway, that's their business. And they have to answer to a Latin in this dunya people will judge them and that's their business. But from my perspective, I just want to say the the question that I asked if you listen to the lecture with an open mind not trying to find faults here and there. Are we required to believe in the existence of 10s of millions of people currently alive. I said, if you look at the Quran, yeah, geometric uses something in the past and the future. Not current, right, though cognate in the past, and then in the future, they're also called the

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image. It doesn't necessarily say that they're currently alive right now. There is a group in the past. And it is possible that a similar group in the future is called the Judo Judo as well, like we call a room. And we've all believed that a room of the past is called Western civilization, even though there's not an actual biological line, it's just the same figure at the same time.

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So the Quran doesn't say that they're currently alive. In the Hadith, as I mentioned, all of the Jamba Juice are about the future, except for one narration, which is into the movie, which I said, I'm not the only person and number of alumni.

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So I bought the one about you. Yes.

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So I said, we are not from an authority perspective required to believe in the existence of God currently, I never denied they existed, I never knew that they will exist. Now. If the Quran and Sunnah had obliged us to believe in their current existence somewhere in our webinar here and we obey. Okay, but now that we have come to a conclusion, a possible conclusion that we are not required to believe in them. What then do we make of these narrations? So I've said there's a number of things that can be said of them. I quoted the chef or my chef or chef aside, right and again, my I have to gently say, the critics, may Allah guide them and us in their overzealousness refuse to do

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their own research to even know that

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I didn't quote him because it is I don't chef's it said that they are they are the Roman in the Americans. And he said the Americas and the Russians are huge, a minute or so long. This was your size, right? And his the rhythm of his time, because that is like you said a treatise on this rhythm of his time complained to the king. He was called

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to a court trial mean that a court trial but it came to trial. Yeah, it was called to the king Abdulaziz and that Rama and him on one side. And he defended himself from an OCD perspective. Like, I'm not denying the Quran and Sunnah. I don't believe that Jews are currently behind a wall and might have seen as dead as you can disagree with it, but you can't kick me out of Sunni Islam. Right? Yeah. And he defended himself in a manner that none of his critics could then respond to. That's exactly what I'm humbly saying as well. I have no problems, people, people rejecting the opinion that I have or making fun of it in their own way. That's their business to do. But to kick

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somebody out of a suit of Sunni Islam.

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To say this, I have to say this, these people don't know, do sort of some news for them to do this. I'm sorry. They have to be explicit. They don't know the sort of sinister if they did, they couldn't have done this. Yeah, you have every right to reject and criticize wherever. Now, the irony, by the way, which I said, in their attempt to reclaim the narrative that they believe is orthodox or reinvent the narrative. So they say, for example, what if they're under the ocean? Or what if they're hidden in mountains, none of the classical or materialism I said this, or, and another point, believing that huge images are currently alive, is not founded, any of them are tuned up.

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Actually, that's not an issue. But these people made it an application. But would you agree that like, for example, if you Holly Tato, phaser, Java to Java cat?

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You could, for example, these verses as possible, you could you could always send it like I never I never dismissed it as being legitimate. Yeah. And this was one of the it was the sort of most of our Yes, no question about that. Right. But again, and again, it's it's up to you, as I said, if you want to believe this, that it's not mahad. Atlanta never said it's Mahatma. But I said, from what we know the world, geologically, you do not have 10s of millions of people on the surface of the earth anywhere that we don't know what you could interpret that you've done 909 921 whatever it is as much as in the same way as they do with what you're willing to start opening this door. Why can't I open

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my door? Because a cellphone that one

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did not say 999 is not, you know, the 52 like, for example, in the last end of days, there'll be 50 women's one man. So I've seen some of the not sell off like the seller, but the reseller. So my point is, there's an inconsistency then in this like people are willing to change their own narrative to fit their own paradigm, when I try to do something somewhat similar, all of a sudden, it becomes a after the issue. So I must, I must say he had he and I have no problem you believe what you believe, also, by the way, people need to understand we have different battles that we're fighting, and my primary audience with these types of things are groups of skeptical, you know,

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secondary generation Muslims who are having a long list of Chabot hotman, how can I believe in these things? Yes, one of these sure will happen. I know this for a fact. And even after my talk, I got so many emails that okay, is that clever? opening this door? Now? How about these other issues? Yeah. In other words, it's now making them think that okay, this has now I understand where this is coming from now? Can we answer these other issues as well? So my point is, believe it or not, and I believe this is successful in its own, there are groups of people, this interpretation will actually make them closer to Islam. make them understand Okay, you know, what, our religion is not just a bunch of

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mythology, they think that is right. There's a bunch of mythological issues we have to believe in, because I have been asked this point blank by people that are skeptical of the faith, not justice, a whole long list, including evolution, Darwinism, and including FGM attitude. So we have to present now if the origin is properly Savannah Walton, and you know what, I do not believe in human evolution. I've been very clear about this right? I do not believe because the Quran is not a you cannot reinterpret the Quran to many evidence, right? But my point is, yeah, jujin that Jewish currently being alive is not potty. Okay? It's not even something that is explicit in the Quran. So

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that was my point. Okay, but you would agree that this is the bulk of the opinion. Of course I mentioned this. In some of our brothers, may Allah guide them, they apparently don't know English, they consider the word to be derogatory. And again, it's from 400.

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Would you even be they betray a middle aged man? Yes, there's classical. There's medieval there's pre modern, there's more to it this antiquity? I mean, these are terms Yeah.

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It's like, what do they betray their own anyway, lack of anywhere along with staff. Let me be cautious with my words here. And may Allah guide us and me and forgive me and them in any regard. Again, I continue to advise the brothers you're the bulk of your output should be positive. People once in a while if you feel somebody made a mistake, there's a time and place a methodology a language to to make these corrections and the sun that's a lot heavy for them is that their contributions positively far outweigh the root? Yeah, unfortunately, there are certain people they feel that root is the essence of Islam. advise them look to history, this is not beneficial. They

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won't be they will not be will not be remembered, and they're not contributed to them anyway, that's up to them if they want to continue to do

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it's not my business, because you've got very limited time. I want to ask you one last question here. And this is probably one of the most important questions I'm gonna ask you. And it's to do with our interaction, political interactions with other groups, sub sub groups in the West, obviously, in the West, we have the left wing who in many ways, political allies of the Muslims, or they want to ensure that Muslims have their rights, or Muslim rights insured. And on the right, this is a very crude, right, on the right side, is this element of truth and element of stereotype. Right? So what I was gonna say was that, especially in regards to the LGBTQ issue, the question is

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now, especially when we look to like America, we look to America, and we see that there's Muslim activists, and not to mention names, and I don't like mentioning them. So there's Muslim activists who, for example, there would side with the LGBT community, to the extent whereby I would say the lines may be blurred between most what is acceptable political

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compromise, which you've spoken about, like with high DB and stuff like that, and ideological compromise. So now in the minds of the masses, as we speak about the masses, a lot of people think, Okay, well, is there a morality in, for example, man having * with man or woman having * with woman, if that's even possible, from Islam perspective? So these things, the question of is it moral has become a question in the imagination of lots of Muslim people in the in the Western world? How my question to you is, how do we move forward and engage politically with different subgroups of Western society in a way which doesn't compromise our own teachings in an ideological way? Your

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question is one that cannot be answered in five minutes, and it cannot be answered by one person who will find a spectrum of opinions, right. And I will try my best to summarize and again, to the audience, once again, this is a short brief summary, please don't take on a phrase and then extrapolate my my full meanings. If there's any misunderstanding, listen to my other lectures about these issues as a short interview,

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we all have a role to play, and arola are not the same as politicians. Right? And they're Aloma have

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a responsibility in the eyes of a lot to be much more for lack of a better term, pure, much more clear cut. But there are other people who a lot who are a part of our community, and they don't represent the theology or the or the legal rulings of our community, but they consider themselves to be a part of our community, and they decide to go different ways, right? They don't really care much about what me and you have to say about the topic, because they're not representing the faith as a tradition, they're representing the community, as a person of the community. We have to be mature enough. And I'm being careful with my words, to understand that even if we disagree with some of

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their stances, yes, we actually end up benefiting from a lot of what they do.

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Okay, even if we disagree with some of their stances, and even if me and you as people who inshallah are more a part of the scholarly tradition would never do what they're doing.

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Even if we wouldn't take that path, or form those alliances and loyalties, regardless of our position, the fact that they do that comes back to us and benefits us as a community and gives us more political rights. So this is the conundrum that we have. We can criticize as much as we want and to a level we do need to criticize

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