Importance of Social Distancing

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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as Muslims, we all know how much we'd love to, you know, hug each other and kiss each other when we see each other, and our love and concern for each other. But what we have to realize that what we're being asked to do now, with social distancing, it's, that's also another way of expressing, you know, our love and care for each other. Because, you know, social distancing means, you know, avoiding kissing each other now, in this time with the virus, you know, avoiding hugging each other, trying to maintain a 1.5 meter distance is all about protecting each other. You know, it's not, it's not as much as protecting our souls, like we might not be vulnerable to getting this virus ourselves

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or, you know, being coming very sick with the virus, but it's about warding off harm from each other. So we need to be thinking about the bigger picture here. You know, as far as warding off harm from each other and mourning of harm from each other's loved ones as well. inshallah This is all part of our, you know, Judy as sisters and brothers to each other.