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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela festival estas allamani 20 Warhammer two right here what I care to, I want to say, I'm not here to Brother Mohammed in the 10 fold team for inviting me to speak to you all tonight and Sharla and I asked a lot about Allah to bless these projects. And to reward each and every one of you for attending here tonight.

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Do you sisters and brothers and hamdulillah it's been almost 30 years, since I first took my Shahada and said the words La la la la Muhammad Rasul, bah, bah. And for any of you who were around back then then you know that back then is really hard to get copy information about Islam. You know, talking about time when there was no internet. There weren't any proper bookshops. And, you know, most of the Muslims back then didn't even have much of a clue about how to practice them properly themselves.

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So that's why after I first read about Islam, it actually took me around about three years

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of searching until I finally found some practicing Muslims, who could, you know, help me understand what Sam was all about.

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Now, I actually grew up in a practicing Christian household. Both my father and grandfather were Christian lay preachers. So I basically grew up watching both my father and grandmother grandfather giving sermons in the church. But then when I was about 16, I became friends with the Lebanese girl who was new at my school. She wasn't practicing at all. But one day her father went to the mosque and brought home a copy of the translation of the Quran on and so I asked if I would be able to take it home and read it. So basically, what happened was, I began reading it from the beginning. And then I came to the verses in which are leveled Robert, Allah says, Man, Mr. Rubino, moriyama, Illa

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Allah for the holiday, new.

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Whoo hoo, si de la Cana young, Daniel.

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Allahu Allah says, and Jesus, the son of Mary, was only a missing john, like those messengers who came before him. And his mother was a CTO. And they used to eat since a panelized. As soon as I read these words, that's the moment that I believed in my heart that Jesus was only a human being and a messenger of a law. And therefore, only Allahu taala. Should he worshiped alone.

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Now, the problem was, I had no clue how to be a Muslim. Because all the Muslims I had met back then they didn't try and practice Islam. So that's why I basically thought that, you know, Islam is a religion where you just believe, and you do whatever you want, like Christianity, you go to church once a week, and you just live a normal life during the week during the week. But the only thing you don't do as a Muslim is you don't drink alcohol, you don't eat pork. And to be honest, back in those days, I actually also had no clue that you can actually convert to Islam. I had never met, any Australian could become Muslim. And so I actually thought that Islam was a bit like Judy, Judy is

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yet to be born into Islam, and only only people from the Middle East or Indonesian, could be Muslims. So for about two or three years, I tried to do whatever I could to find out more about Islam. And I remember, once, when I was about 15, I went to a Lebanese sweet shop in rockdale Dale, to try to find out something about Islam. And they told me that you know, customers pay once a week on Fridays.

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And if you go to like Canva, you can find them.

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So what happened was that I ended up going one Friday to the messages in the Canva inbox. But unfortunately, when I went there, I couldn't really find anyone who could speak English to explain his lampshades.

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And also, sadly, no one no one gave me any books to read when I went and no one no one sort of really, really, you know, gave me a contact numbers or anything like that, like that, that I could that I could, you know, contact later on to find out more.

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So that's why it wasn't till a couple more couple more years when I went on which to go to university city that I then found some practicing Muslims who could take you know, you know, I could ask them questions they could teach me teach me about Islam, and they gave me some extra read about Islam

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and effects panel I have to mention to here that one of the very special people I did meet me in that beginning of my journey was the safety hedge.

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Because I went into her shop at Paramount, she was working there with her sisters. And I went in there and I started talking to her, and she said to me would be very slim as well. So this was basically how I was getting my information back then, like, there's a lot more I could say about my journey to Islam. But, you know, what I believe is that one of the main reasons that I became so passionate about teaching Islam and giving Dawa is because of, you know, hamdulillah how many struggles that I actually went through in order to find Islam in the first place.

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And I think it's because I didn't want other people to have to go through the difficulties that I went through in order to get here. So that's also why when Brother Mohammed told me about his dollar project, I honestly got tears in my eyes. You know, when he told me, for example, about the the free eight week structured program, that they've especially designed for new reverts, that's going to be available online to learn about Islam, that no matter where a person is in Australia, or in the world, you know, no matter how far away they live from other Muslims, or how busy they are, we work commitments, they will have access to all of the basic knowledge that they need to know in order to

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get them properly started. In their journey, obviously, I'm in sha Allah. And when he also told me about the diff packs, that they'll be providing for revert in Australia and worldwide, which, you know, each ribbit will be given a copy of the Quran and a prayer key and an introductory book about Islam. Because, you know, one of the problems we have,

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you know, in the classes I teach many times, we get sisters reverting to Islam, and we want to give them a prison, you know, something to present to them as a gift. Because we don't work under any particular data center that supports us, we usually have to go to the bookshop to pick up a prayer kit for them, just to give them you know, to have something to present to them.

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So sisters and brothers, I want to finish my talk tonight by saying that, I know that we are all busy. You know, and not all of us can spare the time for dollar and spreading knowledge. But with so many negative forces out there in the world, you know, that are doing everything they can to fight against Islam.

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We do need to ask ourselves, what are we personally doing to support the Tao of an Islam. And this is the opportunity that Brother Mohammed and his tinfoil team is offering us tonight in Sharla, because this is in brothers by supporting this project with the money that Allahu taala has best juvies you'll be sharing in the reward for spreading the light and be snam to all the corners of this earth being in there. So sisters and brothers I asked a lot to Robert Allah to reward each and every one of you who gives something tonight for this project. And I asked a lot about Allah to make us all from those who strive to complete the light of Allah on this earth was sallallahu wasallam

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Allah Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa punto de Hara was tough Ronnie, what was the Panchen Lama will be handy. candyshell La Ilaha Illa and nesto fluka when a tubal like Santa Monica