Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan Therapy 2019 – Dua 13

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The concept of messages is a place where one draws out the words of prophets and their sp houses to create a sense of connection and joy. The importance of the law in shaping a person's life is emphasized, along with the use of words like "m protective" and "bounty." The law is also seen as a way to protect one's bodies and their environment, and a recording of a video for a therapy session is mentioned.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh two brother Hey Brahim with another Ramadan therapy may Allah subhanho wa Taala make this blessed month of Ramadan Ramadan of healing and happiness and contentment for our families and many more Rama bonds Allahumma I mean, this is Ramadan therapy. Number 13 Allahu akbar wa Lila him him a lot except from us our month of Ramadan, as we approach it's middle of this hadith. And this is a drama taught by the prophets iclm to his wife. Now I want you to pay attention to that you know how much you have care and love and concern for your spouse. This is a drive that the prophets I sell them handpicks and teaches his wife some of the law while

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he was selling them. And he taught her in this day, how not just to worship hard and long, but also to worship smart by using the right tool for the right occasion. And this hadith is by Julia rajala, one having that Hadith, the mother of the believers Omen minima de la Juana we call it their mother, their me, believers because Allah says in the Quran was where you whom had to come, the wives of the prophets I sell them are like unto you your mother's meaning that we have the same love and devotion and care and support and, you know, in our hearts for them, and that which would exceed our own mothers, they also have the sacred rights upon us in that regard, that would there would know what

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he who could marry one of the wives of the prophets, I send them after his departure and return to Allah. The prophets lie Selim, she says, How did you mean India, he exited from her home, so we was with her for the evening. And then in the morning, it's time for us to submit it's the pleasure to time so he exited from her.

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He netural suddenly, when she was just about to begin her federal prayers,

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where he if he missed Judea while she was in her place of worship in her messages. Now, that's an important point. You and I, we should have them as you know, our home the word message, it comes from the word counselor to sudo in the place that our sujood our forehead touches the crown frequently in our faithfulness and remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's the concept of messages. So her messages, it's a place she consecrated, dedicated it could be a corner in your room could be a place that you have dedicated and demarcated in your home where your prayer mat is there that when you pray, this is the place you habituate and frequent. It's your job. The word mccobb

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doesn't simply mean an ornamental prayer niche. The word Makarov comes from the word battle, battle station war, how to write the word Makarov is where you and I battle our soul for our very existence in the in the next life. It's a place that we correct the mistakes of our day. It's a place that we make and settle our affairs with a law. It's a place that we wage jihad against our soul, the greatest jihad against herself that we struggle and battle to make ourselves better. So she has her misery and she said, I sat there and I'm about to pray my soul out of bed. And then she says I sat in that place until he returned.

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She's she says that the prophets I send them through Mirage Abaddon. Aloha, we're here jellison that the Prophet returned after he has finished his Doha prayers, meaning it's the four noon so she's been sitting there for three, four, maybe close to five hours for conda Matt xinja Allah Khalid al al Khalid Latif out of La ha, he said, Have you remained sitting there upon the same condition doing the same thing in your worship, you're in the same way that I left you from the morning you haven't gotten up? So she was there making her dry reading quarter on making are they sending her solo ad? In that same spot? pilot Nam? She said, Yes, O Messenger of Allah. Allah never use alone. He was lm

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by the map pilot. After he heard a response, he said something along he was sending him love but

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he said As for myself, for him equal to our back Kalimantan, selesa, Marathi, he said, I said four sentences three times each, la wooziness Bhima, quality, Mongolian lovers and atone. If my three cent my four sentences that were said three times the four sentences that I said that were said three times were to be put in a scale and everything you did up to this time in your day, were put in a scale, lowers and lowers and atone. It would be heavier on my scale. And then the prophets lie Selim taught her and taught our oma Subhana Allah will be handy either the Hulk was on FC he was in at the Auto Show he was I mean, that can be met. So can the law be handy? He either the hunter,

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whatever NFC he was in at the Auto Show, he when he died, the Kalamata Subhana Allah will be handy, either the hunter he was on FC he was in a two hour shift he will be directly met. So Pamela, in that way, it would have increased greater in value than what was said in all that time.

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And the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam said that the three states that the three repetitions of these four statements are greater in the scale than what was done in harvick. Now what does this mean? Allah subhanaw taala inspires in the prophets, I tell them that there is a system of a formulation of urine for the right time for the right place. And this is a diet you should make every morning you should make it every evening. So kind of law will be handy he added the healthy, so Pamela will be handy he added the healthy which means a lot is free from all perfection. So Pamela will be handy. And to him is old. All of the praise from its beginning to its end, as many

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times either the healthy as many times as the number of his creation. Allahu Akbar. That's the first sentence. So Pamela will be handy here either the whole thing glorious is Allah in His complete perfection and lacking no imperfection. To Him belongs all of the praise as many praises and glorification as is in the number of all of his creation. So Pamela, Why be handy he added the hunting number to what is on FC, and I praise Him and I seek His glorification in accordance to what will earn me His good pleasure what will earn me the Rebbe of Allah wallula NFC, what will be making him pleasing of me and what has made him pleased to have Hannah Montana was iannetta Archie. And I

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praise Allah seeking his glorification, freeing him from all imperfection, making praise of him in the number of his creation, in the number that will give him satisfaction and pleasure in my mention of him, and equal to the weight of his Allah subhanaw taala

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in the amount that is equal to the weighing of the Auto Show, man. Now I want you to remember that everything that is created is miniscule, to the average level of men. Everything in the heavens and the earth, everything in our heaven and our Earth, is that is the amount in the size of this ring that would be thrown in the desert. It occupies that amount of space like this ring thrown in a desert, and the next heaven compared to the heaven above it, which contains our heaven and our existence in it is like that of a ring thrown in another desert. Multiply that by seven until you come to the courtesy I used to kursi is based on the magnificent quality of a rock man, that is a

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ring all the heavens and all the earth is like a ring in the courtesy of our of men. The courtesy of a law that is a little currency based on is like a ring in its expansiveness, in its smallness in comparison to the outer shell of a rock man, and nothing is created more magnificent than knowledge of a rock man, and nothing rises above it with majesty but Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who is elevated from all escription and all imitation was in a technology, the way in and the beautification of his throne, when me that, that can humanity. And I praise Him and free him from imperfection, and thankful to him in the number of his creation in that which will bring upon His

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good pleasure in that which is the weight and the beautification of his artist, and equal to the ink that may be used in recording his names when he does that can imagine and what would increase his name in it being praised by all and equal to the ink that may be used in recording the words of his praise that I've just mentioned. Allahu Akbar, what a beautiful and what a beautiful way to increase our value. And now it is a little bit before the time of Doha. It is after fellowship. It's early in the morning here in Perth, it's around 10am as I record this for you, and I want you to know that this is the time to make that your and I conclude it with you say it three times in sha Allah

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Subhana Allah will be handy he added the halka he wanted on FC he was in at Archie he won't be that Kadima t so Pamela will be handy he either the health he was on FC he was in at the Auto Show he won't be there they can imagine. So Hannah law will be handy either the Hulk one FC was in it Archie will be there that Kadima at the link to the Hadith and then there will be found in the description of this video on my YouTube channel. Mmm, yeah, hi, Brahim. I asked that you join me again in chat law for another Ramadan therapy. This was number 13 was said Mr. De mental bye

Prophet ï·º taught his wife to Worship smart more than to pray Long & hard

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