Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2014 #02

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of fasting as a way to attain the main goal of Islam, which is to obtain the goal of fasting. The segment also discusses the difference between words like the two words "naive" and "monica." The segment ends with a mention of a song and a promise to practice and convey information about Islam.
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So that might have been a dialogue or cattle this mid level from the low sulfur semester lessons we have those as he were coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramallah 2014 day two.

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Honey electron had a shot once more time I congratulate you for this month. And today I want to talk about an objective one main objective of fasting I've seen of lots of handles as I mentioned in salt and bacara and number 183 rather odd landownership ology yeah you handle Edina mn o katiba de como si, mocha good. Eva Arlen leadin. And in publikum, Ganapati vinylidene and in public Honda Hyundai Kona, that

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one, just

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for you who believe so yam has been prescribed upon you, as it has been prescribed on people before you will other nations also who had the fast

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you didn't prescribe it for you. And from what what is it now what's the purpose here was the objective, so that you may attain class so that you may attain piety righteousness here, Allah subhana wa tada mentioned something really interesting in the whole animal linguistically, you know, as I mentioned, so yeah, you know, in Arabic there's a difference between the word the two words so yeah, and so on. So yeah, means abstaining from food and drinks and an * with your spouse from dawn until sunset. That's the pillar of Islam. So yeah, but what some Allah subhana wa tada says in sort of, Miriam I never 26

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about met Mary fully you are shall be welcome we are in for him in Tallinn. Amina vasavi hada for Holi in about earlier was Manny solna, Fernando can Lima neoma in the sea.

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Indian man your soul Matt, but then can the medela insia Oh you marry you know eat and drink and be glad. And if you want to see anyone, any human being say I have vowed not to talk to anyone today I have vowed to fast to our men to do so. here Allah says sown in me number two I have vowed to do some to man the most compassionate, the Most Merciful man is soul Matt Phelan aka NEMA I shall not speak to any human being today. So here are my mentioned signs versus Leah

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what is the difference there's a big difference linguistically and islamically so yeah as I said is just abstain abstinence from food and drink and * from dawn until sunset that is the basic pillar of Ramadan obviously, but how about song so is an A lot of those in here requires it from us is what really you know we need to attain here you know and understand some because anybody can do it you know even kids can do that. So yeah, fasting they can you know, they can observe from within dreams. But how about sown for them who can limit yoma in seeing me in See I shall not talk to anyone and hear the purpose his song is also what like jevin Abdullah when he says he doesn't have

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an official Yamaha Yamaha samick when failure some muscle failure, some some look, you know Jevon when he says Oh, when you fast that also your eyesight fast and your hearing fast don't make the day when you break your friend and descended on you as you're fasting don't don't make regular days as the days over Ramadan he's what he's trying to say here so when you fast that also your your eyesight fast I should not be looking around when I'm fasting. I should not be he didn't have on when I'm fasting and that is what allowed me to bite some.

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If we attain this and understand this, eventually inshallah tada we can achieve the objective of sia, which is

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so if you feel your heart has become softer and softer in this month of Ramadan, that you can control yourself from control you can control your desires, Hamza lania, achieved the goal. But if you feel at the end of Ramadan also Islam isn't the end of the Amazon that you're that you have no you've remained the same. Your heart have become even hardened. Then it's what you fasted basically it's just your tank. Or maybe you just Yeah, you do on your tummy. You know what you fasted just based on you know, you abstain from food, and you abstain from drinks, but you did not really attain the main goal and objective of fasting. May Allah Subhana Allah help us to practice and to convey

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colocado high level stuff about working with accom and to another episode of Rocky Ramana 2000

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14 I say a Santa Monica. Para for Monica.

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