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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © A customer asks about the legality of migrating non-immigrant citizens from the United States to the Islamic land. The agent explains that it is not allowed to be done and that the best solution is to leave the country and go to a non-immigrant country. The agent also warns that the lack of proper religion and culture may lead to problems and abuse, and that it is not a legitimate reason to leave.
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Straight from Saudi. Yes, sir. I want

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to say

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I have a question about the immigration what is the ruling on immigrating to non Muslim countries? Like, for example, I belong to my son. And there are so many revolutions, so many issues, about jobs and other things. So is it is it allowed for the job to go for non Muslim countries? Or to hegira? You know, doing immigration? What is the ruling? What is Crossan? For this Any more questions? No, that's the question. I will answer Sha Abdullah from Saudi.

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Yes, Abdullah.

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Just I'm thinking about the migration from Islamic country to none Islamic country, and that country, I got some, you know, Muslim friends, they gonna help me in terms of my religion. So, if you ask me, what's the reason to migrate to this country? Because some, you know, issue going on around me problems or something like this, which is a coffee. So basically, the question of brother side and brother Abdullah,

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is the same. So what is the ruling on migrating or leaving the Muslim land to the non Muslim lands?

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To answer this question, maybe if the question was asked, like, at the time of the Prophet Alayhi, salatu salam, and afterwards, the answer would have been very easy, and you will have no problem at all. When the question was asked, at the time when Muslims had power, and dignity and honor, the answer would have been found in a second. Now, due to the fact that the Muslims are weak or vulnerable, are

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conquered by the disbelievers both militarily, politically, financially, and mentally as well. You find the answer to be a little bit awkward.

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It is not permissible for a Muslim to migrate to a non Muslim country that does not rule with the ruling of Allah, where you are unable to practice as you want, where your children would be abused. In an an Islamic fashion, though they call it civilization or modernization, etc. So you cannot practice your religion. The least is the Prophet says, order your children to pray when they're seven and spank them when they're 10. Can you spank your child? If you are in either UK or in Europe or in the US, they will confiscate your child and put him to a Kaffir family? Who would bring him as a Christian? So is this what you want? If your daughter wants to leave the house and go with her

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boyfriend and she's 16 years of age? Can you stop her? If your son wants to abuse drugs and party all night long? Can you do anything about it? So is this what you want for a few dollars for a fist a few hours or whatever? Actually, this is not the right way of doing it. The profit set is awesome, and a very meaning that I have nothing to do with that person who lives among the disbelievers, where both of their fires can be seen from one another, meaning that they're so close living to the disbelievers that the fire is visible. So living among the disbelievers weakens your Eman threatens your Islam and it is not permissible. Now, if there is a reason that is valid, there is a needed

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maybe I would say that going for a period of time to save yourself from such trouble if it's legitimate trouble, not if someone will lie, hey, I had a fight with my wife and I hate her guts and I just want to to migrate for about 10 years so that I can cool down now. This is not

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a legitimate reason. If you are at gunpoint, someone is going to kill you. And you have to free and there isn't any Islamic country that would accept you. And only this non Muslim country that may give you a shelter for sometimes, maybe, but this does not qualify you or allow you to seek their citizenship. Now you're fully fledged with them allying named with them. This is an Islamic Pakistan is a Muslim country. Why did you leave? Yes, if you say that it's hard, I'm not being able to sustain an honorable

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Living I need money and the only place I found was x y Zed, which is non Muslim country. I'm going there to work for three years, four years maybe, and come back in Sharla with enough savings. This is okay. If this is as described by you, but simply to go and say, well, like Pakistan has a lot of trouble and corruption, and I would like to go so that I would pursue my career and have the American dream or the European dream or any kind of nightmare you want to have. Now, this is not a legitimate reason, and I hope this answers the question.

Is it allowed to migrate to non muslim country for a job?

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