Beautiful Names of Allah #4

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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From the Beautiful Names of Allah is Allah who, the one who not only forgives the sins, but he completely wipes them out and erases them as if you had never done that sin. As most of you probably know, from the drawers if the profits that are long it taught us to say, especially in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, and especially in the night of level clutter on Mohammed in nikka foon to Hebrew Rafa, for one week of Allah you are allowed food, the one who loves to pardon so pardon me,

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sisters and brothers, we come to Ramadan with our hearts covered in sins. So if we truly want the forgiveness of a law, if we truly want Jana, then we need to bake a law to forgive us for our sins. And we need to realize that how much Allah forgives a person is according to house and see they are in asking for that forgiveness. So that's why this from a bond call upon at our full and showed him how much you need him to forgive you for whatever you have done in the past, so that Allah records you from being amongst those who were freed from the fire in this month in Sharma.