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Episode 4/26: Satan’s Traps (Part 2/2)

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Salaam Alaikum and welcome to another episode of purification of the soul. In the last episode, we were talking about the traps of beliefs, the traps of shape and about the different ways that he tries to induce and entice the children of Adam alayhis salatu salam to evil and we looked at some of the traps. We looked at two traps so far and we said there are six different ways that he tries to entice us and what is the first lottery what is the first trap of a belief that he tries to get every single person to fall into? The first trap is cough cough rusher? Cover meaning position is displeased with

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political polytheism. Exactly. So he wants a person to fall into cover and check and this is his ultimate aim. If a person dies upon cover and shirk, then a Lost Planet Allah speaks about this person he says in the Lucha Libre Pharaoh unusual Kirby way up through Medina Valley Cali Manisha that Allah doesn't forgive that a person can shirk with Allah that He associate partners with Allah. But he forgives everything other than that, anything less than that, to whomsoever He was. So this is the first trap of abilities. Mohammed, what is the second trap of a belief, innovation, innovation in Arabic better? And we spoke about how innovation is when a person comes and he tries

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to add something to the deen of Islam to add something to the deen of Islam. And why is it that at least likes innovation so much, because the person who indulges in the innovation believes he's doing something good, therefore not repent? Exactly, the person won't actually repent from this innovation because he thinks he's actually doing something good. If it bleeds, fails, and he doesn't get a person he fails from getting a person to fall into conference ship polytheism and disbelief. And then he fails the second trap, which is, which is better or innovation. And if he cannot do that, then he'll go on to the second trap of a belief. And the second trap. Sorry, the third trap is

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the trap of major sin, and at least is very eager to get a person to fall into the major sins, especially if he's a scholar, who is followed, because he believes knows shaitan knows that if a scholar falls into a major sin, then people will be repelled from that scholar. And they'll spread his sins and disobedience among the community. So each person will start spreading the sins of the scholar and he uses some people as his agent to spread this person sin under the fake or the false pretense that this will help them get closer to a las panatela as if they're warning against the scholar. But in fact, this person is actually an agent of at least without knowing it, because he's

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directing people away from the people of knowledge. And the people will say look at the scholars Look how evil they are. And they refuse to take religious knowledge from all scholars, they'll paint all the scholars with the same paint brush. But what this person the sins of this color, this person, even if they reach the sky, they're less to Allah than the sins of those who'd like to spread the sins of the scholars. So the sins of the scholars their wrongdoing to himself to the scholar himself. If he seeks forgiveness from Allah and repent, then Allah Spanish Allah will accept his repentance, and he will change his bad deeds into good deeds. However, the sin of those who

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spread about abominations, they're doing wrong to the believers by looking for their mistakes, and by intending to expose them, therefore we should be very careful and avoid spreading the sins of people and major sins. They include things like adultery, and adultery as we know, when a person he goes behind the back of his wife, and he commits Zinner adultery then this is a major sin and it can lead to the ruin of families and homes. And in the same way, drinking wine and taking intoxicants. Now it's important to note that some people they think that hammer in the Arabic language, it's

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Only refers to wine, and not other intoxicants. And this is a false false understanding. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said kulu maschere in Hama every single intoxicant. his hammer is known as common, okay, it's like a wine. So when Allah subhanaw taala, prohibited Hama wine. He also prohibited all the different types of intoxicants. This includes marijuana, and all that anything that is intoxicated. This is prohibited in Islam. In the same way, gambling, as well as is prohibited, it's a major sin. And likewise, disobeying the parents, and this is also a very big sin. And many people forget this, and they don't understand this. And unfortunately, you even see people

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who are practicing in quotes, they may pray, they may go to the masjid and these things, but when it comes to the rights of the parents, they totally forget that they disobey the parents and this is a major sin in Islam. In fact, a Lost Planet, Allah often mentions schimke. And then straight after that, disobeying one's parents, or being bad and bad to the parents. And today's time, sometimes you see even people, they shout back at their parents and scream at them, and hit them. And this is totally prohibited in Islam.

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Now, we should realize that every person sins, but we should all strive to be the best of sinners. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Kula, Adam hapa hiral Hata in a tabular, so we should be the best of sinners. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the all of the sons of Adam, all of the children of Adam, they sin, but the best of sinners is the one who repents. Let's look at the story who killed 99 people who knows the story, who killed the 99 men, by the grace,

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that explain it.

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There's a man who killed 99 people.

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And he wanted to reflect

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that, so he asked a monk as to what he should do. And he said, there's no repentance. So then he, he went, he killed him also making 100 Then he asked somebody else, and he said, as long as you repent, you have to leave the sin and go away to a better place.

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So he left and on the way he died. So what happened? So the angels of mercy, the angels of punishment came, and they debated as to whether you should go to Jenna.

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He should be taken by the people of mercy, angels of mercy, or the angels of punishment. Yeah. So they were fighting among themselves arguing about who's going to take it. So what happened after that? So, they said,

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they will measure the distance between they went to a Lost Planet Allah he is he gave

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the decision and what you said measuring so the measure the distance between the point where he died, and evil place that came from Yeah, and place where he died and the place he was going to go to good place. So whichever one was shorter, whichever one is closer to, then those angels will take you okay. So what actually happened in as you know, the story goes on where Allah subhanaw taala actually increased the distance between him and the town that he was coming from. This is the mercy of a Lost Planet and this is at the mercy of Allah. So therefore, the angels of of mercy took him to paradise and this is beautiful. This is beautiful. This was a Lost Planet, Allah says

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in the Quran.

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Woman Yes, Raj min Beatty, Mahajan Illallah he was fully through my direct will mode for cod waka Giroux Allah, that if a person comes out whoever comes out as an integrator for the sake of Allah, he goes out to makhija for the sake of Allah and he dies on the way. Allah says, his agenda has already been decreed his reward has already been decreed, and it's upon Allah. So I believe that likes a person to fall into major sin so we can see this person who killed 100 people. And then yet, even then, he was forgiven for this, but at least likes a person to fall into this major sin. But what he believes once is that he wants the person to despair of the mercy of Allah. Because if a

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person gives up hope, of forgiveness, he will not repent, and he will continue in his sin thinking to himself, what's the point of doing? Good? What's the point of giving up this sin? I've done so much evil, I can't possibly be forgiven. So I might as well continue in doing this and and he'll do other things as well. And this is a great misconception. Allah says in the Quran, Allah either the alladhina Astra for Allah and force him. Let us know tomorrow.

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in the lobby of rosalinda Jamia in the hall,

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Allah says say, oh my slaves are my worshipers. Now, the beginning part of this ayah. Allah addresses the believers. He addresses his worshipers in this amazing, beautiful manner, in gentleness in kindness in a beautiful title. He says, Oh my worshippers who have and then you when you come to this part of the eye you think, hey, his allies talking to the people who you know who have done so much night prayer and they don't see it. But what is he straight say straight after that, all my worshipers who have transgressed against their own selves. So he's talking to people like you and me. He's talking to people like you and us, that we, Allah says, Oh, my slaves who have

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transgressed against their own selves by sending don't despair, La La tokonoma Rahmatullah do not despair from the mercy of Allah. In Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah forgives all sins, in who will have a photo of him, indeed his or her food, or him. He's the, the forgiver and the merciful. So this is amazing from Allah subhanaw taala. However, there is a condition for allows forgiveness in the next verse. And we'll see this after the break was Allah La Silla Mubarak Al anabaena, Mohammed, while early he was happy,

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people need each other's needs cutters, more than they need to drink.

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Because even regarding what we drink and eat, we may not be able to figure out which is permissible and which

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is not preserved. In the books of the seer of Prophet Muhammad. Allah is not preserved in the books, but on the heart, in the hearts of men, in the hearts of people who have devoted their time to seek and

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believe and trust

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that none could take place without the knowledge.

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Salam Alaikum and welcome back. Before the break, we were talking about the third trap of shape on by beliefs, the major sin the trap of major sins, and he believes if he can't get a person to do cover, or polytheism and disbelief Shattuck, then he will move on to the second trap, which is that of bitter and if not, then he'll go on to the third trap, which is that of major sin. And his objective or his aim is for a person to lose hope to despair, because every son of Adam sins, but the reality is that one should repent for that sin. And Allah tells us in the Quran, Kalia, anybody alladhina Ashraf, who say oh my slaves, who have transgressed against their own selves, do not

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despair, from the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins, Allah is a four or the forgiver the forgiver or Rahim, the Most Merciful, but there's a condition for a loss forgiveness and that is mentioned in the next verse. What unable Arabic mostly moolah, and turn back to your Lord in repentance, and submit to Him. Now, the scholars of Islam have said that there are four conditions of repentance for a person to get this forgiveness after anything that he does. He has to repent. But there are four conditions of repentance Brother Mohammed, what are these conditions? first of which is to resolve never to go back to that sin again.

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The second one is to to actually make Toba to feel most to promise. A lot of who never do it again. Caesar Jonas. Yeah. The third one is what if he's doing this in?

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If he's in the middle of the sin, can you repair

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or mercy stop.

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Imagine if a person he's doing an evil sin, he's drinking alcohol. And he's drinking away. And he says

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he has to stop straightaway. So these are the three conditions. There are three conditions. If it doesn't integrate

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Another person. So once again, the first is stopping the sin, the person has to stop doing the sin. Secondly, he has to feel remorse, he has to feel sorry for doing that sin he can't, how can you repent if he doesn't feel sorry for doing that sin for disobeying Allah. The third condition is to make a firm resolve never to return to that sin again. And the fourth condition, and this only applies if a person has harmed another person's honor his wealth or his life, then in this case, the person must seek forgiveness from that person from the one whom he has harmed. This is because Allah will never forgive a person until he has been forgiven by the one who has been harmed who he has

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harmed. And this is a very important point, because if a person steals from another person, he must return that, that good that he stole back to that person in order to seek forgiveness, for that sin. In the same way, if a person is you know, punched someone or, or he or something of this nature, then he has to seek forgiveness from Allah, but also he has to seek forgiveness from that individual. Now, if he believes is unable to trap the person to fall into a major sin, then he moves him on to the fourth trap. And that is a trap of minus sins. Now these sins may ruin a person, totally if they accumulate, accumulate. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he likened

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the minor sins, to small sticks that are people who went to the desert, and wanted to light a fire collected. So every single one of these people, they bought a stick of wood until they kindled a huge fire. So you can imagine each individual stick, it doesn't have any effect, it has a minor effect, you can, of course, it will light a fire, but a small fire. But when you accumulate all these sticks together, you can have a huge bonfire. In the same way, minus minus things add up small, little sticks, little sins small, little by little, they add up until they become like a huge fire that destroys a person and burns a person. And the person continues to take the matter of minor

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sins very easily, until he considers them inconsequential. And he does not repent for them. And it's because of this. A person who commits a major sin but fears that effect and repent from them is in a better condition than the one who does lots and lots of minuses. But he doesn't fear the effect. Now, if he believes fails in trapping a person at this level, he moves on to the fifth level, and this is slightly more slight, and many people they don't notice. The fifth trap is to occupy him with permissible deeds deeds that are permissible. Now how is this a trap? This is a trap. Because these permissible deeds, things that he does, they don't actually gain him any reward or punishment.

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In fact, the trap of ablaze here is caused because the person will miss out on the reward of doing something recommended something more beneficial, something rewarding an act of worship at the same time. Let's take an example. Imagine a person he plays computer games the whole day. Okay, he's missed out on reading Koran, he has he might be doing the obligatory repairs and these kind of things. But in his spare time, his whole time spare time is on computer games, or playing football, or doing something these acts football and playing computer games. They're permissible, as long as they don't involve anything Haram, of course, like music and these other things, but they're

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permissible in general. But if a person spent so long on them, that he could have been reading Quran, he could have been going out helping the elderly, he could have been going visiting the sick, doing other good deeds, then he has fallen into the trap of shaitaan is fallen into the trap of shaitan.

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And if a police, if it bleeds, fails at this level, then he moves on to the sixth level, the sixth trap, and this is that he gets the person to be occupied with good deeds with good deeds. Okay, but how is this a trap, because instead of doing something better, the person is doing something good. And this is how it least traps the person. Imagine that it believes or does a person to do a good action with less reward, if that involves abandoning a better action. And this is a very important point that most people they don't know. So if he orders a person to do a good action with less reward, then what that means is he's lost out on a route on an action which is better than that. And

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very few people are aware of this trap because if a person feels a strong urge to do a kind of good, a good deed then he does not doubt he doesn't think that this this is he doesn't doubt that this is true obedience and that he's actually getting closer to Allah.

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He never thinks that this quote is actually from shaitan. Because he thinks that shaitan will never call someone to do something good. So he thinks this call is from Allah. So one should be very careful in prioritizing his deeds. If the time for prayer comes, he should not neglect the prayer to for example, give down. Rather, you should go and pray first, then go back to giving data. Likewise, if a person is praying his supererogatory prayers is now offered. Instead of like, for example, His mom is telling him to do something, okay? And he ignores his mother. And he goes on to pray his now after What has he done, he's fallen into this six trap of shape, Jaden sending him pray, there's

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nothing of prayer and ignore your mother because he's ignoring doing something that is better. Let's take some more examples of this. Can you think of any other examples of this where it believes actually orders you to do something good, but you could have been doing something better brother good Ross.

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Maybe in terms of how you spend your wealth. Maybe a person who hasn't performed Hajj shaitan might get into instead of spending the money on Hajj spending on some voluntary charity, exactly. That's a brilliant example, a person who is who is wajib upon him to do Hajj. Okay, and this is may be very common, and he has enough money to do Hajj, but he gives that money away in some voluntary charity, he's actually fallen into this trap of shape and he's lost a better deed by doing a good deed, any anything else brother like in Ramadan, some Muslims are doing everything in that data, we had everything, while his he has to be doing other things like charity and so forth. But Trello is a

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very good example. Because here, and this is a very common example where people when you see Roger Ver assar McRib, Mt. 2356 rows. But when it comes to tearaway, the

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shaitan is as trapped these people, he's trapped them by saying, hey, come to tarawih. And they think that because this is, you know, so many records, this is more affordable than only paying to rock as a fragile, for example. So they would rather pray that are we then further,

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it's a good thing to pray taraweeh it's a good thing. We're not saying don't pray turn away. But the point here is don't miss out the obligatory things, in favor of these voluntary things. Now, if a police fails, even at this level, he fails in trapping the servant of Allah subhanaw taala. And any of these six levels, he calls upon all the other people and traps them into calling that particular servant of Allah who at least has failed to misguide he starts telling them call him an innovator call him misguided, and he makes them warn people against his character, character assassinating him, he does all this intending to weaken him and to disturb his heart. By using this method at

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least tries to confuse the person's thinking, and tries to prevent people from benefiting from him. So he expands his utmost effort to cause rumors about the person and lies and slander against him. And this is what the politics of Croatia did to the Prophet slicin. They called him a liar, a soothsayer, a magician, and madmen, a poet possessed by a jinn and so on, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam persevered and continued to worship Allah avoiding these traps of shaitan. So the believer is at war with shaytan until he dies, he has to always struggle upon the right path of Islam upon the straight path. I asked a Lost Planet Allah to give us the strength to be steadfast upon the straight

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path, and to allow us to die upon firm Eman and to avoid all of the traps of Shakedown. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh