Mohamad Baajour – Heart Softening Duaa between Takbir & Fatiha Explanations of Duaas in SALAT #3 Ustadh Baajour

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of being authentic in a culture and the need to memorize certain behaviors. They discuss the difficulties of learning to memorize certain behaviors and how it can be difficult to do so. They use examples such as washing garments with water and ice to prevent damage and the need for forgiveness. The importance of water to alleviate pain and heat is emphasized, along with a Taleem story where a woman was asked to do a photo and was asked to do a photo with a camera.
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As we started a couple of weeks ago, explaining the DUA that we repeat on a regular basis and the salaat and we already took two days before the Fatiha the first one Subhanallah morganatic with America smoke with Elijah, whether Allah and the last one we took last week, Allahu Akbar Oh Kabira Al Hamdulillah he cathedra was Subhan Allah He book written vasila Mashallah.

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The only way to improve our who are in the salaat is number one to understand what you're saying. And number two, like we said, to alternate

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one day I say this the other day, I say, the next two hours, as long as they are all authentic. Tonight's Abu Huraira the hola Juan and the hadith is Bukhari and Muslim highest level of authenticity. He said,

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I came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam after I noticed that he has a short silence between Allahu Akbar and the Fatiha. So I came to him and I said, may Allah subhana wa Tada sacrifice my mother and father for you. Yara surah Allah,

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what do you say, in this moment of silence.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told him and us this. Allah Allahumma de Bini will be in the hopper a camera bad to banal Michelotti well Maghrib Allah monokini Minnkota a Cannan Akita fillable Abeba Mina Denis along Maria sileni mencapai befehl G will marry. Well, Barack Obama II with LG Well, Bharat Subhan Allah What a beautiful god.

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Yeah, when as long as we are 100% authentic, that this has been set by Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, we have to make the effort to learn it. Please. How long will it take you to memorize this? Very short and now tonight? You will know the meaning how beautiful is the meaning?

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Hola, Hana di beanie. Were they in a hotel? Yeah, yeah, Allah distance me make a huge distance between me and my sins, just like the distance between the East and the West.

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These are the sins that

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I have committed or the thing that says that I'm worried about committing your Allah keep me away from the sins and committing sins as far as the mushrik and the mercury between the East and the West and we all know that the east and the west they will never meet make me and my sins never meet. Or it could mean the sins I have already committed. Ya Allah distance me and my sins. That means forgive them all other ones see them anymore and make the distance so far. Just like the difference between the East and the West. Are we done? No. alumina Kimmy we're not kini Minh. Ha ha ha. Can I eunuch cathedral? Minute Denis. And yet Allah clean me from my sins. Just like we clean the white

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dress the white garment from dirt. Why white? Because the white garment any kind of dirt any kind of stain, it will show on the white no matter how small it is. If somebody if I'm dressed in all white, and there's a small stain small that you will see it ya allah clean me from my sins. Just like you clean the whites out from dirt.

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You will not see anything on it anymore. Is that it? No

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Allahumma sileni Ya Allah wash me

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from my sins with water, ice and *

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clean first if you clean out if you have a dirty garment, you clean it then for extra cleansiness What do you do you wash it?

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So first ya allah clean me from my sins. Then ya allah wash me from my sins for you. Water is enough. What do I need the ice and *? There was no eyes and * on the time of Rasulullah Islam.

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He did not see them any

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water is enough, right? No

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Look what the our scholars said.

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They said even though water is sufficient to clean any garment, right, if you want to have the heart of anything, you just clean it with water. They said for the believer, for the believer for the true believer. The sin has heat in him.

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He's always boiling. How do they do that? He's always feeling the heat of that sin that he has done. So beside the water, he needs something to cool down that heat. So Rasul Allah says sellin told us and taught us to add to it, ice and *, yeah, honey, this is exaggeration. In cleansiness.

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Distance me between me and my sins. Clean me from my sins, washed me from my sins with Walter. You see, like, for example, when we say the last area in Surah, Al Baqarah. Why for one, walk for Lana wahana.

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Right, Wash me with water,

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and *, one by something sufficient, right? Because raffle is erasing the sin and erasing it traces. No, this is extra forgiveness worth one. Welcome, Phil. Alaina. We're Hannah, forgive us and have mercy upon this is exactly the same concept. Wash me with water, ice and *. Now, imagine

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you called me a few times.

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You called me and I did not pick up the phone you call me in four or five times and you did not pick up the phone and you left a voicemail.

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And then all of a sudden I come to the masjid and you see me in the masjid.

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And I saw the phone calls.

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I heard the message.

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But I did not call you back.

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So when I see you

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when you

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please forgive me, I'm sorry. Allah, He would Allah Hill Methoden Allah Unto Allah belongs the best example. Allah is calling us day and night to come to him. So when I started this a lot, Allahu Akbar, Lama had been here been

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a major sinner. Yeah, I've sinned a lot. distanced me from the sins Yama. I started the meeting. I started the meeting by confessing how sinful I am. Right? Because when I told you, Brother, please forgive me, Allah. Hey, I'm so busy. I should have called you.

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As a human being has that of mercy. You will forgive me? How about if I start my salad declaring I am a sinner? And I'm asking Allah and I'm begging him with all these beautiful, do eyes that my beloved Habibollah Salah insulin taught me to say them, now that Allah says Selim have sins to ask Allah azza wa jal to distance him from his sins and clean his sins. No, this is a Taleem This is a dua so we as his followers to learn and practice it. So when the dua is very easy repeat after me inshallah. Allah Houma by beanie with a in a hotline a

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camera, bat. Boehner Mushrik will Maghrib Ilana knock Penny Mannahatta a camera you're not caught a thumbs up minute Dennis Allahumma sileni

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minha Bill Murray with LG while bulk

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in LA Mussolini now I didn't was Lima Do you want to meaning me nothing will quantity now look on it the more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know wonderful she

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was before she I mean I was polishing I think one downside BP now one downside the party was on me and I was all in

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what have you Lena photo gentleman one half the award he was good enough. Guess

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what the guild or? I don't know who

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won gentlemen Eileen.

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