Judging a Muslim’s aqeedah because of their dress

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Guys, what I want to say to you is that sometimes, you know, people dress in a certain way people look a certain way. And there's others who just judge them, they just judge them. It's like, you know, that guy, he's wearing a hat. And he's wearing a jumper this size, or the sisters wearing a hijab in a certain way she's got to be of this sect of this group. And then they start judging you Okay, he's not wearing a hat. He's got a hairstyle like this his beard is shorter This has got to be of this group. He's actually the is going to be this and he belongs to this party this group this this and he gets he gets completely ridiculous

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seriously, seriously, I mean, you know, there are places in the world where people just look at you and they think just because you're dressed in a certain way you've got to be of these people and the common thing about those people they think they do you've got to be one of them as well just because you dress like that I want to give you an example I've been to Saudi Arabia for about a good eight times nine times I've been to Hodge ombre had several times or ombre several times. And some of the Saudi people they're wonderful Wow, voila, they are beautiful people Yep. But some of the Saudi people two thumbs down okay after say two thumbs up two thumbs up and some two thumbs down because

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you kind of go to the bottom and I used to notice this that you know, I'm walking like this I've got this armor on and I've got this you know what jubo of any dressed any color Juba first I used to wear any type of job any color job and then I used to go then you sort of get a Salam from the people who had the doors of the of the haramain sort of mustard you don't get no Salaam the Saudis are those Saddam's were all Saudis are most of those series of the doors there and even Saudis are walking by you and other you know, people we you know that you can tell us howdy okay, because they've got the turbo with a nice thick color and then have a pocket here with a pen inside. Okay,

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pen inside. And basically they'll have a white hat with a scarf over but the scarf is an island in the middle the holiday style and I'm talking about Yeah, and they basically were like this Okay, I'll do a demonstration one in a little while Yeah. But basically when when they when they're going around like that. It's like they've got a club if you're a Saudi, they'll do Salaam to you. If not, they won't do Salaam to you. And it's a prominent problem amongst them. Not all of them please don't get me wrong. Not all of them have wonderful Saudi friends. But some of them I've met you just they just won't even look at you. They won't give salam to you. And you don't want to give a Salaam

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sometimes you can surrender on his cell and back to you some some of them are like that, but most of them will get back to you but they won't be the first to give Salaam to you. But anyway, that changed one day Why? Because I had a Bengali friend who lived in Saudi for some time and he tell told me all the tricks he said listen, you're gonna get you're gonna get by with these people and you want them to actually upgrade you to their level or something lead to the level you better start dressing like them. Are you serious? You have to dress like them. He said yes. He said you know you got to take this thing off. And honestly because of this thing, they look at me and they think Hmm,

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he's from this sect. He's Asian he's this he probably didn't beta beta. And I'm getting you know, honestly, I got so many of them telling me all sorts of stuff because I'm wearing this this on my head and they'll straightaway start to assume that you from this party that party so what I did is this, I took the MMR off okay. Okay guys, and I basically put a white hat on right I'm gonna put the white hat on I took the scarf as he said and he said you know when you get the scarf you know I'm no I'm not this is just a normal coffee I just found in the mustard guys you have just using this is not my scarf. But anyway, posh I love one of the brothers gave it he said take the scarf. Okay. And

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when you take the scarf, he said, this can be a normal scarf is a big choice. All white? Yep. And he said, You can't have you know, the Palestinian one, which is black and white. No, no, no, that one's gonna be plain white. And it's gonna be the long one. They look for the long sort of ends, Mashallah. And you got to take this part, and you got it in the middle. When it's ironed, and you walk like this.

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And literally, I went like this, and I couldn't believe it. And when I walk in all the Saudis who don't give salam to me, Salam aleikum. wa

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rahmatullah wa barakato. I like whoa, I've just joined the new club. And I'm walking and I'm coming to the to the heart and the door they sing Salaam to the from farm thing Wow. And I go to the I even went to near the road and normally I go to the road with that Amana on and they're like, you know, good luck.

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yelagiri chlorella Haji right. And I went like this to the Rhoda and they were like Mashallah Salaam Alaikum Tata Tata Tata Yaki, and I come here, and I even got to go, you know, it was getting to be crowded there. And I want you to go through just exit but you know, you can't go back, you know, you're going to the roller, you can't go back and there was a side entrance there for the Imams, the in man's

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room or his exit. They said he performed to get out of here, come come through, and they took me through that. Wow, can you believe it? upgraded it. I'm certain I can speak some Arabic. So when I speak the Arabic the thing Well, this is one of us. I look like some kind of Yemeni, some kind of stroke, some kind of you know, Holly G, so Arab, okay, so I'm getting all of this respect and Subhana Allah things sort of change over overnight, they change and I start wearing this, even in front of the hand, no one saying better to me. No one saying you this, you got to me, none of that. And even if I sit in front, you know what I did? I went with the group a few times. And I gave a

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lecture in front of you know, in front of the harem. It's this outside of the marble floor when I was there. imama when I wore this, okay, I've got policemen shoving me pushing me. Okay, seriously, sorry, placement, these white first comes the, the, you know, the people who carry on telling you beta, beta, beta ship, ship beta, okay, they start telling me what you're doing here. You're not supposed to be here. Get out of here are they telling me every other night out and so on, pushing me shoving me telling me to stop the chop the gathering. It's only a small gathering. We're talking about the seed of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, then a policeman comes.

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Seriously he comes to the one come to the Jeep around and he brings a policeman around and then he comes and the policeman gets me in a headlock and tries to get me in the police car, take me away just because what? Because this Hajji, he went this, you know, that makes him look like a person who's better than you know what I did for the next few years and hamdulillah with the advice of my friend, I start wearing this same place, I'm giving the darts and the guy comes to me and instead of saying, Yella, Haji Haji Who gave you permission to be here, city, Elijah, instead of that, you know what he does? He says, he thought that he

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said that, you know, telling me now that you understand you and everybody else, all the other agents and so on, had 00. Right. And in Madina munawwara comes up to me, he sees me wearing something like this. And it's like, you know,

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I'll tell you it few more minutes like this, just quickly wrap up, and you can leave talking to me nicely. Why? Because of this, so behind Allah Subhana Allah, and you know, what my friend did tell me, he said, Keep this part ironed, you got an iron is an additional iron, but it's got to be ironed. Because, you know, what happened is that over a couple of days, I lost the ironing part, right. And basically, I went to the shops, and it was kind of flat like this is kind of flat. And I went to the shop, and I'm looking for my respect, you know, just just don't not respect I want to be someone I just like normal respect that you give to a person who comes to your country. And I'm not

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getting the respect. And then I'm giving me any bargains or anything. And I think what's gone wrong, what's gone wrong. And I said to my friend, what was wrong? And he said, Hey, you forgot to iron this in the middle. Because if you don't iron this in the middle, you know, like a cheap Indian, that is wearing around scarf. I said, Okay, start ironing it again. And I'd become what they wanted me to become. And then you know what? Everything's cool. What I want to say to you is, look, I could go around giving my lectures like this, and having all of this and, you know, you know, putting myself looking like a colleague, what's the difference? I'm the same person. I'm the same person,

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whether I wear this weather I wear this, or that. I'm the same person. Why are you judging me on what's in my mind my aqeedah And who am I be and your whole attitude towards me is changing. Because I'm wearing this or I'm wearing that, what what is wrong? And people do this? And it's really, really sad that people do that. I don't wanna I don't wanna I want to add something else on. Okay? This is for the religious people. When you see a man without a hat in the masjid. Okay, let's just say for example, okay, let's take this off. Okay, so let's take this off. Let's say I'm walking in the masjid and I'm just walking the mass in a comma. I've got no hat and I'm joining the prayers.

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No, Juba. No nothing a shirt and trousers. Why do you want to judge me and say that? Some kind of person who doesn't know Islam does that? Oh, he's just the person. Why? I'm the same person. I could be the same person. If I'm wearing just a hat. Am I a different person? If I'm wearing this, am I different person, a sister without a hijab? Is she different from a sister with a hijab? A sister with a hijab that is covering herself, you know, with two pieces different from covering with one piece, a sister with you know, what are the hijab is what are the jilbab it is without a job. You going to judge her because she's just like the rest of them, or a brother with a Jew bar or kurata

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whatever it is how he wears dresses. You're going to put them in certain categories. Stop it, okay because my friend

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Knowledge and taqwa personal knowledge of is a person's fear of His heart is inside them. It's not because of the dress that they wear, okay? It's not the dress that they wear. And I want to say to you brothers and sisters out there, let's stop judging people. Let's treat people with kindness and with love. You know, people know the masjid should not be a place for that as a club for the for the pious, but it should be a place for treatment. For those who are ill. It should be a hospital for the Ill not just the club. For those who are pious. It's not a game where you kind of think he's not dressed like us, no one of us, we're going to treat him like he's not he's not part of us until he

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dresses like us until his beard as long as our beard is not a club. So treat people fairness with kindness. These are all Muslims that have come and they're all in front of you. They know they deserve a Salam just like any other Muslim deserves a Salam and don't judge people's whole interior because of the exterior. hope that makes sense to you. And next time, you know, you might see me around somewhere in Saudi Arabia with this and me ironing it and walking around like this, you know, I'm not basically not getting those kind of yellow gentle hedges. I will avoid all of that because of this, but I think you know what, sometimes is pathetic. It's pathetic because of a dress, you get

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treated in a certain way. Anyway zohydro salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hey

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