Bilal Assad – Signs of the Last Hour – Part 1 of 2

Bilal Assad
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Salam aleikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. My brothers and sisters, thank you for coming tonight Insha Allah, we're going to talk about the size of the hour. And this talk will be related to the current events in sha Allah. And I'm going to give some advice and hopefully there'll be some direction, understanding, hope.

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And in sha Allah,

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I want you to feel that no matter what happens to a believer what happens in this world, there is never

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a Muslim in the world who should ever give up hope. No person who wants goodness and justice will should ever give up hope, whether in life or in death, and know that this life is nothing but a test. And shortly everyone will pass it the good and the bad,

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the oppressor and the victim, we're all going to die eventually. And for a believer victory is both in life and death because victory for a believer success is in here in their heart, and in their mind, and in the cause that they stand up to. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that jihad is of many different levels, and the highest of them, is a truthful word in front of a tyrant oppressor.

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My brothers and sisters.

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Today, in the EURO NEWS, they interviewed an Israeli soldier and Israeli citizen woman. I call it the occupied Palestine. But just for identity purposes, we'll say Israel, so no one talking about.

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And the Israeli soldier is picking his back saying, this is now a fight between good and bad, good and evil.

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The Israeli woman says the only innocent people in Gaza right now are the hostages, the Israeli hostages, once they're out, everybody can be wiped out. Everybody can be killed. She's talking about the babies, the children, the innocent women and men, the civilians, all of them are just evil, worse than the shaitan to them. And she said, we are now the center of the world, meaning the whole world revolves around them. They are the kings and the lords of the world.

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This is exactly what Frauen said when he enslaved the children of Israel whom they claim are their ancestors, even though they are not their ancestors, only some of them and there are others have nothing to do with those when Israel, nothing to do with the Zionists. There are many different people even of different religions, even among the Muslims or from the children of Israel. They were dispersed and they got mixed, and now it's just a mixed salad.

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It's gone. But now it's about righteousness, justice and depression, and how kobelt the truth and falsehood, justice and injustice.

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And I just had a brother over here he's got family, he was just talking to me who've got family in the desert.

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He told me that right now they blocked them off from every direction, only a few ambulances are allowed to get in. And only those who are holding dual citizenships are allowed out to the rest of them are left there to be massacred. It is a genocide. It is a genocide.

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And they're being bombarded now from the sea.

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Some of them have chosen to stay even if the borders were open, they choose not to leave some of the Muslim Gazans in maybe even some of the Christians they've chosen this is our fate we will die here if they kill us heartless. They've got nothing else to lose. They're gonna die with their dignity with their deen and with their honor. They don't see this world as anything the hereafter is their paradise. So glad tidings to them. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on those of them who have passed away and being killed visa vie de la mala is Mandela make their children intercessors for them and waiting for them on the doors in Jannah. May Allah Subhana Allah give them victory against

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their enemy. May Allah subhanaw taala keep them steadfast and give them patience and perseverance. May Allah protect them. My last matter, they give them safety. My brothers and sisters, we now are the ones who should make dark for ourselves. They're making dark for us.

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And I quote the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala said 1400 years ago

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Although we live in a shaitan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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Leto Bella one Nephi M word equal my

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foresee Kumar that a smart one i mean i Lovee you know, don't kita been called Ernie Kuhmo I mean, I love the show Roku

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else being

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fat in he got me nice meeting

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in Saudi Arabia Imran verse 186, Allah says all believers, you will certainly be put to test in respect of your properties and your lives. And you will certainly hear many hurtful things from those who are granted the book before you and those who have associated the others with Allah in His divinity. If you remain patient and God fearing this indeed is a matter of great resolution, brothers and sisters, victory there is victory and there is success. And Allah subhanaw taala says whoever is saved from evil and in the Hereafter is saved from the fire and enters paradise photographers that is the true success this life is better test and exam my brothers sisters are

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lost pantalla also says in salt Lanka boat early for

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house even

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as your

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your often while I'm pardon fat then Naveen I mean call him fella yeah lemon along the you know slow down cool. Fella lemon. No long one Naveen, I'll slow down.

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Lemon Amman, Medicare's EB green. Allah says do people think that we will be lit? Do people think that they will be lit to go merely by saying we believe and that they will not be tested? For we indeed tested those who went before them. Allah will most certainly ascertain those who spoke the truth and those who lied. Allah subhanaw taala puts us through conflict sometimes through hardships through loss of wealth, loss of lives, fear. Sometimes we lose a little bit of wealth, sometimes we have certain sicknesses. My brothers and sisters Allah Subhana Allah says this is how to sift between who is righteous and who is not who is patient and who is not who deserves and who doesn't

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deserve the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says Minco mejorado dunya Omen, Komodo Hera, some of you want this dunya this temporary enjoying world and others they want the hero brothers and sisters. But having said this, a Muslim does not give up, there is still hope there is still a future there is still things that are going to change. Nothing ever stays the same. The oppressor doesn't last very long. If for those of you who read about history and you educate yourselves and you learn about the history of civilization, you will know how no oppressive civilization state and that Allah's Fanta Isla, he repeats history, and there are those who stay and others who replaced

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them. Certainly, the Zionist today and the

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people who supported this oppression. Of course, not all Jews are like this brothers and sisters, not all Christians, not all non Muslims, not all people of the world who

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you know, support all of this oppression. And I'm going to quote something marvelous Insha Allah, however Rasul Allah wa sallam told us that every century, every 100 years, at the beginning of every century, Allah will send to this OMA to this nation, someone who will reform them a reformer. The hadith isn't a better word and other Hadith similar to that. What is this reformer, this is hope from Allah Subhan Allah, Allah and His Messenger, Salah Salem that every 100 years

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an enlightenment, a new beginning, a re formation will be sent to this world, especially to the nation of the Muslims.

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Allahu Alem. In what way this reformer will come? Is it a human being? Is it a man? Is it a woman? Is it a movement? Is it a group? Or is it something else? Is it an event? The point is that Allah subhanaw taala every century does not leave the world the way it is, and whatever is unjust, it will calibrate, perhaps what is happening now even though brothers and sisters, atrocities and oppression are actually everywhere in the world happening every day. There isn't a place except that we do not. You know, except that we don't see it in the media, as clear and as widespread as what we're seeing now in Palestine. But they are happening all the time.

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atrocities genocides, a path aids. Ethnic cleansing is happening everywhere,

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especially where there are a

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Muslim population, even non Muslim population.

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But Allah subhanaw taala does not leave the world, the way it is always calibrates it every century, every 100 years. Perhaps this is the awareness Allahu Allah. Recently, in a new survey poll that was conducted by CNN, via the SSR s. It's an independent research company and tool by Microsoft.

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And basically, they published on October the 12th, and third from 12 to 13th, October 2023. A survey asking American people whether they supported Israel's recent actions in Gaza.

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And surprisingly, the results showed the following that most young people of this generation between the ages of 18 and 34 years old,

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they said that we do not support Israel's attacks on Gaza.

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And only 27% said, it was fully justified only 27% of the young generation in America.

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The rest of them 73% said we do not support Israel's attacks on Gaza. Whereas the majority of the older generation

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supported it,

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and said it was fully to partially justified 81% of people over the age of 65.

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And about 50%, on average between the ages of 35 to 64 years old.

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And what does this show brothers and sisters, it shows number one, that there is an awareness like no other time before, at least in the past 100 years, at least in the past 75 years of the occupation of Palestine. Number two, there is a transparency that is shown probably through social media that has never been as clear and transparent as before. I think you will agree with me. Number three, a new generation more open to other perspectives, that is arising then the generations before.

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Number four, I see that human values and some morality is coming back or at least there is an opening to accept a new morality, a new world for a new civilization, a new culture

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is insha Allah going to come?

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So we are living in a time when people are open to this new civilization and culture in sha Allah, Allah. And we are also living at a time of great fitna trials and tribulations, tribulations and tests of our faith, our values and our morals. What is happening now in Palestine brothers and sisters, no matter how bad it looks, it is a stepping stone to something else, mark my words. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us 1400 years ago that the size of the last hour will appear in the following way. He gave us

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a visual example. What was it? He said, They are like the stones inside of a bead or the beads sorry, inside of a string, you know the beads, it's got little stones in it. If you cut the string, the beads start coming out. But the next bead won't come out onto the first beads comes out. So one bead comes out. The next one follows a third one follows the fourth one follows. But the fourth and the fifth one fella until the one before it comes out. So he said the size of the last hour will come

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the size of the last hour

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will come one by one like the way the beads come out of a string. What does that mean? It means that what you're seeing right now, you're going to say in fact in the Hadith it also says this was also a Salam did say everyone will say this is it. This is it. This is it. This is the end this is the one whatever it is, but it's merely another bead that is opening the way to another sign that is bigger than that and another sign that is bigger than that until things are calibrated.

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So this is a stepping stone to something else the inevitable that will come whether the entire Palestine is taken over by the Israelis and it's called the State of Israel altogether. Whether they build the Temple of Solomon whether all the Jews of the world come and live in it where all the Palestinians are exiled out of it, whatever is all of this can happen. Brothers and sisters, all of this can happen. Everything. There's nothing that the scholars have indicated right now that is anything major except

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What we are seeing, but they are a stepping stone to something else. So the inevitable is coming. The inevitable is coming.

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Brothers and sisters in the past Allah Samantha gives us examples of great civilizations and empires that reached great heights are low fill, meaning in their arrogance, the arrogance reached heights. And they're to the point where Pharaoh says, I don't know any other God but me among you.

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Isn't that true? What will kill a year muda Willow have been a nurse Allah says and such other ways that we replace days.

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In exchange for other days, yeah, and a new generations come, new empires come new powers replace other powers. Nothing ever stays. But right now, Allah is sifting through and testing everyone. Because in times of conflict, everyone's stance is known. Everyone's faith and belief is known. And a new pathway opens up a new pathway. My brothers and sisters at the moment, at the moment, I can count about nine things that we as Muslims can do.

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You might not you might not agree with all of them. Maybe some of them work, maybe some of them don't. Maybe some of them are better than others. Some of them are mixed with maybe it's allowed, maybe not allowed, maybe permissible, maybe not permissible. But these are the nine things that we inshallah can make our intention for the sake of Allah, and do them. While we are living here in Australia and safe and Hamdulillah. Number one, this is an opportunity for the hearts to be renewed. Our faith is being renewed, whether we like it or not.

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We can't help it. We switch off social media, our hearts are still pumping, thinking. And some people I know they're going through some mental distress. Today a brother asked me my wife is going through mental distress and anxiety and she can't cope. I said to him, he took her brother switch off social media, she doesn't have to look at everything. You don't have to look at the atrocities to make yourself feel better about so they're doing something good brother, sister, sometimes you don't, you have to still save your mental state. And I know some people will say, Oh, they're all dying, and you're worried about your mental state. And I don't believe those statements. And what

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mental COVID Hold on, and I'm not going to buy or sell them told us. A strong believer is more beneficial than a weak believer. You don't want to destroy yourselves. When there is still future coming. There's still generations coming, we still got our children, the heart number two, the identity. It's a time to renew our identity. At school at the moment, we got children to write letters, we told them write letters to the children of Gaza. And I said I'm going to try my best to send them through a charity organization to get into this to those kids and take photos Allahu Allah 90% chance I'm not going to be able to. But what are we doing? We're letting those this young

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generation know their identity, know their culture, know who they are, know that they are connected to all their brothers and sisters around the world. This is called an uma and nobody can beat an on mother is together rather than sisters. Nobody, this new generation our children are the next ones in sha Allah. And we need to plant into them their identity once again. Who are they?

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Number four. Number three dua. A lot of people are making diet with the wrong intention. They're saying, Oh, we're making a diet but nothing's changing. Who told you that diet is only about things changing? Doha is worship. Da is connection with Allah dua is renewing who your faith and your connection as well. Allah Subhana Allah knows what should change and what should what shouldn't. But when you make dua, you are connecting yourself individually to Allah subhanaw taala and remembering who you are remembering why you're here. Someone said, you know what's $2 billion

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is going to do $2 billion 2 billion people reconnecting what they lost with Allah subhanho wa Taala and the future will look better with that because the inner self has to be renewed. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran in Allah Allah you over your own Madea Coleman had had you over a year or maybe foresee him Allah will not change the state of a pupil until they change the state that is within themselves. And footsy him means your inner self

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and your inner communities.

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There are still hypocrites among the communities, there are still people who are in power that don't care.

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If Allah were to give these people right now the victory perhaps the next day, we'll be killing each other. Maybe we're not ready brothers and sisters, Allah will not entrust the people with an authority and power. If he knows they will corrupt the if the situation will be worse. Sometimes Allah will not give you exactly what you want because we don't know what the future holds. We don't know what kind of people will take control. We don't know how the OMA will be if Allah were to give us power now in the way that we wanted, Allah knows, and Allah Subhana Allah will give muscle and victory

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But in the right way, not in the way that we want not in the current state that we are in, Allah will not give it to a people who are not ready to exercise it. On an individual level, maybe there's many 100 and always be, but there needs to be a collective re formation or collective re formation, you can only do your little part number six, or number five, sharing what is happening there. If you are able to share statements and what is happening there, share them. I believe that it is creating a larger awareness and that's the result of why the world is seeing what they're seeing, and the shift is happening. Number six education. Talk to your knowledgeable intellectuals at your school.

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You see a Muslim intellectual who knows a lot about history and politics. Ask them say sir, Miss, can you teach me a little bit? If you're at university ask an intellectual who knows about

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history and politics and how the world works? educate yourselves. We have sometimes we do at school, what we call

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interfaith dialogues. I know the word interfaith for some people means something else. But what we do it is we talk to them about Islam. They talk to us about the religion, we ask questions, and we engage in teaching them and we learn about them as an humbler. Our students always come out of it, learning and appreciating their Deen even more. Sometimes we had Jewish schools which we used to meet together at our school. And we realize that in their schools from great prep all the way to year 12, they teach them the most strongest curriculum about Jewish history, everything about Palestine and Israel, everything about the the, the history of the Jews and Israelites and so on and

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so forth. And so their identity, or their whatever they've taught him, is enshrined in them. So we need education. Number seven, some people asked me what about boycotting? I say to you, brothers and sisters,

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boycotting for those who study finance,

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boycotting works, but it has to be on a major level. If you want to ask me materialistically I'll give you the answer. But then I'm going to tell you boycotting individually boycotting on a large scale works. How, when a government when a government says all the shops and products in our country will now be closed, that don't allow them on that level. Boycotting works.

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Unfortunately, we don't have that. So let's look at the individual. No one has the right to tell everybody. You know, it's haram to eat this or that. But what I can tell you is this. I'm not a Mufti. I can't impose this on you. But me personally, I feel sick to my stomach. If I buy or eat any product that is helping the economy currently, of the Israeli army against the innocents in Gaza, I feel sick to my stomach. And I believe everyone should feel sick that way as well. Maybe it may affect may not.

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I don't believe all the social media statistics that people send around. I don't you know, I don't like this information. And I don't follow things that I cannot confirm. However, in front of Allah subhanho wa taala. At least I can say, Yes. I did something within my little power. Allah doesn't look at the outcome. He's looking at the process. What do you do with it? The outcome is to Allah subhanho wa taala. So long as there are alternatives, until there's no alternatives, I'll tell you why that's okay. But we have alternatives that Hamdulillah we have alternatives, so long as they have alternatives and you're eating and you're drinking and Hamdulillah. You don't need that other

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product. So just as an individual with you and Allah subhanaw taala.

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Number eight people asked me about protests and rallies. Normally, I don't like protests, and I've stopped protests since 2001. Since since September 11. We've done many protests before for Palestine, all that and I've given up on them. I don't like them. I don't see them being any benefit. In fact, the Haram is more than good. However, what I've seen now, just in this case, there has been some benefit in rallies and protests and I understand there's some haram in there with the free mixing and I don't know what

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last week I did. We did a hot in the Flagstar gardens and hamdullah I was the healthy then was about 5000 or so people. And I saw the the the article in The Age in Hamdulillah. Wala here I found it. Such an effective gathering, because I call that the stormy silence. See all the shouting and the screaming that people do when they walk in the streets.

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Just that gathering together, silently doing solid and listening to the hotbar and seeing how we're all gathered in silence was extremely stormy. And a lot of non Muslims came around and they listened and they could able to listen and hear through

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To the stormy silence. These types, I think work better.

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And Allah knows best.

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And lastly, writing to MPs and ministers, a lot of people I heard say, why should you write to the kuffaar? See this mentality brothers and sisters, I don't agree with it. Rather I say to you, don't take it, you got to understand the Quran properly. And you got to look at the reality around you, and start to become creative and innovative in your mind. Oh, Muslims, stop this narrow mindedness. When seeking what rasa Salem went into battle, and the kofod wanted to come in to help you said we don't need you. Because they were already organized. They were innovative, they were creative. They had planned Eve that was awesome. Got even some of us the harbours to go and learn the languages of

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some of the enemies like the Persian language, education, they were taking ideas from the disbelievers that they lived amongst, that we're taking ideas from the Persians. And today here in Australia, if we can make a small shift by lobbying our government and writing to the ministers in the MPs, maybe that small shift can happen, something that benefits the Muslims. And so we can say to Allah yada we use what we can empower whatever we can, we're not saying that the fight are going to change everything. We don't know what their hearts are like. But why not use all the resources that Allah gave us. In fact, that was also a Salam did say towards the end of time to solve the

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human a room, the Hadith, Sahih Muslim, you will have a peaceful pact, and allegiance,

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together with the Romans in those days I called them Romans. Today, Allahu Allah with the Romans up, but they are the descendants you can say the Europeans, probably the British, maybe the Americans, maybe Australia, maybe you know all those types of people who their origins were from what used to be called the Byzantines or the Romans. But also as Adam said, you will have a peaceful pact with them together to fight a common enemy of yours. The hadith isn't sign Muslim, it hasn't happened yet. But that's towards the end of time, before the magic comes out. Before the magic comes out as as what the scholar said, and before a Sally's salon, and before the gel. We all know who I'm

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talking about when Muslims that you will have a pact with them.

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So rather than sisters using that, to our advantage is good.

00:27:24 --> 00:27:32

Let's not restrict our minds and think outside of the box for for a change. We need to be creative and readable. And there are two books which I

00:27:33 --> 00:27:37

advise my brothers and sisters to read. One of them

00:27:40 --> 00:27:45

what is one of them called? I'll tell you which books to read brothers sisters, these are really good books in sha Allah, one of them is called

00:27:47 --> 00:27:53

the clash of civilizations, the clash of civilizations

00:27:55 --> 00:27:59

by s Huntington and also another book to read.

00:28:01 --> 00:28:02

By buy

00:28:03 --> 00:28:05

a lot of Aisha colada way

00:28:06 --> 00:28:19

he's passed away now, which was written in 1950s. What did the world lose by the decline of Islamic civilization? Mother has said Allah Allah been healthy.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:50

Al Hassan Al islamiya What did the world lose by the decline of Islamic civilization? excellent book to read. Please read it and learn very well you'll understand the entire world and especially how we referenced it to the Quran. My own sisters, a Jewish man asked me, Why do you people wish Israel evil? The other day? He said to me, why do you wish Israel evil? And I found that question extremely strange that it's even being asked

00:28:51 --> 00:28:54

who said we wish Israel or Jews evil.

00:28:55 --> 00:28:57

Yanni under Islamic rule,

00:28:58 --> 00:29:20

under the Muslim rule, we our Islamic empire is known in history to be the only only Empire whoever gave the rights and peace to both Jews and Christians and other people of different religions in under the Islamic rule in Palestine, in Jerusalem and everywhere else.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:23

It's strange.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:53

For us also asylum set for example, whoever wrongs or more I had a non Muslim living under Muslim rule. Whoever harms them or wrongs them detracts from him or takes from his rights or burdens him or her with more work than he is able to do. Take something from him without his consent. I will plead for him. But also as an answer, I will plead for him the non Muslim or I will be the opponent of the Muslim who wronged him on the day of resurrection. The hadith is in Abu Dawood.

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

In Germany, the Jews were confined to concentration camps, the Jews

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Humans under Hitler even massacred hundreds of 1000s of them in gas chambers. But ironically, the descendants of those victims of the Holocaust now subject the Palestinian Arabs, Christians and Muslims alike to get those and other grave oppressions just like what happened to them.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:57

And this person asked Why did in Christian West unjust, the Christian West unjustly relegated the Jewish people as a whole for something their ancestors did to the ghettos of western cities, Palestinians, Palestinians, are the only people these poor person are the only people who did not take part in World War One and World War Two. They're the only people who did nothing of violence, who welcomed the Jewish people from around the world to come back. And of course, there was some already in Palestine, welcomed them and lived with them in harmony. And they're the only ones who they persecute now as if they are the ones who caused these harm to them.

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In pre 1970 in 1948, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived harmoniously and peacefully, neighbor to neighbor, face to face everybody worshipped and was happy for centuries in Palestine.

00:31:14 --> 00:31:30

Post 1948 however, Israel uprooted the Palestinians killed them, massacred them, destroyed them, persecuted them, made an apartheid did ethnic cleansing, threw them out of their homes, stole their home stole their lands,

00:31:32 --> 00:31:39

cause them to be in Gaza in an open prison before before Hamas came out even before for 75 years.

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And now a genocide is happening ethnic cleansing and every name of the word against all international law against the UN resolutions. And then the end this person asks me why do you guys hate Israel or want evil and Israel Subhan Allah we don't want evil on Israel. We don't want evil on Jews. We don't want evil on Christians. Islam doesn't want evil on anybody. We want goodness for everybody.

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Rahmatullah al Amin. Allah sent Maha Maha Sangha mercy to mankind. Give us a chance to help you and advise you, we want you to be guided to the Islam, but not through violence. However, with all this a person asked me Why do you want evil? We hate injustice. We hate injustice. And Allah hates injustice

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my brothers and sisters are last month Allah has promised in the Quran he says in surah number five verse 54 Old Believers

00:32:43 --> 00:32:53

may me out on them in command Dini he felt some failure won't be a call with me or hey buena

00:32:54 --> 00:33:05

buena the lead the novel many in denial Alka feeding your journey doing a fee so I've been in

00:33:06 --> 00:33:13

your journey Dawn ofis I've been learning for fauna no matter

00:33:16 --> 00:33:22

in the journey gone full blown logging here d me as

00:33:24 --> 00:34:10

long as you know not only stay with me now I'm going to go into the science. I lost my data says believers. If any of you should ever turn away from your faith, remember that Allah will rise up to will raise up a people whom he loves, and who loves him. Her people humble towards the believers and firm towards the unbelievers firm towards the unbelievers means those opposing Islam cannot dislodge his or her faith and Islamic values and morals. It means they are firm like a rock against those who try to influence them. Who will strive hard in the way of Allah and will not fear the reproach of the reproach. This is the favor of Allah which He grants to whom He wills. Allah is vast and

00:34:10 --> 00:34:33

resources all knowing what does this mean? It means that no matter what calamity befalls you earn Muslims never give up or despair and think bad about your Creator and leave your deen if you do that Allah Subhana Allah will not look at this generation he will say, Okay, the next generation, if not the generation, the one off them who replaced them, those who love Him and He loves them. So don't ever think that it's over brothers and sisters.

00:34:35 --> 00:34:36


00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

Rasul Allah wa sallam said in the Hadith, which is in Al Bukhari, he said, If the final hour comes while you have a shoot of a plant of a palm tree, little seedling or a shoot of a palm tree, in your hands, and it is in your power to plant it before the hour comes, you should plant it

00:35:00 --> 00:35:25

What does the Hadith mean? It means even if you heard the hour has come in the world's going to end you are able to do even a tiny good deed continue to do the good deed. Don't just sit there and say, well, there's no point. There is always a point. The outcome is for Allah and the good work is for you. Even the last breath, do a good deed. Continue to do even if it's something small, whatever you can do, as for the outcome is for Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:35:26 --> 00:36:18

as for our goods, which is called the Holy sacred place, Al Quds, Jerusalem, Palestine and its surrounding. Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that there will always be a migration to goods, nation after nation generations after generations. And migration to that place of the believers will never ever stop until the end of time. What does this hadith prasar Selim say, which is in Abu Dawood and others, he is saying, never despair or give up hope. The goods has been destined by Allah from the beginning of time till the end of this world, that even if it's even if the believers or the people ruling injustice out of it, they will come back again and again and

00:36:18 --> 00:36:28

again and people will migrate and the migration will intensify until you look at the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem. And in the Quranic verses, you can read a book for

00:36:29 --> 00:37:07

Modi, for example, in the UFC or or others, they'll tell you because they're in English, they will tell you that all the verses of the Quran that talk about it, and a hadith, which talks about the migration to a Luxor to a goods means that inevitably, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will return the righteous people to it who uphold the Quran, because it's the final revelation. It came at the end of the Torah, the engineer in his arms and all the scriptures of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, Alim salaam, and the Quran is the final one to reconfirm the corrupted scriptures and what was lost. The Quran is the final word of Allah that will uphold it and the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem witch

00:37:07 --> 00:37:26

will end with ASA Alayhis Salam and the mighty the Khalifa. The believers will return back to it. And this is something which even the Orthodox and ultra orthodox Jews today refer to in the Torah. They say that we are awaiting the Messiah.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:30

So there's something in common and I'll come back to it in sha Allah.

00:37:33 --> 00:38:12

Ibn Rajab says this is the end of times as a foretold good news by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the most righteous among the believers will eventually flock and gather their toil goods and around meaning Hashem, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, those areas, a bit of Turkey and around extending from it as a final place for the righteous before the world ends. So there is still to come the scholars said this and other Hadith including verses in Surah Surah a very strong indications that the Khalifa the caliphate will return and it is the headquarters.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:19

It will be the headquarters where in Palestine and the capital city will be Jerusalem for the Khalifa.

00:38:21 --> 00:38:29

The hadith called a Shem and remember a Shem means Palestine Lebanon, Jordan, bits of Turkey and Syria.

00:38:31 --> 00:38:58

Ross also Allahu alayhi wa sallam talked about five leadership's that will happen from his time until the end of time let's look at these five leadership's the hadith is in was not met. And in the Muscat and Masabi and other books of Hadith Rasulillah. Salam said prophethood shall remain among you as long as God wills that's already happened prophethood was among us until Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is death.

00:39:00 --> 00:39:47

Then Allah for Rashida, the rightly guided Khalifa, on the pattern of Prophethood will commence and remain as long as Allah wills. That second leadership has now ended the winner for Russia, Abu Bakr, Omar Osman Ali, and a few after him until Ahmed Abdul Aziz as the scholar said, then what will happen now Rasul Allah, He said, Then, a corrupt monarchy shall then follow, and it shall remain as long as God wills. This monarchy is in the way of Elijah as well. The Caliphate system afterwards, the best said and are made and the Ottoman Empire came after that, unfortunately, it turned into somewhat of a dynasty. So it's like a monarchy where, you know, when a king is in rule, they only

00:39:47 --> 00:39:55

allow the prints and people within the family to take the leadership after them so that the lever becomes similar to a monarchy, a dynasty,

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

but it's also SLM says, what's next. That's the third one, the fourth one he said.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

As then there shall be a tyrannical

00:40:05 --> 00:40:36

this Partizan, meaning a tyrannical dictatorship of some sort, which shall remain as long as God wills and rlms say we are in that now. Now we are in a tyrannical rule. What happens next? Yeah rasool Allah I said then once again the Rayleigh for will emerge on the precept of the original prophethood he will return to the way it was at the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

00:40:38 --> 00:41:01

supporting this verse is in the Quran Allah says all I have done long when the man or mean Kumar I'm you know Sliney her DNA are stuck Kniffen whom feel the kind of stuff left lazy, I mean, cordially him while I own a cane and Dean

00:41:03 --> 00:41:07

boiler boiler you bet Dylan

00:41:09 --> 00:41:11

didn't fall off in him.

00:41:12 --> 00:41:21

Yeah, boy Duna Neela you're surely gonna be shy. woman fell wrong about the League of

00:41:24 --> 00:41:25

ego homeowners.

00:41:29 --> 00:42:09

Allah has promised those who among you who believe and act righteously, that he will surely make them successes as Khalifa has in the earth? Has he made successes for them? For as he made successes from among those who are before them, and that he will surely establish for them their religion, which he has chosen for them, and that he will surely grant them security and peace in place of their fear, which they went through this how is this verse understood? It is understood brothers and sisters, that insha Allah as soon as people like the Pharaoh, as people like the Romans before as people like the Persians before all of those people, Allah subhanaw taala exchanged their power.

00:42:10 --> 00:42:47

Allah will also exchange this Alma and bring that the filler for of people who will act in righteousness. My dear brother and sisters, the scholars such as the machete and Shoka, and even cathedra said this verse means that Allah has promised a continuation of a successive ruling under the caliphate system for the believers who believed in the final book of Allah the Quran, and his final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that just like Allah made nations before the followers of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam inherit leadership from other great rulers and empires. Allah will never leave this OMA fall for a long without it returning to leadership as a nation on

00:42:47 --> 00:42:52

earth, meaning successive caliphate that will always return and continues till the last hour.

00:42:54 --> 00:43:38

It was also SLM said, the Romans will enter into a peace treaty with you, then you and they will fight one another as enemies, and you will be victorious. You will collect the spoils of war and be safe, then you will come back until you stop in a meadow with many hillocks a man from among the people of the cross will raise the cross and will say, the cross has prevailed, then a man among the Muslims will become angry, and we'll go and break the cross. Obviously, this is not a right thing to do, but that's what will happen. And I suppose as I've said it will happen, then the Romans will prove treacherous breaking the treaty and will gather for a fierce battle. This has not happened

00:43:38 --> 00:43:53

yet, but is yet to come. And another instance, rasa Selim said which is in Sahih Muslim, then the Romans will come and have a fierce battle with you that is so intense, so intense.

00:43:55 --> 00:43:58

That you will see the flying object falling from the sky.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:03

Allahu Allah, what kind of battle that is.

00:44:05 --> 00:44:08

And a group of them will

00:44:09 --> 00:44:16

rush from Medina to help their brothers and a group of those Romans will meet them at a certain place near Hashem.

00:44:18 --> 00:44:24

And they will say to them, we are not here to fight you. We are going to grab those who have run away

00:44:26 --> 00:44:36

from the Muslim army run away meaning they're going to regroup and those Muslim from Medina that will say well Allah he will not let you go to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

And also our son and said a third of them will run away Allah will never forgive them. From the Muslims. A third of them will die. They are the best martyrs on that day and a third of them will be victorious. Jana is for them and no harm will ever affect them. And then they will fall then they will take Constantinople and it will fall in peace peacefully. Then the journal will emerge.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:15

To judge, the Muslims will go back and find that it's false news. And then after a few days the Dogen truly has come out. And then he said alayhis salaam, the true Messiah, Jesus, the Christ will descend a little after

00:45:16 --> 00:45:51

what is Constantinople? What is the Prophet SAW Selim meaning and Allahu Allah subhanaw taala knows best. What are the details of this Allah knows best but that is yet to come. But it indicates brothers and sisters, as the scholar said that and Maddie and Maddie which means the rightly guided leader that is yet to emerge, may or may not be leading get at that time, but he could be the general but there could be a general or a commander or a salt and light person who will lead the Muslims in sha Allah, who fights with the Romans, etc. Or could be the malady as the Khalifa Allah subhanaw taala knows best.

00:45:53 --> 00:45:54

As for Jerusalem,

00:45:55 --> 00:46:04

Alma Madi, let's talk a little bit about him. It is in the Sunni belief, I'm going to quote to you the Sunni belief, because there are other beliefs about Al Mahdi.

00:46:05 --> 00:46:40

No authentic hadith in Bukhari and Muslim about Al Mahdi specifically but there is an indication the rest of the Hadith are dispersed throughout the other books of Hadith and they are called mutawatir which means that they have come from different angles of narrations, which means the scholars accept them as authentic all of them, some of them are awakened, some of them are made up, but here are the ones that are authentic inshallah. There are mahadi means the guided one. His name is Muhammad son of Abdullah, his father's name is Abdullah His name is the same name as Mohammed Salah Salem, the Prophet peace be upon him said his name is like my name. And his father's name is like my father's

00:46:40 --> 00:46:57

name from the Prophets direct lineage. He is from the lineage of Fatima, the Allahu anha, and our leader, the Allah Juan, and he will emerge towards the end of time, He will fill the world with justice, just as it was filled with injustice and depression.

00:46:58 --> 00:47:20

And he will role as the Khalifa for seven years or eight years, according to different durations of Hadith at seven or eight years. Within that time, he will change the oppression and corruption in the world, especially in the Middle East, from what it is now to become so just and equitable for all people, Muslims, and non Muslims alike. And it was also SLM said,

00:47:21 --> 00:48:03

He will rule as Khalifa facilitar is, and there'll be lots of vegetation that will grow and plant growth, wealth will increase meaning there will be economic stability, and there will be economic equality, there will be no poor people anymore, wealth will increase, and blessings will flourish. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam described him in the summers description, he said, he will have a wide forehead and a thin nose. And he will break the cross and kill the pig and abolish the jizya the tax system because there'll be no more poor people enough to receive it, meaning non Muslims will no longer pay the tax because there'll be no more poor people to receive it. And the Muslim

00:48:04 --> 00:48:45

empire will no longer need any economic help. So no more need for the jizya even from the non Muslims. But this is this is this. There's a lot of packed information there. And Maddie will break the cross. What does that mean? It doesn't mean literally that he breaks the cross, because there are 1000s and millions of cross crosses, Will he break every single cross note? The correct opinion among the scholars is that he will abolish the ancient idea of the Trinity, and that Jesus is the Son of God, which is based on the symbol of the cross. The whole idea of the cross is that the Son of God was sent down who is Jesus Christ, to die for our sin and our atonement, and that He died for

00:48:45 --> 00:49:09

our sins, and that the original sin according to the Catholic religion, others, that the original sin is something that Jesus Christ came to take care of, and then he was resurrected, and so on and so forth. And all of that, that idea that concept and that belief will be destroyed how the majority of Christians according to the Hadith will actually repent and follow a Salah his Salam under the Islam and under the Quran and Sunnah. Insha Allah

00:49:11 --> 00:49:14

and then what happens? It says that Al mahadi

00:49:15 --> 00:49:53

will be running away, he won't know that he is the MADI from a place in the East somehow they say you will end up in Medina and from Medina who will run to Makkah, he will not know that he's the MADI he will not know. And he will arrive in Makkah, an army will be following Him also from the east, and they want to kill him and the earth will swallow them up or something will happen to them, throw them out we'll look around in Makkah at him and we'll know that he is the appointed mighty and Allah Subhana Allah will make him righteous and prepared in a very short time. Allah Samantha will not waste any there will not be much time wasted and he will be the leader or sorcerer I said I've

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

said in many authentic Hadees he is your Khalifa. He will be your Khalifa. Now of course it doesn't mean there'll be no Khalifa

00:50:00 --> 00:50:36

Before him or a leader, some Muslims, they wait and they say until the MADI comes, and they sit doing nothing. Brothers and sisters, this is weak. And this is laziness and this is giving into miraculous divinity. A Muslim does not think like that. We don't sit there waiting for God to take care of things. No, you have to do your part. And Allah did not tell you to wait for the Maddie and Maddie is not even mentioned in the Quran that the gel is not mentioned in the Quran. And the scholars who who I asked about this big scholars major scholars, they told me the reason it's not mentioned in the Quran is because Allah Subhana Allah does not want us to focus on it. The OMA

00:50:36 --> 00:50:41

should not focus on waiting for the MADI and waiting for the gel and a solid setup

00:50:42 --> 00:51:06

because the Quran addresses what we need to do now universally and right now forget about the Maddie forget about a Sally's Salah and forget about the the shell yes we are living in a time which is Dogen in an adjective the the word an adjective word meaning that we are living in a time of false influence and lies we don't wish confusion that's called Dejan but not it's not that a shell

00:51:07 --> 00:51:48

Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said kafer and to me the nslm No Maria Murphy como mmm are coming Come. Oh how your state will be. When the Son of Miriam a Sally sellin the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary will descend upon you. And while your Imam your leader will be among you this had this is in Bukhari and Muslim and a scholar said your Imam means your Halifa it could be a Maddie or someone else but according to the Hadith, it isn't Maddie inside a Muslim it says that ASA Alayhis Salam Jesus Christ. Some people said why do you say Christ? Well, you know you have your opinion. Some people have their opinion and all that stuff. I'm not going to get into that. But He is Christ. He is at

00:51:48 --> 00:52:37

the mercy it's translated as mercy loosely and he is Isa Ali salaam son of Maryam and mercy hug no Miriam process, Salam said we'll descend and appear at the White minaret east of Damascus fidi mosque or Jordan, meaning Palestine those days those those mid Palestine with his hands on top of wings of two angels. When he drops his head, water sprinkles off his head and when he lifts his head purr like droplets scattered from his hair, they look like pills. In Behati it says the Hour will not come until the Messiah, Son of Mary will come he will break the cross and kill the pig and fill the world with Justice just as it was filled with oppression, killing the pig Allahu Allah. And what

00:52:37 --> 00:52:42

that means it doesn't mean literally every pig he sees he kills the pig, not the animal.

00:52:43 --> 00:53:24

Allahu Allah and what it is, it could mean corruption fills in morality, he breaks and kills in morality and filth. Allah knows best what that means. But whatever it is, he returns people back to morality, back to true values, because that has degenerated in this world today, even in our Ummah, among our youth among all of us, we are affected by the Western moralities and Western bad values right now that the family system is broken apart, the values and morals are broken apart. And perhaps that's why Allah Subhana Allah will not yet give an interest this OMA with this because maybe we'll corrupt to the trust that He gives us, Allahu Allah. When I saw Ali Salam emerges, and

00:53:24 --> 00:54:14

at the gel arrives, the fight will happen at Jerusalem, with Al Mahdi, leading the army of the believers in Sahih. Muslim Hadees 2922 Plus also ourselves said, the Hour will not begin until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims will kill them until a Jew hides behind a rock or a tree. And the rock or tree will say, Oh Muslim, oh slave of Allah. There is a Jew behind me come and kill him except the hard cut, which means a thorny type of tree for it is one of the trees of the Jews it will not speak. When does this happen? Some Muslims, they believe that this is going to happen now with the current Israel. No, it has nothing to do with today. Nothing. This happens when this is

00:54:14 --> 00:54:23

towards the end of time. And here's something very interesting for you to know. This happens when ASA Alayhis Salam, the true Messiah comes back.

00:54:25 --> 00:54:53

Jesus, when the Khalifa is established, when the mahadi has returned, and when the gel is on earth, what happens? The John who is in Christian tradition is called the Antichrist in the New Testament, we don't call him the Antichrist, we call him as the Messiah and called him and mercy at the shell. The false messiah. Why is it called the false messiah? Because he will say to the people, I am the Messiah.

00:54:54 --> 00:55:00

The gel will say I am the Messiah. I am the Anointed One.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:00


00:55:01 --> 00:55:04

now in the Hebrew Bible.

00:55:05 --> 00:55:08

And I took this information by the way from

00:55:09 --> 00:55:51

a source called the Jewish virtual library. That's my source because you know, obviously there are Jews will say you don't know our religion. So I just took it from there. Maybe I'm right or wrong. But what it says is this, there's something they believe in called The Messianic or messianic age. I don't know if I said that right? Basically, the Messianic age, the Jews believe is that the Messiah will come back, they are also waiting for the Messiah. And they are going to build the Third Temple, because the first two temples were destroyed by the Romans before and by the Babylonians or the Assyrians, I'm not sure back in, you know, 2000 or something, or 3000 years ago, I'm not sure

00:55:51 --> 00:56:30

exactly a very long time ago. And they return to Zion, which is another name for Jerusalem, the land of peace, or to the Temple of Zion. And they say that there will be peace for all goodness and justice will be replaced. So it's very similar to what our Hadith talks about the Matthew coming back. And as I said, I'm filling the world with justice and peace. So they have this idea as well as before. And there are many theories among their rabbis about what the sign is, before the Messiah comes. The ultra orthodox Jews, I told you, they say we're not allowed to come into Israel. This is oppression, according to the Torah, women to be

00:56:32 --> 00:57:10

exiled and dispersed throughout the world. We're not allowed to go in until the Messiah comes. And that's when we'll enter. Then you got the Zionist beliefs. And there are so many different types of Zion political, cultural, which is what Einstein was on cultural Zionist, is probably the easiest one, I think it's the one where they said we're going to live alongside the Palestinians in goodness and fairness and not, you know, and not shed blood or something like that. And there is also, as I said, political Zionism Christian Zionist as well, the Christian Zionist, they say, the Jews have to return back to their homeland and make a state of Israel in order for the return of Jesus. So that's

00:57:10 --> 00:57:22

why they support it. This isn't. This is one sect of the Christian Zionists, and so on. So it's very complicated as for the Muslims, listen to what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us,

00:57:23 --> 00:57:24

and this is where I'll end the inshallah.

00:57:26 --> 00:57:32

The full story and objectively speaking is this from an Islamic perspective. In our books of Hadith, and sources,

00:57:34 --> 00:57:42

are isa the true Messiah, Jesus, the Christ, the Son of Maria, Molly, his Salah may sell mercy, ignore Miriam.

00:57:43 --> 00:57:48

When he descends, he will enter the masjid, in Jerusalem.

00:57:50 --> 00:57:57

in Palestine, what does that mean? It means that there will be no more Jews,

00:57:58 --> 00:58:23

or at least the authority of the Jews or Israel will no longer be there anymore. According to our sources, towards the end of time, they will no longer be the authority that the Khalifa will be in Palestine, they will be the headquarters and that Jerusalem will be the capital, according to the context of the Hadith that I've read. And the Isola is Salam will enter the masjid the mosque,

00:58:24 --> 00:58:30

possibly in Damascus, because in those days Palestine or a sham was all of that place.

00:58:33 --> 00:58:39

And he will see the Imam, the leader of this nation, the scholar said he is most likely at MIT

00:58:40 --> 00:59:29

and He will say to him, so the Matty will will move back is he's about to pray. I don't know which salad maybe I should maybe look at Allahu Allah. God knows. And he will say to Asa, the Messiah to come and pray Imam, and ASA Alayhis Salam, Jesus alayhis salam, peace be upon him will say to him No, stay and you pray Imam. For every nation, God has blessed it with their own leaders, and he will pray behind the malady and mercy the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he will pray behind the mahadi and he will join the OMA following the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Rasulillah Salam also said while leadin fcbd But the one who possesses my soul in his hand, if Musa Musa alayhis salam was here

00:59:29 --> 01:00:00

with me today, he will not do anything except follow me. He will follow the Quran and my sunnah because he's the last prophet. Sorry, Sally said I will also follow the Quran because the last revelation of Allah and the last prophet Mohammed Salah Salem and he will say you are the leader of this ummah. He doesn't come as the Khalifa but as a guide in a different way. Then the the shed that the shell is called the Antichrist in Islam, the false messiah, the lying Messiah.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:10

His story is very long. Now we don't know if at the jail is now living I know that some people they use the Hadith they say what about the Hadith in Sahih? Muslim? About

01:00:13 --> 01:00:14

what's his name the sahabi

01:00:17 --> 01:00:22

what's his name, the one that went on an island and he saw the gel and he saw the just says at the base

01:00:23 --> 01:00:24

somewhere among his name.

01:00:25 --> 01:01:01

No one knows. Tell me my daddy Tamina daddy, the hadith is very long. It says that they went on an island and they saw a man that was tied up and the man says to them, told me about Medina tell me about this. Tell me about the palm trees in in, in I don't know what and and he answered that and then they said who are you? And he said, I am Jesus and and mercy. Sorry, didn't say Jesus. He says I am a mercy. I am the Messiah. And then they lift. Also Salah Selim did not say if he really is that the shell that man could have been a normal man who claimed a lie.

01:01:03 --> 01:01:11

So there's no indication in any of the authentic Hadees that the shell is really living another people quoted that there was a man by the name of

01:01:13 --> 01:01:15

what's his name who lived in Medina,

01:01:16 --> 01:01:26

a man named What was his name? Sophia and Sayed. Again another Hadith about Sophia balsa yard who the Sahabas thought he was the he was the the shell prompts Allah Salam

01:01:27 --> 01:02:00

assumed he was and all that stuff but again, but also Salah Sam did not confirm is that the job so we don't know if the jail is alive since then whether he's coming out what's his story? The point is, a false Messiah will come out and say I am the Messiah, but he is like, after that he will say I am God, and the people will take him as a god. Now let's look at the Jews scriptures. They're saying the Messiah is coming. It makes sense now that if they follow Him, because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he says that the gel will come from the east

01:02:01 --> 01:02:05

and with him 70,000 Jews of Isfahan.

01:02:06 --> 01:02:35

Now we don't know if it's the real literally from us for Han or there are that they had gone out of Israel and all that and they become dispersed in the land. They all come back thinking he is the Messiah that they are waiting for. The majority of his followers will be the Jews according to our sources. And among them are Christians and Romans and others and they will be heading towards where towards Jerusalem. Now it also makes sense if you look at their scriptures which they say they are going to go back in with the Messiah to rebuild

01:02:36 --> 01:03:12

the Third Temple of Solomon or the Third Temple, whatever they call it on Zion. So there'll be coming with their Messiah, which we in our sources is the false messiah. He is actually the digit because it will show them signs Allah will give him certain powers that will make them believe that he is a God. They literally believe that he is a God. Allah knows best. A lot of Jews will disagree because they don't worship other gods besides Allah. But something will happen according to our religious sources which make them believe that at least he's a partner to God. When he enters Jerusalem, he comes to Jerusalem. Now isa Alayhis Salam, the true Messiah will be with the Muslims,

01:03:13 --> 01:03:41

with the righteous people and the Maddy and He will say to the Maddy open the gate, the gate of Jerusalem, and the gate will be opened. And the desert the Antichrist will be waiting behind the door, thinking that he's going to enter with his followers in his army, accompanied by an army of 70,000 Jews from the east and he will be dressed they will be dressed in robes of green color satin.

01:03:42 --> 01:04:13

Rasulillah Salam said Allah haemodialysis, there's two different interpretations. Either they are green colored satin robes, or it means a type of helmet. The hadith is as a Muslim, as soon as the gel sees a Sally's cell and when he opens the door of Jerusalem, he runs away. And the Hadith says that he starts to melt. I don't know how but that's the Hadith. We leave it at that ASR. Alayhis Salam runs after him. And he takes his sword out, or whatever weapon he has, and he kills the the jet

01:04:14 --> 01:04:25

and the gel bleeds. And then he lifts the sword or whatever weapon he has, and shows the his army and says, if he was God, will he bleed?

01:04:27 --> 01:04:59

And at that point, a lot of the Christians who are following thinking he is Jesus the returning they repent and follow the true Messiah, Asa Alayhis Salam. And maybe some of the Jews do, I don't know. But I read some interpretations but only Allah knows I cannot confirm. The point is after that. There'll be years of pace, justice, goodness, repentance. Only Allah knows how long Alma they will rule for seven days meaning he will die within that time, somehow

01:05:00 --> 01:05:26

Did said that it will be 10 years for ASL merci he SallAllahu Sallam Allah knows best. So what is it now brothers and sisters right now? We are still in the bead in a string of beads. Which bead are we on right now? That's happening right now. But mark my words this speed will open the door to the next beat the next event that will happen and the next event and the next event.

01:05:27 --> 01:05:57

How do you stand right now? Where is your heart? Where is your Eman? Are you going back to the values and morals of your deen has to be collective? If it's not collective at least you do your part insha Allah brothers and sisters, establish your Deen in your house as much as you can establish it within yourself as much as you can help your brothers sisters wherever around the world. Every little bit of worry that you have right now you are rewarded for you go to sleep some of you have this little anxiety and Hamdulillah that shows that your Eman is true.

01:05:59 --> 01:06:25

When you feel the flame for your brothers and sisters that shows that and hamdulillah the flame is inside of you the flame of goodness. You have a heart of humbler that is ready to be awakened or is already so don't despair. What are they assume Rohilla as Prophet Jakob Jacob said Ali salaam, Israel, he said to his children, while they assume middle row in

01:06:27 --> 01:06:36

Villa de su middle row Hannah hinda. In

01:06:38 --> 01:06:40

Seoul Melrose in

01:06:41 --> 01:06:43

in Hong

01:06:47 --> 01:06:47


01:06:49 --> 01:07:29

own never despair, from the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his closeness to you the only ones who despair from Allah's mercy and his closeness to them, other people who disbelieve in him, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you, my brothers and sisters, may Allah Subhana Allah guide us to that which is right, may Allah subhanaw taala protect the innocent people around the world and also protect our brothers and sisters in Philistine and all the Muslims around the world. The believers wherever they are, may Allah subhanho wa Taala change their state from from evil to good, from hardship to ease, from insecurity to safety, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala guide those who are

01:07:29 --> 01:08:11

disbelievers and evil to goodness, and may Allah subhanaw taala deal with the disbelievers who are evil. May Allah subhanaw taala guide those among the Muslims who have hypocrisy in their hearts, and may Allah subhanaw taala replace the hypocrites with the righteous ones. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to see the right in the right and evil as evil and may Allah Subhana Allah clear our hearts and open our sight and unite us as one body. Amin Allahumma or Hamilton omoton Muslimeen Allahumma Fila, whom well Anna Allah hum fildena amalco sadhana, ohana, Alma and the island will be him in order to F with NaVi my father sufa Amina Allahu Mala to fitna. In nesina

01:08:12 --> 01:08:29

Rob bene wa one Wolfie lenah Allahu Mala to Homina mela taka tele Nabi wa one world Filipina we're Hannah Anta moulana from sadhana Island calm with caffeine heard also Aloha Nabina Muhammad while earlier Sakurajima Ian was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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