Umm Jamaal ud-Din – 5 Ramadan Tips for Women

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
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The first step, if we want to try to have the Ramadan that we wish for, is we need to free up, you know, as much time as we can for them upon beforehand. So you need to plan ahead, pay your goal must be to plan ahead. And to free up as much time as you can is you need to think ahead of what's going to happen or move on and what are the things that you can maybe do now to get them out of the way so that you have more time in Ramadan. So what does that mean? It means anything you're able to drop from your schedule that you can get rid of things that's not really that necessary. Those are the things you should be trying to drop out of your schedule to free up your time appointments postpone

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and if you can, you know, if you like if you possibly can cut down on your work schedule, like if you work, if you can possibly take a bit more time off or cut down your work schedule, anything that's not necessary for you. Try to get it out of the way or postpone it like same thing assignments. If you've got assignments Do you know they're doing them online, you try to get them do you're trying to get them done before them online. Another very important point that really helps and that is if you can possibly spring clean your house before Ramadan comes this is also one of the things that I said a lot of time when it comes a lot of people as you know they tend to spring clean

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their house before eat they waste many many days in the Ramadan spring cleaning their house where that could have been used, you know doing my job the Quran reciting the Quran revising. So they they burn up that time is dead. So that's why if you can possibly spring clean the house before my band comes because that way is this is the first day Ramadan comes. And all that's required from you is to sit down and start open up in this house and start reciting because you know everything is done, you feel your mind is free, because you know you've done everything you need to do for the house. So you're going to do is focus on your eat burger. So that should be what we should be aiming for.

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Another thing as well here is the is the age shopping. My advice is that you're going a week and two days or three days, it's probably cheaper to get the clothes now that it will be after Ramadan. So quickly go out, hit the shops and get those clothes now. So you save all that time and frustration at the end of Ramadan looking for all those clothes and matching shoes and all of all of that what you know people do. So let's talk about how we can simplify our plan for ourselves. Let's simplify first of all our food. We don't need to have 10 dishes on the table, we're not going through a famine, we're fasting Ramadan, you know, like Okay, the first day you might feel a bit hungry, but

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by the third day, you don't, you can hardly you can hardly feel your stomach because it's shrunk. So you really only like for the family, you honestly only really need one dish, we don't need to do more than one dish. Okay, we've got to really change his mentality. Like real quick Subhan Allah May Allah protect our health, a lot of us are studying, you know, a lot of the community suffers from health problems from other eating. So if we can learn to eat like the thumbnail, which is to feel the stomach only 1/3 and to drink, you know, the rest of the sonic goodies for for your drink. And the last third is huge, you know, to breathe. Another thing is to try to cook for two days. You

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know, while some husbands or Farsi partitioner, your husband isn't so he can cook for two days, that is ideal, because then you only have to cook for what like you cook once and then the next day, that whole day, you just got to like put on, do whatever you want to do. And you don't have to worry about preparing the food, all you have to do is heat it up, put your thought and that's it. So try to do that as well. So that's your your cooking then besides that your routine you need to try to cut corners with your routine. There's a lot of extra things we place on ourselves we don't really need to do. For example, you don't need to polish your TV every single day we need to polish every

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single piece of furniture in your house every single day. You don't need to drop the bathroom down every single day. You know, some of us we go crazy without cleaning. We've got OCD. So let's all just calm down and realize we need to just step back slow down and start to get to ourselves in Oregon. That should be our main focus. All right, we can always go back to scrubbing the bathroom every day after Milan but how about Ramadan we just you know we can you know it's not going to harm us if we have a few bits of dust lying around when nothing's gonna happen inshallah. Okay sisters, so just whatever you can do to cut back for yourself, that's what you should be doing to make

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yourself feel more at peace. In Oregon instead of feeling distress that many people are feeling

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