Importance of Education for Men, Women and Children.

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A customer is speaking to a representative about the lack of education in Nigeria and West Africa. The customer suggests that controlling narratives should be the norm in West Africa, especially among Christian schools. The customer also mentions that the school's salon used to designate days for women to educate children.

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So how're you guys doing? I'm in Lagos, Nigeria, which is a fantastic event. And humbled. I'm just an algebra. I'm next to a Christian school. And I was thinking about this matter of education in Nigeria and West Africa must be generally much more than general. And unfortunately, although Muslims have exceeded and control, so aspects of spheres in Nigeria, say, education doesn't seem to be one of them. I mean, there's lots of Christian schools which are controlling the narrative. And I think that this is something we need to kind of renew in our discourses in West Africa and everywhere else, because that religion is a religion of education. And if you control the

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educational narratives, you control the narratives, as long as so that this should be the case with all different peoples. In a community this includes men, women, children, of course, the parents are salons things that isn't in the party, no investment including where he is and our salon used to designate days for women to educate them further. So we can't leave anyone behind education is the key cinematic nontargeting