Moutasem al-Hameedy – The Path 07 – Ramadan Halaqa 2021

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses distractions during a dental class, the importance of focusing on one's relaxed body, and the concept of humility and achieving the sense of pride in Islam. Leo cartilage shares his experiences on finding the secret of achieving Islam, finding the secret of achieving Islam, and the importance of valuing one's wealth. The segment also touches on the concept of a "will" and the importance of not letting one's ego's image hold onto it. The speakers discuss various types of Salah, including sunGeneration, suneless, and light, and the importance of valuing one's wealth. The pandemic and the need for continued support for the center are also mentioned.
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Did you let me know salat wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was heavy age Marine. Well that was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Welcome to our Ramadan halacha the path

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we're still, again reading the

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book of clinical dental not the same of Solomon handled Cassadine, which is actually about the path that the believer should take to Allah subhanho wa taala. And we were speaking, he was speaking about salon, we were commenting on his words, and we reached a point where he was addressing distractions, and what really distracts the person in their salon how to deal with this. So he was speaking he was, so he gave two important notes with regards to capturing crucial, unexperienced and crucial Onsala. First one, he said, the presence of your heart that your heart is presence, and the heart is something more than the mind. Many people just think, you know, your heart should be

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present. Oh, that's just my focus, not only the mental focus, but there is a state of being inside of you. That's your spiritual dimension. It needs to be there in the salon needs to be involved, involve this knee it needs to be present. The second one he said after that after you have your heart present. Now you contemplate you think now you're processing the words you're seeking the meanings now.

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And in the course of speaking about this, he started talking about the things that will take your attention away from contemplating the Quran. So he said there are external things that distract you but there are internal or inner distractions, and that's where we stopped. So he says we're in we're in catamenial mode deliberately, Nefertiti or Isla de Niro, the next one, Elon is solid, he was unhappy. We started the Lyric, a couple of the holy for Salah and the ugly Isola, which they defeated really Colby, he says as to the inner distractions. The way to to deal with that is to force oneself for you force your attention to focus on what you are reading in your Salah once

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you're engaged in your Salah. So focus your attention to your

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on your Salah.

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And to be prepared and get ready before you enter Salah and to finish any kind of lingering business before engaging with the salah. And to exert oneself in emptying your heart where you get the the lfctv called FLT or Hatha or DME BNA, the layers will apply and to keep reminding oneself over and over again of the actual the next life and the seriousness and the reality of standing before Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment and the horror of that day for any limited schooling of Carol will be Delic failure element now in the metaphorical in the metaphorical FEMA hammer who was to her failure to cache What will you have taught children to color work and if this does not settle, or

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let your if this does not quiet your thoughts? Then let this person know that the mind gravitates to what really matters to you. So

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you so if something else other than Allah occupies your mind or is occupying your mind and you're obsessed with it, then you need to sever the relationships with these desires. You need to take this seriously. Well, I'm in the letter mathema cannot lie info Illa de vaca we will endeavor to either call yet Jabatan masala li wa Jalla wa Ala Anton Kalia Salafi Mudra is saying and know that this illness or this issue

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that if it takes root and becomes very well established that nothing will work with it but a very strong medicine and again this illness if it's strong this is going to pull you in away from the salah work and you're going to you're going to pull back right so there's it's pulling on that direction in that direction you pull into that direction until the prayer is over. And it's spent in this conflict. One method with allocation methodology within title the lead Sheraton arrived and yes for us for that will recall what kind of a squatter as a theory to show visually. He was here to hear her shamaton yoga yoga.

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firmer your stalker rafiqul who had that older as a feel for history look visionary labia.

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And he says the example of this or Alain

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analogy for this is like someone who is resting under the tree and he's trying to get quiet moment, but the chirping of the birds is distracting him and he has this stuff in his hand and he's waving the birds trying to get them to fly away and they do fly away and as soon as he gets to gather his thoughts and quiet his mind the birds come back again and the chirping starts again

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and back back and forth back and forth until this again like it becomes more of a waste of time for people who had shaped on land for intellectual philosophy Suffolk by Shedra Funkadelic I shudder to share what either hola to footlocker Sanwa in Jeddah in a head of cattle can GWS theory job with Dubai be in Africa. So it is it should be said that advice to this person should be given to this person is that hey, this is not this doesn't work. So if you want to get rid of all these distractions, what you need to do is chop off this this tree completely cut it off

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because and this is the tree of desire in your heart. If it takes root and it grows bigger and spreads its branches then the ideas the thoughts will be attracted to it just like birds are attracted to the trees and just like flies you know are attracted to fluffy things for they have a little more nephews for you definitely male and Decker and this will lead you to if you don't do this, you will end up wasting your life trying to push back something that never ends.

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Well somebody shouted at 2g body of CalHFA boo dunya and the reason or the root for this desire that is bringing all these thoughts upon your all these distracting thoughts upon you is love of the dunya love of this worldly life. Daily Amerindian Christian Rahim Allah Allah to have different kind of suck every shade in Mali dunya for Salah for call Allah entertainment assume that Ophelia had Yemen and Eddie the was said to Anirban Christ I think he's one of Italian

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you know, do you have like any inner dialogue any? Like, do you think do you have any inner thoughts as you are in your Salah? He said, I'd rather you know be cut into pieces I'd rather be stabbed with spears than you know experience something like this in my solo

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shows. This is someone who's really experienced the sweetness of Salah and they are

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the way to defend this with their own life.

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While I'm in our hobby Dooney NLP emerald Boone was the one who will be quality as he is and he's saying and know that removing or chopping off love of this dunya out of the heart is a very difficult affair. And removing it completely is almost it's almost impossible for Leo cartilage to do. Full Moon kini Minho, Allah one more focus, but let the person do his or her best. And last one, we seek Allah's help and support. And the minor third is a third thing that helps for sure. So he said first the presence of the heart. Then number two is contemplation focus, seeking the meanings. Third one at all, the more you learn manifests itself a mandala will Heba with allocate, dedicate, I

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want to demonstrate a glorification of Allah and sense of all to towards Allah realizing the magnificence of Allah. And this results from two things modified to general Allah, Allah, Allah Almighty, He will now refer to help out in FC one and how much better. So yes, I wanted to do min and max if anything in the list you can add to a whole Sure.

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So the first

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thing too

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are these two things that really bring about or can can give you the sense of glorification and all is to recognize and know the glory of Allah and His magnificence.

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And second one is knowing the base state, the law, state of the neffs of the ego. And that it is a it is a slave of Allah. That's what that's its position. That's its place. So what results from these two

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types of knowledge is the kana which is humility. And, sure, again, it's it's that inner kind of humanity, right? It's, it's when you put yourself down and, and you you are aware of the magnificence of Allah.

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That's the right relationship.

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This is what humility and who should you know are about women daddy cow Rajasthan whose whole feet for can mean more other women, many Kenya have a whole the whole facade what you can do the Rahu and something that helps in this regards is hope hoping Allah seeking, you know, having hope in Allah it's something beyond fear it's more than fear other than fear because again with glorification of Allah with all the recent elements of fear, but there is also hope.

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He says how often you will find someone who

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glorifies a king

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and fears their punishment, but also hopes, you know, in their, in their generosity, when masala Jamberry in your chronology and be seletti, he thought, can I a half woman toxic to hear club and a person who prays they should be in a state of hope, hope for the reward, and should be in a state of fear as well. Fear just in case they fall short and should they incur any punishment when but in in musalia the muscle of the

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beholder Indonesia, immunise Allah, and the person who prays should seek to make his heart or her heart present and everything is aligned everything that relates to Salah either send me I need that they need Yom Aluma theory neither reality we shouldn't marry each other. So if he hears the event, the call for the salah

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then let the person remind themselves of them being called and and invited on the day of judgment and be ready to answer to answer for this specific moment there is a moment of obligation here. So on the Day of Judgment, you will also be there's a call that will go out where you will be brought and you will be asked

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when you and your mother your Jeep and you know concentrate What what are you going to answer a lot on that day will be a veteran in the huddle and what kind of how do you come about physically? Is it with humility with obedience? Well either subtly or overtly I'm Anil Mala domine dedicated to football he but then he annual How

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will you get karate button here with Allah He had surgery allottee lie operator or any other Harlock and when the person dresses up for the Salah, you cover your hour.

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The purpose behind this is to cover what is inappropriate to reveal the parts of your body that are inappropriate to reveal and show and this should be a reminder of the inappropriate things within us the abstract meanings within us that are inappropriate, the evil that is within us times the thoughts the intentions

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that only Allah knows about and that no clothing screens that from Allah. And what really removes these evils is to regret having them in the first place and remorse and being shy of Allah subhanaw taala and fearing his punishment what either stuff welcome let's have a consoler forward who energy hottie enlarging and stability later Hara Oh LGBT later Allah for sort of Aqaba who Illa Allah it for Kali I'll be he'll Allah it and lemon Danek and when the person seeks the emblem takes the direction of the Qibla your physic is physically as turned away from any other direction and likewise Your heart should be turned to Allah

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and not turned to anything else for Come on now hula hula educated at Lebanon Salafi and Arabia Kilcullen Bula and sorry for Elahi to Allah in Lebanon Slavia and Massey well, just like it's impossible to turn to a GABA to the direction of Qibla.

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Except by turning away from anything else from any other direction.

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Obviously by default if you're taking direction of the Qibla you're turning from all other directions. Similarly, your heart should be directed to Allah should direct your heart to Allah. And this can only happen when you turn away from everything else.

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Either. Kobata Johan masala fellow fellow you can double knuckle bukan DISA neck when you say Allahu Akbar. Do not let your heart

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you know be a disparity with your tank. Let them let your heart or your tongue to be a confirmation of your heart and your heart be confirmation of what's on your tongue. No who either can't tell because even Kabbalah mean Allah He forgot Kepta because if there is something in your heart when you say Allahu Akbar, in Salah there is something greater than Allah in your heart then you are telling a lie when you say Allahu Akbar.

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Further on your Kunal Hauer in Dhaka, UK, Bella vida de etheric mo Africa who has denied so be cautious. Don't let your desire be greater in your heart than Allah and how

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How would you know that? Well, if you obey your desire and disobey Allah that shows it's greater.

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For either the fundamentalist you're harder to heal Lydia Elahi Subhana either I'm telling you, it became economical level work. And when you say our OB landownership and regime I seek refuge in Allah from shippon the accursed, know that this you are seeking protection and refuge in Allah. So if your heart is not really does not mean that is not really seeking that refuge in Allah, then you're just it's just lip service, whatever her manner methods lower homopolymeric and seek to know out contemplate the meanings of what you are reciting and bring your focus and bring your heart to what you are reading. For example, you were saying Alhamdulillah here of blood I mean in the Fatiha

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was to have a look for hope

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in the folic abominable him feel and focus on the mercy of Allah and the kindness of Allah when you say to him, and

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grow aware, be aware of Allah's glory when you say Maliki omit the word that He confused me a message through and so on and so forth with everything you recite. will come true when Angela to be Navy O'Farrell the Allahu wa salatu he for either an oath the oath in order for hob Juanita, when medica Ilaria knows so well I took it one thought in the HLF and it was narrated about zilara, even OB O'Farrell the Aloha now seems one of the companions or the alone, that he recited in his Salah, the verse in Surah Modesitt verse number eight for either an Oklahoma Finn or when the horn is blown on the Day of Judgment, he felt and he passed out and died, he passed away.

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And so he's saying this is because he envisioned that for real, and it got hold of him like the sink, captured and caught him and was so overwhelming that it caused him to die, especially with federal court he had to Alba refused to do it because the editor of Boolean net robot, and if some of

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these things seek to feel in your record, and you're bowing, humility,

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and in your frustration, further humility and, and

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like the lowest level you're being in the lowest level before Allah, the N Nicola button if someone will have because you have put your ego yourself your neffs, where it truly belongs.

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What are the Teleflora, Illa sleeves to do the Allah to rob and you have returned in a certain you have referred yourself to its origin, meaning you were created from dirt from the earth. And when you put yourself down, you're actually going back to where you came from. That's where you are. That's what that's your true. That's your true status in reality, from which you were created. What if I had a man and carry with the oak? And seek to understand to contemplate the meanings of these cards that you recite in Rico has to do with a taste, taste and how do they taste? How do they feel? That sounds weird to many people I know. But again, it's good that he mentions it here while I'm in

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solitude, we had a short

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about in suburban Lee, Jana elcon, Algeria, llbean of Sudan.

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And he says know that performing Salah with such inner conditions is a cause for

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pure purifying, cleaning, polishing the heart from its rust while sorting and well if he lets you be here to tell him other metal, wood and it becomes a place your heart becomes a place for the lights to shine on. And through these lights, you start to get a glimpse on the glory of the One who's worshipped Allah What's up buddy slaughter here and you are given some of the secrets when they are still learning. And only the ones with true knowledge are the ones who are able to grasp this for a moment who are called in when we saw like a solid you doing any half an hour lie a party or a luxury metallic, balloon Q will do the whole as to the person who just establishes the external picture and

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image of Salah but without these inner meanings, then this person does not enough it's not given any access into these lights and these secrets and this knowledge and this polishing and purification

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on the country such a person actually acts in denial, and they don't know what that actually means.

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So anyway, heading here first Lafayette Donatella facilita Joomla we're gonna skip this. salata Joomla

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Okay first love you the key No, I think there is a heading here on the supererogatory prayers meaning voluntary extra prayers that you do sunnah. sunnah.

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NAMA AlFalah elimina salata to assumption on an almost a half baton Matata what he's saying no that other than the obligatory prayers there are three types of Salah sunnah Sulan he's going to explain them most of the head bat things that are liked preferred recommended what other words and just open kind of volunteering in prayer when that need is sunnah team and okay down Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and was about to have a couple of YTB replayable for oil well what three?

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He says sunnah. These three types start number one sunnah

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is whatever was narrated from the Messenger of Allah you said that he kept consistently

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like the again the robotic, the 12 rocker and we you know, sunnah that we pray

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and and winter and aloha cycle

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when anybody musta had been out of the hospital before but he was a little more than that, but when he goes to let you into the whole human zoo, a whole demeanor and the recommended light prayers are the ones that were found in narrations from the prophets of salaam but the person was not consistent in performing them like once you enter your house you pray to Rucker

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and before you leave the house you create or aka for example, when only bit data were it mama or daddy can email me or it be about liking and updates but what will be fairly he and Toto was the extra voluntary price you know, you'd like extra praise you want to pray but there will not specified in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but a person wants to pray. Well just imagine some of that fly fill in and nefler who was who was the other who had his Yelton I thought these three types sunnah muster hub and tapa what they are called also no effing. Now I feel means they are extra that's what Nafion means extra and these are extra though because they are beyond the

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obligatory prayer while I'm another toward it but then I saw the best of

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the voluntary acts performed physically is solid well someone know if you do I feel like it'll harm a charlatan with quality and equitable fair pay

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whatever you rehab

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Okay, so he's just saying that these are the different types and the merits of these extra prayers are explained in the books of fit

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Okay, we're gonna skip because he talks about salah hear about his occur

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and since this is more of a, again, it's a Ramadan thing. I don't want to get into 50 issues. So we're going to leave it there, but

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he has a heading here on sadaqa charity first long for you so that it will probably have a derby. So this is not the cow this is so the other you give

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a voluntarily extra and muffled what you know sadaqa Tifa, Kathy also matura as to the marriage the benefits of sadaqa then they are many and they are very well known.

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Minha Marwell Bukhari human How do you keep up with the lovely Allahu Anhu called called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you can matter what if he had him in early on we also have Allah Mammon I had on Illa man who have bought in man Houma, but women are worried he might ha.

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Collect his Bible Hi narrated by

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Allah's Messenger Salam said, Who among you

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prefers or loves? Or

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who among you the the, the wealth of their,

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of their inheritors of their, their, their, their heirs, who inherit their money is more valuable to them than their own money when it's in their own hands? Again, it sounds it's a shocking question, like,

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who prefers or who values the wealth of their inheritance more than their own wealth.

00:24:51 --> 00:24:59

And again, the wealth of your inheritance is after your death. So you can't value something when you're dead, right?

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So this is the shocking element in the question. So the companion said, ah messenger of Allah like, it's obvious we appreciate we value the money when it's in our hands because once it is handed down to our inheritance, that means we're already dead. So there's no point in valuing money what? There's no connection to money there. So the prophets of salaam explained he said, then you're truly belongs to you is what you have spent meaning and solder in this life because it remains with you.

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the money or the wealth of your inheritance is what you keep what you keep to yourself. Because look at you know, what you have, you always spend it on obligations on your family on yourself, you meet necessities, that's fine. That's not what the President's talking about here, but the rest of the money the extra that you have, it's either you keep it to yourself, you hoard it, and it ends up being the wealth of your inheritors, eventually, right?

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You're going to leave that

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or if you give it if you give more in sadaqa

00:26:06 --> 00:26:09

it's going to be kept for you kept in store for you.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:21

So the Prophet SAW Selim is saying, you know, when you keep the money, you're actually going to lose it. It's going to go to your inheritance, but if you give the money and so the cotton charity you're actually saving it for yourself you're keeping it

00:26:25 --> 00:26:30

if you say hey remember waiting we hold on to hold the Allahu allah sallallahu I do send them a

00:26:31 --> 00:26:44

mentor. So be at the terminal at mucous membranes. What is Allah is the law he elaborates in the lighter compared to heavy Yemeni, So may Allah be honey Sahibi how can they all be how do kung fu Well, had that economic legible

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if you had eaten alpha in the southern border, but Rob What's Up To Me need at a zoo?

00:26:52 --> 00:27:05

Okay, in the Sahih Bukhari Muslim, from Abu Dhabi, Allahu anhu, that Allah's Messenger Salam said, Whoever gives sadaqa, even if it's as small as one date, like the fruit

00:27:06 --> 00:27:28

from a good source of worth of good income, again, which is Helen, and nothing reaches Allah, except what is Hannah Woods good. Allah accepts it with his own right hand. And Allah increases it, and multiplies it for this person, just like one of you takes,

00:27:30 --> 00:27:52

again, follow Wahoo here follow is the is the horse, the the baby of a horse, just as someone takes the baby over horse and takes very good care of it and feeds it well until it grows bigger. So this is how Allah takes care of your sadaqa and grows it for you until it becomes like a mountain. And another narration and if it had eaten

00:27:53 --> 00:28:01

in the southern part of Allah, whatever you need at a zoo, a lot of this hadith is actually in terms of chain of narration

00:28:02 --> 00:28:03

has been

00:28:04 --> 00:28:05


00:28:06 --> 00:28:18

considered weak, I believe, all right, as the footnote here says, So, but the meaning is correct, that charity extinguishes the anger of Allah and it protects from

00:28:20 --> 00:28:27

an evil End these meanings are established through authentic hadith but this specific narration is weak. When we have you can offer

00:28:28 --> 00:28:49

also the narration is weak here is actually for the author in South Africa Coco Mina, not a gives her the power because this is your ransom from the Help file. The meaning again is correct. One boy that are the Allahu Allah, Allah Allah rasool Allah is Allah Allah when he was sent them may include ahead on chi and Minnesota party. Have you forgotten

00:28:50 --> 00:28:54

the hygiene? Sabrina shape on all right.

00:28:56 --> 00:29:09

I tell you if I can hold you Sabrina shape on Okay, so the sun authentic hadith from Imam Muhammad from Roy Gabriella who I know that Allah's Messenger Salam said when one of you gives out sadaqa

00:29:11 --> 00:29:14

this takes away or removes

00:29:15 --> 00:29:26

like 70 clumps of Chevron over him over this person. What do we unripened tablet if you saw Martin certina settlement as a woman on my holiday for I don't look long term for ticker shift Oklahoma

00:29:27 --> 00:29:39

Moto and that you can have what Jay Powell have a format for GMP Emily certina center folder if you get off the ATO Vic F followed you had to be Emily had you ever have a folder and then he followed your hobby hopefully it

00:29:40 --> 00:29:45

Okay, so this is again narration most likely these are from the People of the Scripture.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:58

These narrations that it was a monk who worshipped complete worship and devotion for 60 years. And one day he went out of his sanctuary whatever

00:30:00 --> 00:30:05

And he had a loaf of bread with him. And he saw this woman she attracted him.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:14

And eventually he ended up committing Zina with her. And in that state,

00:30:15 --> 00:30:55

death came upon him, like Is mommy became. And then at that moment, a poor person passed by him and it was art was asking for food. And as he was dying, he gave this poor person a loaf of bread that he had and he died. So on the Day of Judgment, the 60 years of worship were brought on one side of the scale, and his sin was put on the other side of the scale and the sin was more weighty than the 60 years of worship. But the loaf of bread he gave just before passing away, and are tipped the scale of his good deeds.

00:30:56 --> 00:31:12

If you follow the Muslim and Hadith thoroughly Allah one and in Nabi SallAllahu, Sallam are now called man or sadaqa, to mean man, from Imam Muslim, narrated by Bollier of the Allahu Anhu that the messengers of Salam said, so the How will not decrease the wealth of a person?

00:31:14 --> 00:31:18

Well, we are actually totally alive right now the number that we shot and for call interviews or selama, but the I mean,

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the audits mabati even handle fit for half a callback the Akula in negative one. So it's narrated financial de la when I heard that they slaughtered a sheep and

00:31:31 --> 00:31:45

the profit center and they gave out most of it in charity, they give it out. So the province isn't set I'm asked what remained of the sheep. Actually, Alana said nothing but the shoulder part of it.

00:31:48 --> 00:31:51

The prophets of salaam said all of it remained except the shoulder.

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One double have an homage of Adam F is a character who have been ill for care and yet holy musica Amina sadaqa kala communistic at home in a sadaqa T of blood. Okay, these are about the etiquettes he's saying it's pretty much like this account like educative is occur. And there is a discussion among scholars which is better for a poor person to take from the cow, which is the obligatory or to take from so the house is voluntary, which is better if he has options.

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There's it's not settled. It's not a settled issue. What amount of dollars so that you can add your IRA totally Allah who can file a suit with our social licence and I'm at a party of one or the interest of the government of a country Hey, Tasha, UCLA with Emma Lukina. Well, I mean, have you developed your own cultural learning category Franco could can only fully earn

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a full Jehovah's saying Haney Okay, collecting the Bible Hello Muslim from Abu Huraira Leila and that Allah's Messenger so salaam salaam was asked which of the sadaqa is best the prophets of salaam said is that you give sadaqa when you are healthy, and you're not well off, is still stuck. Again. Usually this is in the youth, when you're not very well established financially, Dashiell, you're afraid of, of poverty. Why? Because you're not in a good financial position. You're just struggling.

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What's that medal of honor and you're hoping to build up your wealth? That's when you give. That's the best of Southern

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Right? Because it's the most unlikely it's the most it's the hardest. And that you do not wait until you know you're in the last gasp of your life. When you're, you know when when you're giving up your soul that you start saying Oh, give this to this person give this to that person I saw that. Okay, so this is about

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sadaqa insha Allah and next session we're going to talk about we're moving to a new chapter which is about fasting about cm anomala. So again, now we're past the midpoint in the Milan Subhan Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from us and to help us do our best in the remaining days of Ramadan from Allah Hi, Ron and see inshallah the next session of Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I'm Alikum and Ramadan Mubarak Hamdulillah. I will present it has grown from just an idea in 1995 to two centrally located easy access centers that stretch over three acres and 63,000 square feet. Our vision has always been to facilitate the spiritual application and growth of our

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community. Abu Huraira Youth Center brings the community together and offers a variety of regular programs and ongoing ones including a full time It's time to school, a full time health program, a weekend Islamic programs, youth programs, counselling services, conferences and events and much much more. We know that the epidemic has affected all

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have us this year but Alhamdulillah Allah

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after the seeking the help from Allah, we are also seeking you continuous generous donation to support our center donations are needed for our annual operations and to pay off the interest free loans for the new property

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please see the link below and support your question Today?

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