New I Ramadan Reminders Series #11 – What Should Be The Goal Of Our Dua In Ramadan

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The speaker discusses a series of questions and answers related to the culture in Ghana. They talk about Hamsters and the DUA, which is a way to improve their environment. They also discuss recycling one's sins to make good deeds and ask the audience to call out to Allah by offering to forgive their sins and to make good deeds.

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a Salam or Aleikum, wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Alhamdulillah Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Karim Dear brothers and sisters are we are engaged in a series called as Ramadan cities or Ramadan reminders with my son up the routine where hamdulillah and we have been talking so many beautiful aspects of Ramadan, which comes to us as an opportunity. And as you always mentioned, whenever there is an opportunity, we have to grab that opportunity. And that's the reason we have a lot of, you know, questions of yours on says what Hamdulillah? Are there any further questions?

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What about the DUA? You know, we ask Allah, Allah and every Muslim in the whole humanity. Their goal is to go to Ghana and da da da da da. Yes, yes, indeed, Ramadan is the month where, you know, the worst of us, tried to be the best, right? And they raise their hands, they cry out to Allah, they reach out to Allah subhanho wa taala. And they make lots and lots of draws. What we need to realize is, Dubai is one of the ways that you can do our environment. That's the reason profits are the love earning Selim. He said adore one Ibadah the DUA is a worship to Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala The beautiful thing is when when you do dua, when you need something, you know, and when you want

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something from Allah subhanaw taala. So obviously, when you ask it is you will benefit or Allah benefits. You, you right. So when

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that has nothing to do, yeah, exactly. He's independent. So but the Mercy of Allah, you see, is that when you ask for your own things, and Allah fulfills your things, and on the top of it, he rewards you, as a good deed of that Ibadah isn't it so beautiful, that he you fulfill your own things, at the same time you get the reward of a murderer. So dua is something which we have to do with conviction, making sure that Allah is the only one who we have to call to. And Allah says, Oh, do Rooney a stodgy biller to call out to me and I will respond. So we have to definitely spend moments with Allah subhanaw taala. In making dua, especially the last part of the night, you know, before

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fudge. We need to engage ourselves raising our hands going into sujood and ask Allah make lots and lots of dua for yourself, for your parents, for your siblings, for your relatives, for your neighbors for your society for humanity at large insha Allah so yes, dua is definitely a beautiful event. And as you said, we have to use the worst of us to make the best of us recycling our sins to make good you listen, I just loved it recycling your your your sins, so you are actually converting your sins into good deeds. How do you do that? By asking Allah by calling out to Allah by making dua to Allah to forgive our sins and inshallah when we do that, Allah will definitely accept our two as

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