Tom Facchine – Allah Has A Plan

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their experience working in a new city and how it has changed their experiences since their time in Afghanistan. They talk about how they were accepted to study abroad and how the new city has changed their experiences. They also mention how they had to change their plans and make changes to their plans due to the pandemic.
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Allah is a lovely for he has a plan. And sometimes his plan is just like it's it's, it comes together more beautifully than a movie. So this message that I work with now on where I'm any man that I was here as a fairly new convert in 2013. This is the message that was the closest one to me when I first moved to upstate New York, and I used to drive 20 minutes

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to make my Friday prayers here. And I love the community. I mean, it was very diverse. It was very humble. People were very, very welcoming. And I never in a million years, thought that I would let alone make it back here, let alone be the the map here. It's really, really strange.

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But at that time, I was actually teaching myself Arabic.

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I was working on a farm. And I had submitted my application to study in Medina.

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And I only lived in the area for a year and then I moved on I lived in in Wisconsin, I lived in Minnesota for a little bit. And then I got accepted to study abroad. And so I went abroad for my studies. And then Subhanallah I even planned on staying abroad for longer. But with COVID. And with certain different changes that happened at the Islamic University of Medina.

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It brought my time there to a close and a kind of very abrupt away. And I just happen to reach out to this particular MSG, because I had known from before it was just wondering even just if I could just come through for a weekend to give a talk or a thought or something. And I think it may be the day before or the week before I reached out to the mesh shader. They had just had a committee meeting where they said okay, we're gonna we're gonna start looking for any map. So it was just a very, very strange set of circumstances. And then when I came back here, it was just

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Yeah, it was it was a very nice kind of Homecoming. Like the community was still as humble and welcoming and special. But I had changed a lot. You know, when I first stepped through the doors, I was yeah, like only had been Muslim for a few years. Very, very, very new.

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I'm still new hamdulillah but I've been I've changed a lot and Hamdulillah I was allowed me to go and study a little bit so it's, it's amazing what Allah has in store for you. And sometimes you're not going to be able to see how beautiful the plotline is or the narrative arc is until you're further down the road.

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