Tom Facchine – Allah is Just and Loves Justice

Tom Facchine
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you in a company

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that's been before understanding what we want to sell to people

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whenever we can who will be at the casino we can see

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many of them

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are made up that

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a lot of people ask me

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why some random handmade and artwork was so

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yeah, we will talk a lot about how to 41

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or 123 Hold

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on let me follow up single market performance with Cassandra Marija, continue to monitor

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what type of water that needs to be given on hand in a lager Canary from Peter. Yeah, even the top of the log

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set either you say?

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Well, no, but women in America have so much going on in

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the inner circle can eat up a lot, but that's certainly heavy handed. What happened so long ago, it was suddenly rolling off the

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radar back for the

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previous in our series on sort of this fall, Allah subhanho wa Taala was explaining why his punishments, and specifically his punishments in the afterlife is justifiable, and fair.

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He described the two of his miraculous signs to us that night, and the day and he showed us that someone who spends their life benefiting from a lot of miracles, but number one, skipping facts for them, number one seem and wondering whom to thank. That person is selfish. That person is heedless, and frankly deserving of punishments. And yes, despite that, Allah azza wa jal promised that he would never punish anyone, unless a messenger was specifically sent to them.

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Next, Allah azza wa jal continues to explain the fairness of his punishments and how it happens. He says what you know, today, they're probably at seven a month now that's roughly half but

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but first of all, we have a hardcore group that does not know that the view of

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whenever we intended to destroy a society, we commanded the elites of that society to obey a law, but they didn't react rebelliously so the Decree of Punishment is justified and we destroy it utterly.

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Allah azza wa jal in this area he used to be very specific, a specific word to describe the people who he commands will trophy.

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Dr. Mustafa Paul translates this word of a cleaner for an hour as being the means. Pitfall translates into cause folks who live in ease. The study or am translates it as those who live a life of luxury. Mohammed SM translates it as those who have lost themselves entirely in the pursuit of pleasure.

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All of these translation three call around the same general concepts that linguistic groups attach.

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Meaning blessing, wealth and ease. Allah azza wa jal uses

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This word insults the wealthy to describe the inhabitants of the Hellfire in the home capital of America was 14. They were before this torments living a luxurious life.

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But Allah azza wa jal is not trying to tell us that luxury is a direct cause for punishments in the afterlife. Allah subhanho wa Taala says source of our full mental Rama Zina for login letting us know that he was playing in documentaries. Well, he

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can try that in dunya participating government I'm here because I only have a positive value to the company.

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As a prophet, who dares with morbid deep adornments and lawful provisions that Allah has brought forth for His servants, saying to them, they are for the enjoyments of the believers in this worldly life, and it will be there as exclusively on the day of judgments. This is how we make our revelations clear for people of knowledge. Allah azza wa jal tells us not to be grudges the believers from enjoying this worldly life. Don't be Russia. They are finding things. They are put on earth to be enjoyed and they will be exclusively enjoyed by the believers on the day of judgments. Here in this verse, Allah azza wa jal wants us to know that there is a correlation rather than a

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causation between luxury and punishments. For the simple fact that most people who live in luxury could not express the proper amount of gratitude for what they have. We know that the human soul, Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us how it works. And even conventional wisdom tells us that the more we have of something, the more likely we are to take it for granted. The concern is not about the luxury fights on the skin and of themselves, but rather, our attachments to them. Our gratitude for them, and whether everyone else around us has enough to fill their summers.

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What Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing us here in this verse, and he shows us this throughout the course

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is that the higher your status, the more responsibility you have a lot so a job, didn't send the commandments get this verse to the poor and the downtrodden. He sent it to the elites. If the elites were grateful and obedient to Allah azza wa jal was singing for people. If, on the other hand, the elites were rebellious and ungrateful, that he would destroy that nation and give everyone what they deserved individually in the afterlife.

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The greater responsibility of the elite is corroborated by the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Robert says to me when I was 17, what happened I was able to do work with bands. And writers of all colors will always have a lower at a certain level than football and who had even yet a full moon agenda is not that lovely, it helps me the center.

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The poor migrants will enter paradise 500 years before the rich.

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In another honey, we learn why it's funny. And who said we can see. And here's a little overview of some of them five boots on the ground and gentlemen, that cannot we cannot assume that Mr. King, what was happening must move sooner or later and of having them for the demo became hidden.

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I stood at the door of paradise. And the majority of those entering the New World paradise were the poor, the rich and powerful, they were stopped at the door. And the ones that were destined for the fire, were sent away for help.

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The elites have a higher level of accountability, that the poor, they will be asked about every blessing they were given.

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As for the poor, what is there really to ask them about

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their level of patience and their level of trust in the Lord. So Jeff,

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oh also been referred to is telling us that the elites have a higher level of responsibility and duty. That the core if you are given blessings, you're it's

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acted to lead. You are expected to set an example. You are responsible for taking care of the Muslims, putting them in the position to succeed, facilitating their worship and their spiritual growth, even facilitating their family life and economic opportunities. Because of the afterlife, you won't be done it by how much you have, you will be judged by what you've used it for. If it's only for your enjoyment, Eliza gel is telling us here that one day it will catch up to you. That just says what Ken has left them in the morning in value. But I can be wrong. They can be Ruby right now he is I'll be around we'll see

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how many nations have been destroyed after Noah. And sufficient is your Lord as all aware, and all seeing of the sins of His servers. Allah azza wa jal seems to anticipate an objection to the last verse. If what Allah said is true. Why are so many rich, powerful people on earth allowing them to hurt and oppress other people? Where is the punishment for the tyrants of the world? Well, I listen to a lot of do anything

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a lot. So Magellan reassures us that every one will get what's coming to them sooner or later. To prove this, look at history, a lot of setups look at the civilizations that are

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destroyed. Do you really think that Allah is unaware of what's going on?

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Allah reassures us elsewhere look around whenever you feel love NASA because NASA

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will have the new field will be in electrical Santa Fe that

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is that's gonna sell is definitely

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if all our two buys people immediately for their wrongdoing, he would not have left a single being on Earth.

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But instead he delays them for an appointed term. And when their time comes, they cannot delay us for a moment. Nor can they advance us. Everything happens in due time. Allah azza wa jal doesn't end oppression and wrongdoing deviously for three principal reasons first, so that the oppressors have the opportunity to turn back and repentance. Second, that so that the oppressed may gain rapport and have an easier reckoning on the day of judgments. And third, as Allah subhanaw taala points out in this verse, because if Allah subhanahu wa taala were to punish everyone immediately for their transgressions, then they would not believe a sinful soul on the face of the earth. Apolo pony

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however, was stuck in love anyway when he sat in Sydney and equally than the rest of the oval.

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And hamdulillah accept my shipping as well as the human genome, you watch

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people or watch people who can't remember the shopping

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season and what happened in October so there is a way so he was

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he was when he was sending him to steam and cathedral.

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After Allah azza wa jal discusses the fairness of his punishments, and explains why the timing of the laws justice is different from our own preferred a timing a lot so jello gives us perspective to deal with the more general inequality that we see in the world. Man Kenny, we will arrive here I don't know we have a show or event going

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to happen. Nothing else Nah, man metaphor or whoever desires this fleeting world alone. We hasten in whatever we please to home and ever rebuild. Then we dusted them for * where they burn, condemned and rejected.

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Don't despair. When you see weekend people living in luxury. Allah azza wa jal gives wealth to whom he wills and it has nothing to do with

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their level of righteousness. Some people, Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps wealthy out of His mercy for them, because he knows that if they were poor, they would fall into sin and despair. Other people, Allah azza wa jal keeps poor, because he knows that his wisdom and mercy that if that person were rich, it would not be able to handle it without rebelling against the laws.

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Here, Allah subhanaw taala is also setting our priorities in order, the wealth of this world is not valuable enough to be withheld only for the righteous. It isn't worth nothing. So why would we make it our primary goal in life,

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we need to take this seriously.

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Look at how carefully we plan for our worldly success. We know the steps to take, we know the plans will follow. There's high school and then there's college career, starting a family owning property, everyone knows that this is the roadmap. They know the careers that are blueprints in medicine, engineering it. And we follow that blueprint. Each one of us, each one of us knows that those things are now there's nothing wrong with them. Each of those things can even be worshipped with the proper intention. But to make that our only goal, our sole aim in life is to up and the purpose that we were created for. It is ultimately gratitude to allow Ken will be compensated with punishments.

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And if you want to check yourself, look at how much you plan for your afterlife. Where was the roadmap for that? Where is the blueprint? For gentlemen? How are you going to grow spiritually? In the next five years? How are you going to free yourself from the Haram in your life?

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Maybe at the moments, your lifestyle, or your income is not 100%? In line with what Allah subhanaw taala wants? Maybe it's not realistic, or possible to make a dramatic change overnight. Maybe you need it said, to make an exit plan

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to make gradual change. In five years, for example, I don't want to sell alcohol anymore.

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Okay, what are the steps that I need to take to get there? Can I continue doing what I'm doing? And just wean my business off that part of it?

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Or is it so central to my business that I need to pivot towards doing something else?

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What skills do I need to get there? What certifications? And how will I get those skills and certifications? These are things that people do for worldly reasons all the time.

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Many, many people made such adjustments just in the last two years when their businesses went undefeated in the pandemic. But to fail to plan as all means that we're in reality. Planning has failed.

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If we look at ourselves, and we find that we have a very careful plan for the dunya

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and no plan for the afterlife, we should be afraid that this first applies to us.

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Then Allah azza wa jal tells us what our priorities should like. Well, that's not all of that was that

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my school

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but whoever desires the Hereafter and strives viewers accordingly, and it is a true believer. It is a who's striving and effort will be appreciated. Allah azza wa jal gives us the equation. He gives us the roadmap three simple ingredients, intention, action and belief.

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Intention because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that we will be held accountable according to what we intended and that I've never been in the house by the medical bringing man hour.

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If we really want the afterlife chances are we're going to get this. If we don't, we're not going to get there. It's that simple. And that's because if you really want something, it organically results in action.

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When I was in

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You know, it wasn't a secret that the lifestyle of the average students was very sedentary and very stationary. We spent hours and hours every day studying, memorizing, revising, and there usually wasn't much time left over for exercise. Because of that many students who go abroad to study bulk up in the sense that they can wait.

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Most students who go abroad to study also happen to be single.

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At some point in their academic careers, it dawns on the students that they would like to maybe get married and started a family

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and almost without fail, that meant that the students who wanted to get married would invest in

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a gym membership.

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It was so predictable, that we could tell who was actively looking for a spouse by who was hitting the gym. Why is that?

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Why does go into the gym have to do with getting married? Well, it's no secret that if you want to attract and quartz a spouse, you need to make yourself presentable.

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You cannot let yourself go, you can let your waist span expand. You can neglect your grooming or your hygiene but it's going to have consequences. And narrow down your pool of candidates. The entire world works just like this. If you want money, you have to go work. If you want a family, you have to get married. If you want healthy, you have to take care of your body. So why on earth would we expect our spiritual lives to be any different. If we want paradise, we have to work for it.

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We have to get busy. We have to act.

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And finally attention and action won't do anything without belief.

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You can't simply go through the motions. You can't just fake it. You can just watch paradise and do the actions of paradise while at the same time cutting out Allah and His messenger. So

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everything has to be based in belief in Allah, Allah, Allah for Allah hope in Allah, everything has to be based on conviction and submission to the revelation that Allah subhanaw taala gave us which is his most mighty blessing.

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Men are wiser now stresses the facts that he provides to all saying, pull them no manual, however, that he was out without any report on that.

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We provide both the former and the latter from the bounty of your authority and the counting of your Lord can never be withheld. Whether you or even is the dunya for the afterlife. Allah won't hold this against you. Allah wants withhold from you with His bounty. Over locate the football now tap upon one of the fields, photo dancing on wax clean.

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See how we have favored the song over others in this life. But the hereafter is certainly far greater in rank and in favor. The inequality that we see as part of Allah was the cream. Yes. If you drive five minutes from Ohio square, to some of the wealthier neighborhoods of New Hartford and beyond, you will see massive inequality. Allah azza wa jal did create this in the sense that he allowed it to happen now to creep does not necessarily mean approval.

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If you made your money exploiting those people out on the mitre square, if you pay your mortgage by taking the advantage of their weaknesses, and their addictions, if you sell them alcohol, you sell them Ketu Don't think for a second that Allah approves of this, just because he allows it to happen.

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Allah does not approve of such predatory activity.

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Even if he allows it to happen, you will get what you deserve sooner or later. But Allah azza wa jal wills inequality and injustice partly to give us the opportunity to struggle against it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala expects us to stand up for what is right to advocate for justice, and to right, what is wrong? The prophets of Allah Bonnie has commanded us

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To help our brothers oppressor and oppressed. When the Companions asked him how they could help an oppressor, he responded by saying, We must prevent their oppression.

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That way we save their souls and save them from punishment in the hereafter. If it's true, that Muslims in the city of Utica are partly responsible for the epidemic of drug addiction, and poverty, that we see at omega square, that if they will not listen to reason for advice, if they refuse to change, it becomes our responsibility as Muslims to put a stop to it, for the good of the oppressor, and the oppressed.

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In this way, our activism and advocacy must always be anchored in the soul.

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Justice Allah azza wa jal tells us here is not about getting a piece of the pie.

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It's about saving souls, and trying our best with the opportunities that Allah azza wa jal gives us. Even if we don't ever see results in this life. Inequality in this life will always persist. Allah has secreted the inequality to be more concerned about Allah tells us is the inequality in the afterlife, which is much more real and eternal. For most of us, who are that we can pray to God in the lives of other people who use aluminum as a way

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to solve who suddenly notice FEMA? All of a sudden Consoli I'm gonna

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cover some data on antibody What are you talking in Academy? Look at that. Oh, what are you

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what are what are

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the commander Ibrahim? What are the broad or he didn't tell me root cause either alone wrestle Islam over to Sydney what are they the shift you will see it was their morality one salary that mean whatever Allahu Allah is in an entire variety and almost most of our fina people

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also been a diva what are the things about the

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Erica login Allah is

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certainly what

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we can share you can you were loving going to the corona pet football on a football was true on that there many years ago for local young

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a lot

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of handling behind me almost man you want to

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see the original idea seri enough say Oh certainly

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we're on let me come on down a lawyer in our movie on am on the

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we never eat

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again who doesn't want to go see how

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that goes we throw around maybe one or two people

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lowering the play your own fee because he hasn't been

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done very poorly in

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as a learner will be able to make

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April wanted to throw on your SEO

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your raunchy

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or he would have it

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along white

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Semi long way man coming up

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oh boy

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all along

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oh boy

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that we know Ross Ross came to the E

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EDS tennis fair enough give us zero 75 You're all

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to be on a

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mean you know what I

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what I tell people

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time oh

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boy boring

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semi analog carrier

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