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Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wala le he was Safi woman Wanda

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a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah rightcare. To my dear sisters, the topic I've chosen to speak about today is the power of adapt. And inshallah, I'm going to be looking at this topic for an aspect that many of you may not have thought about before, which is how connecting to Allah and him is, in fact, so important for our spiritual, emotional, and physical well being. When we think of a diet, the main thing we all tend to focus on is the material outcome of our data. And whether we see out to being answered or not. But what most people don't realize is that the benefits that can be gained from simply making Dreier upon your spiritual, emotional and physical well being can often

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far outweigh the actual receiving of that thing you've been making delightful.

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So that's why today in Sharla, what I want to share with you are Firstly, some of the spiritual and emotional benefits of making drama.

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Then secondly, the importance of making art whenever we're suffering from any type of physical ailments. And then lastly, I'll be having a quick look at the secret to making a powerful duar So first of all, one of the most powerful effects that you get from making Dwyer is the closest that you feel to Allahu taala each time you sincerely him. Allahu Akbar with Allah says, what he does Allah can anybody

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in the body the Wu Ji Buddha,

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felonious study Budi, what do you mean ob Nadella whom Yahushua do Allahu Akbar Allah and His words he says what he does, like a bad Eonni for a new period. When my servant asks about me, then tell him I am me. Oh gee Buddha today, either Diane, I answered the call of the one who calls upon me when he makes dry. fennel. Yes, the G Budi. Well, you mean to be Laila whom Yahushua don't select him respond to me. And believe in me that he may be rightly guided

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to Panama sisters, no matter what you're going through. When you make Dwyer and you talk to Allah, when you pour out your problems to him, you instantly get that feeling that you're not alone, you instantly get that feeling that you no longer need to bear this problem or this hardship on your own. Because you know that Allah is a semia. You know that Allah is an Mooji bleep da wet. He is all hearing the one who responds to every Dwyer, he hears your voice, and he's responding to your diet that you're calling upon him. And you know that Allah is Allah moon b that is sudo that he knows all this contained within the chests. So he knows all of the sadness, or the worries that are trapped in

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your hearts.

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And so sisters, just feeling that closeness to Allah, and how much he cares for you, brings you the greatest sense of peace and comfort to your heart.

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This is why I'm saying that even if you're not seeing the material results yet of that diet you're making, but you need to realize that there are so many other great benefits that you're getting out of making that Dwyer because of how much comfort and peace it's bringing to your heart and your mind and soul. Because you've asked Allah and you know that Allah is taking care of all of your affairs. And you've unloaded all of your problems and burdens to Allah. And you realize that you no longer have to carry those burdens on your own.

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If you think about Yaqoob imagine how tormented his soul must have felt losing his most precious and beloved son Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, all those years not knowing where he was. But the Panama you see how he offloads all of those negative emotions, those toxic feelings and he calls out to a laugh in his most beautiful, heartfelt dog

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a school bestie what was me eat a lot. Verily, I complain of my grief and sadness to a law. So this is how when you turn to dryer, it's a means to relieve all of those negative feelings of anxiety about the future. Because you've put your trust in Allah, hey, we'll buy your home, the ever living the ever sustaining, the one who's in control of all of your affairs, and you've turned to him in all in your diet. And it's a means for you to let go of all the sadness and pain of your past.

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Because you've turned to Allah and you've emptied out all the sorrows and pain and negative feelings that have been trapped in your heart in your diet to him.

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So, this is how do I when we call upon a loss with your pain, it can have such a powerful healing effect upon any feelings of stress or anxiety or depression that we might be experiencing. And so sisters is through fully utilizing this gift that Allah has given us of making thought to him, that we can achieve high levels of inner peace of mind, body and soul in sha Allah.

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Okay, the second thing I want to speak about today is the importance of making art whenever we're suffering from any type of physical ailment, you know, one of the mistakes many of us tend to make when we fall sick, or even, you know, we just suffering from some slight physical ailment like a headache is returned straight to the material means in seeking a cure. So you know, we run to the doctor, we'll go straight for the medicine or panadol. But we we neglect taking the spiritual means that Allah has given us of making drop to him. And so Pinilla we don't realize that this is in fact, a type of deficiency in our toe heat. And now having to walk upon a lawful to either and reliance

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upon him. One of the most important things we need to realize when it comes to taking any type of medicine is that of course, as long as it that medicine is Hello, it's permissible for us to take it. And it doesn't negate having tawakoni Lhasa pantalla, as long as you're only taking that means, while your heart is having full trust in Allah, Who is the controller of the effectiveness of that means. But the problem is sisters, that, you know, many of us, what we tend to do is we take that means we take that medicine, and in reality, we let our hearts become attached to that means. So we believe to ourselves, that it's actually the medicine or the doctor that can cure us, instead of

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fully depending on Allahu taala and having trust in tawakkol in him,

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you know that in reality, he's the only one that can cure you. And it's only by his permissions upon what Allah that that medicine or that doctor will be of any benefit to you.

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So that's why if we want to have a stronger and more powerful connection with Eliza Jen, if we want to reach a higher level and alto heed and tawakoni law, then we need to focus on making sure that we make up for ourselves and our loved ones whenever we fall seek instead of only resorting to the material means for the cure.

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And that's why the sisters we should fully utilize things like making a Rukia You know, a lot of people think that okiya is only protecting or curing yourself from evil eye and they don't realize it's actually sooner to make rookie from yourself even if you're suffering from any type of physical illness.

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One of the greatest examples of this is when our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was on his deathbed. And our issue of it Allahu anhu tells us how the prophets that along with senan was reciting Alomar with that which is the last three surah of the Quran. So it has sort of follow up and certain ness. And so he would recite these three suar and throw them into his hands and then wipe over himself. And when he became too weak and seek to do that for himself, then our issue it Allahu Allah used to recite those sewer for him. And then she would use his blistered hands to wipe over him sort of law when it was sent him.

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And you may also have heard the story that's mentioned in El behati. When when are the Sahaba when and recited sort of Fatiha for a man who was stung by a scorpion? So sudo Fatiha also can be used as a look Yeah, if you're suffering from any type of physical ailments, okay. So besides these is also authentic idea or authentic to us that we can say from the Sunnah. And one of these doors that we can say is a drop for a shifa, which is the door in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say a lot more openness, and he believed that he enter Shafi last Shiva Illa Shiva work she fell and lay you audio sample man. And this drop the meaning of it

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is Allah Lord of mankind, remove the affliction. Bring the QR for you are the one who cures there is no cure except your cure, a cure after which there is no illness remains. And if you suffering any type of pain in your body such as a headache, the prophets or law when it was taught us to place our hand on the place of the pain, and to say three times Bismillah Bismillah Bismillah I will do Billa he will karate him in shettima edgy do what we'll have here. And to say that seven times are all the biller he What could he mean? shettima edgy do what

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Had I seek refuge with Allah

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and His power from the evil of what I feel and that which I'm wary of?

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Okay, the last thing I want to speak about today is the secret to making a powerful do our

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sisters, whether you're making or citing autopia for yourself. One of the most important components of having your drive accepted is your own internal attitude. Shift even am Rahim Allah, He said that the Dwyer is like a weapon. But it's only as effective as the person who's wielding that weapon. So that's why it's very important that you focus on your presence of heart when making Dwight, you know, focus on pouring out your heart into your diet, and having your pain in a law that he's going to respond to your diet. Sometimes we might hesitate to make diet, we might think that, you know, we're not good enough for a lot to answer us.

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Or maybe we fallen into a lot of sins. Or maybe we have a feeling of low self worth. That makes us feel there's no use asking a lot, because we think we're not good enough for him to answer us. So sisters, it's very important that we stopped over over focusing on a deficiency of ourselves, and rather we focus on the greatness and generosity of Allahu taala. Think about the Beautiful Names of Allah hautala such as lgl word, the one who is the most generous who loves to give who gives even without being asked a man the one who's full of mercy or Rahim, the Most Merciful, the prophets that alone while he was there and tells us in authentic hadith in our back home hi Yun karimun yes the

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Haman Abdi Ito Rafa La Jolla de he and yo dev Houma see from her entertain. Very Leo Lord is generous and shy. If he servant raises his hand to him in dry, he becomes shy to return them empty.

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So the Panama sisters never feel that what you're asking is too great to ask from Allah because nothing is too grateful. Allahu taala never think that what you're asking is too worthless to ask him because nothing is too trivial or too small to ask from Eliza Joe. You know our issue of it Allahu anhu she tells us ask Allah, even if it was just for your shoelace that became broken or became untied.

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You know, we need to realize that a lot Alterna loves us to ask from him. He wants us to ask from him and he never gets tired from us asking from him. Unlike the creations panela they quickly get tired when you keep asking them from sup for something. Because we have to remember that Allah loves to give and he loves to be asked to give from his bounty. So do sisters you know call upon a law sincerely in your dad call upon a law with his beautiful names and his attributes. Yo, man yo Rahim. Yeah, Kadeem, you know, empty out your heart from having hopes in anyone else. And feel it only with having hope in a lot alone. And also realize your poorness and brokenness before law. You know,

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realize the only way out from your trial, the only way out from your sickness, the only way out to find the light in your darkness is through Allah subhanho wa Taala. So sisters, the secret to having your door accepted is showing to Allah your absolute need and your absolute poverty to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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This is why the prophets that are long when it was them tells us that if anyone makes the same Dwyer that Eunice La Silla made when he was in the stomach of the whale, that Allahu taala will answer the door. And if they're in a type of distress, Allah subhanaw taala will take them out of that distress by the virtue of his door, when he said, Let enter her Illa and sapan aka in nikulin, to me, nobody mean why is this to act so powerful? Because first of all, he mentions tauheed of La Ilaha LA, then he glorifies a law and then after that, he admits his porn is to Allah. In nikuman. Advani mean, verily, I am from the wrongdoers. In conclusion, my dear sisters, realize that turning to a local

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Tyler for all of your needs, and making it to him has a powerful effect on your spiritual, emotional and physical well being. I asked a local tobacco dialer tell us to always be from Alamo to working those who have true to what called upon Allah in making due to him for all of our needs with a beagle small. I ask a lot of our dialer to make all of our data and means to heal our pain and means to remove our sadness and worry and a means to cure us from every type of sickness that we are suffering from. And I leave you all with the beautiful words of chef a million Rahim Allah in which he says therefore if the pains of this world tire you do not read

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It may be that Allah wishes to hear your voice by way of I do. I support your desires in frustration and forget about it and know that Verily Allah does not forget to panic alarm will be handy. Ashley will let you know her Illa and Estelle fluka were to blue lake