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who wanna study no one has told me no be he want to talk on money.

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But surely unforeseen a woman say Dr. Molina, my

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when she was

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the hula Shan ecola Punisher during the same era

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Shakeology R Rahman r Rahim but the middle of the million people number one, Sabina from Italy have nothing but at savasana Villa people assume Bula Tamia to have

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a love of your body fully Masha mahasamadhi

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in a lot of data jawwad what you're capable to do so the compound winavi was

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inspected earlier, my

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dear friends, beloved elders, my beloved students,

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indeed we should thank Allah subhana wa tada

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who gave us the opportunity to witness the month of Ramadan recently, a month in which we benefited

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and thrive getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala in our own way.

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And one of the opportunity which most of us, if not all of us, then most of us must have used is the opportunity of generosity, it is the opportunity of giving, you must have noticed that in the month of Ramadan,

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people normally like to give more in the path of Allah more than the other 11 months

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because the actions of the Sahaba the actions of the via the actions of the pious predecessors

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prove that in the month of Ramadan they used to give more So following that, in our own capacity, we tried doing that.

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Did we all tried

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g so now

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my question is

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that giving something in the path of Allah or my message is that giving something in the path of Allah is not something which is only supposed to be done in the month of Ramadan.

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It is supposed to be done through our lives, and we can understand it from the Holy Quran, where Allah subhana wa tada is talking to, when we saw him to the children of the accommodation of Allah subhanho wa Taala extending them that openly suraiya for color law in Nima and with you, my help is with you. But there are certain things you will have to do in order for my help to be with you. What are the things laying accountable Salah you will have to be punctual with your Salah. If you are punctual with your Salah. Allah is therefore

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what are they do moussaka you will have to give out your ugly game to the charity, the charity which becomes mandatory upon you, which becomes followed on you every year, you'll have to give that out. If you give that out. A loss help is going to be with you what zone to move home. And then you will have to respect those to whom you are giving the charity. If I am giving out my mandatory charity to some charity to someone, then rather than showing him that I'm doing a favor to him, I should be respecting him. That's the third actually. So Allah mentions three actions. If you want my interview with you perform your Salah, give out Yasaka and then respect to those to whom you are giving out

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Yasaka then the fourth action which Allah mentions is

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what occurred to Hassan you have to give a good loan to a long is Allah in need of any loan from us? It's a question is a line in need of any loan from us? He's not Allah doesn't need anyone Allah doesn't need anything yet ally Savior, but if you want my help to be with you, you will have to give me a loan. What does it mean by giving a loan to unlock to give out your wealth or little of your wealth in charity. Then tomorrow on the day of karma, Allah will give you the reward. That is the low

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You give out something today in the path of Allah. Tomorrow on the day of the AMA, Allah will give you something in exchange, that's the loan, otherwise asked. So, as mentioned for actions that if you want to be with you, you have to do these four things. What are the four things perform your Salah, give out Yasaka respect those to whom you're giving a cup and give a good loan to Allah give something in the pocket.

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Now if you're paying attention to this verse, you will understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala is repeating one action. Again, he's repeating one action twice. In the beginning, Allah says, moussaka give out your mandatory charity. And then again, in the end, Allah says, give a good long to Allah.

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If someone is giving his cat out, it is charity. Then what is the need of giving again? What is the need of repeating the same message again, in the end of the verse that give a good loan to Allah? It means that when am I mentioned, it means that after taking out your circle, you're not supposed to be someone who says that Okay, that's the end of story. I took out my soccer now whatever after one year, no, you are supposed to be someone who's constantly giving charity in the park of Allah. Beyond you're obligated, each entity you are someone who's ready to contribute towards the path of Allah in any way through all the throughout your life. That is the message we get from this verse.

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And it is to become charitable in our lives. Not only for the month of Ramadan, but till we die. And we understand this from the hadith of Luis de la while he was seven, maybe seven Manuel Islam says in a lot of Allah Jawad Allah Allah is the most giving and Allah subhanho wa Taala love those when you hit boy Jude will give out in the path of Allah Allah loves

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a person who gives out more has a higher status in the eyes of Allah than a person who stingy

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it comes in another edition me Sarah Vowell, Islam says that every day when you give up something in the path of Allah, a caller calls out along not even fickle Allah Allah whoever gave gave out something in your path there are team with the best exchange karate with the best reward

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and every sort of more value some showed it to us practically it comes in handy

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that once let me set a low valuation was sitting in the he was performing his assault Salah with congregation with the Sahaba in congregation and after the Salah, the normal habit of natural law whenever someone was sitting like you must be noticing in your massage is that after every assault Salah the Imam faces towards the muscle is and then he sits for few minutes. Why does he do that? Because Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do that. So if after purchase alavesa la policia used to do that he used to tend towards the Sava, and sit for a few moments, and he got after ourselves. So now on this occasion, instead of doing that, we sort of stood up and he went up

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Imagine we are performing Salah, and mom is sitting here, suddenly he stands up and he jumps all the sounds and he goes out. We don't think that something has happened. Right? So now we set a low value. So went out like that, and the Sahaba was shocked. And few more moments. Televisa wasn't even written. And he went, he came and he said, so the Sahaba Moshe. Then we saw some went out and he came back, which means that definitely he went to do something. So once he stood up and asked the Prophet of Allah, what did you go out for? And he said, Well, Islam replies that just before a Salah, just before Salah, someone had given me a pouch of gold coins. And a thought struck me that

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if I had to die with these gold coins in my possession, then tomorrow on the day of karma, Allah Allah is going to held me accountable of these gold coins. So I thought, let me go Go and give these coins in the charity and come back. And I shouldn't die with these gold coins in my possession. This is what maybe some of our values or thoughts regarding wealth. And this is this is what he taught us when it comes to giving. It comes in out of the narration that worked one side or the other, refer you to the long talam. He himself mentions the narration that I couldn't sleep. So I came out in the middle of the night in the streets of Medina.

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And I saw a man walking on the street just as me and this man was none other than prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So in the beginning, I want him to go join him but then I say to myself that we saw some might be having his private and personal time, so let me not disturb. So I started following him hiding behind the doors behind the trees to see what he said a lot while he was around was doing, but he said a lot while he was salon, felt the presence of a Buddha referee. So he shouted out who's there? Another de la huhtala, who turns

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since he's posted, he said

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There are profitable items after the party itself within the party. So like we saw some calls,

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we saw some calls in, and that tells him a Buddha can walk with. And they start walking, and they go to this one mountain.

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And then we saw some points towards the mountain. And then he says, that abuser if Allah subhanho wa Taala is to give me with equal to this mountain,

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I am going to give all that wealth in the path of Allah and nothing would change in me.

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Nothing would change in me. So this sentence of love is awesome that nothing would change in me, gives us two lessons. Firstly, we shouldn't allow trying to enter into our hearts, hearts when we have enough money in our possession and money when we imagine if someone's just telling me that one on $10 million for you, the way I talk will change. The way I sit will change the people I move with will change the car I will move in with change my wife

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that one wants change, but there will be an addition there is an addition to the right.

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So Murphy's also is teaching us that nothing will change in me. Nothing will change in me you will find me humbler wouldn't be funny. And secondly, we saw some says that if I have to give that much of wealth in the path of Allah, nothing will change in me We will learn another thing is that normally when we have money in our possession, we won't allow trying to enter much, but when giving out that money in the path of them that we might end up allowing pride to enter lots of resources even when we giving you the path of Allah, we are doing it for the sake of from love and nor the intention. That is why there is a law what Islam used to say, that give wealth in the path of Allah,

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even if it is half a day, even if it is one kwacha give it in the path of Allah. And if you don't even have less, one kwacha, then a pleasant word of good word that will play the role of charity. What is the connection between between

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charity giving something in the path of Allah and a pleasant word? Why did not receive a lot of value? Some say that

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is a very big connection, that sometimes we can't reach out to people, or we can benefit others with our wealth, then at least lets us benefit them with our words. It is part of charity. When we're talking about charity, it covers the whole aspect of UCLA, it covers the whole aspect of humanity of of reaching out to people, if you can't reach out to people with money than reach out with good words. And it is even teaching us that sometimes you can win a heart, not with well, but we think good word. Just by showing some good conduct and character you can mean someone's heart.

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That is what we said a lot. What is did if we have to study the lifestyle of love, we sell a lot while they will sell them upon many occasions. We sell a lot what if some is used well, to portray dour to invite others towards Islam.

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Upon one occasion, we must have all heard of Hatim timeline. We have a lot of other brothers here there was a murder of this man half the time. He was a man was known for his generosity

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was like the signature when it came to generosity. Whenever the Arabs mentioned generosity in poems, they wouldn't go forward without mentioning this man's name Hakeem Tak. So this Hatem Thai,

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once visited an old man and the old man served him with the mother's with the brain of the coat.

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So Hatem Thai ate the mother's and then he praised the art of courtesy. He prays that the food was tasty. So this old man,

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he goes out, and he cuts all the 10 goats, and then he preserves the mother's the brain of the 10 goats for Hartington.

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This is the generosity, generosity and old men showed who was poor. So on one occasion, I was asked that have you seen someone more generous than yourself at him? So he says, This old man was more generous than me. So the man asked that, what did you give him in return? I think I says that I went back with 500 goats, and I gave him as a gift. So the man says to him, this means that you you are more generous than him, because you gave him 500 goats, and he only slaughtered 10 goats for you. So I think Ty replied that no, the old man is more generous than me because I gave him little of what I had. And he gave me all of what he had. So he's more generous.

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Now this was the generosity of an outer person, a person who came way before Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, let us understand the generals.

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Your purpose and how it is connected to heart in time.

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After one of the battles that captains have presented in front of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and one woman from the captive stands up and says that Oh, Prophet Muhammad, treat me with dignity and honor, treat me with respect. We saw some sage to that On what basis do you say this? And the woman replies, I am the daughter to heart in Thai. My father was a man who used to take care of the poor, we used to take care of the needy, we used to take care of the visitors and we daughter to that man, so treat me with dignity and honor. So then we saw some seeds to other indeed, your father was a great man. Go I'm setting you free because of the generosity of your father. And she said free

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but no, this was the daughter to die. So she says no prophet Muhammad, what's the use of me going alone? Why don't you set my clan free with me, my people free with me. So we saw some sister indeed you are the daughter to your father, go and I set you free because of your father's generosity. I am setting your clan your people free because of your generosity. And then this woman and the people they go to a demon heart in the sun to heart Intel was not ready to accept Islam. She goes to him. And she says that all of the letters go to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and accept Islam, because there is no other person more generous than Prophet Muhammad said a long while Islam

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on the surface of this and they come and they accepted. That is that is the generosity inhibition allow us to show and forget about we are talking about the B cell allowance and we are talking about Muslims. We are talking about believers, the non believers of that that the non believers were generous. It comes about who sort of surveys, the king of Persia was an unbeliever. He was sitting in his court with his people, and a fisherman came with a fish.

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And the king says, Okay, keep the fish and he commands his people to give him 4000 dinar. Now 4000 dinar is almost 100 million kwacha or single fish. He gives that much to the fisherman. Now the wife to the figures of the king was sitting next to the king, the Minister of Home Affairs, so she pokes the king. And she says that you are giving him 4000 dinar for the small fish. The king says that look, it is against my honor to take something back, which I've already given. So the wife says, Okay, what you can do, you can tell him that what is the gender of the fish. If he says male, say I wanted a female. If he says it's a, it's a female, say I wanted a male, and then get the money back

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retrieved the money better. So the king calls the fisherman

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and he asks for the gender of the fish. Now the fisherman is clever. So he says that the fish is androgyny it has both genders, male and female. So the king becomes happy, he says give him another 4000. So now he has 1000 dinar for single fish. And the wife is more angry and he's going and as the fisherman is going, one coin drops down.

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Now as human beings we are greedy, we are hobbyists. So this fisherman doesn't even want to leave one coin behind. So he starts to pick up that one coin. So the wife of the king says that Luke is so greedy, calling back and telling because of your greediness, we are taking all the money back. So that King calls him and he says to him that why did you Why didn't you leave one single coin behind FOSS

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the fisherman says that oh my king, this this coin has your picture in sides and it has your name inside. Now if it is left on the flow and someone walks on it, your name will be disrespected. So the king becomes more happy says give him another 4000 so he goes with 12,000.

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Now, this is how the people before you are talking about nonbelievers. They used to be we are the followers of Monticello.

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We should try and give in the path of a lot in our own way. Yeah, so many of the news around us, we have often ages we have hospitals, we have mothers, we have massages, where there are so many projects in front of us, we should try and reach out to these people. And as I said before, if not with our Well, in a present would you are a person who's in distress just a person who's in stress just going to him and just giving a good word that my brother Everything will be okay and a hug. That will play the role of charity so we'll chill out we'll all do that inshallah. Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to practice on whatever has been said. Amen to that one.