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AI: Summary © The upcoming return of Islam Maktoed by Microsoft Teams is discussed, including the importance of faith and the afterlife. The negative impact of a failed birthday party on people is also discussed, including those who do not comply with afterlife laws. The segment also touches on secret meetings where people say the afterlife, but they are not at the same or the same as people who hear about it. The segment also discusses the story of a family of three men who were all trying to convince their father to stop them from coming back to listen to them, leading to a distraction and a plan to change their behavior.
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You know that

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was gonna stop you

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or that we have to make sure we proceed accordingly so you

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or may not believe that I

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was I

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was working with Ashley foster momentum and my husband and I were to go to school.

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it was a good place to sleep. Oh

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yeah it was asked to talk a little bit

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what type of violators

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I think a lot of Canada have a nakida yeah at the top of law, well who told them

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way up

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but actually fairly happy 112 o'clock it was shot on

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a good level.

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To Dr. Paula

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previously installed

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Allah azza wa jal informed us last week the entire creation is busy glorifying and worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala.

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In this section of the chapter today, Allah azza wa jal will confront us, human beings, one of just two types of creatures that have been given the choice whether to obey the law or not.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will show why some human beings choose to defy Allah's guidance, why they choose to stick out among all of the laws creatures and violates the very harmony of the creative universe.

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First, he directly addresses the Prophet's audience. So a long way a sudden on television, or you know,

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Jevon Philomena making a giant video that

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you love this football, when you will prompt us precisely the poor man, we put a hidden barrier between you and those who do not believe in the afterlife.

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Sometimes, with hindsight, on our side, it can seem strange that anyone would have rejected or resisted the call of the sun

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before and was being revealed in real time, it was directly addressing what was going on around them, miracles were occurring all of the time. How could anyone not?

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Allah azza wa jal explain this? How can this verse all one year ago, it's all about the clarity and brilliance of beforehand, literally fell upon deaf ears? Allah azza wa jal will place a hidden barrier between these people and the prophets of Allah.

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So that those miracles and verses would not be understood.

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Why the loveliness

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is Isn't this unfair? Isn't a law, then responsible for some people rejected with

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a large which has specifically said that he did this in response to their denial of the afterlife.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us once again, that believing in the afterlife is an essential ingredients to righteousness and essential ingredients to faith and essential ingredients to morality.

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But we've been in the afterlife isn't the very first step the foundation because we believe that in the afterlife demonstrates a willingness to be held accountable, as we will see shortly, a lot which continues with AR

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AR AR who was

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what are your thoughts on that? I think we're at in Washington. Why I love that

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I can afford all, we have to ask males over their hearts, leaving them on unable to comprehend this. And we have deafness in their appearance. And if you were to mention your Lord alone, in the forehand, they would turn their tails in a version.

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This is remarkable because we usually think of comprehension and understanding as a result of intelligence. Allah is saying something very, very different here that their failure to comprehend or understand that the size of a poor man is a result of their refusal to believe.

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A filter that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is applying is one of character, not one of the intellects.

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This is the nature of faith, which is not just a fact that you memorize, but an entire universe that we choose to follow and practice. We call back in February, we discussed the companion physical death, he was sitting with a group of savvy younger Muslims who never saw the problem when he saw it.

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And he sums for Muslims were saying,

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Oh, we wish we had the just generation earlier. So that we can of course, assign the problem with the long running was on them. So there was we couldn't believe that as the message was coming down.

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Do you remember what the guy said?

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His response. He said, What makes you want to be present for something that the law made you absent from?

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No one knows if he had witnessed those days, how he would have acted, and what side he would have been on.

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And then understood that hindsight is, as we say, 2020. He also understood that Allah subhanho wa taala. God is people not by virtue of their intelligence, but by virtue of their character.

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It's much harder to evaluate someone's character, and only Allah subhanaw taala is aware of the unseen.

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This, of course, does not mean that intelligence is useless. As Muslims we respect intelligence and education. But we don't have to worry about being smart enough to accept the truth. A lot of the time, it was our honor has given everyone the intelligence to choose a life of faith. He has given everyone and enough intelligence to identify miracles, to recognize prophets. But to choose faith, to submit to that validates, takes character. It takes humility, and it takes sincerity.

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As for those who are arrogance, or those who have bad intentions, they can't bring themselves to submit, no matter how intelligent they are.

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Instead, they choose to use their gifts of reason to justify their refusal and lead others astray. This is why the last

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sort of off in the debate did rob the Bank of Canada onboard us our whole journey surely and this is a reminder for for whoever has the hearts and lens and attentive ear

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reminders for those who have hearts and it is indeed received by the heart

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we see them that's a lot so it does not prevents people from understanding the religion arbitrarily. He doesn't prevent people from understanding through religion unfairly. But only because of their approach because of their good intentions and because of their character and political we have always talked about what exactly we're seeking including assault you.

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Can we extend for

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a while Masha governorship Talib and he said before the show and then the Vienna was an event that will happen with an artist who was soo adept at the way of a longer age of it.

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Last Friday or Sunday was the same video.

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A lot of us have said at the end of the previous verse what you have a tunnel available and you want one low value, income flow. And when you mentioned you're alone, in a forehand meeting without any partners or idols whatsoever, that's what they turn their tails in immersion have also come up with the other implies something more in this verse implies that deep down, such people are aware of the choice that they have made. They live with this tension, which is why when they are reminded of a loss of power, boys are not alone, and call to obey Him alone and they turn away running clean.

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In the poor, and the loss of power for other uses three different expressions to describe people turning away from the truth. Sometimes he describes people as turning on their fields on an article. Sometimes he describes people as turning their backs for pulling something behind their back law for the woman.

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And other times she describes people turning tail on the vertical

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as we would say, in English, turning tail and running.

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And just like an English, each of these expressions carries a different level of blame and contempt. The most insulting one is to say that someone has turned the tail on

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because it references one of the least memorable body parts. And it also implies catalysts.

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Allah uses these three especially in the Koran very deliberately, depending on the situation, when Allah Allah Allah uses the expression to turn upon one's heels on I thought he thought a lot is usually talking to the believers and adding on the sense of a pastor or putting them polemical on Alfonso.

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So it will happen from Allah who I mean he was someone that was to die or be killed, would you bet turn on your hands and go back into disbelieving?

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Here Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking to the believers.

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Again, later on in the sutra, he says in order to live without it being a Keppo you have to come Allah Akbar people. If you obey those who disbelieve they will turn you back on your heels. Again, Allah subhanaw taala addressing the people of faith.

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Allah azza wa jal uses expressions involving the map we're talking to or about.

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The people love the book, especially when describing how they failed to safeguard the revelation that the Lord gave them was from God.

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None of that belief of

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having become a boy or a woman. Some of the people have the votes to cast the vote on the wall behind their backs, meaning that they turned away from this guidance and failed to protect this.

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And finally, a loss of honor for other uses the expression to turn tail when talking about the hypocrites, and those who deny faith entirely. As the Lord's gonna just says, in sort of a classic one, oh, Paul telephone,

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the one load the one level.

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If the disbelievers were to fight you, they would certainly start to tail and run. And here again, this was

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for 911. No, I'm

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very beautiful. And when you mentioned your own format, they turned out their tails. In a version. They turn their tails because they did not hide what they knew was true. They were cowards. They lacked the courage to affirm the reality of the afterlife, and the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah, Allah says, national lab and we noticed that you know, in your study earlier, a phone number Well, if there was a body gonna

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offer that to the school. We know that's how they listen to your recitation and what they say privately. When the wrongdoer say he would only be following April wishes men.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala just told us that people who lack sincerity and deny the afterlife will be prevented

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From understanding beforehand,

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we might come across people in our lives that seem sincere, that seem like nice people. And yes, when they read that, for me, it only leads them to reject

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and reject the afterlife even more.

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This might surprise us. But Allah subhanaw taala in this verse reminds us that he knows best. He knows best if people are really sincere when they listened to the format, he knows best how earnestly people are listening nonstops

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now, it is important that we do not get things confused, that people are wrapped up, and the fina who wants to save the streets, so the prophets of Allah I will send them and rejected him. They are not at the same or they are not the same as people who hear about this time on the news, or tries to read an English interpretation of the forehand and decide that it's not for me.

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In theology, I think that we have the concept of foot Jeff

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refers to whether definitive proof was presented to a person or not such that their rejection will result in punishments in the afterlife. The people of seventh century Arabia has a phobia established upon completely they were presented with such clear proofs and miracles until anyone who denied the faith was doing so with full knowledge that Islam was indeed the truth.

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As for people in our time, Allah subhanaw taala knows best, who has been presented with clear proof and who has not.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best who is rejecting Islam out of ignorance. And who is rejecting a stand knowing that it is true, it is not our job. Nor is it an activity that benefits our actor like to spend time speculating as to who is doing one or the other.

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To emphasize the deliberate nature of the Nile with the prophets of Allah while he was on subject to a lot of Icewind Dale references and disperse something, and he sees that we cannot see their secret meetings. The secret meetings where they conspire the content is to discredit us the profit is a lot closer than they will agree in province to claim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a witch. So claiming that he was the victim of magic or a sorcerer. He did not actually believe that he was the victim of magic. But that's what they've agreed to tell people in an attempt to stop people from seeking the truth.

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In the theater, we have many examples of these types of secret meetings. As only an hour. It's the famous story of Sofia.

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The three men before i She notable that were very curious about beforehand. And so each of them decided on their own and that they would sneak over to the prophets house and listen to his night prayer. So one way or something, none of them realized that the other one had the same exact plan that they did. So each of them came at nights in secret. Each of them sat silently in the dark, near a different wall of the prophets house. And they were so amazed and transmits by what they have heard from afar, man, the beauty and the profundity of his message and they stayed where they were until the pleasure.

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Once the sun started to rise, each of them got up to leave. What happened they ran into each other on the streets. Each of them felt very embarrassed. And they started blaming one another. Don't let anyone else see up with mistake if they were to say, people might get the wrong idea.

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But did that stop them from coming back the next night to listen again. Of course, they could not resist. They came back the second night of the exact same situation, each of them at that exact same spot, not snowing but that the others were there. And they stayed at the entrance so pleasure listening to the poor better.

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Again, they ran into each other on the street and told each other not to do it again until the third might happen. The same exact scenario

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And each of them say that listen, there's no better. And then when they got up to leave and relate to each other on our road, they made each other swear this time, they took an oath, that they will not come back the following night. And this was an oath that all of our candidates,

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but the story has not happened there. And that's one of the three, he visited the other two men each in terms of one at a time to hear what they thought about a score, and that they didn't listen to

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the subpoena responses, particularly telling who said, listen,

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his tribe of people happens, tribes gonna love it. And our tribe have always competed for honor.

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Then he started feeding the pilgrims. And so then we too, started feeding the pilgrims. They started carrying the guidance of the pilgrims. And so we also that started carrying the values of the pilgrims. And one day they came and they say that they have a prophets who receives revelation from from a loss of time was on how can we possibly compete with this?

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No, we decided right there that we will never admit some of us accomplice.

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Allah subhanaw taala that's okay. But

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the volume

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is coming in August Selena, see how they call your names or prophets. They have gone so far astray that they cannot find oh, by the way.

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Allah subhanaw taala is pointing out as a poor man was so convincing to the people on that given day. The only way we could deny it's just like a story about the Sudan was to call a conference a little love it and some games over and over and over and we see this the way of the righteous is noble reason that discussion. The way of the wicked is making calling and threats. in Carnegie Hall, he certainly tried to reason with his own father. He said it bothered me the BVI liberty, Lena Chapel Hill. Today is what I also what I have the honor to shake. Remember when he brought him on? He said, I'm sensing this father. Oh, my dear father, why do you worship what can neither here nor

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see nor benefit you at all? Yeah, I haven't seen that a town with a shake gone. Industry gone. I can see. Oh, my dear father cannot worship the devil. Surely the devil is ever rebellious. Against the Most Merciful?

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Yeah, empty. In the FR for one thing. The other one in our family from the corner is shame on us here. He's trying to clean he's trying to reason Okay, father, I surely hear that you will be touched by a Torah from the Most Merciful and become sacred companion and *.

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Working using reason and logic and beautiful character to try to persuade his father, what was the response he got from his father

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let you

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what's really happening here.

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He's referencing how

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it was only for him. If you do not stop I was certainly so near to death. So we've gone for me.

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This is the response of the wicked, the name calling the threats. We see the same thing with a story of New Orleans, who tried to reason with the men of his community who were lost in indecency. He said, I told her to run me and why are you lust after other than what's

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comfortable for me as well as people that lands on

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you instead you leave the wives and your Lords of time was our history before you. In fact you are a transgressive people can do is attempting to convince them with reason and logic will have the response from the people who are wicked and lost in sin. Paul knew that at that time he

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does not do end of the

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day threatening tip if you do not stop a loss and you will be expelled from our presence.

00:24:40 --> 00:24:59

The people of Mexico were no difference. Understanding clearly at this time was the truth and then we'll have some a little warning here southern was a promise he resorted to pop every day was going into threats and name calling. Say the next person schools but this time I call it that

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one part one faster. I have every thought leader

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and they say mockingly, we are reduces the bones and ashes will we really be raised as a new creation?

00:25:16 --> 00:25:37

Their response gives us a way. What they are really protesting? is accountability. Accountability in the afterlife. If there is the resurrection, then there is a reckoning. If there is a reckoning, that everyone will be held accountable for what they did,

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rather than change themselves and play by the rules, they instead tried to discredit the truth entirely. Maybe not repeat the mistakes and the formation. May we embrace our accountability and amend ourselves accordingly? There was one more study or any

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kind of on the other one that was on me. Yeah, it doesn't really respond to it was a legal disclaimer. Although most of the

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time earlier, feminists already already blogging, blogging in the

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of ISIS now on the screen, while in the shift, I was shooting with them, they are out there it was. It was

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important for him to yell at me. Among most of his work, I was talking to people in Omaha almost

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equally with him on a Filipina what,

00:26:53 --> 00:26:54

what will she do and we'll see

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if we move over flowers, yes, I mean, I

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was looking at Tila

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also questionnaire but yeah, the law in the law I have

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anybody tell you before by the way that I'm going to show you I'm going to be my buddy guy with a silicone that will allow us to overlap areas along the

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