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What do you

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me to show you on your Raji m? l galvano. Mati FIBA de Lucia

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caddy Oh hair. Woman lemmya

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala at Emmanuel aquilani Allah. Allah He ultramarine while early he also heavy woman today we have Dr. Stan obese una de la Yomi Diem alumni alumni in Verona when foreigner alum Tina was it Marina, Marina con una tira Marina ball Philadelphia, De nada, Woodyard in me many SME Runa cola for your Toby Runa Santa Ana bad, Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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In the last session, we looked at

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the parable that Allah gives us

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concerning the deeds of the kuffar The end result of the deeds that are performed by the disbeliever.

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And this was mentioned after

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a lot talk, after Allah spoke about

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his nor,

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the, the example

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the light of a light in the heart of the believer is like a lantern.

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And so a lot spoke about light,

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and how it is associated to a man. And then Allah spoke about darkness

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and how it is associated with copper. And this is basically the second parable that we have now

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of these two parables that Allah gives us concerning the end result of the deeds of the disbelievers. And so the previous the previous

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parable concerning the end result of the deeds of the disbelievers was in verse 39, of sort of renewed

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one levena cafaro

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lume kisaragi mbsp it Sabu boom and mera had Elijah, who let me show you our water, the water in the hufa warfare, he said, Allah who said, he said, Allah says, the deeds of the disbelievers.

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They are like a mirage in the desert, which a thirsty person thinks his water until when he comes to it, he finds that it is nothing. Instead, he finds a lot before him, meaning in the x era, and Allah will pay him his due in full, and a lot of swift in taking account. This parable. This parable we said,

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was concerning the deeds of the disbelievers who think that they are rightly guided.

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So they think they are upon right guidance. They they are like a person who is in the desert, and he's thirsty and he sees what seems to be water.

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And so he's running to the water. It is not water, but he thinks it is water. So he thinks he is rightly guided. Likewise, these are likewise

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this parable of law gives it concerning

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the disbelievers who think they are upon right guidance. They think that they are heading to Geneva. They think that the good deeds that they are doing are actually being accepted by Allah, whether they be disbelievers or whether they be some ignorant Muslims who think that the many innocent

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good practices that they are doing the many bidders that they are involved in. They think that these are being accepted by a lot.

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In the next verse that we've just recited now, in verse 40, of surah, Allah gives us the parable of the deeds of the disbelievers who know the truth, but they prefer misguidance.

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They know the truth, but

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they prefer not to follow it. Unlike the previous

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in the previous example, that was concerning people who

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they don't know the truth, but they think that they are following the truth. Now we have the parable of those who know the truth,

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but they don't follow it. And so the path that they are following the path of misguidance that they are following, they know that this is not the path of right guidance. And so Allah subhanahu wa tada says here in verse 40, of sort of Lord elka, Ludo matin Fie Baton Rouge geniale Shah who know john, mean, felty, he moved on, and hopefully he's a hat.

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the state of the kuffaar, Allah says, or their example is like, the darkness in a vast deep ocean sea,

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which is covered by waves, upon which are waves, over which are dark clouds, topped by dark clouds.

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And then Allah says volumi balou Hello,

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darkness, one above the other, darkness upon darkness,

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either a hole Raja Yaga, who led me

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in this darkness, if a person was to stretch out his hand, he would barely be able to see it.

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When lemmya jalila hula who runs Allah, Allah whom he knows, and whoever Allah does not bless with light, he shall have no light.

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And so this is

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the deeds of the disbelievers who know the truth, but they prefer misguidance a lot compares their state to darkness upon darkness.

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In deep seas and oceans,

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darkness is found at a depth of 200 meters. And deeper.

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If you wanted to go diving,

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professional diving,

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you would find darkness at a depth of 200 meters or deeper.

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At this depth, there is almost no light.

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There may be some light.

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But now,

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if you were to go deeper,

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they say that below a depth of 1000 meters, there is no light at all.

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And this is

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if there is sunshine, and there are no clouds in the daylight.

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If the sun is out, and there are no clouds,

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then at a depth of 1000 meters and more, there is zero light.

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So how about when there is no sunlight?

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And instead, there are dark clouds blocking the light.

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This is the picture Allah gives us here in this verse.

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Allah tells us that the kuffar

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who know the truth, but performance guidance, that they are like a person who is at that, who is in

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who is in this deep sea, that if he was to stretch out his hand, which is right in front of his face, he wouldn't be able to see it.

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So this is the reality of the misguided person who knows the truth. But he rejects it for falsehood. They live in darkness upon darkness. And we previously mentioned how

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Allah Subhana who attacked it in the end refers to cover

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and the kuffaar as being in darkness, never to emerge from that darkness.

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And we also mentioned how

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. Throughout the Quran, he refers to this darkness as being plural.

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And that is because

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this darkness is of different kinds. So you have the darkness of falsehood, and you have the darkness of their evil nature.

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And you have the darkness of their ignorance.

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And you have the darkness of the confusion that they live in.

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And so

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such people,

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they live in darkness throughout their lives.

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Moreover, if we were to analyze this parable,

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we can say that the dark waves, the dark waves in the sea, they represent the doubts and the confusion that these people have decided to take on, instead of accepting the guidance.

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And so, a Kafeel who the truth of Islam becomes plain and clear to him, but he rejects it. He's gonna continue to live his life in confusion.

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And so the dark waves they represent the doubts and the confusion that this person lives in. And this is precisely the state of those who knew the truth.

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And they rejected it, whether they be the mafia cool, the hypocrites, or whether they be apostates,

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or whether they be the kofod, who never accepted Islam.

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And so whether it be someone who recognize the truth of Islam and accepted it,

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either inwardly and outwardly, or only outwardly like the moon, moon,

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or whether it be the kuffar who recognize the truth and never accepted it, to begin with.

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And so the only way for such people to be saved from the punishment of Allah.

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And the only way for such people to be saved in this life,

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from this darkness that they are living in, is

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just like that person in that deep sea, who is stuck in that darkness. The only way for him to be saved is by finding a source of light that will guide him.

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Which is why Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes the verse by saying, when lemmya Jai Lila hula who moron sanella hoon, and whoever Allah does not give light, whoever Allah does not bless with light, then he shall have no light. And here light refers to the light of event and guidance. Whoever Allah does not guide he will never be guided. Whoever Allah does not give a man he will never have a map.

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And so the only ones

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who are guided

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the only ones who receive that email are those whom a lot chooses.

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And so, Allah subhanho wa Taala He gives His light to those he wishes. Allahu Allah EULA Dena and when you read your homie novomatic

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Allah is the guardian.

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Of those who believe.

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What does he do with the believers? He brings them out from darkness is into the light. Notice here in this one verse, Allah mentions darkness and light, but Allah mentions darkness as being plural Luma

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a lot does not refer to darkness as being

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singular, but rather a lot refers to it as being lumax.

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Plural, whereas light law refers to it as being singular. And that is because the light of a law is one. mn is one that Toshi the law means the oneness of a law.

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Everything that we notice from the fundamentals of Islam

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all revolve around the concept of one

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one God, one Deen, one book that he has sent for us to be guided through one on

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one direction for our

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Bad, the Kava

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and so also the light of Allah is one, whereas darknesses are plural darknesses of Luma.

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Among the lessons that we learned from this parable

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is, first of all, that the source of he man and guidance

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is none but with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the only source of emotion and guidance is Allah.

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And so we must only seek it from a lot.

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If you want to be guided to the truth,

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if you want

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this light of Allah, the light of a man, if you want it in your heart,

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if you want to be guided, then don't

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don't look for it from anywhere else, except from its source. And that is Allah subhanahu wa.

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Which is why we say every day in our salah and sorbitol Fatiha he cannot do what he can sustain you alone or Allah you alone do we worship? And you alone do we seek help from don't seek help from anyone besides us?

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And so if it wasn't for

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Allah subhanahu wa Tada, we would never have received this light.

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Because Allah gave it to us. And that is why

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the people of Jenna when they enter gender, what will they say?

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They will not say that we have entered agenda because of what we did of good deeds.

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They will not say we enter agenda today because we did something great. We did something special. They will not say we entered agenda today. Because so when soul guided us sorts or helped us to reach gender, no, they will say we'll call Al Hamdulillah led her then he had one. Lena tell the Lola and her dad.

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They will say All praise belongs to Allah who has guided us to this. And it if it was not for him guiding us to this, then we would never have been guided.

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Among the lessons that we can learn from this parable is

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that whoever abandons Islam,

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whether fully or partially,

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whether in belief, or inactions,

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whether he leaves Islam by saying I don't believe in Islam,

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or I don't believe in Allah.

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Or he says, I'm still a Muslim, but he stops bringing, he shaves, he starts shaving his beard, he stops coming to the masjid, the sister, she no longer wears her hijab.

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So in action, they don't do the actions that are required of a Muslim anymore.

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So, whoever has such a burnout,

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then, they should understand

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this is first and foremost, it is because of their own choice.

00:18:50--> 00:18:59

They should not blame it on anyone else. And secondly, they should understand that they will forever live in darkness and confusion.

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If this is the path that they have chosen,

00:19:04--> 00:19:10

and they should be told and they should be warned, that you know what the path ahead of you

00:19:11--> 00:19:15

is a path of darkness and confusion

00:19:17--> 00:19:21

until you decide to come back to the light of your slab.

00:19:23--> 00:19:26

And this is based on this parable.

00:19:27--> 00:19:29

And that is what we learned from this parable that

00:19:31--> 00:19:34

that false hood misguidance cover.

00:19:36--> 00:19:41

It is darkness upon darkness layers of darkness. Don't think

00:19:42--> 00:19:45

that by abandoning Islam or

00:19:47--> 00:19:59

your practice of Islam don't think that your life is going to become better that you're going to have a very very comfortable life ahead of you know

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The opposite is true.

00:20:03--> 00:20:07

What is the evidence of loss of Hannah who Allah says in Surah? Taha

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when victory? For in whom he shut down banca?

00:20:16--> 00:20:21

Whoever turns away from my remembrance.

00:20:22--> 00:20:32

And here, the vicar. My remembrance victory refers to the Koran. Whoever abandons the Quran abandons the teachings of the Quran.

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What does Allah say? In Allahumma schatten banca for him is a miserable life. He will live a miserable life

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when I should have who yo Kiana Tiana.

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As for the hero, we will raise him on the Day of Judgment blind.

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are a B Lima hotshot attorney Anna, Boca, de Quito basura

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he will say My Lord, Oh Allah. Why have you resurrected me on this day? To be blind without sight? When before I used to see perfectly meaning in the dunya

00:21:15--> 00:21:19

call occurred early karateka tuna fantasies

00:21:20--> 00:21:23

or early kallio matanza. It will be said

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that this was because

00:21:30--> 00:21:34

our app came to you in the dunya our app came to you.

00:21:35--> 00:21:37

So you decided to forget them.

00:21:39--> 00:21:43

You decided to forget the Quran, abandon the Quran.

00:21:44--> 00:21:48

So on this day, you too will be forgotten.

00:21:50--> 00:21:53

And this is as they say, urges out in gentlemen.

00:21:55--> 00:21:57

You get what you deserve.

00:21:58--> 00:22:06

Whatever you have been, whatever you have been recompensed with, it was based on what you did, you reap what you sow.

00:22:08--> 00:22:09

And so

00:22:10--> 00:22:12

we should understand that.

00:22:14--> 00:22:19

the only the only source of comfort in this dunya

00:22:20--> 00:22:21

is through Islam.

00:22:22--> 00:22:35

The only comfortable life and we're talking about comfort in the spiritual sense. Otherwise, yes. There's no doubt that living your life

00:22:36--> 00:22:38

according to Islam,

00:22:40--> 00:22:45

and steadfastness holding firmly upon to the deen of Islam.

00:22:46--> 00:22:49

It comes with a lot of difficulty.

00:22:50--> 00:22:53

But that difficulty is more

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00:22:59--> 00:23:01

outward discomfort

00:23:02--> 00:23:08

as for your soul, and inwardly You are the happiest person in life.

00:23:09--> 00:23:14

Your life will not be miserable. You will not live a depressed life.

00:23:16--> 00:23:21

But those who turn away for them is a miserable life, a life of depression.

00:23:22--> 00:23:26

And so this is the parable that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us

00:23:28--> 00:23:30

concluding the parables mentioned in Surah