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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you you know already if you've been tuning into the deen show this is the best greeting that one could give is that greeting a peace, Jesus greeted his followers with that greeting of peace. So to Moses, Abraham, and the last and final messenger sent to mankind of Mohammed, peace be upon them all. you're tuning into the show, it's exciting that you wake up every day, and the Creator of the heavens and earth is giving you another day to live the way of life, the purpose of life that's pleasing to Him. So then you can be successful in this life and then have the ultimate rewards in the paradise in the next. But talk is cheap, you got to

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back it up with action. So we're going to be giving you the blueprint on how you can be successful, you depressed, this is the antidote to depression. Are you having a hard time and you just don't know you're going out of your mind? We got the formula to help you live a better life so you can be successful in this life in the next don't go anywhere. We'll be right back with my special guests here on the dean show.

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Salam Alaikum Peace be with you. Tell me how you doing? How are you shake? hamdulillah hamdulillah Shea Kareem Abu Zaid, yes, here on the dean show. Many people know you from Hooda, TV and your lecture all over America. Tell us just a little bit about yourself.

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I'm the mom of Colorado Muslim society was born in Egypt. I've been in America almost for 20 years. And

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I'm just a student of knowledge. So when you're a student that we want to learn from, we are share, and we want to benefit from what you have. You've been studying Islam for, you know the way of life of all the messengers the way of life that's pleasing to the creative submission to the will of God. So you have the experience, we want to get some of this you also, you know, help people who come come to Islam, people who are in Islam, but you heard me mention that talk is cheap, you got to back it up with action. You can't just say look, I believe, and then there's nothing behind that. Is that correct? It is absolutely very accurate statement.

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And that goes to anyone who wants to become a Muslim to harvest the fruit of submission, obedience, adherence, which is peace in this world, like you said, and of course the ultimate success and the next slide, which is the everlasting abode. Jenna, you have to do the work the work you have to commit yourself to the religion. You have to live like a Muslim. You cannot pretend to be one you have to

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be one an actual you have to fulfill the commands. That's where you begin. And this actually was quoted in a beautiful Hadith elispot sci fi Sahih Bukhari hadzabe hurayrah robiola on a Lost Planet, Allah says, men either leave early and then to who will help and then subhanaw taala says, My servant will not find anything that will bring him closer to me than what I have prescribed upon him. So we're talking about the five daily prayers here, start from there. If you have not started, if you want to start right there, five daily prayers for are not enough. Three are not enough to another five, five daily prayers, basics, then you can increase no offense when you can do that. But

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you have to start with the basics. And of course, the rest zeca, the 2.5%, the mandatory fasting Ramadan, and how do you feel able to, so you have to begin submitting to Allah subhanho wa Taala shake now before we get into these bit, we just talked about basic things. These are basic thing, the basic fundamentals, and you build off that if you don't have a good foundation, how are you going to build a house right? So we're going to talk about the basic things that the driving force behind this way of life, but now we cater to a lot of not yet Muslims because I say everyone has the ability to submit to God now you make a choice. You want to submit to yourself, your desires to a

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woman to money to fame to power, or you want to submit to the one who gave you life will give you death. The one you're going to have to go back and answer today a judgment paradise or hellfire. So we want people in paradise. And we want ourselves first and foremost and we care that's why we sharing so for the not yet Muslim

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Because many stereotypes, so now they say they Muslim and right away you know what goes with that terrorist, you know, so they see like us sitting here and they see you know, the they used to flicking the channel they don't see like the hat and the beard and they say, Man, so the Muslim guy, his friend like to sit down and watch. So now in his head, he's just thinking terrorists, man, what am I watching here? These guys are kinda What's going on? You're laughing? Tell us tell us now let's do you. What do you got to say about this? When somebody starts to you know, have this in the back of their head? Some express it is a terrorist Muslim, what do you say about this?

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I really want to say Who are you in the sight of Allah. I really care about who am I in the sight of my Creator?

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Allah told me in the Quran that you belong to this.

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Quantum higher omet in

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You are the best oma, you are Muslims, the best Omar and talking to you brothers. And I'm talking to the audience as well. You see, a lot braised me but not because of my birth. Because of I do the things which makes me a Muslim again, which makes me the best oma in that context. like to be a Muslim you have to do we said earlier, the work? Exactly. If you want to belong to the best, oh my have to enjoy and God forbid evil, you have to believe in Allah. That's who I am and the sight of Allah.

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Listen, you're here to please your role your Lord, you're not here to please the people. And actually, our messenger told us that if you try what has facilitated me that I shall be alone. If you actually try to please people at the expense of Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala will make those people displeased with you.

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Man, urban NASA be so happy Let us help Allah, Allah has the same person, like a typical Muslim, now he shied away from praying at work, because he's afraid to make his boss upset. I'm telling you, you're making your boss happy at the expense of Allah. Your boss will fire. Please Allah. And if you try to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you act like a Muslim. So don't act like a weirdo. I mean, let's,

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let's balance you have, you have tried to have the character of Muslim. You see, if you want to look like a Muslim also have the character of a Muslim, I'm sorry. Some of these judgments that non Muslims make. They have some ground for it. We have Muslims who do not act like Muslims. His name is Mohammed. But he's not acting like one. We got to also have the character as well. If you do this, if you if you're a Muslim, you're in the business of pleasing your Lord. And you carry yourself as a Muslim character wise, I care less what people say. So what about now that's for the Muslim What about the non Muslim never heard this word Allah. He never, you know, had this experience with any

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of these Arabic terms. But all he saw was Fox News, CNN, and they show things blowing up and they show a guy with a beard Arab looking and they right away stigmatize. And they think like, Arab Muslim terrorists. These are this is we're talking to the anonymous and what have you had this experience to? What do you what do you tell them? I hate with them? You know, I was brought up in Egypt. Yeah. And this is a real story here. Tell us tell us.

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And they told us throughout history that Brits are bad, the Brits are bad, the Brits predict probability. But British British here, they occupied Egypt, they killed those people. It's brainstorming, brainwashed, brainwashed, brainwashed. So

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you know, I went to school in Cairo and I

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it's maybe the first time I reveal Myself, I was by profession. I used to be a tour guide in Egypt, I guess was my first clients. A British British.

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No way. We're still friends still now. Yeah. I mean, friends in the sense of, we communicate, yeah. Lucky kind of thing. But

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you taste hate. If you hate, you taste the bitterness of hate. If you hate your taste that you taste that you're gonna be you're not gonna be happy. And it is unfair. And I'm really speaking to you here. It is unfair to hate somebody who does not deserve your hate. Listen, I'm like you, you know, like the Trisha and jofa. Like, take the trash out every day. You know, you try to clean the house, and I'm just somebody who's trying to please his Lord, you know, and this is my path to happiness in this world. And I want the next life. I'm really wanting the next life and that's who I am. But I wish no harm for you. You know, law told us that we cannot force people to our way we can only

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explain it to them, and it's their call. Let's leave it there.

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wait one more one more before we get into our main topic, but he says look what your religion now from what they've been told we noticed this falsehood, he says teaches you to strap a bomb on yourself blow down buildings 911 and you know just cause havoc on earth does Islam teach this? That's all bogus, bogus. I like it. You pick though that bogus.

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bogus? Yeah, yeah, yes. Let's look at the text, okay, don't don't just listen in any religion, there are people who you know, take it out of context in Indian religion, Christianity and Judaism. Let's inspect, let's look at the text what the text teaches. And I'm willing to entertain that if we want to debate this. Yeah, the religion, the sanctity of the human life does not differentiate between a Muslim and non Muslim. Every human life has a sanctity. And you as a Muslim is required to observe and keep that sanctity. You cannot take the life of another person unjustly. It's out of line. Islam has nothing to do with it. We're gonna we're gonna end with that note for until we get back here on

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the deen show. Don't go anywhere, we have much more to discuss with shit, I'll do Corinne right back.

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And if we're going to worship something, I figured I might as well worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations.

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Now it upon investigating the religions, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is what a Muslim is. Those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim. Those who submit submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure, it was just, you just pray to God, your Creator.

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Back here on the deen show with our special guests. And we are going to be I opened the show, I said, Look, you're going through drama, you're going through hard times we all are. It's a test. We know that. But when you have the creator on your side, it's a smooth ride. Right? Right. So now the person's like his life's upside down his children are disobeying them, the kids are swearing, cursing, disrespecting the parents, you know, it's all havoc. But then when you go these are Muslim individuals. And we're not trying to just, you know, disparage on anybody put nobody down. But we want to evaluate so we can give the problem medicine, right. And Islam has all the cures, and all

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the solutions for all the ills that are out there. Now, when you talk and you have your new mom, you talk to the people. Do you see that when you start talking to some people about their life, you see, like you evaluate you ask questions. And one of the main things is they're not even making this a lot and you wondering why your, your house is upside down, you didn't teach your children to submit to the crater. And now there's some into all the pop stars, the movie stars, and now you're wondering why you have * in your house.

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Islam is like a medicine ad, you have to take it, you have to swallow it. In order to get well. You cannot pretend to be one, you have to walk the walk like they say in America, you have to fulfill the commands and do it with the intention of pleasing your Lord. And you will see the impact of this.

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I run a you know, question and answer show and I get people calling me all the time Muslims about depression. You know, I know I should direct them to somebody who can give them medicine. But if they call the shape, that means they are looking maybe for some help from a religious perspective. You know, the first question I asked them as do you pray five times? Wonderful question. Do you pray five? That's your medicine? Yes. You know, the answer is no. Subhan Allah said, okay, imagine that I'm a doctor. Okay, I'm gonna write a prescription right here for you. pray five times. I know you called me I'm not a doctor. I'm sure that for depression, and I don't want to dismiss that there are

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some medical treatment for it. I'm not dismissing that. But he called a sheep he called an email. So I told him, he is a prescription pray five times and please visit me and tomorrow.

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That's the way that's the way it is that if you want to benefit, you see, when you submit to Allah, He will have that harmony. Probably I'm talking to non Muslims. You see, look how we are fashioned. you're made of two components together.

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Body and Soul to two together. Okay. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam told us that when we become a sperm and then you know, after 120 120 days in the womb of the mother, then an angel comes and blows the soul. And that low flesh, and then we die, how we die when the soul leaves the body. Okay, let's leave everything here. How do you nourish your body? What do you do? What do you eat? Eat Drink workout? Yeah. What about the soul? Have you ever thought that your soul needs food? Your soul needs nourishment. You know the nourishment of the soul of submission, submission to

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Yeah, that is why when you pray you feel he is. When you recite the Quran, you feel at peace. When you fast you feel at peace anytime that because you're nourishing your soul. And that is how you strike that balance between the two, the body and soul, you become happy and content. You see, we need, we need to be aware also that Satan

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is smart, he introduced some substance that can help the soul but it has side effects. Smoking weed,

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makes you high.

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Drinking makes you high, but side effects and it will kill you at the end because it is the wrong nourishment for your soul. But the right nourishment is submission. And that's how it is. And that's how every Muslim need to look at it. If you're seeking happiness in this world, do the work that Allah subhana wa Taala asked you to do to show your submission to Allah subhanaw taala and you will inherit the next life. But again, do it in the basis of the class sincerity. You're doing it for Allah subhana wa. Now some people okay, there, they start praying, right? And they think they're going to experience now they're gonna be floating in the air or something, you know, because you see

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a lot of these different groups up there and mistakes and that and, you know, they start to, you know, have you thinking like, you're going to be somewhere in the heavens like, whoo, but now you're praying and the guy's like, Well, I'm not. Okay, you're talking about you know, I'm supposed to be feeling something. But it is difficult. You know what, I'm standing here, I gotta prostrate go down, and I'm not floating in the air. You know what I mean? So what's what's not working? So they stopped praying? Is this what we're supposed to be experiencing? You see a sci fi

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it's true, isn't it? It is very true. Yeah. Just the way that the way that you presented is

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mistaken. Yeah, that

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is it. That's that approach is a weird approach. But let me tell you something, you know, when Satan refused to bow down to Adam, and then he was rejected, yeah. He said, what oh, I will be in the straight path. for for for your the children of Adam. Anytime that they want to do goodness, I will be out there. And there is a story that Bromley mentioned in the books that some guy came to Lima hanifa Rahim Allah and he said to him, I have hidden a treasure somewhere and I don't remember. Can you help me find it? He said, man asked me about a fat or something like that stuff. But listen, why don't you go on blu ray Say that again? So he asked who he asked. Abu hanifa

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Imam Yeah. Malala Honey. Yeah. Yeah, it's a story that mentioned and so he's asking him I can't find I can't find my treasure. He's I got time for that. I can't help you. But listen, ask me about like, religious. Yeah, so but he said to him, What? Why didn't you do this? Why didn't you go Mikado and intend that you're gonna pray all night tonight?

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Allahu Akbar the first Raka you know what he remembered where the treasure is? He left he did not even complete the rocker he left and he found he just left the fray. Yeah, the wrong thing now. Yeah. Satan is a insula. Satan actually reminds you with your problems and offers you the best solutions. And I'm sure the viewers can relate to this. But after you say salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa salam, you forget everything. Why? Because it's a struggle, the presence of the mind the presence of the heart, and this takes time to develop. This takes time to reach that stage. But at the end of the day, also, you're not going to fly in the air or anything like that. No flying,

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no, no, no.

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Please come on. It's enough that you feel that you're, you're in front of a large panel. It's enough that you, you feel like you're speaking to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says, Hi Muslim. Central salata, Avenida de la salle de Sala Al Fatiha de Sala, wordiness, ephedra. When my servant says and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen then Allah says, My servant has praised me

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r Rahmani Raheem exalted me. Maliki only being glorified me. Actually you speaking to Allah enough. What Why do we stand in the Salah we're supposed to look down and we will prostrate because Allah Subhana Allah is looking at you. And you show humility and humbleness. When you prostrate the closest position to Allah. That is enough. You're the closest to the creator when you put your when you place your forehead in the ground of Chroma Kunal Abdullah Bo Sajid factor una da da Coronavirus Asana, the closest position to Allah is when you prostrating so big a lot of da

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enough that feeling that's your, you know, out there, and if you're going through hardship, you know, helped me some patience you know, if Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless do something said hamdulillah Oscar lover, said handler

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If you have made a committed a sin, ask Allah to forgive it. enough that you're communicating, connecting with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But flying over the commandments, okay, before we go to break, is it safe to say can we say that it takes work, okay? It takes work, it takes discipline, but if you do it, you'll feel the benefits will come. That's a guarantee. Absolutely. But you have to come to a law with a sincere heart, sincere heart, work on it, work on it, don't give up, don't give up, don't give up. You may actually encounter one Salah that it's not happening, but then the next salaat will happen. But if you keep working on it, keep, keep forcing it, it will come to

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focus. Try to focus Okay, you see some people like praying, and then I you know, looking around what is it? It's not accepted? No, absolutely. You've seen this guy praying. Why is he looking at me? The prophet SAW? Yeah.

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What's wrong with people who raise their visions in the air? I know, you're sober. Imagine you're standing in front of a cup.

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You're standing in front of Allah. Imagine you're standing in front of a cup when you look away.

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Yeah, you're standing in front of a loss of Humble yourself. And that is why you're supposed also to have a sutra and from the sutra prevent people. Yeah, a barrier to prevent people from authentic IDs. Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. You could easily overcome it by going to the side you could do this. It doesn't have to be necessary. But sutra is the ideal. But basically you don't want anybody to disconnect that connection with your Creator. This is what you need five times a day imagine having this five times a day that's the prescription now five times a day and if the doctor gave you the prescription you take it a law is given it to you take it We'll be right back with more here in

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DC show.

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Me Why have you become a Muslim? No, I give a frivolous on should I say I want to be on the side of the angel

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of God. He's the number one rap artists in the world. He sold over 16 million records worldwide, the millions the million. He was a young guy where basically everything that somebody you would think that life is all about he had everything you can imagine.

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Back here on a D show, and we're talking about the prescription, the Salah, the prayer, the one who has testified that there's nothing worthy of worship except the one who created everything in the universe. He's one and alone. He doesn't have a co equal co partner. As soon as you put someone next to God, you mess the whole thing up, isn't it? That's the pure monotheism. Jesus is not God no one's God and God has got and it's beautiful. Beautiful. Isn't it feels good. It makes sense. It matches your fitrah it does I love talking about it. Well, it's Listen, it's the way it is. That's how you feel. And actually the closest you see what mess this is the society is the community is the the

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people making up all these fairy tales about who God is. But if you really check out in your own self, you know who God is, that is uniquely one, he is not three, he is not made of no son, no, nothing of that God is God. And you know, you brought up the issue of the Salah, you know they they find a man, a man, a man has two ends.

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Heart, which creed that you believe in Allah. Allah is

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who's the angels on the set the six tenants of faith Allah angels messengers books called Live for selection. Yes. So maintaining a firm believer in those will lead to your acting upon it acting like we're talking about the Salah, why Muslims are negligent of the Salah when they know the first question, they will be asked in a different direction isn't Salah first question. The first question number one number one question. Imagine, imagine I'm telling you, you're going to take a test on Monday. I mean, Monday is the beginning of the week. That's why I chose it, but nothing special about Yeah. And listen, the first test is so and so. And you cannot take the rest of the tests

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without passing that test. And here's the answer. What you're gonna do, you're gonna memorize it word by word. Because if you mess up that question, if you mess up the answer for this question, that means you're done.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells you a one man who has a Bali abdomen, masala. The first thing that a person will be questioned about in a different direction is Allah. If it is sound, then we'll look at the rest of your deeds. Otherwise you're not moving forward, then you're done. So now I want to take you back to the issue of the creed here, the creed, if that person really the conditions on the day that they further action, it's miserable. It's miserable. If he knows that he was going to be standing in front of Allah, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam polyethylene Harkin says nermeen communicatie

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none of you but Allah will speak to Allah will ask you about the Salah. If you

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that first one, even half a Nakamura, Biggie, Jonathan, whoever is concerned about standing in front of Allah and having to answer that question. Why you didn't pray five times. Hmm. Oh, well, I had the soap opera. Well, I the football game. It almost came at the time of the solid. Well, I had. You're worshiping that. Yeah. Yeah. Because you love that you love that more than this? Yeah. So the issue here is, let's make sense. This life is short. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says the lifespan of my oma is between 60 and 70 years old.

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Or you could die tomorrow, you could die tomorrow. And you could live more than that. But I'm talking about the overall average overall average to 60 years. Imagine the day resurrection is 50,000 years long. Savonarola 50,000 us loan, you're going to be asked about what you've done. And the first thing that you're going to be asking about is the salon. Again, I want to do the creed. That's the problem with a lot of Muslims. A lot of Muslims are not aware of who Allah is that when you stand in the solid standing for a lot of Allah subhanaw taala that they are supposed to pray because there is a day of resurrection. They don't know the events of that day. And that is why they

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are not mobilized. They are not motivated to pray five times a day Why should I pray? Because he doesn't understand is an invitation to those who do not pray, go back and study the day for the election and the events of this day. And you will see you will wake up for on time to pray say only a few more questions we're almost out of time tell us people stand in line on what they called a black friday they want to get a 10% 20% discount people five in the morning, you know about this day, right? And people are waiting and then you know they want to get the new Michael Jordan's and the stores open and they like you know bum rushing each other and they're up early Muslims in line

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to this is a shame but fudger comes they don't wake up. So we want people to get up to pray on time to to be committed to doing the right thing. So they don't have to you mentioned 50,000 years, waiting in line tell us for the one who's humbled himself in front of his Lord. He's trying to do the best that he can. He's praying five times a day and you know, sincerely, you know, doing his best will this day be shortened for him? Well, this is it may be easy, it will feel different for the believer.

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And that's how it is you know, I always go back to that that's a scary thing. You know, you wait in line at the post office so you can agitate and you're like hey come on. No man this day will they believe it will be lessened? It will feel different? Actually the prophets Allah Allah mentioned that that duration before reckoning, and have you been hurt? Have you heard that duration before like and is when I feel like the sun is about to set until it sets but for the believer, but for the other one standing for long actually they will go to the prophets and messengers to please go intercede for Allah to begin judgment. They will actually request the messengers they will go to

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Adam they know and then Ebrahim that was added a second Rasulullah sallallahu, Mohamad, please, let's get out of this mess and our Salah Salem will say for it and for him and for it, and he will go to intercede for mankind, even for the people who make cartoons out of him. They will go with him on that day. The people who make fun out of him, the people who call him all these names, they will actually big the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a different direction to take them out of that for Allah subhanaw taala to come in a way that fits him in order to begin judgment. Last closing we're only got 30 seconds closing comments, suggestions for the people been struggling with

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their identity struggling to wake up for fudger you know what they do everything else, but they're not working to please the crater and we really got to get on the ball because death is a reality. Just in 30 seconds. What advice do you have for the Prophet loves you? He loves you dearly. He loves you dearly.

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He's the only one in a different direction who will be saying my followers my followers mindful everyone else, including the friend of Allah Ibrahim Ali Salah, never seen I've seen I've seen him. He will be saying Oh, Matthew Matthew, you know in his bed of death

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in his bed.

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He used to say what?

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A Salah, O Allah.

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Allah, Allah negligent of the Salah. That is why you're unhappy. Come on, come on. Get on yourself.

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We'd start praying

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and learn how to pray. Start praying, you will see in a month or two, how much this will impact you, and will impact everyone around you, including your own family. Thank you so much for being with us and a lot of rewards. Thank you. We are thinking. And that was some wonderful advice. I mean, think about it. def can approach us at any time, turn off the TV, you can have a heart attack. You can go outside and a car accident, death can reach you and you want to be prepared. And for the one who is submitted to the crater alone and not his creation worshipping only the one God The one who created this whole universe and everything in it. The one who is going to judge you on a judgement Did you

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hear? Did you hear that? The first thing you'll be asked about is the prayer. And if that's in line, then we can talk about the next but if it's not, it's nothing to talk about. So for the Muslims, those who have submitted to the will of God established a prayer not 432 or one time a day five times a day and connect with the most loving the most kind, the Creator of the heavens and earth connect with him. And he forgives all sin come to him with a sincere heart. But don't disconnect because you'll be disconnected. be connected through the prayer through this a lot and continue to tune in here to the deen show every week. We got the new dunya tidiness out pick it up. And if you'd

00:31:20 --> 00:31:34

like if this is your first time tuning in, and you like what we have to say, and you want to accept Islam or you want to get the verbatim Word of God the Quran call the number one 800 662 Islam and continue to tune in here to the D show. We'll see you next time God Willing Peace be with you.

Are you depressed? Is everything in your life upside down? Thinking of giving up? Before you do that please watch this show and then give us your feed back after you have taken the advice given by our guest.

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