What Happened To The Jews When The Prophet Came To Madinah

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Shaykh Hasib Noor sheds light on this question.

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The speaker discusses the history of the prophets in cities like cities like cities like cities like cities like Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh, which established leaders and relationships with Jewish tribes to protect their religion and practices. The leaders of these tribes were able to establish a trust with the Jewish people and hold it to their values, leading to the creation of a legacy that will be respected in modern times.

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What happened to the Jewish people in Medina when the Prophet slicin came and established Muslim leadership?

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more accurate way to ask this question is what happened to the Jewish people when the Prophet slicin came and made an alliance of leadership in Medina, the prophets I said when he first came to Medina, he established a pact which was known as the Medina covenant or the Medina and pact with the Jewish tribes as well as the pagan tribes of Medina that they will protect one another, that they would have free trade that there would not be a monopoly on their markets, as well as many other ways to protect the freedom of their religion and their practice of their faith as well as the freedom to protect one another and to not break this treaty in order to thwart enemies that would come and

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attack the city. The prophets lesson established a central leadership and allowed the Jewish people to maintain their leaders of their own particular tribes. This is how the prophets lysozyme established that kind of legacy to the extent that our modern will help us maintain that kind of legacy when he entered Jerusalem. Many, many years later, the exact same prophetic legacy was implemented in Jerusalem and the people in Jerusalem were allowed to freely worship to have their places of worship, to freely trade and to live within the city as citizens