What Are The Different Types Of Fonts Of The Qur’an

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We often see different fonts in different Qur’ans. What are the different types of fonts? How many are there? Is there any difference between these different fonts of the Qur’an?

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff answers

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The speaker discusses the differences between the two scripts in the Quran, with the Sunday script being more popular than the Monday script. They also mention the differences in font between the two scripts, with the Sunday script being more commonly read out of the top right hand script. The speaker suggests that reading out of both scripts would be beneficial for identifying script differences.

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What are the different scripts, the different fonts in the Quran?

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Peace be upon you. A lot of times when people are reaching for a must have a copy of the Quran, they'll say something like, I can't read that one. And it confuses a lot of people. So as the questions titled, what are the different fonts of the Koran? Well, there are, there are more than seven scripts. And when we say fonts, like in Microsoft Word, you have the different New Times Roman and Arial, you have the different types of fonts the same way, in different areas of the world of the Arabian world, the whole on was written differently, and scripts were different. Instead of going over all of the scripts, let's talk about the two fonts or the two predominant scripts that

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you may see. And you're probably reading out of in your local mustard or at home. The first script that we're going to talk about is called the Earth's money script. It's the earlier script. And naturally, it's from the script that was codified by earthman radi Allahu taala on and that you're going to see, you probably won't see me anymore, but that script is longer. And it has a few signs that are not available in the next script. So there's money script read all over the world, one of the old you will say the oldest script.

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And then more recently, we'll find a new script that developed called the NES script. And when we say new, it's not, it is hundreds of years old, and it is more closely related to a Persian script. It is the oral and written is what is referred to as NES script. So what's the real difference between the two? Well, that's a question and that's a discussion for another time, but if you can learn to read out of one of them, there are very slight differences between the two not in how not in what said but in the way you identify them. For example, noon sukoon Misha real was was ill Hannah's won't have anything on top of the noon and in this case, Miss Shoji loss was no one will

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have the support. But that's a question for another time. The two scripts that you will be reading and seeing most predominantly their Usmani script and the NUS script. I'd love that you'd be able to read out of both of them.