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This weeks guest Khalid Yasin shows how Islam has the solution to all your problems.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salaam Alaikum greetings of peace. Thank you for tuning into the deen show. And we are excited that you're with us again, for another exciting topic in the deen show studio, Chef Khalid your scene. And for those of you that are tuning in for the first time, or you got your family member, a friend, and you're with us today, we're going to be explaining to you how, because many times when we try to bring up these very important topics, you know what many of us we just don't got time for it. The economy's bad, you're about to lose your house on foreclosure. Your kid your child, your girl just got pregnant and your son's on drugs are doping the world just upside

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down and you want to just talk to me about religion. Now I don't got time to that I got major issues. Well, this way of life that's from the Creator of the heavens and earth solves all your problems. So we're going to be doing some problem solving, showing you that this way of life is a way of life that when you implement it, it is something that brings not only peace and contentment to one's life, but solves all the problems that are out there. We'll be right back.

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Here with Shakeology as seen on the show. This is the theme the theme.

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Salam Alaikum. Peace be with you, Sam.

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How are you say hello, thankful. Thank you. Thank you for joining us again here at the deen show studio. Glad to be here, brother. And we, you know, it's just

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something that for us. We're convinced. Through research, I know myself, I personally went through a lot of struggles in life, a lot of problems. And Islam solved all the problems. It wasn't something that was accepted by blind faith did a lot of research to the scientific analytical approach. And the more I studied it, along with many millions, millions and millions of people, they were convinced that this was a way of life from the Creator of the heavens and earth through deep research through researching all the other world religions. So now for those people who are having problems, you know, they're about to foreclose on their house, the economy's upside down. So many

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problems. And you know, what, don't bring me this, this religious stuff. I you know, how is this going to change my life? How is it gonna solve my problems? You know, what do you got to say?

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Well, you know, I think that that's a very simplistic approach. And it may seem

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over simplistic to most people. But it's not, you know, at the, at the source of all problems.

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There are some fundamental issues. And from a purely religious point of view, unless religion

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can be manifested through the solving of problems. why should anybody want to join our religion or even talk to us about religion, as I was mentioning just some time ago,

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even though market is a very religious country.

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According to most statistics, 81% of Americans believe in God.

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go to church,

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once a month, or whatever the case might be, which is a phenomenal place to be where there's no problem about believing in God. It's something everybody, but what kind of implementation do we have? So, but today, people are running away from the religion running away from it. Yeah, not running away from the religion itself, but running away from the principles. Yes. Nobody want to talk about religion today, as you said, unless the religion has a solution.

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Now, because it's solution, you know, if your muffler drops off in the middle of the street,

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what are you looking for, you're looking for a place to put that back up there. So you do something with that sound. If your car stops, you're looking for a mechanic

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to solve the solution, and unless Muslims, the 8 million Muslims living in North America unless we become solution oriented, so So what if we recognize the same problems that everybody else recognizes? If religion doesn't somewhat lead to the solving of those problems,

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Why should somebody have time? I want to talk to us about religion. So I think that what we need to do is take, sit down for a moment, and set aside doctrine for a moment, set aside culture for a moment, set aside all the nostalgia, but the most powerful religion 1.5 billion people, blah, blah, blah, and ask ourselves, are we solving problems. And if we are solving problems, then we should be like that dentist, okay, that everybody wants to come to because he's giving them a good smile. That doctor that everybody wants to come to because this guy got some procedures or whatever makes them feel better. You know that psychiatrists or psychologists who solving problems in homes and

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marriages, you know, restoring people's dignity and sanity? If we're not like that, then why should people listen to us? I mean, how did Toyota come into America and take over the automotive industry wasn't because they had chopsticks? You know, I'm saying in good Chinese food or whatever. Japanese food? No, it was competition is producing the best product and service and giving people that when they buy a car, the best warranty, that's how they did it. And Americans ended up and now with Toyota and Nissan or whatever ethics, that is, once you buy one, you're not gonna you're not gonna ride in something else. Well, why wouldn't people listen to Muslims if they knew that we had a way

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to restore our economic integrity? And I mean, we got something simple in Islam to do that. Stay away from ryba stay away from compounding interest, stay away from that whole idea of something for nothing. Don't buy credit cards, you'll be ripped off, you're being set up. And don't Americans see that right now. So if Muslims were to say, Hey, we're 8 million, and we got our own bank, you know, and our bank is worth, you know, I mean, 38 billion, and we're willing to buy back the homes of, of 10,000. Americans, if they qualify, what's the qualification? Okay, let us manage your debt. Number one, cut up your credit card. Number two, do not engage in any more you serious transactions, and

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take a course in Islam one on one, so at least you understand the principles. And if you do that, we give you back your home. So how many Americans then would be looking for our company? So your problem solving now? We're problem solving? According to Islam? Yeah. So Islam is saying that there is no compounded interest interest is totally forbidden. Yeah, but leave the word forbidden alone. Yeah. You know, just leave that word forbidden. Just give the people back their home, give them back their homes, okay. And then tell them let us manage your debt, cut up your credit cards, and sign a document that says that you will not get into this situation again, I think people like this. Yeah,

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they will hear it because they're like, I'm getting my home back. Uh huh. Yeah, so we got their attention here. So let's take another problem. You know, today, we have more young people in jail. We have more young people in jail that certain countries have in their workforce.

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So can we take those kids out of jail, and provide them with a lifestyle an option? Okay, that will reform their lives? Yes, we can. Okay, so we tell young people listen,

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just roll with us, you got a job, roll with us, gonna get you through school, roll with us, we're gonna set you up and teach you how to do business on your own, he had to work for nobody else, you have to wait for a job, just roll with us. But the thing is, first, reform yourself when you are reforming yourself means be disciplined, be decent, be good, you know, be respectful, you know, be balanced, you know,

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prepare yourself for success dressed in a certain way, speak in a certain way. Okay. And while you're doing all this, we're going to give you guys $300 a month, you know, simply just while you're doing this, it costs so how many young people, okay, would want to take that, then we can go to the courts and say, listen, we got an alternative to incarceration program. You know, one out of every three kids, you're gonna put in jail, and it's gonna cost $38,000 a year to take care of them in jail from the taxpayers money given to us. And when we show you what we can do with that young person, give us two out of three. Until we solve a problem for the taxpayer. We solve a problem for

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those parents, we solve a problem for those young people. People don't even care if we're Muslims of resolving that kind of a problem. So our issue is that we're, you know, we're prone towards doctrine. we're arguing about doctrine who's right who's wrong from a from an ideological point of view, from a school of thought point of view. I mean, that's some old baggage. We need to solve problems when we start solving problems. When people are hungry, people are confused, you know, people frustrated, people committing suicide, solve those problems, and then America is going to start looking at us for the solutions. When they look at us with the solutions. They're going to

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hear our ideals and some of them are going to inevitably embrace Islam.

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problem solving, not just talk but action. Yes. So Islam takes care of all these issues, drugs, alcohol abuse, we got problems there big time. How do we solve these problems? Well, you know, Islam has solved those problems throughout its history. I mean, you know, I don't like to say to people, oh, you know, we don't, we're not allowed to eat pork. We're not allowed to drink alcohol. Or, you know, we're not allowed to dance with girls. We're not allowed to go to parties. That's like, like, just like, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, who wants to join a religion? You know, seems like everything is no, no, we say that, you know, we don't drink because it's obvious what drinking alcohol does.

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It's not so obvious when you manufacture alcohol. You know, people who manufacture alcohol, they just get rich and rich people who manufacture cigarettes. They just get richer and richer. So why would not want to

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manufacture alcohol and cigarettes, but look at what alcohol and cigarettes have done to our country? Look what it's done all over the world. Okay, then you can see why God said don't take toxins into your body, and don't drink alcohol. Now, if we were to promote the whole idea of a sober Society of sobriety, okay, a society of sobriety. That sounds good, right? Yes, a society of sobriety. So what would we do if we convinced 10% of Americans not to drink?

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What would we do if we convince 10% of Americans not to use drugs? What would we do in the market, we would teach people moral abstinence, sexual abstinence, okay, you see a decline in STDs, and so many other kinds of problems. So we already have this in our religion, or our system of life, why don't we promote it, but promote it in a non religious way? Allah knows best. We're gonna take a break, shake we right back with more with Chef Holly just seen here under the show.

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Whatever Allah commanded you to do,

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is that has tolerance and mercy and compassion. To know that Allah, you know, will forgive you, as long as you do what you need to do as long as you turn back to him. Islam is a system of mercy and compassion. And it is for the best benefit of all of the people that's around it Muslim and non Muslim.

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Back here on the D show, and today, we're showing that this way of life that was lived by all the messages of God is not an organized religion by men, or men, or a company is organized by the one who created this whole universe and everything in it. And when you implement it the right way, all your problems will be solved. Is this correct? That's correct. Tell us now, there was a show on MTV, I got to see it at the end, the lucea Center with our brothers down in Texas. And they were showing us how they tried to reach out to a lot of the youth and they have these

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get togethers and they use some of the things that are out there. For instance, there's a program on MTV called cross the line. So what they showed was, there was

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teens, there were teens that were 1415 1617, even some young, young adults. And now they ask the question, that how many of you have attempted or tried to commit suicide about 60 70%? They crossed the line, that's the show cross the line. Big problem. Now, why are teens these young adults prime and that is the prime of their life. It's a big problem for parents and those teens to take their life thinking about it even how does Islam solve this problem?

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Yeah, you know, we could say that

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suicide is forbidden in Islam, that we could approach it from that point. Yeah, this is heroin. Yeah. You know, but that's just a doctrinal statement.

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People just don't wake up one morning and say, I'm going to commit suicide today. No, it's a combination of frustration, low self esteem, other kinds of complications that bring a person to that point where they don't see any way out. And they don't see any value to themselves. And they don't see any value to their lives or to the world. So they get to a point where they just kind of think to themselves, Hey, man, I think it's better for me not to be here. This is my way out. So they don't see themselves crossing the line. Then, of course, it's a stage of insanity for a person to take their life and not to see anything else. But the point is, they haven't been given any value

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at that point. What Islam does is give the human being value. When a human being has value of themselves value of the world. They see they see a light at the end of the tunnel. They see an objective to what they're doing. They're not going to commit suicide. Why? Because they're striving to live and get the best out of life. So

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I think what we need to do as Muslims is not go into this thing about it's Haram, you know, it's forbidden? No, we should talk to people. And you find the three evaluation, what brought them to that point? Give them to something, okay? You know, a child, if they're brought to the edge of a cliff, a seven year old child, a three year old child, take them to the edge of a cliff, and they look down, what do they do? They run back, they pull back? Yeah, because they have value. intrinsic values, the knee jerk value is something that's part of the fitter of the human being, when you got a person that goes to that edge and just jumps off, what have they done.

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dissonance, they went into something they called dissonant rejection. So now it means that that normal value that comes up, it's not there anymore, why not jump, we need to give them this value. And so by talking to human beings, about the value of life, talking to human beings, about the value of themselves, talking to human beings, about how they can change the world, talk to human beings about the tools that they have been given, talking to human beings, not from a religious point of view, but from a value base. Okay, so we can change things if we change the way we deliver it. You know, we keep saying religion to people, you know, you think about a new world, what's your

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religion, you think, but as long as long as a great religion, the person is not saying you, Hey, man, I'm a button of religion, man, I'm trying to make some money. I'm trying to get married and be successful. I even got no time for religion, but I'll think about that later on. But all the things that they're trying to get to and do calls for value and discipline. So if you said to them, Listen along the way towards success, try to pick up some values and tools that help you stay on point and disciplined, they might listen. So I think this is the approach that we need to do. And if we do that, whether young people or old people or people in different situations Islam works. It smells

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good. It tastes good. It feels good. It looks good. And today, anything that's good is good. And the court and said, how does that set it aside? Is there any other reward for good? Other than good? The answer is Bella, definitely. I heard a young man once say that religion he didn't like using the word religion, because it was like something you put on Sunday real tight suit or something. So can this can this? Yeah. Can this religion? Can we? is Islam a system a complete way of life? Is this something that you do? Just you know, on the weekends, Sunday comes Friday? Can you do it once a week? But what we're talking about is this something that is implemented 24 seven, yeah, Islam as

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Islam is micro, Islam is macro. Islam is you Islam as the world, Islam as universal, Islam as us, Islam, as everything is integrated, it's powerful, it all fits, it all makes sense. And if you if you're good Muslim, you're going to be successful, you can only succeed like Vince Lombardi said, there's no option other than winning if you're a Muslim. So when we are able to take our faith system, and implant it, where people can see it, smell it, taste it, then people are going to select the stand under our tree, people are going to pick the fruit from our tree, people are going to use our goods and services, and they're going to like it. And invariably, somebody is going to find out,

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hey, in fact, wait a minute, I should be a Muslim, and therefore I become a protracted beneficiary of this year, not just like a consumer, but I'm part of the company. What if someone says you know what? Religion altogether is something that it creates more problems, more havoc in Atlanta, look at all the wars that are out there because of it. I just read a more scientific I rather stay away from religion, I'm a good person, I don't hurt nobody. What do you guys say? Well, you know, scientific, you know, when you heard this argument, of course, I have, you know, scientific is like, you know, see, touch, taste, feel, you know, all the sensory, whatever the case might be. But what about

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thinking, see, thinking

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is such a thought.

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Let me see a thought. But you are thinking person, and you make the right decision to make the wrong decisions. If you don't have the capacity, the ethical moral capacity to make the right decision, you want to continue to make the wrong ones, I don't care how rich you are, you know, we can just name people who made wrong decisions based upon their moral or ethical capacity. This is what Islam gives to us the ability to think that's what makes human beings different from animals, we are able to think, and the Quran came for thinking people, not just people use them who just follow me and send me just rules and doctrines, critical thinking, this one Islam gave to us. And so the person

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who thinks critically adds value to their lives, add value to the lives of others and adds value to life and as value to the world, a farmer. He's not just a guy following doctrine. He's adding value, and that's why he gets a higher crop or lesser crop, and we need to talk to people about value and about life and about success.

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And then, at the end of it when people see that I'm successful, you know, they see my family and they see the outcome. And they see, you know, this guy, and like being around this guy, but I don't know why. It's because the residual of my beliefs, inevitably he's going to become an ally, or he's going to inevitably become what?

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Yeah, amazing. Amazing. We're going to take a break. And we'll be back with more here on the dean show, Jeff, and the Day of Judgment, the mercy of a law, these are the things that finally made me realize there is no time to delay anymore. I want you to take my Shahada, right.

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essence of spirituality is to become more sincere to last three decades, it is very, very scary, but it brings you back to reality there is a life which is everlasting. You

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can make a conscious decision of which group of people do you want to be the people who have no other people help.

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Back on the deen show, problem solving, showing how the way of life from the Creator of the heavens in the earth, it needs to be a system that solves the problems doesn't add to it. But now today, as many misconceptions that people say why am I going to be a Muslim? It seems like Islam, or Muslims are just adding to the problems. They're making the problems, all the mischief in the land terrorism, things blowing up. What am I going to become a Muslim and then be a suicide bomber? I'm going to end up blowing up a pizzeria. Why would I want to be a Muslim? If this is what Islam all over the media is associated with?

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Yeah, I think that's a very fair question, very fair approach. And we shouldn't be reactionary. in answering that. We should be responsive.

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And I say to people first says to me, well, who wants to be a Muslim? The date? I mean, you know, my parents not gonna like me, if I become a Muslim, everybody's gonna turn against me. I mean, you know, Muslims are perceived as this and that I said, Well, I would agree with you that the way that Islam is perceived, I wouldn't want to be a part of that. But perception is only perception. Okay. But if I were to tell you, you know, that seven of the major deadliest, social crippling diseases in this world today, Muslims don't have that.

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I mean, a good Muslim doesn't have that kind of a disease, because because of our values, generally, we stay away from those kinds of diseases.

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Like, you know, like a sexually transmitted diseases. This comes from promiscuity. Okay. Yes. You know, that, you know, smoking cigarettes, and you know, like, Muslim, generally Muslims, we don't do that. Neither do we smoke, and we don't sell cigarettes, you see, you know, the issue about the compounded debt. And we, we only own and buy what we can afford. We don't buy credit cards with this, this, this, this whole thing about the dream, getting something for nothing, and, you know, just going out and spending above our means we don't do that. Okay. The second thing is that this whole thing of depression, a Muslim, our favorite statement is Alhamdulillah. When somebody dies in

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other life, or in it later, as you were able to absorb that trauma in a minute. Why? Because our values allow us to do that. You said some Arabic Can you translate those in alive we're in a regime from from Allah, we come, He's the owner of everything and to Allah, we've returned because he's the owner of everything. You know, we say Alhamdulillah, all praise due to God for everything our Prophet used to say Salaam Salaam, whenever somebody asked him how you felt, even though he was in pain, when somebody asked him how he felt that he was sick. When somebody asked him how he felt he was hungry, he always say Alhamdulillah Praise be to Almighty God. So because of that, his demeanor

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is always up. He has dependence upon God. Secondly, the person depends upon God, he's not going to get frustrated, want to kill himself, because he don't own the life, he understands that. So as Muslims, we are successful people, we are people that have prominence, we are people that plan with people that have discipline. And so I would say that if a person took a good look at Islam, not a good look at Muslims, but a good look at Islam, they're gonna be able, you know, it's like, they got the book. If you get the book, you get the principles, and you follow the book and you follow the principles. You don't have to be subject to the people who have the book, but they don't follow it,

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or the people who taught the principles but they don't they don't act upon it. So this is what we have in Islam. And I think that every American should take a course Islam one on one, you I call Islam one on one for everyone. Why? Because if Islam is a faith system, that gives the human beings integrity and balance and discipline and focus, and gives them more respect for themselves respect for their parents, or gives them a greater loyalty and a sense of, of integrity about their country and about the world gives them a new worldview. I think that if

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Cause in Islam one on one might open me up to that. But I want to take a course like that. Yes, because that's called empowerment. You know, people are buying little small books with 100 pages and reading it on the train or plane to do what? To become empowered. So somebody said to me just a little while ago, why don't we take you know 40 sayings of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Sam, and don't say the prophet SAW Some said that just put it in a little small book and put it inside the double day or somebody said, bookstores Barnes and Noble, and see people will take it up to change their lives. This is what we can do. And in a certain amount of time, we would have overcome this whole

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issue of Islam being dehumanized and demonize why because we have shown people tangible value. Now we believe in Islam, that every person is born in original goodness, born to do good to live good. But it's all it's built on a foundation. Before we come to an end, can you just talk about what is the main foundation that this way of life is built on?

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This way of life is built upon the principle

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of doing good.

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This way of life is built upon the present the position of reciprocity, not just having good, but doing good. You know, it's like the golden rule, do unto others, as you would have them to do unto you. Islam is built upon that kind of a principle. Islam is also built upon the principle that human beings are beneficiaries. We are not owners, human beings, you see a creation, we are not creators. So we are dependent, but not upon each other, we're dependent upon a higher value. And so Islam is built upon this whole idea that human beings have been endowed by their Creator. And as such, we've been endowed. Now we become responsible, if you're given something, you're responsible to give

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something back. So because of this profound principle that Islam is built upon, we have the wherewithal to be able to give and not worry about it coming back to us, it's got to come back to us. We have this idea that telling the truth is not because if I don't tell the truth, I'm going to be found guilty or complications. No, because when you tell the truth, it's therapeutic. It's self cleansing. When you do good unto human beings, the prophet SAW some he said, Well, I see no, in the law, you have velocity. This means in Arabic, so do good unto others. Verily, Allah, He loves those who do good. So this is the whole principle of Islam. And if we want to understand that everyone, in

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their right mind, would want to be a beneficiary of that value. Now we're about to come to again, just a couple more points. Actually, one more tell us now everything sounds good. And we know that this way of life, it produces good when you implement it, you do it, you live good, you feel good. But for some people say, you know what, that's what my religion teaches my religion, of Hinduism of Christianity, it's all the same, they all teach good. So this way of life when we start to do it, the cross core now is are there weird things associated with it, too, so other religions might teach? They teach good, but then you're rolling around with rats, they teach some good, and they

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don't. And then you're bound down to a statute. Teach good and then you're doing some crazy rituals that you know what the average person is innate nature rejects this, it doesn't fit. It doesn't make sense. Is there something weird in the background? When we present Islam that people need to be fearful of a GI Joe? We're gonna pull it out? You gotta worship this man. Eddie, I think I like this kind of, like, simplify it. Yeah. You know, in the world today.

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Countries are measured by products and services, yeah, GMP. Is that what they call it?

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So you can talk all about your religion, but I say, let us all bring our religion into a forum, bring it all together, bring it into a forum and just put it out there. Because when you put your product out there, it can be examined as visa visa other products, yes, we get the best product, we get the best service. That's what we say. Others say the best product the best service, okay, present your product and service to humanity. And let us see, see Americans, five out of eight Americans, I'm told now prefer to buy a Japanese car that outwardly does that means that they don't have loyalty.

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No, it means they want the best product most reliable. So that's what it comes down to. I think that if we were given the opportunity to show the products and the services of Islam, okay, these these are other products and services or other people's religion, bringing them all into the forum is what would what would prove that and that's what we need the opportunity to do. We need the opportunity and we should welcome the opportunity to

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Sit down with Christians and Hindus and Jewish people and Buddhist people and, and anybody who claims to have a religion. And because the proof of religion is just like the proof of a restaurant, what's the proof? It's in the tasting proofs in the pudding. It's in the pudding. Yeah. So so we should welcome the opportunity to discuss Islam in the open forum of the world, and for people to ask us. So what have you done lately? You know, not what Islam has done. But what are we doing now? What's our plan for the future? And we come into that forum and we don't have the answers. Something is wrong with us. Nothing wrong with Islam. And that's what we need to prepare ourselves to do. And

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I think when we do that, the world and our society and our fellow Americans, they're going to be able to see the beauty and the power of Islam. Thank you very much for the time. Thank you very much. Me. Always, always, always nice to be on the deen show. And always, we look forward to thank you so much for having me again, my God Almighty, the creator of rewards you thank you so much. Thank you for sitting tight to another episode of the deen show.

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You can visit us here every week, same time, same channel. To learn more about this way of life. You can also give us a call anytime one 800 662 Islam and we hope to see you again next time until then, peace be unto you.