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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. I'm your host of the deen show and you've come to the right place to learn about Islam and Muslims. And we're going to be talking a little bit today about the verbatim Word of God Almighty, the Qur'an when we come back here on the deen show, sit tight

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thing that

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this is the

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this is the

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Salam Alaikum.

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Peace be unto you.

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How are you doing my brother?

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Man can.

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So you heard me introduce as many others did that we're going to be talking today a little bit about the verbatim Word of God that is now one of the incredible miracles is that millions upon millions have memorized the verbatim Word of God the Quran? And you're one of those people, is that correct? Yes. God is good. God is great. At what age did you memorize the Quran, I started memorizing when I was 11. And I completed it when I was 13. So it took you two years. The first year I did it, along with my schooling. So I was in grade six or seven, I don't remember. And then the second year, I went full time. So I dropped school as well just to focus on memorization. And I completed it in two

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years. Now, some people who aren't really thinking about this, and we say it's a miracle, they say, what's the big deal? What is the big deal about someone actually are millions being able to memorize this book.

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The beauty behind this specific book itself is, I find that it's hard for anyone to memorize any other book of any book in that case. And the beauty behind memorizing the Quran I never do Arabic When they memorize. So memorizing a book, which consists of about 100 pages of a language that you don't even speak, that itself is a miracle. And, you know, leave aside memorizing the translation and memorizing anything that's in English 800 pages. And not only that, it's another miracle behind the memorization of the Quran is the fact that we're able to remember it. So for about 15 years, in the month of Ramadan, for 15 years I've been leading,

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the people have been leading the congregation.

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In the tarawih, prayer tarawih prayer is a prayer that we will pray at night.

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And we recite the whole Quran through memory. So I mean, only if you're, you have memorized the Quran, or a half of the call it it's easy to understand that the Quran itself is a miracle not only reading it, but memorizing it and also remembering it. So it's been years now, but I still remember the Quran and I can call it versus if you were to ask me, I would be able to just give you verses just off the top of my head. So we're not talking about all the scientific facts today that I mentioned, the development of the human being in the embryo, the mountains, the seeds, the watercycle. Those are miracles, and signs themselves for the sincere humble person who wants to know

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the truth. God Almighty has put hundreds of signs in this Quran. But this is the sign that we're talking about today, that people not only has it been preserved since 1400 years ago, when it was revealed, but has been memorized. This is very deep, it is a big deal. And the reason they stress on memorizing it is the whole idea of the preservation of the Quran, how from the beginning of time, there's a lot of I mean, through the books of history, we can see that there's a lot of people that couldn't read or write. So the only way they would preserve something is by remembering it or by memorizing it. So 1400 years ago when the Quran was being revealed to Prophet Muhammad, peace be

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upon him. Until this day this habit of memorizing the Quran has has just been there and usually

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any individual wouldn't

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want someone in their family to be a half either someone who has memorized the four and a half or this someone we call who has memorized? So it's been preserved in the hearts and the minds of the people. And that's why we still have the message intact because we know the previous Lee revealed books, we don't have the originals, right. They've been changed, corrupted, and we don't have them today. But we have the Quran. Exactly. We have the Quran, just the way it was revealed. That's exactly how we how we have it that is very deep, if someone is a thinking person, who analytically scientifically approaches this, right, and he looks at just this miracle children, you said you were

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at 11. But aren't there kids at a younger age who memorize this whole book, I was I teach the memorization of the format. And the youngest person, the youngest child who's memorized with me was seven, yeah, seven, seven years old. And he's still bumps into me sometimes and

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older by the day, and we're not talking about the English, English is not the crown. This is Arabic, we're talking just pure the Arabic words of the Quran. As you know, maybe I'll also a few verses. That's what we want to get into. Next, we want the sincere, humble person to hear this is the speech of God.

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And now you're going to be we're going to ask you some questions God willing, and you straight from the verbatim Word of God is going to be from the verbatim Word of God, you're going to recite this. So you might not understand what he's saying, we try to going to, we're going to try to have the, the meaning there in the English. But if you open your heart, this will penetrate. If you're looking for the truth, your soul will recognize it. So let's talk about a law who's not a man or a woman. He's not the son of the moon, but he's the creator of all these things in creation. He's the one guy, right, the one create tour. So tell us a little bit about a law what he says about himself and

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the verbatim Word of God the Quran, and the Quran. Allah himself

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says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, por lo, I had a long summer delimited What am I what am equal double Khufu and I had the meaning of these verses. It's that old prophets upon whom the message was revealed, say that allies one, and there's nothing equal to him, he, he does not have any parents, nor does he have any children. And there is nothing similar to a lot. So this is, this is a is a sort of a chapter of the Quran, which basically, in circles are covers all aspects and every any question that you can have about Allah, considering that Allah does not need anyone working with them, he is not a parent, he's not a child. And he also, he is free from any human help in any way,

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shape, or form. Let's move on to another verse from the Quran that describes a little bit about the Creator of the heavens and the earth along

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another verse of the Quran, there are numerous verses actually read from the beginning right till the end, but another verse that's coming to my head right now, and go ahead and put put some put some, put some of the beautiful toner recitation that you have, I will into it. Another verse, as I said, there are many, many verses, but what's coming to my mind is

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specific, a specific set of verses in which Allah

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talks about himself and his qualities.

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This will allow him or her man or He, who Allah will let

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you know, who are highly motivated me one shot,

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man, he was a lovely lady.

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And medical would do so Sarah.

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Be sober Hannah la

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de PUE, who Allah will call it

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you said

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he was the one who was an ice hockey

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in these verses a lot is telling mankind that

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that He is Allah,

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the One who is worshipped. Thereafter, Allah is telling different qualities of the law.

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The one who is free from all defects, the one who is the giver of security, the one who watches over you, the one who was awesome

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might be the one who is hearing everything that you do the one who sees everything that you do.

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And other qualities that are mentioned in, in these specific verses. Similarly,

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a lot in the in the final verse says that he has a lot who all of the good qualities belong to Him, the qualities of completion not the qualities of incompletion, Completion, meaning, to be to be good or to be able to hear everything, you know, to be able to see everything these are all considered qualities of completion and completion has more to life than something which is incomplete. So, all the qualities of completion belong to a lot and, and then Allah subhanaw taala finishes these verses by basically saying that everything in the heavens in the earth, they praise Him and He is the one who was just the Almighty and the all wise so these verses are very beautiful, perfect perfection,

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no deficiencies, no deficiencies. That's the Creator of the heavens and earth a lot. There's a very, one of the most powerful verses in the Quran is Oh, Chrissy, can you go ahead and recite this

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Bismillah manual Rahim. Allah.

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You love when you ladder?

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out, man, that lady Sparrow

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is me. You Jada Marina has led him on for a while, I

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mean, he

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was the Apple CEO, somehow it was what I will do.

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It will now the real briefly go ahead and just summarize this powerful verse.

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A very powerful verse indeed. allies, basically, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that a lot without a doubt

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that there is no other God, but a lot. There's no one you would worship except Allah. And he is the one who is is alive. And the one who is always there. He will never, he will never fall asleep. Not even falling asleep. But you know, you know, he doesn't rest on the sixth day, he does take a nap none of these things, none of these things. And then the way, the way a lot of second is first, similar to what I know. In Arabic means it's not sleep. But you know, when you're really tired, you start to get drowsy. Exactly, that's what none of them that doesn't get close to it.

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And not even close to get

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that done what I know. He had a mama been at mama home, he knows what's in front of you. He knows what's behind you. He knows what's there before you He knows what's there after you He knows basically the whole knowledgeable, he knows everything that's there about you with you anything to do with this God? Yes, and he is a lot. And again, it's all about perfection all about. Just as you know, if you want to see perfection, you won't find it in the world, but you will find it with Allah with the creditor that has an earth and we'll be right back with more here on the show.

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I don't say to people I used to be a Christian, I still carry the values and principles of loving Jesus Christ and perhaps maybe more than themselves Christians. So I think I got the best out of Christianity by becoming Muslim.

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So many other things that you can enjoy without taking a sip of alcohol. This is the same thing. It's not an obstacle. It's not something that causes people to get completely desperate and start stopping living their lives. No, it should be a motivation. It's only one life that you're going to be living so you better do it for the last channel Tada.

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Not afraid.

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I am not afraid.

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I am

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not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show. And we are talking with a gentleman our brother who has memorized the verbatim Word of God the Quran, and we're giving you the non Muslims. And Muslim is one who has chosen to submit him or herself completely to the will of God. doing God's thing, not your own thing. Doing what God Almighty wants you to do.

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So that's a Muslim. So we want the non Muslims and the Muslims to get to understand and appreciate this, book the Quran a little better. So we have our brother reciting it a little bit so they can go ahead and hear some of the verdant the verses, and we covered a few verses on the

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description of the Creator is perfect perfection, far from any deficiency. Now, let's talk about this mighty messenger.

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Jesus, peace be upon him because there's a lot of confusion about him. And people don't know that we love Jesus, you can't be a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus that he was one of the mightiest messengers of God, but he never called people to worship himself.

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He never called people to any of these things. He called people to the worship of the one God. So let's go ahead please, can you recite the story on Jesus peace be upon them in the verbatim Word of God, the Quran?

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I'm thinking of a few verses near but what's coming to my mind is a

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set of verses that appear in the chapter of Mary. There's a chapter named Mary, this is the mother of Jesus. Yes, it's this is not even in the Bible. They don't have a chapter named after his mother. But we do it's in the Quran Chapter 19 chapter 19 it's called married and when the when the Muslims, according to the historians, when they were looking for

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you know, when they will be persecuted, they had actually moved out from Mecca and they went to

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Ethiopia. And they were looking for some type of safety over there. And they were predominantly Christians over there. So when they had you know, they had asked them the question What specifically what is your belief in Jesus and what is the belief in married? So, one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? he recited a few verses. I'm gonna recite those verses actually Please go ahead. Mr. Mallya Rahim was goofy Nikita the Muslim eating Tibet

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sovereignty factor for that meal dooney him a Java for all sudden Elaine Oh Hannah Fatima Sarah Bashar. Sir we

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boil it in the rock man. Get

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on in an hour or so rock big. The I have a lucky

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Zeki Oh, let

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echo belly on the keyboard. buki Hagin what Nina Giada Whoa.

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See what I mean? What can

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be the hammer let

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that be

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the hammer let

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that be my

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Oh, let

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see. Fernanda

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has any other Java bocchetta key sorry. What was the LA key bg novelette it was a

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journey sakuni wasabi wapo D

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for pony in need as a man and a woman who can

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me to follow Yama Yama for the gtha fairy.

00:19:15--> 00:19:18

America boo ki Merci

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beaucoup de

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la porte who can even who can can feel the sabi all in the law at aenean kita rajani, Nabil rajani Mobile rockin

00:19:40--> 00:19:42

Busan. He saw that he was

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well along BYD that he needs

00:19:49--> 00:19:51

Shepherd he was set

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to Wyoming to Wyoming

00:19:59--> 00:19:59

so he's

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versus basically having to do with

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the birth of Jesus and His miraculous birth. And about the

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they call it the Holy Ghost that came and blew the soul into the womb of Mary. And she conceived and the baby was born and how the baby had talked right in, you know, in a young age, infancy now, so someone might not get confused you as your Holy Ghost. Some people believe in a holy trinity. Father, Son, Holy Ghost, does this have anything to do with that? This has nothing to do as, as we know as Muslims we believe. And maybe maybe I said it wrong as Holy Ghost but we would. We, I mean, basically, the way Allah has said in the Quran, he ordered the Archangel Julian,

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to come down and blow the soul into the woman married. So that was the angel Gabriel, that was Angel Gabriel on the command of the creator of the mind of the Creator. Gotcha. Okay, so we're gonna take a break, and we'll be right back with more here on the D show.

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There always be someone that will be there to say something negative, but at the same time, there'll be someone there to say something positive. Just hold on to the wolf of Allah, everything in this universe, rely a need for answers don't kill women don't kill children. Don't kill old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed told us

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that the prophets are solid never ever start a war against anybody.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid of

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slavery, peace be unto you. We're here with

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our brother, Shere Khan, who's memorized the verbatim Word of God, the Quran, and we're letting you get a taste of it, letting you hear the recitation of the speech of God, save, preserved,

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edit, free, edit, proof, tamper, free, tamper proof that the words of Mohammed not the words of a man but these are the actual words of the crazy heavens and earth. Now, tell us clearly is this book without any doubt? Does the Creator of the heavens and earth does He say that they're?

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Very good question. And

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the answer to that question

00:23:15--> 00:23:19

is right in the first chapter of the Quran in the first verse,

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where Allah, He says, and

00:23:29--> 00:23:31

he added

00:23:34--> 00:23:45

me that he can kita Bulava, Buffy kodaline Mati and let me know what you do and I saw that there was

00:23:50--> 00:23:51

one lady

00:23:54--> 00:23:55

in a coma.

00:23:58--> 00:24:02

Public will ask you about him, you know,

00:24:04--> 00:24:04

he can

00:24:06--> 00:24:07

beat him What?

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These verses the first verse actually starts off by a lot telling mankind that this is a book in which there is no doubt not at all that's the first verse no doubt in it, no doubt at all.

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it brings up another verse where Allah

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says in the Quran

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a fella tada baboon el poder and what okay and I mean, the lady,

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Kathy euro,

00:24:45--> 00:24:58

Allah is basically telling mankind that do they not ponder upon the Quran, that there is no doubt in it? Because if this wasn't a word that belonged to anyone else, you would find a lot of mistakes and a lot of differences that you would find so the Quran

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Getting to the end. I memorized that when I was young. I know people that have just recited the Quran have seen, seen guidance through it. And the reason is that it is a miracle every part of it is a miracle. Just reciting the Arabic not knowing the translation, as I had said earlier, is a miracle.

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preserving it this way is a miracle. And just just normal facts of life.

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As we can see, as the verses that I had recited, everything is to do with the Quran is just so beautiful and it's it's perfection, perfect perfection to the limit of perfection that you can't find anything wrong with it. You can't find here you can't question. Amazing. I like to thank you. We're out of time for taking the time to be with us and letting us hear the verbatim Word of God. You know, God Almighty, Allah rewards you. Thank you. And I enjoy being here as well. Thank you peace, BMT.

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And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. And you've gotten to hear the verbatim Word of God. This is the speech of God. So if you love God,

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I mean, if you really love God, then take a timeout and read this book, read the Qur'an.

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read the Qur'an and see for yourself. But you've got to have an open heart and open mind. You've read every other book out there, pick this book up, you can call the number on the screen one 800 662 Islam, you get it for free, it won't cost you nothing.

00:26:42--> 00:27:00

Sit in the morning, have a nice cup of coffee, a cup of tea and pick up the translation of the meaning and just read with this sincere intention. Wanting to get close to God wanting the guidance. Take it from there and see what happens. And we'll see you next time. Here on the deen show. Until then peace be unto you.

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He created the universe.

00:27:10--> 00:27:12

To Him alone the heavens.

00:27:16--> 00:27:17

He is the

00:27:19--> 00:27:25

He's the owner. He sent His messengers

00:27:27--> 00:27:28

to his

00:27:31--> 00:27:33

grave danger.

00:27:35--> 00:27:36


00:27:40--> 00:27:43

There is none greater.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Not afraid.