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In the Rila, who want to stay in who want to study he want to start Pharaoh, when I will do Billahi min Sharon Iam fusina Omen sejahtera Medina Maja de la hora mo De La Hoya Euclid Farah ha de Allah. Wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allah, wa shadow no Mohammed abu allah sudo Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Kamal Salah tada Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in naka hamidah Majeed

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de vida la yohanna su Takara como la de cada camino FC wahida wahaca minha xojo However, thermen humare Jalan kathira, one Isa, what taco la la de de la luna de la in LA Cana de como Atiba. Yo yo holla Dena Amana taco la haka. Takata tokachi wallet molten lava and to Muslim moon. Yeah. yohannes Yeah, you have Latina Amano De La Hoya pudo Colin sadita useless. nada como para la comme de Nova come on up La la la Sula, who *a defassa phones and now the email. I'm about ready by the law. All praise do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companion, his family and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear

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witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Mohammed Salah lahardee alayhi wa sallam, his last and final messenger

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at the shore of Fatone, a very small

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city and south east of Asia,

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at the shore of that city, to brother were founded at the shore

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scared What barely survived drowning. That was in the 11th century, in 1050, to be particular,

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they disputed over where these two twin brothers came from. sunset and that's the most of historian speak about these two to be originally from Iraq scape two warriors were found in the short of that city. And some said no, the actually from the northern Indian, the northern north of India.

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Anyway, they took refugee and stayed in a monastery for the monk and the tune at that time.

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They described them in the history book of that particular dynasty

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as tall, they were tall, fair, Swift, brave, very strong, known as the show ban brothers.

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They became very well known of their very skillful swordsman and great warriors, that the king make them very close to him. And they were a special agent for him infiltrating his enemies lines. And in one of the battles between this kingdom and the Chinese dynasty, the Chinese King, these two brothers managed to infiltrate the lines of the Emperor of China, and went all the way killed his bodyguards, and even the drone with a white line, which is a way they used to ride that that time on the Kings bodies. And the walls inside that were the Kings is threaten messages that if they don't back off, and they don't basically stop the aggression against their people. Or were the king that

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the fighting on his behalf, that next time their king will be killed. And that brought that huge dynasty of China to its needs to sign a treaty with a small Kingdom of that region.

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One thing was known about these two, other than being so brave and smart and great warriors, that they were Muslims in a kingdom, which is known to be a Buddhist kingdom, where Muslims were not really recognized much at that kingdom at that time,

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but didn't last for long.

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A suspicious was raised around these two warriors who are Muslims, especially after they basically refuse to be part of building a burqa

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Which a Buddhist temple, they said, we're not going to be part of building that or sanction this because of our legend. So the king, basically order for their executions, not only them, but one of them has children's who were killed. Why are they just children from the fear of what these children might be in the future? This history and others documented is the most authentic, reliable source in the history of Myanmar, or Burma known as Burma in their glass place chronic

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Chronicle ad, which is considered the document that they refer to,

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even though as us as Muslim, we have also many, not only Muslim historians, other than the historians of Burma, documented the existence of Muslim long, long time ago. Because when you hear the official narration of the Burmese Government today, or myanmar government today, saying that there are hunger, or the Muslims are just are being considered a foreigners who the British brought into the land of Burma, you will know that this is nothing but just false statement that accusation has no it's a baseless claim, historically, far away from being true. Our account, one of the kingdom that we read about that we heard about that we have documentary of more than 400 years, a

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kingdom ruled by about 40 kings, who are Muslims, they have their own civilizations, they have their own language, they have their own history, they have their own currency, which is entered. And it's like it basically exists until today museums, where do you see the coins of that dynasty or that kingdom has La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and in the corners of it abubaker, Omar rethymnon, and Elliot of the Allah and it was a Sydney state.

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When said that Islam reach the area of Myanmar or Burma

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during the Abbasid dynasty, you talk about the 700.

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And the eighth century,

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in the hands of businessmen, and through trade, the same way to reach the shore of India, and the shore of Indonesia, and many other places, and another big wave of Muslim land, and came to the part of the world during the Mughal Empire,

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as well.

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And yes, there is a group of people, or a good number of people moved to this part of the world, when during the British occupation, they came from India, or maybe, as came from Bangladesh known today as this, basically, Bangladesh after they take their independency. But just let you know,

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when you hear a baseless claim like that, one of the thing that you need to be aware of that this little country known a small country, which is Burma has more than 135 and in some resources, 140 different ethnic groups.

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Why singling out?

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Why in 1980s,

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when the new low of this country was passed, to classify the citizen of this country, two categories, and guess what, there is a one category down in the bottom for the Muslims, not recognize them as a citizen of the country. As a matter of fact, the suffering of the Muslim in Burma is not only to one ethnic group there hunger, it's also the Muslim, the people who accepted Islam. They were treated like the Rohingya, even if the if the our Mac

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history was historically speaking, that's not a lesson of history for Joomla. But you go and search it in simple resources in history sources in history.

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You will find that there are a hunger are older than the Mac, the Buddhist in that part of the world.

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But unfortunately, like one of the politicians said it so eloquently.

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said the Burmese,

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the Muslims, Burmese, the Muslims, they're our anger our friendless group,

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friendless group

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and their prosecution didn't start few months back

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are a few years back. It's been centuries of prosecutions centuries of killing a mass killing and mispelled, basically destroying their villages.

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Buddha by the great king of barmah is known in CES in 18th century

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when he brought m&ms in front of the public and asked them to eat pork, and when they refuse, they were executed in public.

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The claim though, that he apologized later on and call them saints, but what that will benefit.

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And not only that, but that lead for after that are among those that came from the Buddhist monk, killing and targeting the Muslims in that part of the world.

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When the British came,

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divide, conquer, they raised this tension between the Muslim Buddhist

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with so many stories and in an interesting

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basically ways. And for the record, the people who known to fold the British the most during the occupation, were the Muslim Rihanna's.

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And that's one of the reasons they were also targeted.

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But after the British left, there are sentiments in the country anti colonization of England and because of England use a lot of Indian soldiers. Basically, there are a sentiment in the country against the Indian and that was somehow directed to be connecting Indian to Muslims. Because so many came at that time with the A with the British. And it became the basis for targeting so many Muslim so these the centuries

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in World War Two, when Japan wiped out Burma

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40,000 Muslim from the ohana were fighting to defend their villages. They're wiped out by the Japanese

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killed in the process.

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With that intercede for the Muslims in Burma. The default the British occupations followed the Japanese occupations No.

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General new one in 1962 when he came to power, he expelled the Muslim from the army forbade them to be treated like citizen and many laws were just traded. legislated that time. You cannot have more than one child or two child.

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Yes, there are communists but this is we're targeting Muslim in particular these laws. My son must marry a Buddhist, a Muslim woman must marry a Buddhist. You can't name your children with a Muslim names. You cannot have a title of her.

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And her the claim of you know being nice and merciful to the animals. They forbade any slaughtering, especially the urbani ritual of the Muslims.

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Animals are not allowed to be slaughtered.

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But there are hoeing is allowed to be slaughtered, allowed to be stepped on by their feets

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the feats of some extremist Buddhist monks putting the children's face in the mud and stepping on them to basically for them to suffocate to death. First is not my claim. It's all over the internet.

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It's the United Nations report that there is a genocide happening in that part of the world.

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1997 another mass massacre for the Muslims there in 2001. In particular, where the Buddhists demand to destroy a Masjid that was built more than 800 years ago

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as a retaliation to what the Taliban did,

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to the basically to the statue of Buddha in Afghanistan.

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More than 400 400 houses were burned.

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Allah knows only how many people were killed during that right into

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1001 2012 was worst

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2013 was unforgettable stories

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were 1000s of people were killed children oldman.

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Then all of a sudden we have this claim that there is a terrorist group attack some soldiers or a picture comes from the Facebook saying that there is a Buddhist woman raped by Muslim, then all of a sudden four or 500 houses, woman are basically raped, children killed, people were pushed out.

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And since 2016, there is a constant attack on Iran, on the Muslims in Myanmar

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since 2016, until today, never stop

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led by an extreme or an extremist Buddhist Group, a movement made of around 960 something group

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that is a coalition that is made to under the banner of Boerma for Burmese, which it means we do need any non Buddhist and region. Yes, I understand that some of this justification which is no justification, when people said Oh, historically speaking, they were so against the NDC Muslim as Indian because Indian have treated Buddhists in a very bad way. The Hindus treated the Buddhist bath in India and never led Buddhism to basically enter India. So they want to be that basically the sincere guards of Buddhism in the world, but that justify this massacres

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Those who care to kill an insect.

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They don't consider even these Muslims worth

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their life worth to be saved.

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It's unbelievable.

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Forget about what you hear in Syria.

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Forget about what you hear in Palestine.

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Forget what you hear in any other place in the world.

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That there is no nation there is no people have faced such prosecutions for such killing, like the people of this nation. And it is still

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an issue that many Muslims even don't know where is that.

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Myanmar. A young kid called me all this is the Brazilians football players.

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I said yeah, sure.

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It sound

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what we can do.

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And I'm saying this because when we see tomorrow, another ISIS popping up in that part of the world. When you see another guy that coming up and saying, you know what, we got to stand up for those

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wouldn't be, I wouldn't be surprised.

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Because it's keep happening again and again and again and again. When we don't stand up for what is right. When the good people don't stand up for what is correct.

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That things happen. And people take advantage of the situation for whatever reasons and political reasons they have.

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Maybe in the second one few few minutes, I'll share some tips maybe all of us can do and be aware of malice panatela in our community.

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Sunnah, according to Mostafa Rama Hari

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah, may Allah be about

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my brothers and sisters, I think our duty as Muslims towards what's happening there. First thing,

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creating awareness. Speaking about it, knowing about what's happening, because we are one on one nation.

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Yeah, yes. There is areas in the Muslim world get more attention for several reasons. Maybe there is more media, more awareness. There's more money, maybe because the nature of these areas because it's in the heart of the Muslim world. No doubt. It hurts way more than any other place. But it doesn't mean that other cases like this case, this case, and the Muslims in Kashmir and many other places were missing.

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As minority are so badly treated, to be forgotten, and not to be spoken about, and not to be aware of, we have in this nested, at least 300 people can be an advocate for the people of Rwanda, for the boardroom, in any conversation to make sure that we raise an awareness.

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So when you hear that there is a petition signed up,

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asking you to sign to put pressure in our representatives in the Congress, and they're basically in the international affairs or human rights committees

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to make sure that there is sanction How come that we in during President Obama's time we lefting the sanction over this country. And not only that, and we giving them basically trade and deals with the army and the army over there.

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And so called freedom fighter.

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The one that been take she she received the Nobel Prize.

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When the BBC interview error, she comes so angry, saying, why did you choose a Muslim couldn't find any other person to interview me.

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Such people don't deserve such prize.

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But if it's the Nobel Prize been giving to the people who massacred

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the Palestinians and Sabra and Shatila.

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I'm not surprised. Nothing surprised me anymore.

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Creating an awareness is one of our duties, making. for them. It's another duty and we should not underestimate it. And people say yes, when the last time that you make Tao for the Burmese

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you just think about it. That's another thing. Three, helping and supporting. That's why I instructed the brothers here in the muster to put in our in our Facebook and our website, in this monitors. Guys an email come to each and every one of you a link of Islamic Relief who doing a relief effort in Bangladesh trying to save the lives of those people who trying to flee the prostitution, the killing in that part of the world. I know we're donating to Harvey, I know he donating to many causes. But those people also deserve something

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fremer attention and from your charity.

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I know one brother called me and he wants to raise funds.

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As a policy in the master. I cannot back up any organization that I don't know personally. But you know what, because of circumstances, I'm not going to stop that person.

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And it became a person responsibility between you and the person.

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I only tried to promote what I know that through the channels that I know 100% of on camera.

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But I we need to we need to show interest and care for what's happened to our brothers and sisters around the world.

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And this is just one wound one part of our bodies is bleeding so badly for too long. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to bring an end to suffering of those people.

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And also one of the things that we can do is calling in Myanmar government writing to them calling their embassy.

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We don't agree on that we don't support them, writing petitions for them.

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Writing petitions to this to someone I know it's hard on Bangladesh to take more people refugees. I know it's not easy for a country to do that. And they have 1000s and 100 1000s people already, but we have still seen inhumane way of treating these refugees.

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We cannot accept

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one when an interior minister for Muslim country saying that we are going to accept the refugees

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reaching out to the Muslim world to do something to act that's also some our duties as a Muslim community here. So I asked a Lost Planet Allah by his names and attributes to make it easy for our brothers and sisters over there. And all over

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The world on ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring a fast relief and swift justice to them and ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect their lives to protect their wealth to protect their villages, to protect their Deen and ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bring to them those who will support them, aid them, protect them, and help them alone. I mean, I asked Allah Subhana Allah to make our heart soft, and our hands generous in supporting them. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala by his names and attributes to forgive our sins, to forgive our shortcoming. And ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to bless us and never to test us with such tests and to protect our Deen and our safety in our lives.

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us and our family, our children in our country. alum Indian so look at who they are to our FF o Alina de novo Sonata, Kwanzaa antihero, Monza kaha antibody yo mo de la manana silica UMX yamawaki mein and Nanaimo bloomin on turfan one and a fillable Moto E. coli mcenany. Other gelato a crumb, a llama for lonavala Deena a llama for la vida de de nos reality now as Virgina masala Hamas la mala and Amina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam USL the Mako multi select Johann Kumar