Amazed by the Quran – Prophet Ibrahim’s Greatest Enemy

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Salam Alaikum Welcome everyone to amazed by the Koran a series in which I share with you what I find amazing about the Quran today, very small example. But I still think a very profound one about our father Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, there are two iottie are very similar ones in sootel anom, the sixth surah. And the other one is sort of sort of, and here, in both of them, you find a very similar statement of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis. Salam there, I'll give you the Arabic And I'll translate them roughly the same way. Anybody remember to shikun I am absolved. I have nothing to do with

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the Schick, the associations with a law that you make the blasphemy that you do. So he's talking about how he's disassociated completely from and this associated is a good word, but I am disassociated from what you do from the ship that you do from the blasphemy that you do okay. The others would also in need in any Bara Mata boon no doubt, I am absolutely absolved, or I am completely disassociated from what you worship in metabolism,

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except the word disassociated in, in the soul is futile and harm is very buddy means it's an adjective. Someone who is disassociated is called a very

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bad but in the eye of Soto zakharov. It's actually Bara and Bara in Arabic is not someone who is disassociated. It's actually this association itself.

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Now, this is the concept of how do you describe something? Okay, again, a little bit of Arabic here, or conceptions of concepts in Arabic.

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To help you understand it, I will cite something that I explained this to using using cartoons to my child.

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The cartoon movie cars,

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right Lightning McQueen.

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So he he doesn't say that he's fast.

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The movie opens he says speed. I am speed.

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Now, my son will lead is obsessed with cars, right? He has been for a long time. And he thought when he said when he said I am speed obviously he was exaggerating. What he meant to say was what I am really fast or I'm speedy the adjective. But he said I am speed itself, right? And will lead for a long time.

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Thought that that's how you say you're fast. So he says about your car's speed. Right?

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About Look, I'm gonna go speed over there.

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I'm so speed. Like he used this as a verb, and as an adjective for like a long time.

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So the English language for him was ruined by Lightning McQueen. Right? Now the thing is,

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the point I'm trying to make is that sometimes when you want to describe someone with the most, the highest form of adjective, then you don't even use an adjective, you actually use the concept itself.

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That guy's so wealthy, he is money.

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He is money. That means he has a lot of money. But you didn't you just say he is money, man, that guy he is basketball. It is as though you're saying no, it's not round or whatever. He's, what you're saying is he embodies what basketball actually means. Or you've heard people say things like, you know, when you look at when you look up stupid in the dictionary or stupidity in the dictionary, you'll find this picture. Right? So the idea the large infinite idea of stupidity has been captured by this man. You understand? Now, I'm saying this silly stuff to you to get across that. You can use an adjective to describe someone. Or you can use a concept which is going out of your way to help

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to, in a sense, hyperbolized to to empower I won't use the word exaggerate because exaggeration, we do it quite often doesn't do it. God doesn't exaggerate right, and hyperbolized is that emphasizes so in one case, Abraham says no doubt, I am disassociated.

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And in the other he says, no doubt I am this association itself.

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From what you worship.

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You won't know what this association means until you see me and my relation with these idols and what you worship.

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You want to know what disconnection disassociation means see me? So hon Allah. The question then arises, how can we in one place he just says I'm just associated the adjective and how come the other case, he goes out of his way to call himself this association itself. I'm going to be embodying the idea itself. It's incredible that in his youth, when he was going through his journey of discovery, demonstrating

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To the people around him, How silly their ship is, when he saw the sun come out for them as shumsa basura Kala hadera be awkward. This is my This must be my master this is bigger. Now when it's settled, he said, My nation I have disassociated with you. This is him as a young man reaching not only having reached the discovery of Allah Himself, but also demonstrating it to his people. He's not a prophet yet.

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But he knows that he cannot be associated with shirt

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once he becomes a prophet, and he has to take on his father and he has to take on his nation.

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Sneakers coming.

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Oh, that was juicy.

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Once he becomes a prophet, and he has to take on his dead

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and he has to take on his nation. What does he say? If Khalid Rahim Allah maybe he will call me when Abraham and his son said to his people, his father and his nation in nanny not even in the in the mean certainly I in many is a more emphatic form of certainly certainly certainly I am just Association itself from whatever you worship in the lead the photography for in the Hosea Dini, except the one who fashion we molded me because he certainly he's the one that will guide me once he becomes a prophet. He is not even enough for him to say he's disassociated. He has to now say he is this association itself.

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The responsibility has been elevated. And it's captured in just that one word. Again, the same problem I've get I don't get tired of saying it. Read this in translation. What are you going to find? I am disassociated. I am disassociated. You're not gonna see the difference. But the power with which messengers had to declare their their their separation from these ideas, how much more of a weight was on their shoulders is just captured in the wording buddy from solanum transitioning into the word barah in sort of sort of Subhanallah Eliza azza wa jal help us appreciate the power of these words. And may Allah azza wa jal give us a renewed sense of love and appreciation and loyalty

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to our father Ibraheem alehissalaam barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.