A Minute with the Aware Academy #08 – Tell your wife

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If you're a married man and you happen to be addicted to pornography, do yourself a favor and go and tell your wife Hi, you're watching where Ibrahim A minute with the oil Academy video series, go and tell your wife look good is no closer person in this world who would accommodate your needs and who would actually offer you support the support needed in your condition other than your beloved wife? How about if you are a wife addicted to pornography? Should you go and tell your husband? Let us Park this question for the latest video. But if you are a man addicted to pornography, I say 50% of the cure lies in telling your wife about your agony but you have to bear with patience her reaction,

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the volcano erupts she will think that you have cheated on her she would think that you have broken the trust. You have to take the pain you have to give all the space in the world you have to let her throw at you all what you feel at that particular moment. But trust me most of the cases that I have dealt with the wife who calmed down and offered you the necessary support. What do you need to do now is to go to her have a plan. Choose the right time and sit with her lovingly and express your need for her support and help