Cannot Describe My Feelings in Words – Find Out Why

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AsSalamu Alaikum everyone, I just want to share something very special with you very quickly. I am in this place you can see, you may think this is a house made of grass, straw and

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tree branches. But let me introduce this to you. This is a masjid, in Malawi, in Africa, where I am right now. And this is one of the best Masjid in the world. This is one of the best Masjid in the world. Now, you may be thinking, what am I talking about? There are no chandeliers, there are no carpets, just cloth. And it's made of straw made of three branches. What are you talking about? Mr. Rishi? This is one of the best machines in the world. On what basis? Are you saying this? I don't mean in the material sense. It's not made of bricks. It's not made of chandeliers and carpets and you know, lavish tiles. It is the best or I'm not saying the best story though it is one of the best

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machines in the world. You know why? It has been made by new Muslims. New Muslims made this Masjid in Malawi with their own hands after they accepted Islam. And I stand right here in this Masjid made of straw.

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And there is nothing like praying in this mush as brothers and sisters. I cannot describe my feelings in words. I cannot describe the feeling you know of praying and I must sit like this. And this is a new Muslim village where we are right now. Ira has been active in this area. And hundreds of people have accepted Islam in the last few months since February because that's when Dow started you can see the machine behind me.

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This machine is made by the new Muslims with their own hands, the sisters area separate the brothers area separate in the front where I was. And these are the new Muslims are talking about.

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These are not new Muslims.

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This is a new new Muslims. These are the people that build this masjid. And brothers sisters, this work is absolutely crucial.

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All we have to do is to come here and give Dawa have teams that are brothers local brothers who are doing Dawa, they come into the hour, an IRA is managing all of this. You want to be part of this work. You won this award, you want to be part of this award of this masjid and these new Muslims, then one of the best ways is to support IRA in the work this organization is doing. And you can do that by going to the link donate God ira.org Very simple donate.ira.org you can find the link in the description I will put it there. But remember, we're the sisters, there is nothing better in this world than following the prophets in their way. And the way of the prophets was to call people to

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Allah to invite humanity to Allah. And this is what our teams are doing. And this is the result the outcome. This is one of the best massages in the world. I'm not saying the most sacred. It is one of the best massages in the world. It is made by people from the hearts and from the souls that came together, out to listen Saturday for Islam. They accepted Islam and they built this machine very recently. It's very new by the way. These people have been Muslim since February, and it handled their learning. They taught us how to read Fatiha. They read fattier in front of us they made wudu they showed us how to pray Salah you know the basic Aqeedah of Islam. And this is the work between

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don't forget to support IRS work in Africa in particular Malawi. Go to the link in the month of the hijab, the best time to do any good deed go and support this work.

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donate.ira.org Allah bless you all. Thank you so much for your dogs, your well, your your wishes, your good wishes, and your support. And may Allah subhanaw taala continue to accept from all these people who are doing this hard work I mean,

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Al Hamdulillah Ramadan Amin