Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 305C Tafsir Al-Lail

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of men and women's behavior and the success of the Prophet sallahu in achieving income. They stress the need for guidance and understanding one's beliefs to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, as well as the importance of avoiding giving gifts or donations. The segment also touches on the history of Islam and the idea of rewarding individuals for helping others, as well as the importance of being mindful of one's spending. The recitation of surahs provides guidance on being mindful of one's spending.
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Surah two Lail

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Surah two lane is also a murky Surah Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim while Layli either y'all share by the night when it covers,

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meaning it covers everything with its darkness. It even hides the sun, when a hairy either

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and by the day when it appears when it shines forth when it becomes manifest the Gela same word as we read earlier Jeem lamb Well, it appears with its full radiance SOTL asstra Ayah 12 Allah says whether Allah Laila Wanda Hara I attain, we have made the night and the day both of them as two signs warmer halacha vichara will answer and by the one who has created the cup the male will answer and the female

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opposites. Night Day, man woman in necessaria, calm Lusha conclusion that indeed your efforts you're striving is what Lesha it is surely diverse. shutter is the plural of the word shattered sheen that just like the word muddy is a singular of the word mandala. So shut the plural of the word sati. We have done this word earlier. There are several of them Jamia and Waku Waku Robomow Shakta

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and what does it mean by shutouts when there is diversity,

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when things are not the same, when they're not identical? So in the Surya Coppola, shatta, just as the night and they are different, just as the male and female are different, your efforts are also

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Night Day, completely different doesn't mean that the night is better than the day or the day is better than the night. Is it? No, the night serves a purpose. The day serves a purpose, men woman different physically. And also, in other ways. Does that mean that one is superior to the other just because of their gender? No. Each is important in their own way.

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Likewise, in the Surya, Kamala shutter, everybody does something different. Every person does things their own way.

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Doesn't mean that one is superior to the other.

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Like, for example, if a person thinks oh, because I'm a doctor, I'm the best person in this universe. No, not necessarily. Yes, you're a doctor, you are helping people get better. But there's also people who are saving who are rescuing others. So in the Ciriaco militia, what does it mean by this? Everybody works differently. And if our goal is to make everybody the same, it's not going to work. We have to accept diversity. We must do that. Because if we don't, then we're putting ourselves in hardship.

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You know, for example, even when it comes to writing, or laying the table, or parking the car, or even driving a car. Isn't everybody their own style? I mean, everybody does things their own way, isn't it? Yes, of course, if somebody is doing something illegal, that's not acceptable, but don't criticize someone just because they do things differently. If it opposes the Command of Allah, yes, there we will do a loadable module from the handle Mancha, but where it doesn't let it be in the Ciriaco militia. This can be understood in another way also, in the Surya Coppola, shatta, or you people you are diverse in the sense that some people are striving towards paradise. And some people

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are working to end up where in hellfire. Allah has created people for what purpose for his worship.

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Allah subhanaw taala has put in the heart of people the recognition of good and the recognition of bad.

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So those who pursue good, those who worship Allah, their goal is going to be different. From the end of those who don't, their end is going to be different. Just as they're striving, their lifestyle is different. Their end their outcome is also going to be different. There is a difference of night and day between those who strive for Paradise and those who are heading towards hellfire.

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There is a huge difference.

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And here we need to see ourselves that my habits, my lifestyle, my goals that I have in

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My life, who do they resemble?

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Do they resemble the ways of those whom Allah has blessed whom Allah is pleased with? Or do they resemble others?

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In my clothing in my speech, in my thinking, in the way I eat my values, which group do I belong to? In necessaria Kamala shutter for amendment Arakawa taco now the differences mentioned for Amma than S for man who are thought he gave, he gave what what is necessary to be given what must be given? Like for example, Allah subhanaw taala has ordered us to give our wealth to give of our knowledge to give of our time to give from our abilities. So the one who gives what taka and he feared, feared who Allah was Sadaqah and he confirmed meaning he attests the truthfulness. He believes in what Bill has now in the best one. What is this best persona? I'll Kelly metal husana The best speech?

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What is the best speech, the speech of Allah

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and the Word of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we'll set up a bill Hausner, he believes he confirms the truthfulness

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of the word of Allah and the word of the messenger. Then this person first who yes Cyril who, then we will facilitate for him, we will ease him we will make it easy for him. What Lily Yusra two words that you saw two words the ease, we will ease him to word is we will make the easy way easy for him.

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Easy doesn't mean simple.

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We will facilitate for him the easy way, what is the easy way?

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Or what is the ease? This can be understood in multiple ways. Firstly, look at the Promise of Allah fasten who yes Cyril who

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this is for therapy for certainty that whoever gives and fears Allah and believes that Allah will facilitate all his affairs for him. For son, we assume you saw you saw means ease, meaning everything will be facilitated for him. And this means that all his worldly affairs and religious affairs will be made easy for him.

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You might wonder how

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we thought when you do good stuff, you face difficulty.

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How does that work? First then we acetylcholine Yusra, this is Allah's promise, we will make it easy for him. What? Everything, worldly affairs and religious affairs. Firstly, remember this is Allah's promise.

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Right? And ease is not easy, except after difficulty. So what this means is that yes, there will be difficulty but Allah promises ease. Look at the life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, was there a difficulty of different kinds. But then after every difficulty, was there relief, was there ease was there. Yes. So believe in Allah was promise, when you're doing the right thing, you will face hardship. Because life is meant to be difficult. But that hardship is not going to be eternal.

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It's going to end

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there will be ease.

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Secondly, we look at it this way, fasten your seat, who who will use rather all his matters, all his affairs will be made easy for him. And yes, this is true. Because ease is not just the things become very simple for you. It means that they are facilitated for you. They are made possible for you. You get somewhere.

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Ease doesn't mean that you don't study for an exam and you just show up and you're like, oh, you know, I just gave sadaqa so I should pass.

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Know what it means is that you try your best you work hard, given the time that you have the ability that you have. You put your trust in Allah and you do the right thing and you will sit for your exam and Allah's help will be there. It will be facilitated for you. Fasten your seat Hulan, Yusra, then things that appear to be impossible

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will become possible.

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You understand? Look at the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were there situations

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in his life that just seemed like

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It's done.

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It's over.

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Think about it. The journey of hijra, the Battle of birth, the Battle of all of these battles were what?

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How did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam pray before the Battle of others that Oh Allah, if you don't protect this group of people, then you will not be worshipped. Look at how he made dua.

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Was success made possible for him? Yes. Was it simple though? Was it simple? No. Did he have to work hard? Yes. But was he granted success? Yes, the impossible was made possible. And you look at the life of any person who is struggling in the way of Allah any Sahabi any scholar you will find they did amazing things, how?

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Something that we cannot even imagine today. How, how do they do it? Because when Allah gives the field to someone, then even the impossible becomes possible.

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Then a person accomplishes many things. Then even the most daunting and the most difficult tasks are easy. For son who yes, Cyril who will use ROM and you see, this is successful life. This is a successful person. A successful person is not the one who's always finding shortcuts. A successful person is the one who manages to do what comes before him. And this can only be by Allah's help. Allah says in sort of follow up I have for one minute tequila yadgir Allahu Maharajah yadgir, Allahu Minh Emery, he Yusra. Whoever fears Allah, then Allah will create ease for him in his matter in his situation. So first and who yes, Cyril who will use straw. Do you believe in Allah's promise?

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Do you?

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We say that we believe in Allah's promise. But how do we live that belief?

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If you think about it, every time we discuss religious issues, we associate them with what? With difficulty, and with hardship, with a burden that oh, this is so difficult, and this is so burdensome, you know, because we're serious about the dean, and we take matters of the Dean seriously, and we want to do what is halal and we want to keep away from harm. This is why we are in so much misery. It's like all our life's problems are because of what

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because of what because of the the we blame the dean for everything.

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Then there is a problem.

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This is Allah's promise fasten who yes, Cyril who will Yusra believe in Allah's promise, Allah will create ease, he will make the impossible possible. Things that people can only dream about, they can only wish for.

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Allah can provide that to you. He can give that to you. And really you will see that the most chill, calm people are who those who fear Allah the most.

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They complain the least. And you know who complains the most those who are distant from Allah.

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Because when a person

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believes in Allah's promise, then he's just calm.

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Enough sudomotor My inner, then he relaxes, and then the most difficult also becomes easy. It becomes possible. And when a person is distant from Allah, he doesn't expect help from Allah.

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He doesn't have hope, in Allah's mercy than what happens. Every little thing pinches and pokes and hurts and bothers. Fasten we acetal who will use straw, this is Allah's promise.

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So whenever there is an apparent hardship, because of the deen, how are you going to view it? Whether that hardship is that, oh, somebody rejected me. They don't want to marry me because I wear hijab, or that hardship is that there's too much work work and Quran and everything is just, you know, my Quran class is just exhausting me.

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Whatever that hardship is, how are you going to view it? Allah's promise is that he's going to make it easy. I will do this not because of me, I will do this because of him.

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I will get this. I will have this not because of me, but because of him first and we are Cyril Hulan, Yusra. And you see you saw is what the easy life is where its agenda and how does a person get there? By doing good. So when a person or a thought with the car will stop the car Bill husana Then the easy path meaning the path of obedience is made easy for him how

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Well, the one good deed leads to leads to over here. Another one which leads to another one.

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What a man and as for mumble healer, the one who becomes stingy says oh my money, my stuff. I don't want to give this stingy with their time stingy with their ego. Mumba Lila was thoughtful now and he considers himself free of need independent of Allah he thinks, oh I don't need God I'm good. I don't need God's reward. I don't need His mercy. What amomum Bellino was stolen? What can the bubble Hausner and he denies the best? What is a Lucena the best word the word of Allah the word of the messenger Phison we acetyl Linares slaw, then we will ease him to word difficulty

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what is a little slow what is real difficulty? It is unhealed. So, we will facilitate the path towards difficulty for him.

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That is the fact that he will run in

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that he will excel in one sin will lead to another to another to another fasten who yes Cyril hula straw. Another way we can look at this is that fasten we are slowly the rostra meaning we will make difficulty easy for him that everything that he touches, he will find difficulty in it.

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in contrast, the person who believes gives

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then Allah subhanaw taala promises them is facilitation.

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Possibility. And here what do we find the opposite?

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That how little things will become complicated. And anytime you find this in your life, that the most easiest of things are becoming hard for you. That for example, you're reading a page, you read it three times and you still don't get it. It's still not getting into your head. What's the reason? A simple page, something written in English. Something written in BASIC language, you can't memorize it, you're not able to understand it. What's the reason why is something simple made difficult for you? Why? Look at your actions. Well, amomum Buckler was stolen i was i stingy? Did I think that I was not in need of Allah's help? So I just ignored my earth god. I didn't even ask Allah for help.

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Maybe that's the reason. Fasten your seat ruler or straw. His matters are made difficult for him. When are you near and who warmer and what you will need and who it will avail him Malou his wealth either at or when he will fall?

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The wealth because of which he thinks he is self sufficient. He doesn't need Allah he's independent of Allah. What good will this money be? When this person thought

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he falls he falls where into * bra that yeah Radha to perish. And Tierra de is to fall in a ditch or in a well and be unable to come out.

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And if a person falls in a ditch in a well in a lake

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what does it mean? When they're not able to come on? What does it mean death destruction.

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So what good will his money be when he falls in *? On the Day of Judgment, man oh, now ni Melia Hala Kearney, so Tawnya yo Mala Yun, Ferro, Milan, wala balloon, and either TourRadar can also be understood as when he falls in his grave. When he goes in his grave, he's put in that hole in that ditch and covered up what good is his wealth?

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In that Elena alHuda indeed, upon us is surely guidance meaning the responsibility to guide

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Allah subhanaw taala has taken this as a responsibility upon himself to do what to guide mankind. How

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what did we see in the previous surah he created signs in the universe. He put the understanding in the human being. And then he also sent clear guidance through messengers through Revelation. So in our Elena alHuda, it is incumbent upon us to guide and has Allah subhanaw taala made the way of guidance clear, yes, he has. If you think about it, our religion guides us with respect to everything, what we should believe, how we should speak, how we should worship, how we should deal with one another, so much so that I will that will belong on who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died and

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There was no bird that flew with its wings in the sky, except that the messenger has taught something about it.

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Meaning there was nothing we saw anywhere, except that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had taught us something about it.

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And what in the NMD Lenna for us, meaning it belongs to us only Lal Hera, surely the hereafter will Ola and the first the hereafter and the first life meaning, the life of this world, both of them is in whose control Allah's control in whose power, Allah has power, the dunya belongs to Allah and the hereafter belongs to Allah. Allah is the Owner of everything. We're in lnl Hirata well Gula for unveil to come. So I have warned you not on other fire Danilova that is blazing raging lamb last year.

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The Lavoie meaning one that is raging it's flames are rising. Layoffs Lucha none will enter to burn in it, except Ushaw. The most wretched one and who is that? The one who can Dubba with Oh ALLAH in Solitude i 106 For Amma Latina Shaco for Finau Eleni Canada water wala the one who has denied and turned away instead of giving. He has been stingy instead of believing he has refused. What's the Eugen Nebu her and soon he will avoid it was a Eugen Naboo Jeem noon, but jump what is jump side of a person and the job is to avoid something. So he will be kept away. He will be made to avoid, he will be spared he will be removed far from it. From what from hellfire who

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are the most pious meaning the one who fears Allah the way Allah should be feared? That is the person who will avoid hellfire. And who is he? Who is the person who fears Allah, the way Allah should be feared? Allah the you Dima Allah Who, the one who gives his wealth.

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And what are we always complaining about, oh, I don't have enough money, I don't have enough money. I want to buy this I want to have that. The characteristic of the people of Ghana is a lady you team Allah Who yet has aka he gives off his wealth, why? To purify himself, he gives sadaqa he gives charity so that it would be a means of purification for him. Because sadaqa what does it do? It cleans us into the Toba i 103. Who would mean I'm wearing him so the cotton Tupa hero whom what was the key him be her, take sadaqa from them, meaning make them give sadaqa so that they will be cleaned and purified. Allah the youth team Allah Who yet has an altar yet that can describe the

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state in which he gives his wealth, meaning he gives it in a manner in a cause that brings about this gear, not facade, not corruption. One way of spending money is that it causes corruption.

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How that a person is giving it for the purpose of showing off for the purpose of impressing others or he's giving it in a way that is excessive, so that his family is suffering or he is suffering. So yet the Zaca meaning he gives it in a manner that causes that brings about the skier and what is that without the

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and without a Seraph. Well, Molly I hadn't, and not for anyone meaning he doesn't give charity for anyone, for the sake of anyone, which anyone I know who near him meaning near that person is manera mutton some favor to Jezza that is to be rewarded. It's a little tricky the structure of the IRA, but if you reflect on it, it will be made clear manera Metin Tujunga meaning no one has any favor outstanding with him that must be repaid you see.

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So the coin is given or rather we give gifts or we give in charity for various reasons. It could be given for various reasons.

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One is that you give to someone because they deserve it. And the other is that you give to someone because

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they helped you yesterday so you better help them today. So even though you don't want to give it you feel obliged to give it

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Understand, you feel obliged to give it because they Monera thin, they did some neuroma to you. And that neuroma is such that to deserve, it should be rewarded, it should be repaid.

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They helped you yesterday, they favored you yesterday. And that favor is such that it should be

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So they don't give it under this pressure, they give it for who's sick, for whose sake for the sake of Allah, and also not to anyone. Another way to look at this is that he doesn't give it to a person

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so that he's doing him such a huge favor by giving him something so that tomorrow, he will repay him.

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Sometimes this also happens, that we give others with what intention, tomorrow they should give me.

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Today I should help them so that tomorrow they will help me is this why we should give? Is this the reason why we should give? No. When you give you give for Allah, you expect reward from Allah, that you are helping his servant tomorrow when you're in need, Allah will send help to you.

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You see, it is sad that these verses were revealed about Abubakar Avila horn who, because he would free a lot of slaves.

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So his father got upset with him that what kind of slaves are you freeing? In these people are not really strong? What can they do for you tomorrow?

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Help someone who can help you tomorrow.

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So you would say no, I'm not doing it so that they will help me tomorrow. I'm doing it for Allah, someone is in need. Allah has given me the opportunity. I'm going to help him one early, I had dinner in the home and near mutton to dessert. And really, we need to think about it. If we spend anywhere. What do we think?

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Tomorrow I should get something from here. And when we don't get it, do we get upset?

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This is why we remember things like oh, when their daughter got married, we give them $1,000 And now that my daughter is getting married, they just give 200

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Honestly, it happens we gave them five suits and they didn't give us even one

00:27:20 --> 00:27:27

Is this why you gave them those five suits? Is this why you gave their daughter $1,000 so that you could get something out of them?

00:27:28 --> 00:27:32

Well, if that was the case, you wanted something out of them, you should not have given it in the first place.

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Actually, you know they make a list who has given what number wise money wise and then when they have to return the check that list back please don't do this. When you get married Inshallah, those of you who are not married right now when you get married, please don't make that list. So that when the other family somebody from them is getting married, you can give them an equal gift. No, you should give what you can afford, whether it is more than what they gave you or less than what they gave you.

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Salam Alikum Shahid, Rahim Allah He used to say, if I want to save my money, I want to invest my money. If I have $20 or 50, whatever, I have to give it in southern mindset. Whenever I give I get more Subhanallah

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in love with the law or want to hear a bill or Allah in law except meaning the only reason why the servant of Allah at QA person gives is what reason to seek the face of his Lord.

00:28:38 --> 00:28:46

Who is his Lord, are Allah, the highest one. He hopes to attain the blessing of seeing him

00:28:48 --> 00:28:50

the honor of seeing Allah

00:28:51 --> 00:28:51

think about it.

00:28:53 --> 00:28:55

Being able to see Allah,

00:28:56 --> 00:29:00

this is a blessing that will not be given to everybody.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:06

It will be given to those that Allah is pleased with

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and who is it that Allah is pleased with those who do good for his sake, and only his sake.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:21

Hide your good deeds, and make them sincere

00:29:22 --> 00:29:24

with the hope of seeing him

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in love the law, a word here a bill or Allah, Wallace sofa, your Allah and he is going to be pleased. Well a sofa and surely soon, Yoruba, he will be pleased who will be pleased. Allah will be pleased meaning the one whom you are trying to please with your sincere effort,

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then he will be pleased with you. He will be happy with you. What do we learn in the Quran the example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah

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Then is Allah pleased with them? Yes. How so? The reward for their spending is like what?

00:30:08 --> 00:30:41

What is it like like a green that grows and then what comes out of it? A plant that produces seven ears and in ages 100 grains multiplied 700 times while a sofa uribl he will be pleased. So worry about pleasing the one who's pleasure you can attain. You know, when it comes to logic and reasoning, decision making and things like that. This is what you look at is a problem solvable or not?

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If it's a solvable problem, you go for it. There is a clear end that you can achieve when it comes to pleasing people. Is it possible to please them? No way. You can't please them. You make them happy today. Just wait five minutes see what happens. It's impossible to please people but pleasing Allah, that is possible. How do you do that? By bringing sincerity in your actions? Let's listen to the recitation of the surah

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Bismillah your Walkman your

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well lately either

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wanna holla

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comb lash

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the ball will flood the host and

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then we assume holy you straw

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nephila was still

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holy last one neon Moon Man Oh either

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field auto one

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ash fall

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what's a

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one early mid night, moving near

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to jazz

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being in

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water so, ball

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