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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the practice of Islam as a web for believers to take away anything that is gone, and the law gives examples of signs that indicate that the end of the cycle is gone. The spider web is like a web for believers to take away anything that is gone, and the law gives examples of signs that indicate that the end of the cycle is gone. The practice is seen as a sign for believers in a particular day, and in a particular time. The web is a web for them to take away anything that is gone, and the law gives examples of signs that indicate that the cycle is gone.
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Muhammad wa alayhi wa sallam may become to the 20th years. And after all the stories of kings and queens, Allah talks about the real king who is allowed. And he gives five different verses right at the beginning of the 20th, just to show who the real King, and who's the real Illa and who's the one who's worthy of worship. So he talks about who's the one who created the heavens and the earth who actually created the earth. Who gives who actually saves you and gives you a cure when you're actually ill, who's the one that guides you in the darkness of the earth and darkness of the Seas? Who's the one that brings life, and then brings it to death? and brings it back again, back to life

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again? And Allah says, Well, this is this there is only one answer. The only one answer is Allah. And his kingdom, not only is on the scene, but it's of the unseen 200, Allah designed number 65. And he then challenges the people are making challenges people of this world as well, to try and think about these the consequences of all of this, which is that if you're going to, if you're going to be someone that is overpowered by a scene, sort of Kingdom, whatever the kingdom that extends over everyone and his kingdom is such that it will extend over the Day of Judgment, this world and the next world, and his kingdom is such that he doesn't even care about his kingdom is going to destroy

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his kingdom, even the the mountains and the earth that is created, he will destroy all of that. And number 88. And eventually, you will find that those people who have got guidance there, the people on the Day of Judgment, who have salvation and those people who failed, that the people who will be destroyed. We come to circuses, in the 20 years after the natural causes, amazingly counts the detail a lot of detail, half of it is about the detail of one or more size 11 children. Why? Because there's a lot of message in this of a person crawling through, you know, trying to find one hope or guidance or the light and then finding another one and then finding another one. So each time when

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there is absolutely like a dead end, Allah opens up again. So we find the sort of begins with the army of your own and how Harmon and Harun have got the whole of Egypt under their control. And a young mother who has a baby musasa she she has fear and then she casts it into this into the river. And that ends up in the eyes of federal government. And here he adopts that child he adopts musasa as his own child. What Allah shows again, is that where we thought that that every baby is getting killed, that masala Salaam should have got killed, that's where he takes you to the enemy, and it makes the enemy feed the one that is supposed to kill. And then if we find that the mother the

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mother sends the daughter to go and find where the trails of Musab, so she then find that that musasa not even drinking anyone's milk. And eventually they bring it she says the daughter says I'll bring you a woman who will who's whose milk he will not deny, and she brings her mother and the mother is reunited again with masala masala grows up to be a young man, this is an EIN number 14. And then he sees a couple of arguments. And in those arguments, he kills one man and this man belongs to the people of Pharaoh. Because of that he has to run away. Now look how Allah moves him away, makes him a shepherd. And then after a while he's making a shepherd because he wants him to

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become humble. And he wants to him to realize about the values of life, and later on is going to make him a messenger. So he runs away from here because the people of Iran are about to kill him because he killed them, one of them and another 30. And then it comes to a place called Medina and he finds two young women, he feeds, he gives water to the sheep. Because of that they go to their father, their father actually calls him the father that employs him for eight to 10 years, and also also offers one of his daughters in marriage. So musasa gets married. And once then he's he's moving away. Now after 810 years away from from his father in law's place, he comes across a darkness and

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that's where he sees a fire. And when it comes to the fire, he then hears a voice and this voice tells him that he is a prophet, and his voice tells him that the voice is actually Allah. So Allah talks to him, makes him a messenger and sends him to film. And you've got all of this detail to show us that look, us as Muslims are those of the earth they may go through a lot of smaller, interesting or one trouble after another trouble after another trouble. But as long as we have faith in Allah, Allah will bring about

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The ends in our favor. So he talks about massage and coming back and challenging children and eventually, Sharon and all these men and so on they are drowned because they tried to challenge musala salatu salam now, Allah says what?

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What Allah does is that he brings one effect of not after another fact this whole story that you've heard, the same like of it will be found in many different ways in different people's lives. And one of the things he says to Mohammed Salah is, and really agreed with this Quran is that the same thing will happen to them, because many people have come in the past on the denial is that it gives a story specifically of

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after after giving a lot about HIV and about the Day of Judgment. So why about Tor hidden there just because we Muslims need that again, and again, we need to come back to the IRS, where we see no other power except for lost power, where we see no other consequence except for the consequences of the Day of Judgment, these two things will make us make us strong and strong again. So if you look in number 61 onwards, you will find that a law talks about this and he says in our number 71, that if allow us to make the day continue forever and forever, who is there to bring the night and if allow us to make the night continue forever, forever, who's there to bring, you know, the day. So

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these are the highlights of though he once he talks about the day of judgment and avato he, he then tells us about another enemy of musasa, which is carbon and carbon because of his power. He tried to subdue his people and he tried to make people feel that he is a kind of a person that should be looked at, by everyone. So Allah shows us that When musallam saw him, he told him, don't be proud of what what God's given you. And don't let the thing that God's given you move you away from and lead you away from Allah Zoda. Carl did not listen. And one day Carmen comes out with his greatest on his greatest day, he brings out the best horses, his best clothes, and so on. And the people are

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parading outside, and he actually brings all of his treasures out for all the people to see how many treasures he's been given, and how many how much he actually owns. And in the midst of his greatest day, Allah swallowed him in front of all of his people. On that day, this is an 81. And then the people saw this and thought, you know, all the people who actually yearn for his gold and for his treasures today, they said, Oh, you know, Allah has the power. Why did I do that is because he's trying to move our attention away from this world. And the worldly things that look, all of this is going to end in the, in the end, and just as his whole kingdom was swallowed into the ground,

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everything on his head is going to be swallowed into the ground. And what's going to remain is the battle after that the home of the alpha will remain. This is iron number 83. And it says those people who don't want to lose one of those people who don't want a greatness and a haughtiness on this earth and a mite on this earth to try and subdue other people, just like fear around him. And just like I don't get those people who don't want that Allah has created the Africa for them. And each one of them that will bring a good deed, Allah will give them a good in return of it. And whosoever will bring a bad deed, and they will not be given anything else except what the in return

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on what they've actually

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done on this earth. We come to Sudan, Kabuto, Sudan. kabukiza is a surah, of hegira surah of migration in in the times of conflict. And what we find is that the sudo opens up with us, and the whole discussion about parents. And in terms of conflict, sometimes people actually don't listen to their parents, they don't care about the parents, but the parents supposed to be those people, the very people who gave them the life and you can't forget them, especially in in times of conflict. He then talks about when you don't know how a salon and in his time of conflict he had to travel and he had to migrate. When he was this was This is item number 14 and 15, Ibrahima salon monnier conflict

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he had to also migrate. So that is mentioned and the challenges that he faced, and in the 17 onwards, loot alehissalaam and number 26. When he faced conflict, he had to also migrate and the people of Sodom who didn't believe in his message, they were the people who were destroyed in the end, what what Allah is trying to say to us in all of this is that look, sometimes challenges come so much that the people around you have to be removed and if a lot brings a catastrophe to remove them, then you're going to have to migrate and if you look at the end end of this news, you will find that a lot talks about you know our own fear our own harm and all this we will add some all

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these nations before you Allah says in EIN number 40 some of them I took them by hailing stones from above. Some of them I took them up by the the OSI has a great sort of scream are great

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Sort of a sound from the sky. Some of them are swallowed them into the earth, and some of them are drowned them. And the law says all these powers that you see around you that you think that are so great and so mighty, whatever, whichever powers are around us right now, Allah says, For me, it's just like the house of a spider. The spider spins a web and thinks that he's got something strong. If you think about the spider's web, it kind of feels very strong, because even though the wind of 60 miles an hour blows, the spider's web stays intact. But that's something that is non tangible. As soon as something tangible like your hand touching the spider is gone. So Allah says, look, you

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might find many forces around you the content is empires and other things down. But as soon as I come in coming to this, it will be gone. It's like a spider's web for me to take that away. And the law says, I'll give you this example for you to actually think a * of a lot more similar to ad hoc, I've created the heavens and the earth with truth. And in this day is a sign for the believers, those who believe that's the end of the juice.

Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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