Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 305B Tafsir Al-Shams

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various aspects of the Surah, including its meaning, meaning for people, and its relation to the Earth. It also explores various concepts related to "has" and "boamans," including "boamans" and "boamans." The transcript describes a fight between a woman and a man where the woman refuses to do anything until she hears the man's voice, and describes the woman as a woman who has fallen in love with a man's inner voice and is terrified by her actions. The situation describes a crisis where everyone is either guilty or guilty without a clear reason, leading to confusion among the people.
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Are we the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim

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surah the shrimps Sunnah the shrimps is a murky surah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advised Maharashtra de la Mourinho to recite the surah in Serato Aisha instead of a longer Surah, such as sort of little Bacara or earlier Imran

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was Shamcey Waldo her by the sun and its brightness. Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath by the sun, and also brouhaha. Its duha its brightness. The word Doha is used for the brightness of the sun, the light and the heat of the sun.

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And it's also used for morning time, daytime or for noon was Shamsi whoo ha ha. By the sun and its brightness will Comrie and by the moon either Tala ha when it follows it, della yet flu. This is not to our as in recitation over here, but tele in its literal sense, which means to follow. So, and I swear by the moon, when it follows it follows what follows the sun. How does the moon follow the sun? When the sun rises? Eventually it sets and when it goes away? What is it that comes in the horizon? It's the moon. Or the law can be also understood as the moon when it follows the sun. Meaning taking its light because the moon's light is not its own. It takes the light from where from

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where? From the sun. So well Comrie either Tala her

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one Nahum hurry, and by the day, either July or her when it displays it janela Jeem Lam Wow journal journal is to throw light on something to make it visible.

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And Gela meaning when the day reveals its full glory, the day brings the sun to view

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all right, either Gela

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the day brings the sun in view because it's daytime when you see the sun want to hurry? Either Gela her

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will lately and by the night either you'll show her when it covers it. Yellow Shah to cover. So the night covers it covers what the sun overhear her in every verse is referring to the sun. So the night when it covers it, meaning you don't see the sun in the sky anymore as the night arrives. As Allah says in surah Yaseen Ayah 37 What is too low Himalayan NASA human Hoonah * for either humbles Lee Moon assigned for them is the night we extract from it the day for either who was on the moon than they are left in darkness was summer II and by the sky warmer banana her and that which built it that which constructed it, man, remember is used in many different ways. One meaning of Man

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is Man is of Missoula, Missoula as and it gives the meaning of a levy, the one who, so what's sama II, and I swear by the sky, warmer banana hat and the one who built it, who built it, Allah who built it, Allah constructed it and look at the word banana that has been used, which is used for construction to make something that's solid and firm.

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So what's sama you were my banana? And ma can also be taken over here as malaria meaning Mabasa her meaning how remarkable is its banner is its construction by the sky. And how remarkable it is that the sky has been made. Was summer you wanna buy now her? Well, oddly, and by the Earth, one of the ha ha. Again, one melt AHA have two meanings.

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And the one who has spread it, meaning Allah who has spread the earth, or Secondly, mouth hahaha how remarkable is it's spreading. Now the word thorough, which has been used for the earth that how the Earth has been spread extended for her well, the her by her yield through is to spread something extended. And the word is also used for throwing something like a ball. So throwing something because when you throw it, it goes far from you

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And because it's a ball, it's going to roll away even further.

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Some have said that it means best to spread something far and wide. Just think of a ball as you throw it. Where does it go? Far away? So Matt, the HA HA, what it means is that he has extended the earth. The earth is not small. You don't reach a place that's called the end of the world, do you? That's something you would see in cartoons long time ago. All right, but it doesn't exist anymore. Even in cartoons. Alright, because there's no place in the world where you could say, I'm at the edge of the world. No, you're not, no matter where you are. The earth is still before you because the Earth is like a ball. So well. Are we one of the HA HA, one up sin, and also by the soul warmer,

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Sir, we're her and the one who proportioned it

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or how amazing is it's this we're somewhere you saw weakness, we're is to straighten something, to put it in order to perfect it to smoothen it. Thus we are it also gives the meaning of balance and proportion. So the soul that is proportioned, what does it mean by that?

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The soul that is proportion

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that is created in a very sound and balanced way. Which soul is this the human soul.

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And if you compare the human being with any creature, you see that the human being is the most balanced, the knifes the human psychology is the most balanced, the most moderate. And if you think about it and other creatures, for instance, animals, there is this greed and selfishness. Which is why for food they will kill each other.

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Isn't it? It's amazing. So when I've seen one master where her

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how Allah has proportioned balanced the soul for Alhambra. And now the detail of that the sphere is given that for Alhambra that he inspired it. I'll hammer inspired Ilhan lamb her meme ill ham is ukar shape and nups to put something in the knifes

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do inspire

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so I'll hammer her he put in the knifes of the person what voodoo Raha it's evil, it's wickedness, what the color her and it spiraled it meaning inside of men. Allah subhanaw taala has put in him both the inclination to voodoo, and the inclination to Taqwa.

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This is the test we have the balance that Allah has created in human beings. Jinn, if you think about that Jin are more rebellious, right? Angels are what just programmed

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to obey. The human being has in him the potential to disobey and the potential to obey.

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For Alhamdulillah Fujimura Taqwa voodoo, what is voodoo, to act immorally to disobey

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and Taqwa the fear of Allah.

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So alhamdulillah for Judah what Toccoa he pointed out to the men do the human being, what is good and what is evil?

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Like we say, the moral compass is inside, so that a person can recognize what is right and what is wrong. What is the response? What is the conclusion of these bolts are the F Lucha Monza

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a fella he has succeeded, who has succeeded Monza Kia the one who has purified it purified what? The soul because in the soul is the inclination to do evil also.

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So this means that there will always be a battle inside of you that you will be fighting

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your good side and your bedside your inclination to do good and your inclination to do bad there's always a struggle, what you feed become stronger, and it overpowers the other. You know, for example, when it comes to intention, can you ever say okay, my intention is good and now call us I don't need to worry about it. No, it's a daily battle. You have to fight yourself you know when you're knifes is inclined towards voodoo showing off boasting, feeling proud. At that time, your heart will tell you don't show off. Don't be such a loser. Alright, so there's an inner battle.

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Now what you feel

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Eat will become strong. It will overpower the other. So does Kia is a lifelong process. You can never say Oh, I did this Kia for two years now I'm good. No. It's a lifelong process just like your body. You have to keep cleaning it. You have to keep taking a shower. Right? You can't say okay, I've taken a shower. I'm good for a month. No, I'm good for my life. Please don't think like that.

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So how can we think that if we have purified ourself for just a moment or two, we are good for the rest of our lives? No, we're not are the F Lucha Menza CAHA the one who purifies the soul, then he has succeeded what are the harbor and he has failed ha Yeah, but haber failure disappointment. So who has failed Munda sir her the one who has buried it, corrupted it? The word DESA is from the root letters then seen seen? It is said that the word is actually the cessa but the other scene is assimilated into the first one. So, this Sesa what does it mean? It means to bury something?

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Basically that sees is it fat to hide something?

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amnio do su fit to rob

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Are you him Seco who are allow huning AMEA de su Fedorov, that one one of them has a girl, Baby, what does he do? He thinks to himself that should he keep the baby with embarrassment and disgrace? Or should he cover it with mud? So, this is the meaning of the SIR, to cover to hide.

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So when you have an opportunity to do something or to say something wrong,

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does your heart tell you don't do this?

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Does it is there some hesitation? There is Is there some fear? Yes, there is why? Because your inner voice is telling you don't do this. This is not okay. This is not appropriate.

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But what happens sometimes we ignore that voice.

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We ignore it. So, the one who buries that voice

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then he has harbor what are the herberman the sir?

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Another meaning of the word? The SIR is that it is from the root letters dial seen Yeah.

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And that means to corrupt or to spoil something.

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So what are the herberman this the one who corrupts the soul? Then he has failed.

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This is the test of life.

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Allah subhanaw taala has put both abilities both voices inside of us. One voice telling us disobey Allah, the other voice telling us Don't you dare who do we respond to? Who do we obey? Who do we feed

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whatever we feed is what will be strengthened.

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The but some who do not look at the example of those who ignored their inner voice got the but some who got that? It denied all some would be the Hawa because of their thoughts because of their transgression.

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they transgressed.

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Because of their rebellious nature. They denied who did they deny? Their messenger? Solly Alehissalaam.

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Even Bertha, how did they deny their messenger? Aiden Bertha, when he got up when he rose up, who a spa her the most wretched of it.

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The worst person amongst them. He got up who was this worst person? Among them? His name was piedad bean salad. And what did he do? He got up and he killed the candle for all Allah whom Rasul Allah, and the Messenger of Allah said to them, now with Allah He, this is the camel of Allah. Meeting, Allah's miracle was Sophia and her turn to drink, Sophia, what disappear mean, to drink, drinking turn. So the messenger warned them that this camel belongs to Allah. This is Allah's miracle. And it's the camels turn to drink beer

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Just remember that these people demanded from their prophet a very specific miracle. And what was that? They wanted a full term pregnancy camel to emerge from the middle of the rocks. And what happened? That camel actually came. Did they believe? No, they didn't. They denied. So what happened then? The people were told look, one day, you get to drink your animals get to drink from the waterhole. And the next day. It's the right of the Nakata Allah. But what would happen is that this camel because it was a miraculous camel, it will drink a lot of water.

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So the people were getting fed up. So they decided they were going to get rid of the camel and the Prophet of Allah warn them. Do not do this. Do not hurt the camel. Let her drink on her day. It is her right was Sofia, her fucker The Boo. But they denied him for Kuru her, and then they kill the camel. They cut her tendon, or Kuru iron kufra basically is to wound or to cripple, a creature. So here they crippled the camel. How? By cutting the tendons that are in the back of the knee, the hamstring. So for Arakawa, they killed it. Now think about it. How did they kill the camel? What made them kill the camel? Didn't they have their inner voice that told him don't do it? You know

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that this camel is not an ordinary camel. This is a miracle. It appeared in front of you, as you had demanded. And then the messenger has also warned us to not harm the camel. But what happened? Did they respond to that inner voice? No, they buried it. They ignored it for our karuah What was the result? What was the result? What did we learn earlier? What are the harbor Munda sir her

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failure? For Damdama I lay him for Damdama so he inflicted upon them by boom their Lord be them be him because of their sin. What did he inflict upon them severe punishment. You see the word dum dum. That will mean that mean? It means to beat in a way as to level with the ground. Similar to the UK. Similar to the UK. It is a Damdama is to destroy something and completely blotted out leaving no traces.

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For them the marlay him or abou will be them be him because of their sin. These people were punished and what happened after the punishment for so well.

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Then he leveled it leveled what the entire nation just imagine a forest full of trees all the trees are cut down, they're uprooted than a fire is set. Everything is burned to the ground. And then then what is done a roller or something is passed on top of it all smooth for so we're her another meaning of the word for Sunhwa is that he made them all equal in punishment that even though one of them got up to kill the camel.

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Everyone was guilty. Why? Because no one stopped him. And this is the thing when you see somebody doing something wrong, even then your heart tells you that's not okay. And at that time we have two options. Either let it be ignored think about oh what can I do here? What can I say?

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Or the others that we do um would have been marital when a hearing in Mancha. And if we don't do admirable Maroof winner here and welcome, then we are equally guilty.

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Because what are the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say when you see wrong being done, then stop it how? With your hand. If you cannot do that, then stop it * with your tongue. And if you cannot even do that, then consider it wrong in your heart but that is the lowest level of it

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for so we're her there. We're all guilty. What are your half or Koba? Well I your half who and he did not fear. Allah has no need to fear or Koba its consequence.

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Why? What happens is that when someone is punished, a criminal is caught, that there's some fear that there will be some form of outrage.

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And this is the reason why many times security forces also they don't take any serious measures. Why? Out of fear off outrage.

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But what do we see here? Well Are your half or Cuba. Allah does not fear any consequences

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Bismillah your

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Manual Wafi was shown to you on

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one corner either

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one lady either yellow shirt

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one way one

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one f See

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won't bother

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them or don't be involved one

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so Paul Rasulullah Hina long he wants to

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be there been

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So, what do we see in the Surah? Allah subhanaw taala has made different arrangements for the guidance off people. Firstly, at the beginning of the surah signs around us Above us are mentioned the sun the moon the night the day mean who can miss the brightness of the sun, the heat of the sun, the darkness of the night, the beauty of the moon, who can miss it, the signs Allah subhanaw taala has placed in the universe why signs What do signs do they point to a destination? So these are all pointers, leading us to who to Allah subhanaw taala. Secondly, one of suwama Sawalha that Allah has also placed within men inside himself inside men. What Fujimura what ACOA the inner compass

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because your heart tells you when you're doing something wrong, as Allah says Bilal insane or infc besito no one needs to tell you oh, you should not have said that. You know, you should not have said that. No one needs to tell you, you wasted money over there. You already know that. Because of the guilt. You know, this guilt that we feel this is also because of what it's because the heart is there enough says talking. Thirdly, Allah has also sent messengers. Then the example of the messenger is given the messenger was sent to the people of the mood, through messengers through scriptures also, Allah subhanaw taala has sent guidance. So if a person does not purify himself,

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ignores the inner voice ignores the clear evidence signs and ignores the clear words of the messenger, the clear message of the Scripture.

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Then whose fault is it?

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It's his own fault.

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