The Resilience Of Aisha

Taimiyyah Zubair


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The Resilience of Aisha (RA) – I Am Her – Ust. Taiymiyyah Zubair

Life and leadership lessons from women in the Quran

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Chateau de la Miranda our mother was falsely accused of a sin that she had not committed.

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And the rumors this practice such an extent that they were accepted as fact. At this time, we see that even her mother and her father could not say a word in her defense, at this time of loneliness are a shadow of the law on how to comfort in the words of Prophet Yaqoob Allah His salon that are mentioned in the Quran. For sablon Jamil will la Hamas dhanu Allah meadowfoam that beautiful patients it is that I shall observe and Allah is the one whose help is sought against the lies that you say.

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The fact is, that the Quran is a source of comfort and guide for every single one of us. It is after all, the speech of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala describes it as good news as mercy and as healing for those who believe. Allah subhanaw taala says we'll have the Quran Mubarak on Enza now who this is a message that is bless it and we have sent it down We have revealed it even though the Allahu anhu said in the huddle Quran dupa Toma indeed this Quran is the banquet of Allah feminista Torah and you're done them I mean, who scheyden funnier fun. So whoever is able to learn something from it, that he must do so. So I invite you to the soil banquet to the upcoming unlock requests. I am her

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