Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L313D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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under the name and a shitload, Neela Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim,

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Sunita Nasir and number 123.

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Susan Nussle is a mother de sola. And it was revealed after had dinner with her

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and it is also called sort of the fell deer. A deer well that I mean, what does that mean? farewell.

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So it is called a doe deer the farewell surah. Why? Because soon after this, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away.

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It is also said that this is the last slot to be revealed in its entirety. in its entirety, this was the last word to be revealed, meaning all of these three is revealed together at once.

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And this order has three verses 19 words, and approximately 80 who

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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emerger, Ernesto la he will factor

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when the victory of Allah has come and the conquest

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when the victory of Allah has gone and along with the victory, what else has come? The conquest has also come.

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NASA is from the root letters noon slot raw.

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And nuzzle is used for help support.

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When someone helps another, when someone supports another, this creates ease for them. And it doesn't just create ease for them. But it also enables them to achieve their purpose to achieve their goal.

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Which is why whenever a person receives help from someone, then it makes them happy. Isn't it so? Why?

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Because it makes their task easier. It makes them successful in what they want to accomplish.

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And the word gnosis in particular is used for such help that is offered to someone against an oppressor

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against an oppressor or against some kind of danger or harm, or suffering, which is why we see that the people of Hellfire, what do we learn about them, that they will have no nurseline they will have no helpers, meaning no one to take them out of the punishment.

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So it's such help that is given against some harm, some danger, some suffering, some oppressors some serious trouble that a person is in.

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And because of this, the word muscle is used for a great support, meaning it's not just a small kind of help, that you're helping someone you know, lift their bag or you're helping someone make tea or you're helping someone with their directions. No, this is something major. This is with regards to big things.

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So either Java or natural law, ie when the help of Allah has come.

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What does the Nussle of Allah refer to?

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What does this help refer to? This is the assistance that Allah subhanaw taala provided to His Messenger against his enemies. This is the help that he provided him against his enemies, especially the Quraysh.

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And as a result of that help, as a result of that assistance, what happened? He was able to be victorious over them one fat, and also the victory

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is victory.

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And over here we see that if you think about it, father is actually a part of NASA,

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isn't it? So

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fat is actually a part of NASA.

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And it is mentioned separately? Why? To show what a huge favor it was that Allah subhanaw taala assisted His Messenger in many, many ways. at many occasions. However, the special health that came was a victory and which victory is this? This is referring to the conquest of Makkah.

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Either Janice, Allah He will

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work at NASA, and you see the people yet to who Luna, they're entering fi de la he in the religion of Allah, how are they entering the religion of a lot of words, in multitudes

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of words is the plural of foliage. And foliage is used for a group of people. Sometimes a word is used for an army as well. But it's not always used for an army folgen Arabic is used for a group of people that comes quickly and goes quickly passes away quickly as well. You can just imagine like, for example, a parade is going on. So Battalion, they come forward, they show what they have to show and then they move on they continue to pass on.

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So this is the meaning of the word float. So at NASA toluna feed in a lay of water. You see the people entering the religion of Allah in groups. What does it show that in multitudes? They are coming

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In multitudes, they are coming, and they're accepting Islam. And this happened that after the hundreds of other especially after the victory of Makkah, especially after But America, there were many, many people who came in the form of literally tribes, the entire tribe came to Medina, embraced Islam, stayed for a few days, learn a little bit guarded teacher, and then moved on meaning went back home. So FYI, Joe, what are at NSA, the hora de de la wotja? Up until now, how are people embracing Islam

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as individuals, isn't it so as individuals, and they were also accepting Islam in secret, meaning they wouldn't tell their families about or they wouldn't tell their tribes about it? Because if they would tell them, it would cause them a lot of difficulty in life.

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So what I ate an essay the hula feeding allottee of words, then at this point, what should you do? For sub Bish behind the bigger the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being addressed? That you exalt with praise of your Lord, meaning now busy yourself in the speech of Allah, glorify Him. And remember that hound is what kind of praise that is with gratitude. So thank Allah for this huge favor. Thank you for this huge favor, which HUGE favor, victory. And also so many people accepting Islam, the religion of Allah being complete being established for Serbia behind the obligor. And at the same time was the one who also seek His forgiveness. Why seek His forgiveness? Because whenever a person

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is doing something, after all, he's a human being he is weak. It's only normal, that he would make mistakes. It's only normal, that he would fall short in something or the other.

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So what's the fear? who seek forgiveness from Allah don't carry a heavy burden of regret, of shame, of guilt of embarrassment at this point? No. If you ever feel guilty about something that you didn't do such and such, you didn't complete such and such, you made a mistake in one aspect or you made a mistake. And another thing, what should you do? Turn to Allah and seek His forgiveness, what's the fear who, and remember that in the who cannot a lover, indeed, he is ever Accepting of repentance. The work was the work, when we accept over again and again, repeatedly for the greatest of sins, even for the greatest shortcomings, even provided that a person is sincere in turning to his Lord.

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So when a person is sincere, Allah will also accept him in who can add a lever. Now, when this order was revealed, a robot could only learn who he wept. He cried.

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Apparently, if you look at this, in a way, it's giving a lot of good news. What good news that the victory has gone. Islam has been established, everybody's accepting Islam. Now you get busy in worshipping Allah, thank you and praise Him glorify Him for this huge favor. But Abu Bakar will be learning who understood what this ruler actually meant. What did it mean that now, the vision of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is complete.

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And once the mission is complete, that means he is going to depart soon he is going to leave soon he is going to pass on soon.

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So this is why he wept because of loss of personal data centers religion. Why in order to be completed in order to be perfected Leo's hero who are either Dini Kohli,

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and this surah shows that it has happened or it will happen very soon. And when it happens, then you are busy that the speed of a load that means the mission is accomplished.

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So that means it's time for the profits of a lot of stuff to go. So this is why it will go to the Lord who wept he cried.

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Now we see that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was migrating from Makkah, Allah subhanaw taala made a promise with him. And what was that promise we learned about it and sort of passes? I 85 that in the final de la creme de la Duca

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that, indeed, the one who has given the score on to you who has made this obligatory upon you, meaning to follow it, and also to conveyed, He will surely return you back to this home.

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Meaning he will surely bring you back to Makkah. Because imagine any person who is leaving Makkah, he said,

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isn't it?

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Any person who was leaving Makkah, even if you go and stay there for a month, even if you go and stay there for two months, when you're leaving, you are sad? Why? Because it's the most beloved place to Allah subhanaw taala and it has in it, the house of Allah.

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But imagine the state of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that it wasn't just the house of a lot to him. It wasn't just maka to him, it was home to him. It was home to him.

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It was where he was given the first revelation. It wasn't

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where he was born where he had grown up. And he knew that this is a very special place and imagine how he was being made to leave, he was being driven out.

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So it was very difficult for him. But Allah subhanaw taala promised him that these people are driving you Allah who bring you back. And we see that only eight years after the digital, only eight years after the digital, the prophet sort of all the sudden return to Makkah, and he conquered it.

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He returned to Makkah, and he conquered it eight years, and he did for America.

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And we see that when Makkah was conquered, then many, many people accepted Islam. Why? Because now Islam also had authority.

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Up until now, the truth of Islam was clear to the people. It wasn't that it was unclear, no, it was obvious. It was very clear to the people.

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But what was preventing them from accepting Islam was the wish to gain of Makkah, the courage that superpower that if they accepted, then what would happen? The Quran should become their opponents. We learned earlier, intellectual courage that how Allah subhanaw taala granted so much honor and respect to the people of Croatia, that when they were at home people respected and when they were traveling people respected them. Why? Because they were the custodians of the Kaaba,

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isn't it so?

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So if any person accepted Islam, that meant he was having the people of Makkah as his enemies.

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So once Mako was conquered, then everybody started accepting Islam, it became easier than

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and this is why we see that when Makkah was conquered, many people accepted Islam delegation upon delegation came to the prophets on a lot of sediment this year is also known as our will food, the year of delegations.

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So people from five people from Yemen, houses and tribes, all of them came, and they would come to Medina, they would accept Islam, and they would stay for a few days, learn basic things about the religion, some people would stay in order to learn more, and the rest would return home.

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And like this, the entire Arabian peninsula, entered the fold of Islam. Just imagine, the entire Arabia changed, everything changed.

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And it said that of all the people who came to visit the profits on a lot of them in order to accept Islam, every single individual, of the 1000s of them, every single individual accepted Islam, except for just two individuals, only two people did not. But everyone else came in the state of Cofer and the left in this data, Islam.

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So this is what is being mentioned over here, that Elijah and US will law he will further or at NASA to Haruna vidyalay of larger at such an occasion, at this victory at this success. What should you do?

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For sub big behind the love because the hero who glorify your Lord, praise your Lord, thank you, Lord. But typically we see what happens. Whenever people accomplish something, whenever they're successful at something whenever they're victorious, whether it's at an individual level or at a national level, what is generally the way of people how do they celebrate? Oh, with a lot of pride, sometimes boasting sometimes belittling others, or doing such actions which Allah subhanaw taala does not approve of Allah does not like, but what do we see over here? Allah is teaching us humility.

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That when you have been successful at what you do, once you've completed your mission, then show humility to your Lord, submit to Him and give credit where credit is due.

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Who enabled you Who gave you this victory? Who gave you this help? Allah? So first and foremost, thank him, for some behind the odd because the hero don't go and taking credit for yourself but rather give it to Allah because he is the one who gave you the ability to do this task to accomplish this.

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This is why we see that when the prophets of Allah said when he was entering Makkah, conquering, mikaze entry, how is this position?

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so humble, so low, he was bent down, just imagine, he was so humble. So for sub behandlar, because the pharaoh glory glorify Him and secondly, seek His forgiveness as well.

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He is ever accepting.

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Una de la de as wotja

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Beco was

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I shall learn her, she noted that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam used to say often in his record and in his search the subhanak Allahumma bene, or the harmonica, Allah homophily. Both the things are mentioned over here that the speed as well as is to have both are mentioned over here.

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And he will also say towards the end of his life support Allah He will be handy stuff with Allah, what to put in. Towards the end of his life, he increased in his the spear as well as is too far why, because the last panel Darla commanded him to do so.

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And this is something very, very beneficial. That whenever a person is successful at doing anything, whenever he is able to accomplish a goal, what should he do? glorify a lot because this saves a person from pride. This makes him grateful for the blessing. And he should also seek forgiveness. Why seek forgiveness?

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Because no matter what you've done, you always have this guilt in your heart, I should have done better, isn't it? Because every person knows about himself, I could have done better, I could have avoided this, I could have done that. I know I have not given it my best,

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isn't it so.

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And this feeling of guilt can really become heavy on a person. And it can really stop him from moving on. It can really prevent him from excelling. Because what will he think? I never did this property. You think I'm going to do this other thing properly?

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Isn't it?

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So a person feels discouraged. So don't feel discouraged? Yes, you are a human being you fell short you made a mistake, but turn to Allah seek His forgiveness. In our religion, there's no room for despair, no room for despair whatsoever. No matter what a person has done. He is allowed to turn to Allah seek forgiveness from him, provided that it's before that.

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So he is allowed to turn to Allah seek His forgiveness.

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Even at this occasion, even at this point where a person has been able to complete the study of the Quran, at this point, first of all, there is no pride, there is no arrogance, there is only the spirit of the law, because it is only because of Allah Sophia, that we have been able to complete it.

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And secondly, if there are any shortcomings, anything that a person has done wrong, anything where he did not fulfill what he wants to do. And every person feels like this, because Allah says, You occluder who have gotten it and you know yourself, you have not given the hug every person knows at every level. So at this point, what should we do? seek forgiveness from Allah to Allah, cover our mistakes, hide them, wipe them off, forgive them for us, and enable us to do much better in the future.

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enable us to make up for what we fell short in.

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When a person is humble, when he is grateful, then what happens Allah subhanaw taala gives him more opportunity. And if a person thinks Yeah, this is because of me and look, well, all that I've done, then if he feels proud and arrogant, and Allah doesn't even give him more trophies than

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that in ceccato. Let us even if you're grateful, then I would increase for you and those who are arrogant, a lot isn't like those people. This is another reason to do this be another reason to thank him for this great blessing.

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