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Yusuf 1-18 Translation 1-18

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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whether we want to slowly or not a Sunni Hill Karim Amma Bharath for the villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim er beshara Elisa de were silly Emory Washington rock data melissani yokocho coli aubenas in our ilma

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suta uses lesson number 122 is number one to 18 Translation Alif Lam ra la flambeaux tilaka that is two vs versus L key tab of the book. l mu being the one clear

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in there indeed we under now who we have sent it down to earn a Quran or obion Arabic La La calm so that you dark alone you all understand

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national we Nepal soon winner it our Laika upon you by Sun best Alice's of the stories Bhima through what? Or because of what oh hayner We inspired Elijah to you. Heather this Al Quran the Quran we're in and indeed Quinta you were men from a really here before it lemon surely from a lot of feeling those who are unaware

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is when Allah He said useful use of early salon Lee to his father. Yeah. Oh abiti my father in me indeed. I wrote a to I saw I had one eye shadow then I had our shadow 11 go carbon stars was chumps and the sun will come out and the moon at home I saw them leave for me so didn't want to prostrate

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all of you said yeah, oh, Buddha year, my dear son. Left do not ductless unit. Erica your dream. Allah upon a hortica your brothers for your key do so they will plot laka for you Caden a plot in indeed a shaytaan the shaitan lil insan for the human being are the one enemy we've been clear obvious.

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Waka danika and like that, likewise yeji tobiko he will choose you rob Booker, your rub where you are Lee mocha and He will teach you men from the wheel interpretation and Hades of the narratives. When you do move and he will complete near Mata who his favor are Laika upon you? What Allah and upon and family jacoba of Yaqoob are his

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camera just as a demo where he completed it, Allah upon awaken your two fathers men from pibil before Ibrahim Ibrahim earn a salon With his help and his hacker insulin

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in the indeed Rebecca Europe or Lehman always following hakimullah always always

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lockup certainly Canada it was fee in use of use of earnings salon what is what he and his brothers add two signs. Lisa Elaine for those who ask

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it when further they said they use. Surely use of an insulin wahoo and his brother I have boo are more beloved Illa to abena our father meaner than us one afternoon and we are Earth by tune a strong group a band in indeed abana our father Luffy surely in Berlin error mubin clear obvious

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awkward to do you all kill useeffect use of an incident or itra who throw him cast him out one in a land Yes, it will be empty it will be free. Luckily for you where do you face a vehicle of your father? Water Cooler and you all will be made from body after it or after him oh man a people slowly hain ones who are righteous.

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Allah He said our speaker main home from them. Let do not Dakota Do you all kill useeffect use of well poo and you all cast him fee in via Bertie depth. Darkness. Bottom a job of the way, yelled at it who he will pick him up

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vulnerable Some say era of the caravan. In if consume you are fair a lien ones who do

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kalu they said yeah oh abana Our Father, man, what Lucky for you led not that manner. you entrust us, Allah upon use of use of an insulin or enter and indeed we know who for him lanessa hoon? Surely sincere ones out of sin who sent him marinelle with us or then tomorrow, Yalta he will eat freely way alive and he will play what enter and indeed we Lahu for him the happy alone surely once Hougaard Carla he said in me indeed I layer zanoni surely it grieves me. It saddens me and that that her boo. You all go away be with him. What a hassle and I fear I'm that cooler who it will eat him a big boo the wolf were undone and you all unhook from him rough alone ones who are unaware

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of who they said. End Surely if I kind of who it ate him a bit boo the wolf when I know and we are are sweatin a strong group in there indeed we even then mahasi rune surely losers.

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Fellow muscle when the herbal they went be here with him. We're edmar and they reached a consensus or they unitedly decided tomorrow. They unitedly decided on that yet Dr. Lu. They will put him fee in viability bottom and job of the well. Well Oh hanaa and we inspired lie to him led to not be unknown. Surely you will definitely inform them BMT him about their matter had this home and they learn not yet Sharon, they perceive.

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Well, Joe and they came about home to their father, Russia and late evening or early night. Yeah, Bakun. They were weeping

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Aloo they said Yeah. Oh abana our father in law indeed with the habanero we went Nestor vehicle we were racing what our aachener and we left useful for use of early sedan or in the near Medina, our possessions for Ocala who so it ate him a big boost the wolf Wah and man not until you be meaning at all want to believe Lana for us? Well, even if goodness we were saw detain ones who are truthful,

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or Joe and they came Allah upon camisa he his shirt, be them in with blood. Caribe false color, he said, but rather sell well at it enticed, attempted Lacan for you, and for sukham yourselves, your souls, Umbra a matter for subbrand, so patience jameelah, beautiful. Will la who and Allah Allah Stan The one whose help is sought, Allah upon man, what does the phone you all describe? You all state?

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Oh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah.

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National nanako sonica saucy Bhima hyena

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Bobby Lee lemina

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Sumi heavy

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p. k.

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In shavon Annie

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Obi Wan

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I have

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Thank you.

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