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alaminos salatu salam ala Vina, Mohammed Allah Allah,

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we come to the seventh Jews of the Quran. And right to the beginning Allah mentions a very good thing about the Christians right at the end of the sixth or beginning seventh, he tells us something very good about some Christians, which is that there are soft hearts. And when they hear the revelation, the Quran, they actually have got tears coming down the down the eyes, and Allah praises them in the beginning of the seventh Jews. And he also tells us again, if you look at it the hokum comes about us to consume that which is halal. Now consuming is one thing to the mouth and one thing is halal earnings. So about the mouth and making sure that only halaal goes into mouth, I am number

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87 and 88. And about us dealing with things that we may or may not consume, but they will be haram income, Allah deals with that in animal 1991. He tells us that gambling tells us about hammer and about selling or even even go near alcohol and so on is something which is forbidden. And straight straight. Our law tells us that what you're supposed to be is up to your law to law. So you obey Allah and you obey the messenger and you stay away. Be careful, because there are certain things that we need to be careful of. And he then moves on to even sometimes when we're in a ritualistic place we're supposed to be again follow the halal and haram which is when we are in hajj, we're not

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supposed to be hunting an animal This is item 94 and 95. And whoever does that there's a there's a compensation or small thing that Elian mentioned here, what they should do so anyway, after after the the days of Hajj are over, he's told us Yes, you can go out and hunt. So there are certain times when you can do things. And there are certain times when you can't do things. And this is when Allah tells us that may Allah bosutinib, Allah, the prophet is giving you a clear message. And it's up to you that you you follow this. And then very interestingly, in a number 100, he tells us lifestyle, hobbies, water, you

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know, hobbies, no matter how much impurity or things that are going wrong there, no matter how many people that are impure, and doing things that are wrong out there, it does not give a license to us to justify it and say, well, because everyone's doing it, we should do it. And he didn't tend to say that how the people of the past. And some of the people in Warhammer Salalah has was time they did this because of the people around them. So you look at IO 103, you find that they made certain gods and they gave them names, and they gave them powers which were all imaginary and all made up. And this is simply because they started to see that others are doing well what's wrong if I if I do,

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then he moves on to tell us that if we ever, because of the communication we've got between ourselves and somebody not doing something right, then he tells us how we can take an oath in front of Allah, Allah first and say I'm taking an oath to try and settle this matter. This is this is discussing 107108. And finally, he then warns us about coming back to a lot on the Day of Judgment. Now there's a lengthy part here that comes when Allah is going to gather us of the Day of Judgment, but he doesn't just tell us that he's going to gather us he talks about gathering the gathering the biggest, or the greatest profit of Christianity, which is which is a salad salad. And he talks about

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his miracles first he says well, you know used to not always I gave you the power to actually blow into the bird and make it come alive. And I gave you the power to make the bone blind see again, and the left to to be cured and I gave you the power to actually bring the dead back to life again. And it carries on saying I give gave you this gift and that gift and that gift until finally in it number 116. Allah says or Isa did I send you to the earth and your mother so that you may be worshipped and that your mother may be worshipped? Now the reason why Ally's telling us this is for the Christians to listen that on the Day of Judgment he's going to humiliate anybody who has

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actually worshiped a man or a or a figure on this on this earth is not because he's humiliating a salad Salam or is humiliating his mother is for his it's a question for the for those worshipers to think and how this brings us to the end of the end of soda soda and ham starts in about a quarter of the way and soda and ham. Most of it is to do with us to think about the the polytheists and to Allah has given us many the law in many evidences about to hate and about the oneness of God. So the sutra opens up about the power of a law across you know the heavens and the earth and the anything that is hidden or known

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Allah knows that this is the beginning of the surah. And the surah, then tells us that walk around the Earth is number 11. And see and ask the question, Who who's all of this for who actually owns this, and you will see the the coolness of the night and you see the vastness of the day, you will see that all of it, you will come to conclusion that it has to be for Allah. If you don't, then there is a warning in half the prophets told to say that if you actually even if I disobey God, this animal 15, then I'm going to face consequences in the Day of Judgment. And then there's a lot of ads that are here simply to to shake the person up who has actually become a polytheist on the earth. So

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a lot closer by the time he will gather everyone together. And then he will start questioning them specifically and saying, Where are you Gods now? Where are they to help you this is in 22 and 23. And then he turns around to the people who actually made fun of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam or those around and they they said, Oh, our is, you know, they're blocked up and so on. Number 25. And on the Day of Judgment, what will happen to them is that they will be standing in front of the fire and number 27. And they will be gobsmacked. And they will want to return back again, I number 28. But Allah will say there's only one life and there's only one way system, there is no way of

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getting back. Each of these people, they made many arguments again, against Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And all these are spread out from number 30, to about 40. They told him to try and try and bring about miracles, Allah said, Look, when I want to give a miracle on the earth, I will give a miracle on the earth. But what I do to people is I give them stages. And through these stages, what is most people do is they get a chance to return back to me. And if they turn back to me, that's fine. But if they don't turn back to me, I will actually open all my doors or favors onto them is at number 44 until they're completely in those no the favors I've given them an out suddenly sees them

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up, he then moves on to tell us that only the one who has the keys to the, to the unseen world to the scene world he is the only one who's in charge. And he tells us not to completely dismiss this engage with these people and number 52, that we've got to two things. One is the Muslims who are within the faith, and they still trying to learn we have to engage with them. That's 52. And then the non Muslims 54 and 54, we have to try and give them data, we should not leave either of the two. He allows or just tells us many, many dollar elimination evidences to hit after that he tells us about the the changing of the of the night and the changing of the day. And it tells us about the

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fact that he is the one who makes us go into the dark from the darkness of the Seas or the land, he gives us safety he provides a safety number 63. And he asked us regardless of the question, he says, Who is the one that provides you with all of this, and and thereafter, he comes back into the day of judgment and says, Well, these people are the very people who will be questioned on the Day of Judgment. And they will have nothing to actually say on the Day of Judgment except that they will find themselves around punishment is that and number 70 a lot as a gentleman relates about the story of Ibrahim Isola when he saw the the star that he saw the sun or the moon and then he saw the sun

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and each one he said well could this be my load? Could this be my load? Could this be my load? And each time he said well it can't be my Lord, my Lord would never leave me this is all stretched across a number 74 onwards older to about 80 and Allah brings this as an evidence to say how is it that you are are people who can make something which is physical your God, when your God your your physical item in front of you is so weak. He then tells us that this Deen and this the all of this is not just suddenly from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, but it's come from many, many different messengers and he gives a whole I mainly This is probably the most expensive part of the Quran in

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mentioning the prophets of Allah azza wa jal, if you look from 83 to 87 so he mentioned is Harkey aku nor Solomon or you use of Moosa Harun zecharia yahia is a yes, smile. Yes, sir Eunice Lupe and Ibrahim alayhis salam Salah, you won't find another place in the Quran that that many prophets I can mention. And it says that this is a system that comes from one to another, and they start to follow what their forefathers have done. Allah says, Well, I understand that, but don't try and come with an excuse in the Day of Judgment. Look at number 91 you will see that even with the pre people musalman law said the same thing that they started to make excuses about the people before them and

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how they're following them and allows them just says to break this he says we'll look on the Day of Judgment Anima 94. When they will come there will be no no no link or there will be no relationship on the Day of Judgment. People will simply have to face the reality of it.

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What they know what they had on the on the earth. And here Allah azzawajal makes us think again of the many things that he's doing. For example, He brings the he brings the morning, this is our number 95 he he's the one who has actually made the stars and number 97 He's the one who has given every every soul a resting place, and number 98. And then he's the one who wrote all these fruits for us. And number 99. He mentioned the zaytoun, the pomegranate, the, the dates and many, many different fruits that the grapes and so on. And then he says that who can be your load except for the one and only load which is a lot and a very interesting one is 103 lateral equals absorb that

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no, I can catch him but he catches all eyes. And right Finally, the last thing is that we should not use any of these to become people who are belittling other other religions and so on. This is number 108. We should always respect other religions

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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.

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