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Juz’ 24: Az-Zumar 32-75 – Fussilat 1-46

Fussilat 13-46


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The speakers discuss the misunderstandings of Islam and the importance of privacy, avoiding false accusations, and being patient while reciting the Quran. They stress the importance of faith in Islam and avoiding too much busy living activities. The speakers also emphasize the need for individuals to control their actions to avoid painful consequences and avoid harm. The importance of knowing one's actions and actions in relation to issues such as negative behavior and evil behavior is emphasized. The presence of angels is a sign of faith and the importance of learning to control oneself and one's actions to avoid painful consequences.

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For in our Audible, but if they turn away then say I have warranty over Thunderbolt like the Thunderbolt that struck or odd and some mood that occurred when the messengers had come to them before them and after them saying worship not except Allah. They said if our Lord had willed, He would have sent down the angels. So indeed we in that with which you have been sent our disbelievers there's no way we're going to believe for America don't borrow fill out the belated help, we'll call you Manisha domina Chua as for odd, they were arrogant upon the earth without any right and they said who is greater than us in strength? were the best were the strongest. They were proud of their

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strength and their might. Allah says, Did they not consider that Allah who created them was greater than them in strength, simple logic, simple logic, the one who made them is certainly greater than them. You know, children find this difficult to understand. I, for example, I heard some children saying the other day that a particular whale it can eat the whole world, because it's so huge. So I'm like, really? The whale? Where does it live? They said in the ocean, like, Where's the ocean? The ocean is in the earth. Okay, so if the whale is in the ocean, which is in the earth, who's bigger, the whale is bigger, the Earth is bigger. They said, the Earth is bigger than how can the

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whale eat the earth? Oh, but it has such a huge mouth. And they gave me examples of its mouth as as huge as you know that building and so on and so forth. And this is childish, right? They cannot understand. But sometimes even adults behave like this so arrogant about their wealth, about their few dollars that they make, or the nice car that they drive that eventually breaks down. We get deceived by the little power that we have. They say, Man Nasha domina kuwa were the best who's better than us? Nobody's better than us. But they were rejecting our signs. So we sent upon them a screaming wind. They were destroyed by a wind during days of misfortune to make them taste the

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punishment of disgrace in the worldly life. But the punishment of the Hereafter is more disgracing, and they will not be helped what a Matha mood for her Dana home foster have balama alhuda aspersa mode, we guided them we offer them guidance, we sent a messenger to them, but they preferred blindness over guidance. They prefer to stay blind. You see one is ama, ama is to live blindly. And the other is who the to walk with open eyes on guidance with knowledge. What did they prefer? ama over who the father Tom Sawyer Kota Robin hoon. So the Thunderbolt of humiliating punishment sees them for what they used to earn. And many times it happens and when it comes to the matter of Diem,

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people prefer to remain in blindness. They prefer to remain ignorant of their religion. And we save those who believed and used to fear Allah and mentioned the day when the enemies of Allah will be gathered to the fire while they are driven, assembled in roles until when they reach it, their hearing in their eyes and their skins will testify against them of what they used to do. And they will say to their skins, why have you testified against us? Imagine the skin, skin, which part of your body is hidden from your skin? Nothing. Every part of our body is covered by skin, which means that we cannot hide from our skin can we get rid of our skin? No. And this skin is going to speak

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against a person testify against his actions. A person will say why did you testify against us they will say we were made to speak by Allah talkin Allahu Allah Dionne Takahashi, Allah me to speak, the one who made everything else speak and he created you the first time and to him You are returned. And you are not covering yourselves lest your hearing testify against you, or your site or your skins. But you assume that Allah does not know much of what you do. Meaning when you do something wrong, why do you hide? Why do you hide behind passwords or behind doors? Or behind locked doors? Why do you do that? What did you think nobody's looking? Can you hide from your ears? Can you hide

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from your eyes? Can you hide from your hands and your feet? No, your body is constantly with you. And besides even if no one is a witness to this actions that you do, who is still there? Alive, still watching? And who is still there, the angels of love still there. You can never put aside no angels allowed here. You can't do that. You can't do that. You can't lock them out. So Allah says, Well, I can run on Toma anila halaya animoca zero Min matamanoa. You used to think that Allah does not know much of what you do. Do we ever think like this, that I can hide from Allah because

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If we know if we believe that we cannot hide from Allah, then why do we say things in privacy that we would never say in public? Why would we do things in privacy that we would never do in public.

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And that was your assumption which you assumed about your Lord, it has brought you to ruin and you have become among the losers. So even if they are patient, the fire is a residence for them. Meaning and Hellfire if a person is patient, it's not going to change anything. And if they ask to appease Allah, they will not be of those who are allowed to appease, they will not be able to do anything to make Allah happy. No words, no actions. No worry about that. No sujood nothing. Wakayama, home Khurana, and we appointed for them companions, who made attractive to them, what was before them and what was behind them, meaning in this world, they used to have certain friends who put them to

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sleep, who put them to sleep, who made them take their sins likely. And this is something so dangerous, that friends, those who are close to us who don't let us see our mistakes. When we talk about our mistakes or our errors, they say you're perfectly fine. You're okay. You don't need to feel bad about this. This is very, very dangerous, when friends will tell us to take a step down to take it easy. So this is why people who oppose you who hold different opinions than you or who are neutral towards you. Listen to them more than you listen to people who appreciate you all the time and who praise you all the time. Sometimes your critics are best for you. Because friends generally

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what do they do? You're fine. You're okay. You're so nice. They're generally not honest with you. And may Allah protect us from people who are like this close to us, yet making our sins look good to us.

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And the word has come into effect upon them among nations which are passed on before of the genuine men. Indeed they all were losers will call and Medina cafaro left us Moroni had a call on well lo fi La La come totally boon. Those who disbelieve say do not even listen to this Quran and speak noisily during the recitation of it so that perhaps you will overcome. This was a tactic that the Muslim team came up with, that whenever the prophets of the Lawson will be reciting the Quran, they would say, make noise, talk loudly laugh out, start singing, play music, you know, do something, diversion so that people are distracted from the Quran that tilava is drowned by the noise. Allah says, but we

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will surely cause those a disbelief to taste a severe punishment, and we will surely recompense them for the worst of what they have been doing. That is a recompense of the enemies of Allah. You see, this is an enemy of Allah, the One who opposes the Quran, because the one who is a friend to Allah, when he of Allah, He loves the Quran, there is the fire for them there is the home of eternity as recompense for what they have our verses were rejecting. And those who disbelieved will then say, Our Lord, show us those who misled us of the jinn and men, so we may put them under our feet, that they will be among the lowest, meaning people will be angry at each other but Allah is enough to

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punish these people in the levina Carlota, Boone, Allah indeed those who have said, Our Lord is Allah. So Mr. camo, and then they remain firm. They remained on a right course, whatever difficulties, whatever problems came their way. They didn't care about their problems. They remained firm, and they kept calling upon their Lord Allah in every state, such people, Allah says the angels descend upon them. angels come to them not so that they see the angels, but the angels become their supporters, invisible supporters, invisible friends, same alert a handful while others are No, do not fear and do not grieve what other shooter will build gentility, contempt to add on, but receive

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good tidings of Paradise which you were promised. The angels remain in their company, inspiring them with positive thoughts, positive feelings, reducing their worries and their fears. You see, when a person is worried and his problems, he begins to feel lonely, all alone, nobody's there to even understand what you're going through. Nobody can share this burden with you. You're alone in your problems. But what does this is show to us? that a person who is alone because of Allah, he's not really alone. He apparently has no supporters, helpers or friends. He is not alone. Everybody's left him. He's not alone. Everyone is on a different train. He's not alone. Allah comforts His servants.

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Here, when you believe in Allah and become firm, angels will be your companions, they will not leave you. They will not let you feel sad. They will fill you with positivity with energizing thoughts that don't worry, it's just a matter of time. Look forward to the award that Allah has your eventual goal is Jenna. And these thoughts these feelings, they bring suffer to a person, they keep him patient.

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And this is a reality that when a person does something good, then Allah sends His angels to help him to support him. Like for example, when a person goes out of his house even to do something good. Without in Hades, the prophets of Allah sent him said, this is a Muslim woman, that there is no person who goes out of his house, except that there are two flags at his door, invisible, we don't see them, or there's a matter of dilib, one in the hand of an angel and the other in the hand of a shaved pawn. If he goes out in the cause of what Allah loves. Then the angel follows him with his flag, his supporter, and he remains under the flag of the angel until he returns to his house. And

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if he leaves for the cause of what Allah is displeased with, then the shaytaan follows him. And he remains under the flag of the shape on until he returns to his house. So think when you leave your house, where are you going? With what intention? For what reason? For what purpose, whose company do you want the company of the angel, or the company of the shape Han? Also, we see that when a person is in pain for the sake of Allah, he's suffering from some pain for the sake of Allah, and he does Vicar of Allah, then again, the help of the angels is there for the long run, who he said that on the day of or hurt, somebody cut his fingers off, literally his fingers off, and he was fighting in

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defense of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the head of the lower arm who he said, his for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if you had said Bismillah, the angels would have picked you up. If you had said Bismillah than the help of Allah would have been there, the angels would have helped you. The fact is that when a person goes in the way of Allah, yes, he does suffer from fatigue, and exhaustion. These are normal things. The fact is that in this life, there is pain. Even if you sleep for too long, you will wake up with a headache. You lie down for a long time, you will get up with a backache. You sit for a long time, you get pain in your body. This is something normal Bane is

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something that is with everything you do in life, but when a person is suffering from that pain in the way of Allah, for the sake of Allah, then Allah sends His angels to support that servant. In another Hadees we learned that once two people were arguing in front of the prophets that alongside them, and one person he kept responding by saying alayka Salah on Ubp meaning I don't want to argue Arnica Salah. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the one who was saying alayka Sunnah on his behalf, there is an angel, constantly supporting him responding to the abuses that are being hurled at him. And when he says are Laika Salah? Then the angel says no, no on UDP you are deserving of

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Silla. Because you see when you are in a situation like this, you want supporters, somebody to give you that pat on the back that yes, you're doing good. And then if you're being patient, somebody to reward you with some good words, you need that? What does Allah say? For such people there are angels. Likewise, when a person goes to the masjid the prophet to the loss of them said that when a person remains seated in his masala after the Salah mini where he performed Salah, he remains seated over there. As long as he's sitting there and he doesn't talk and he doesn't lose his will do what happens. The angels pray for him they say Allahumma Fiddler who Allah humble humble, Alomar fella

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Allahu Allah forgive him along with hanwoo Allah have mercy on him. Likewise, when a person says after motive, La ilaha illAllah hula hula sharika the whole Buccola will hound you he will you meet will Allah cliche in Kali 10 times after McGreevy says that the prophets Allah sort of said Allah shall send for him protectors to guard him from Shelton until he reaches mourning

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that unnecessary delay he will Malaika all life also this happens that angels they become his supporters. So what we need to learn from this says that when a person is in the way of Allah, he's doing even something as sitting in his masala he's not alone. Everybody's gone. Everybody's eating and drinking and talking and shopping and you're sitting in that masala reciting the Quran. worshiping Allah. You're not alone. Never ever feel yourself alone when you're doing something for the sake of Allah in his obedience, angels or your companions. National Olia or compel higher to dunya waffle ophira

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They say, We are your friends in the worldly life and in the Hereafter, and especially at the time of death when the angels come to take the soul, this is what they say to a person. We were with you this whole time you didn't see us but we were with you. And we will be with you in the hereafter also. And you will have there in whatever your souls desire, and you will have there in whatever you request. Whatever you ask for is yours in Jenna Missoula, Minho, Fudan Rahim, as accommodation from a lord who is Forgiving and Merciful,

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Forgiving and Merciful. Does it happen you go to somebody's house as a guest, but you don't see forgiveness from them? Because they keep boring stuff on your plate and you don't want to eat and they're not happy.

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But Allah, imagine what he has prepared for his servants. You see, this is a way of life. It begins from what Robin Allah, our Lord is Allah. And you see all our problems in life, they stem from false beliefs, that in times of difficulty in stress, in work, we turn to everyone but Allah, yes, we have to adopt means but we also need to turn to Allah. So the one who says my lord is alone, he made me he decided this for me, and he can take me out of this problem, he will show me the way. So the one who turns to Allah so much, Docomo, they become firm, they don't leave the good that they start, and they hold on to allow for support and help. They don't give up. And really, it's not easy, so much

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the comma at the beginning it is difficult, but they remain firm. Those who remain firm. They're not alone. They're not alone. Allah sends his special help to them, angels, who bring to them positive feelings, positive thoughts, fill them with positive energy. So if we really want to live peaceful and productive lives, then we have to firstly rectify our connection with Allah, we really have to believe Allah is my Lord. Allah is my Lord and be firm on this, then inshallah we have no complaints against people will be focused on our work. Woman Arsenal cola memoranda in Allah who are middle solidly ha, and who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and

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says, indeed, I am of the Muslims, in many million Muslims are proud of being Muslim, and also invite others to Islam. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, He who calls people to righteousness, there will be reward for him, like the rewards of those who do it without their rewards being diminished in any respect, meaning when a person calls someone to fail, and that person does that say, then what will happen, the person who called him his reward is multiplied. Whenever the still has an add to what I say, and not equal, or the good deed and the bad, they're not the same, not at all, repel evil by that deed, which is better, because generally we are focused on other people's

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actions, right? So Allah is telling us that when you are in that situation where you can respond with either good or bad, what is it that you should choose, respond with good, respond evil with that which is better, and thereupon The one who between you and him is enmity will become as though he was a devoted friend, he will turn into a best friend. How do you turn enemies into friends? How do you turn your opponents into your supporters? Do we have people who oppose us in what we do here? All the time, at different levels in different ways?

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How do you turn someone who's rebellious into someone who's obedient? How do you turn disobedience into obedience? We come across children as well, right? I mean, at home, it happens all the time. You tell them your child. Okay, time for bed. No. I don't want to sleep. Time to go. I don't want to go. You tell your husband, can we eat this? No, no, no, no, no. I mean, these are little little things, little problems, little problems when we see this friction, that we and other people are not on the same page. The fact is that we can never always be on the same page. You want pizza one day, and somebody else wants something else. It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. This is life. But

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sometimes, these differences they lead to bigger problems. So how do you avoid those bigger problems that repel the evil of the other, the hurt the annoyance that they've caused you how, in a way that is better? This is the solution. respond with a smile. Respond to shout, with a soft statement. respond to an angry word with a soft word with a calm statement, a cool statement. Once there was a man or bad been shut on me

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He said that I was extremely hungry. I had no food. And I went to a garden. And in that garden, I took a bunch of some fruit, whatever it was, and I ate some. And as I was eating, the owner of the garden came, and he got really angry with me, he beat me. And he basically dragged me to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salaam and told him what had happened. So I also told him, I was extremely hungry. I was desperate for food. So I did this. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to that man,

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he was ignorant, who was the one who went into the garden and stole the food. He was ignorant, why didn't you teach him? He was hungry? Why didn't you feed him?

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Then when somebody is misbehaving doing something wrong, I mean, theft is not okay. It's harm. But when somebody is doing even something that's forbidden, why are they doing it because of their ignorance? So don't be harsh, they're repel evil with good, he was ignorant, you should have taught him and look at the underlying problem. Why is he doing this because he's hungry, should have fed him. And this is how we need to look at problems. When a child is misbehaving. When the husband is angry, when the teenager is being rebellious, when the sister is angry, when the parents are not happy, whatever is going on in life. Always look at the underlying problem, that what is the actual

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problem, we just try to heal the surface. But it doesn't work like that. And always repel with good woman you will call her a Latina suburu. But none is granted except those who are patient, because you can repel bad with good, except with sub. Because in order to repel bad with good, what do you need to do first control yourself and controlling yourself that is some woman you call her a little Halloween alley, and none is granted it except one having a great portion of good meaning someone who's very fortunate, truly lucky. This is the person who can be patient. And once he is patient, and he repels bad with good, then what will happen, what will happen he will get a great portion he

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will truly be successful, he will be successful. And we see this in the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how his haters turned into this lovers. His opponents turned into his supporters. And if they're comes to you from shaitan and evil suggestion, then seek refuge in Allah because she upon will never ever let you respond with better, isn't it? She thought it will make you angry to Tom will tell you that time. teach your child a lesson.

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teach them a lesson. Show them some anger show them some disapproval and what you've said is not enough show some more and more. This is what nuzzle from shavon fester is built at that time are all the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. In the who who has severe or named seek refuge with ALLAH Indeed Allah is the hearing the knowing, what do we do Generally, we listen to shaitan we cause the damage and then later on, we curse che upon

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said left so bushy upon Tone Curve shaytaan what our word will be let him in shortly and seek refuge with Allah from his evil because when you cursory upon what happens if one becomes even more arrogant, more arrogant. So first there is Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim. And all these signs are the night and they and the sun and the moon. Do not prostrate to the sun, or to the moon, but prostrate to Allah who created them, if it should be him that you worship, so simple and logical worship the creator for any stuck bottle, but if they're arrogant than those who are near your Lord, exalt Him by night and by day and they do not become weary. They do not get

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tired. What happens to us we start doing this beer and we fall asleep. Hi, we start reading Quran and we get so sleepy, that we can barely look at the if this is us. We're human beings. We need breaks, we need pauses for angels. They don't they don't even become wary. They don't get bored. We get bored right after some time we need a break. And all His Signs is that you see the earth stilled. But when we sat down upon it rain, it quivers and girls. Indeed he who has given it life is the giver of life to the dead. Indeed he is over all things competent. Indeed, those who inject deviation into our verses are not concealed from us, meaning who find faults in the verses and

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highlight them and there are no faults in the Quran but they present them as false. So is he who is cast into the fire better or He who comes secure on the day

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resurrection, do whatever you will indeed he is seeing of what you do, indeed those who disbelieve in the message after it has come to them. And indeed it is a mighty book, layer deal. bellido mania day one I'm in Hong Fei, Tansy lumen Hakeem and Hamid falsehood cannot approach it from before it all from behind that this Quran is uneditable you can't edit it, you can't change it, you can alter it. It is a revelation from a lord who is wise and praiseworthy. So when you read the Quran, be confident every word is reliable, trustworthy, nothing is said to you a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam accept what was already set to the messengers before you mean the mockery, the criticism, the

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objections that you hear nothing new. Indeed, your Lord is a possessor of forgiveness and a possessor of painful penalty. And if we had made it a non Arabic Quran, if the Quran was in a language other than Arabic, they would have said, Why are its verses not explained in detail? Because for Arabs, the most eloquent language was the Quran. And in reality, Arabic is the most eloquent language because if the Quran was in any other language, but Arabic, it wouldn't have been the size that you see. It would have been much, much, much bigger volumes and volumes, because the Quran is in Arabic and Arabic is eloquent and precise. Just compare the Arabic and the translation

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that you have in front of you. Is there a difference? Huge difference? The Arabic is so short, precise, and the English so long? Anyone that requires so much detail, isn't it? Because the translation is never really a translation is just an attempt to explain the meaning of the Quran? That's what a translation basically is. So if the Quran was in a language other than Arabic, the people would have said, meaning the Arabs would have said, it's not eloquent, how come it's not in Arabic? Is it a foreign recitation and an Arab messenger? That How can Mohammed Salah Lawson, when Arab? How can he recite a Quran that is not an Arabic? So you see, the thing is that people who

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don't want to believe they'll come up with any excuse, because this is what they used to say to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that Oh, there's nothing special about you being Arabic and Arabic Koran, anybody could have made it up. The Prophet should have been an angel or the Prophet should have been a foreigner, or the Quran should have been written, and things like that. But Allah says any other option, even this, everything, no matter how the Quran was sent, you would have found a problem with it, you would have found a problem with it. You know, like how when a child doesn't want to do something, then what happens? One excuse after the other, and they're so illogical. They don't even

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make any sense. What's the real problem? Like, for example, if they don't want to eat, I remember as a child, when I would complain that the food is spicy, my parents would say, you're not hungry.

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Right? Because if you were hungry, you would have eaten the food. So these are just excuses. Allah says say, it is for those who believe a guidance and cure called who la la de la mano who dama, Shiva, and those who do not believe in their ears is deafness, and it is upon them blindness, those are being called from a distant place, and we had already given most of the Scripture, but it came under disagreement. And if not for a word that proceeded from your Lord, it would have been concluded between them, and indeed they are concerning the Quran in disquieting doubt. Manami lasagna Hanford cleanup, see, whoever does righteousness it is for his own soul, woman as a family

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her and whoever does evil does so against it. One little boo cobalamin little bead, and your Lord is not ever unjust to his servants. This is why whatever Allah has ordered us is for our own good. He does not benefit who benefits we benefit. to panic alone we have the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta esta hirokawa to break Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh