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Al-Kauthar-An-Nas Tafsir Al-Kafirun 1-6

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Elena, she's on your regime over him. handler it's very nice to see all of these licensed smiling, right faces fresh faces. Real loss of primal darling, because of those who are really would you who you're worried in

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this area? Probably Yeah.

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Lesson number 313. So total caffeine alone is number one to six.

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So total coffee alone is a machimura. And it was revealed after sort of our own.

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And some say that it was revealed towards the end of the meccan period.

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We know that in the meccan period, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he delivered the message of the heat very clearly to the people. And he spent approximately 30 years in Makkah spreading the message of the heat. But what happened,

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many amongst the people did not believe and eventually, because of the persecution in the opposition that he was facing, he had to leave.

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And before he left, a loss apartado revealed these ads to him, so that he would declare his disassociation from the religion of those people, the religion of ship, the practices of ship, that for you is your religion, for my is my religion, I do not approve of your religion, I do not approve of your ship, and I will never accept it.

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So this all is basically, in a way this association from shark, this surah declares this association from shark

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and this is something that every believer must do, every believer must do in his heart, and also verbally whenever necessary. But definitely in his heart, he should declare that he has nothing to do with chick with voluntaryism associating partners with a loss upon data. Because though he is the fundamental pillar of Islam

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it's the main feature that distinguishes the religion of Islam from every other religion. So this is something that every believer must do declare their hate declare has this association from shake and shake as well. This also Takahiro has one record, it has six verses 26 words and approximately 100.

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And this also local capital, as well as Surah ikhlas. Both of them together, make up the Islam assign the two EClass soldiers. There are the two more were the thing which begin with

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the build up be good. It'll be nice and cool. We'll follow those two sources. What are they called? More our weather thing? Why? Because the message of the Sooners is seeking refuge with ALLAH soprano Darla

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and these two sources alkaff your own as well as sudo to Islam as they are known as a sign that you have lost souls. Why? Because both of them teach the lesson of the hate. The lesson of oneness of Allah soprano Dinah

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and we see that these two solos, they were of those students, which were very much beloved to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. How do we figure that out?

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Because the prophets Allah said and recite to them very often,

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he recited both of them together very, very often. How often did he recite them?

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First of all, he recited them in the center of solitude.

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If I just follow the two summers, in the first record, he would read alkaff alone and in the second he would read an EClass.

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Similarly, in the center of Margaret Sanger as well.

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He would read these two sources together.

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And not just in the Sooners budget and Missouri but also the last two lockers of the Whitaker.

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And also we see that in the total car of the life meaning after performing the laughter to the car that I performed. he recited this to us at that time as well. Why? Because these two sources, they describe the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and his most perfect attributes.

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Although Allahu Allah has some of them yet it will I'm youlet so all of his most perfect attributes are mentioned in this lesson.

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So let's read this word social capital.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Kalia, you healthcare feel alone? Say yeah, a you healthcare for your own or disbelievers call the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being commanded to declare this to make this known to proclaim this to make this announcement meaning to make it very, very clear that Yeah, a you healthcare field.

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All alkaff euro or disbelievers

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the word capital is the plural of caffeine and caffeine is the person who commits gopher and what is this belief?

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So it is when a person denies all or part of what a person must believe in. Now as Muslims, what are we required to believe in a last panel, Darla, his messengers, His angels, the books that he has revealed, the day of judgment, his decree many, many things that he has informed us that his messenger informed us, it is our obligation that we must believe in them. And remember that a person's belief is only complete when he believes in everything in its entirety.

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So caffeine is someone who disbelieves who denies part, or all of what is necessary to believe in.

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This is why the word capital is very comprehensive in that it includes every person who is not a Muslim.

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So it includes the machine. It includes those who associate partners with Allah. It includes those people who disbelieve among the People of the Book the data. It includes a person who says he doesn't believe in any religion, he doesn't follow any religion, that he doesn't believe in God. alkaff urine includes all types of disbelievers any person who is not a believer.

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So Paul, yeah, are you healthcare for your own, make this known to all the disbelievers that Oh, caffeine alone,

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or boo, I do not worship, mirth or budokon that which you worship?

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Whatever you worship, I do not worship that larvotto matter boon. What is it that the machine would worship? Many, many gods, they had multiple gods and goddesses.

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Similarly, amongst the other kids out there, those who worship the prophets of Allah, there are those who worship the righteous servants of Allah. There are those people who worship the angels of Allah are there are those people who worship the creation of Allah, the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the prophets of the lotus, Adam is told to declare, our Buddha met our Buddha, I do not worship what you worship.

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What unto him, and you do not I'll be doing the ones who worship are both that which I worship, meaning you do not worship the one whom I worship. And who is it that the Prophet said a lot is that in worship, Allah subhanaw taala. So when I'm tomorrow, be doing an hour but you do not worship who I worship. Now, the question is, why is Matt being used for a

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while and tomorrow I'll be doing MMA, but this is for the purpose of moussaka. Remember, moussaka that just to keep the word similar. So in the previous item, that our modal Mac our boon, and now will earn tomorrow be Duna. Mac, would you do not worship the one whom I worship?

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What a nor do I be the one who worships or but don't have what you worship?

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I will not be a worshipper of that which you worship.

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Well, and tomorrow be doona.

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Nor will you be worshipers of what I worship.

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Notice over here, that there's a lot of repetition.

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twice, it has been repeated, that I do not worship what you worship, and twice it has been repeated that you do not worship whom I worship.

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Now this repetition, yes, it's for the purpose of emphasis to make it very clear that your religion your worship is completely different from mine, we have nothing common we have nothing similar when it comes to Reba when it comes to the worship.

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And secondly, remember, this repetition also gives us another benefit. It also gives us another meaning. Which is that if you look at the second diet that will do metta blue, or blue or blue is a very it's a verb. And if you look at it number four, what I meant to be doing the other two bit this is what and isn't very

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so our blue the fairing What does that represent? That I do not wish it now at present. At present, I do not worship that which you worship. And when it is said we'll be doing our bottom of it. This isn't firing, meaning I will never worship.

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I never worship your gods in the past, and I will never worship your gods in the future. I don't worship them now, and I will never worship them later. I do not accept them as Gods now and I will

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Never ever accept them in the future either.

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But if you look at the ayah, where it says, what are we doing in our booth? I am number three. And then I number five, what are we doing, Mr. Booth? This is similar, I'll be doing has been used in both. Why?

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Because this was a state of the machine as well. However, there was a chance that they would accept Islam later.

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Isn't it so?

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And it so happened that there were many who did not accept Islam, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in Makkah, even when he migrated from Makkah, but there were many of them who embraced Islam later on.

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So well, and tomorrow I'll be doing it. So we see that this repetition, what does it show? First of all emphasis, and it also refers to different times, past, present and future. When I'm tomorrow I'll be doing good luck on Dino Khan, Walia, Dean, for you is your religion. And for me, is my religion. Lacan dinoco. What is the way of life and this includes worship as well. This includes rituals as well. So for you is your religion, meaning you adhere to your religion? Well, your deen and for me is my religion, meaning I will adhere firmly to my religion. I will never give up my religion.

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So look, I'm Dino komolika Dean and remember that the word Deen doesn't just mean worship, but it also gives a meaning of Recompense.

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So you will get your recompense, and I will get my recompense, you will get the recompense of what you do in the Hereafter, and I will get my recompense for how I live in the hereafter as well into the universe, I have 41 a las palletizers we're in the buka for coleambally What a kumana lucam and if they deny you then say for me are my deeds and for you are your deeds

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and somebody's own MMR marylu you are disassociated from what I do you have nothing to do with I do.

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Well, anybody on the matter, I'm alone, and I am disassociated from what you do.

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Similarly, in certain cases, I 55 we learn, we're calling to Leonie Luna, what are Monaco, for us are our deeds and for you are your deeds.

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Have you seen over here, what

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you do not worship that which I wish, meaning man or both? This man has been understood as my giving the meaning of Mosul meaning the one whom I worship, and this man is also understood as a Muslim, giving the meaning of my worship, meaning that your worship is not like my worship.

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There is a clear difference between the way I worship and the way you worship.

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Because we see that the mushrikeen of Makkah did not believe in the last panel down Yes, they did.

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Similarly, we see that there are many for example from the educator who do believe in Allah and they do worship him but why is this being said well that anthem RB Luna are with you do not worship what I worship, meaning your worship is not like my worship.

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There's a clear difference between the way I worship Allah and the way you worship Allah. In our religion, how have we been taught to worship Allah soprano Garda him alone exclusively, without any partners? And in all other faiths, we see even if they do believe in Allah, what is their way that they do shake along with him introduce it, that's what we learned that most of the people they do not believe in a lot. They do not worship Him, except that they are actually gone. They also associate partners with him.

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So it's made very clear

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There is a difference between my lifestyle, my worship my religion, and yours.

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So in other words, the two can never ever become one, the two can never ever become one. You may have heard that these days, there are people in fact, even in the past, there were those who wanted that all religions should become one religion, that all religions should become united.

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But the fact is that Islam is very different from every other faith.

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The unique thing about this religion is the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala, the belief of no heat. This is why this religion cannot be like any other. This is why it cannot be assimilated with any other No, it's not possible.

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And you notice at the end, it has been said, lack of Dino calm, when God for you is your religion, and for me is my religion, meaning you follow yours, I will follow mine. The two can never be mixed up together, they can never be confused together, they can ever be joined together.

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And remember that the prophets are allowed is that um, he made a declaration when towards the end of the second year. This was not right at the beginning, that as soon as he started doing the hour, and people refuse to believe immediately, he said, you know, luckily, the kumala didn't know, this was towards the end, when the belief of the Haven the concept or hate had been made very clear. All the arguments were established against the people. And yet when they didn't believe then the declaration of disassociation is made.

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This is very similar to how inserta Tovar also we learned about the Buddha, or when was that revealed?

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Towards the very end, not right at the beginning.

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Because sometimes we become very emotional and we say, you know, that said we're not like them, we're not gonna do anything with them. We're not talking to No, this is not the right way. The first step is, communicate, convey. And once you've conveyed, and it's been many, many years and many things have happened, only then later on towards the end should be the Buddha.

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However, in the heart of the believer, he should always declare this association from shake.

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He can never ever accept shake, because sometimes we get impressed by the way of other people, we get very intimidated by there's no need to get intimidated by there's no need to get impressed by shaken shake. And we can never accept it in any way shape or form. We can never accept it. And this is the message that this sort of gives to us.

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We listen to the reputation

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we see that as the son of all of the messengers of Allah, Ibrahim

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Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, because this is the state of the believer when he believes in Allah. And when he recognizes his Lord, he cannot accept that anyone be associated with him, that anyone is given the exclusive right of Allah, no, he can never accept it.

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So any believer, he will not accept it. This is why he will say locum dinoco when he at

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the point of saying lacantina calm for you as your religion doesn't mean that I accept your religion. Know what it means is you keep doing and I will keep to my religion. Because previously what has been made very clear that I do not accept your ways I do not accept your shake. This sort of makes it very, very clear that when it comes to our data when it comes to faith when it comes to religion, there's absolutely no compromise, no compromise at all. We see that the Michigan of Makkah they wanted the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to just place his hand on the idols, just placed his hand on the idols. You know, even if he doesn't worship them, doesn't prostrate to them doesn't offer any

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sacrifice, nothing. Just place your hand just respect them. And then just set that then it was the desire to be revealed and other eyes were also revealed. To make it very clear that you cannot compromise you cannot in any way.

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Listen to the recitation again.