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Al-Kauthar-An-Nas Tafsir Al-Masad 1-5

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I was a bit lacking in the shape of a genius

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for him, sort of told him I said,

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sort of I said isn't machimura it has one record five verses 20 words and about 77 who

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some have said that this law was revealed after Silikal Fatiha

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This will let him or him

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that but yeah, the the law have been watered. May the hands of Abu lahab be ruined and ruined? Is he?

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Ma Oh no, I'm Homer Lu casa. his wealth will not avail him or that which he gained,

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say your slur now on that and I hope he will enter to burn in a fire of Blazing flame, one or two who have mental health and his wife as well. The carrier of firewood. Fiji, the heaven on May massage around her neck is a rope of twisted fiber.

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This surah is about the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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his uncle whose cornea whose title was Abu lahab. And his actual name was Abdullah Rosa.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed an entire surah that is about him.

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That tells us about the punishment that him and his wife both will face. Why, because of their extreme opposition to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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We see that the relatives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In fact, not just relatives, but his acquaintances, those people who knew him, they can be divided into many different categories when he received Prophethood.

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First of all, we see the group of those people who believed in him, those who believed in him, those who supported him, those who aided him amongst our his relatives, his friends, those who knew him those who also did not know him.

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And then we see a group of those who did not believe in him. However, they did not really oppose him.

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For example, the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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He didn't believe in Him, however, he supported him. He did not oppose him. And as for those of his relatives who believed in him, and who also supported him amongst them, or who, his uncle, for example, Hamza

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Hamza in Iran, who he believed in him, he supported him. He did hijra, and he also fought in the battles along with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam against those who came to fight with him. And we see that Hamza Milan, who he is known as a photo Shahada,

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the best of all martyrs, the best of all martyrs, and he was known as si de la, the asset of the lion. Why? Because he fought so fiercely in defense of Islam, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala against those people who came attacking the Prophet sallallahu Salah.

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And then we see another category of people, which is of those who neither believed in him, nor did they respect him. In fact, what did they do? They oppose him very, very fiercely.

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And there were many people, many, many people who were like this. And amongst them was also Abu lahab, his own uncle, his own paternal uncle.

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And we see that a loss of panel data has revealed an entire solar and this solar is read in solar, solar that is mandatory solar that is knuffle. A person could read it out loud in Sala injury Sana he could read it by himself in a very low voice.

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However, the fact is that when a person recites the surah, what does he get reward for every single letter he reads, and in this sort of who is humiliated, whose punishment is informed of this person who oppose the profits.

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And it's amazing how little children who perhaps don't know much of the Quran, but one of the sutras that they do know that they have memorized is with Surah Surah Allah have in which whose punishment is being declared of the enemy of Allah.

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So look at the humiliation that this person has suffered because of his opposition to Islam.

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We learned earlier in sort of feel that when an entire army came against the house of Allah, how Allah subhanaw taala destroyed that entire army 12,000 people that brought with them elephants, they could not stand up against Allah.

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So this is a lesson that we learned repeatedly. That man successful

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lies in acceptance in submission. And if he opposes, then his end is absolute failure. And this is an example of that. It illustrates this point very clearly.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that but yeah, the abila Heaven, what are the bats, bad

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dub is to perish. And the verb is to break. It is basically when something breaks. And when something breaks, that means it is destroyed, it has finished its end is going to be lost its end is going to be failure. It's not useful anymore.

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We learned that one mercader fit our own elaphiti loss failure was due one wire attached B. What does that mean? failure loss suffering.

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and tap enter that is in particular is the more filhos one, that when one continues in loss

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when a person continues to suffer one thing after the other, so what's the end, total destruction, total failure, complete failure.

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And it is when something is progressively going to words destruction, meaning progressively it is getting destroyed. It's heading towards its end its destruction, which is why we see that an old person, the word was used. For example, if about a woman a person had to ask, they would ask um shabda

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meaning is she young? Or is she old?

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Because if she's all then she is disintegrating. In a way she's deteriorating in a way. She's losing her strength. She's losing her love. She's losing her ability. And perhaps he's also losing her beauty.

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Similarly, it has been said that come to Shaban for sale to tab and that now I am so old. I used to be young and active and alive. And now I'm so old that I am falling apart I am deteriorating.

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So over here we see that Allah says step by step, but this is feral family, that it has been destroyed. It has perished. It has been ruined. What has been ruined? Yeah, the two hands two hands up who have been there have been the two hands of Abu lahab they are destroyed.

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What does it mean by this? The two hands of Abu lahab are destroyed. They're heading towards loss and destruction. What does it mean back to hands?

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Remember that hands What do they represent?

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strength, power, ability action. And Tibet? Yeah, there are there have been meaning His power, His ability, his strength is destroyed, It is finished.

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May it be destroyed, may it be finished, may it be ruined, it's heading towards destruction.

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And by mentioning the hands, it's not just that only the hands will be destroyed. But in fact, what is meant is the entire person because many times we see this in the Quran, that by mentioning part what is meant is the entire like for example, instead of Salah what is mentioned only the record only the only the sudo It doesn't mean that Salah is only record so do tm know by mentioning part what is meant is on it.

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so tough, but the other abila hubin whatever, whatever. Why is what abovementioned again, this is a fact that Allah is studying us, that in fact he is destroyed. In fact, he is perished. The first time that it is mentioned that batida it means May he perish. And then when it said what that means that yes, in fact he did perish, he was destroyed, he was ruined.

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Now with regards to his name of hula hub, with regards to his name of hula hub, the hub is from Lam harbor and it literally means flame

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and literally means father of flame.

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And we know that in the Arabic language, many times a person would be called father of such and such or the son of such and such. Why? Because he had a very close link with it. He resembled a lot with it or he spent a lot of time with it. For example, a traveler, what is he called? Eb noosaville? Why because he's constantly on the road. Similarly, Abu Revlon who Why was he called a blue rider because he was always found with cats. He loved them.

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So, I want to have Why was he called a Buddha. his actual name was Abdullah erza. But he was called Abu lahab. Why? Because of his flaming, reddish appearance, that he had a very bright complexion, very bright complexion. He had a very nice and almost read like face that was very handsome and good looking. And this is why he was given this title of Buddha. So what does it show his handsomeness

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The brightness of His face.

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So Allah says that, but the other of either having What?

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Why is this punishment announced for him.

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Because we see that as the uncle of the Messenger of Allah, He not only disbelieved in him, but he opposed him as well. And his opposition was extremely severe.

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We know that the Arabs, the Mr. King of Arabia, they were extremely loyal to one another. When it came to their family members, when it came to their relatives, when it came to the members of their tribe, they were extremely loyal, which meant that even if you disagreed with someone, you would still support him. Why? Simply because he's your brother, simply because he's your cousin simply because he belongs to your tribe. This is the reason why you will aid him even if you disagree with him.

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But we see that

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he violated this tradition, or this people how, by opposing the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. And he also violated complete decency as well. I mean, respect for other people in the way that he opposed him in the way that he harmed the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah.

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How is it that he opposed him?

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everyone is familiar with the stories.

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For example, we see that I will have was a neighbor of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he lived right next to him. However, he will throw garbage into the house of the prophets of

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his wife, who was among the leading women of the kadesh. Her name was on Jimmy. She was known as under him being the mother of the beautiful, just imagine how proud these people must have been that one is called Abu lahab. And the other is called own Jimmy.

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And actually was our bent how, and she was a sister of Abu sufian.

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And she would leave thorns at the doorstep of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at night. Why? So that when he would come out, he would get hurt because of them. At night, she would leave thorns at his doorstep, so that when he would come out he would suffer because of them.

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And there are two sons Earth and earth Eva, they were married to the two daughters of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So you can imagine how closely these two families were linked together. They were close relatives, these two or 10 or Thabo are married to the two daughters of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And when Hamilton a lot of them declared prophet at Abu lahab told his sons, that if you do not divorce your wives, I'm never going to speak to you.

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He made his sons divorce the daughters of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and that it

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said that it would only Muslims that I was in a he said that a man called Rubio even a bad he was from the tribe of money a deal.

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And he was from the time of pre Islamic ignorance and he later on he accepted Islam. He said that I saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the time of generally I mean when he was not a Muslim himself and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had declared Prophethood I saw the prophet in the market of images. And he was saying, Yeah, yohannes pulu la ilaha illa Allah to flee who he was saying, or people say la ilaha illa Allah and you will be successful.

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And he was going around the marketplace saying this to the people. And there was another man who was following him. And he was saying, Verily, He is an apostate and a liar.

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So as the Prophet was going on calling people, there was another man going after him. And what was he saying about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? He is an apostate he's a liar. And he's this man said that I asked the people who is this other individual, who is this man, they said it is his uncle Avila.

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So just imagine how actively involved he was in opposition to the Prophet sallallahu ala.

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And there are many many other things that he did in order to harm him and the list of which is very long. But Allah says over here tibetian Avila have been with

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me his hands bearish May he be perished? And in fact, he did bearish?

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my honor and the homeowner who his wealth did not avail him warmer cassava nor that which He earned his wealth all that he had acquired, that he was so proud of. It did not benefit him. Because we see that many times what is it that makes people arrogant? It's their wealth. So his wealth did not help him It did not benefit him.

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One Mercosur nor that which you acquired what is it that he acquired in his life, maca said refers to it includes his children. It includes his status. It includes his actions, it includes his efforts. So all of the efforts that he was putting in everything that he had acquired in his life, his status, his high position, fame, everything Allah says he did not avail him

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when the punishment of Allah gave upon him, nothing

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helped him and we see that a Willa have died in the most miserable state.

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We see that the way he died was that he developed a severe disease in which there was a skin infection, something like that on his body, which is why his body was covered in boils covered completely. And it was so repulsive, that people would not even go near him out of fear that they would catch that illness, that it was contagious. Somehow people would not even go near him. Just imagine someone who was so proud of his appearance, I will not have people would not even approach him. And eventually, when he died, his body laid there, and nobody dare to go near it in order to bury the body.

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Just imagine,

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and eventually, his children, other people said to them, that you don't have some shame your father's dead body is lying. So when they were reprimanded, they hired some slaves, and those slaves they went in with the sticks. They've shoved his body into a ditch and this is how they got rid of him.

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Man, owner and homeowner who gossip nothing helped him, neither his wealth nor his children

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say elsewhere now, this was his fate and donia in the Hereafter, he will burn in a fire and this fire that and a hub of Blazing flame. Notice he called himself a Bula hub. Allah says his punishment will be off the hook.

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He called himself father a flame, his punishment will be through flame, through a blaze of fire of flames elsewhere now on that and I have

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and then one more or two who and his wife meaning and his wife as well, his wife as well will be punished in the same way it was

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in a fire that is that Allah her and his wife, who is she, what if she had learned to help the carrier of firewood? Hi, Myrna, this is from hammer and hammer Lister Gary something hammer Allah for Allah, this is Ivana Ha. So one who carries a lot repeatedly again and again. And the structure file is also used for the profession that a person has.

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So Humana, it says, No, this is her profession. This is what she does. And in this is in fact a huge insult for her because she was the sister of abusive fianza imagine what a noble family she was from.

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And on top of that, she was the wife of a bola her. And she was also very proud of herself a very confident woman. But unless you have mental health, hubbub is firewood fuel. It's basically used for dry wood that is used to light fire or to burn fire. There are different words that are used in the Arabic language for fuel. hubbub in particular is dry wood.

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And we see that it was a slave women, the slave women who would bring firewood and would deliver it to different people. So a lot of parents are called their hand learned and helper. This is a great humiliation for her she's being condemned. This is a great humiliation for imagine what a proud woman she was. And look at how Allah describes her.

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Now why is she called her mallet? And how about

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this isn't a figurative sense, because what did she carry, in the figurative sense? False speech, facade rumors, similarly, such things that would create facade discord amongst people. So hammer little helper, meaning she was a woof sitter. She was a woman who created a lot of facade. She would spread the real the faults of other people. And this is how she would create facade because firewood also wherever you deliver it, there's going to be Fire. Fire is going to be lighted over there. So this is what she did, by her speech by the kind of words that she spread. And we see that she spoke a lot against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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She said verses of poetry against him. She humiliated him she condemned him. She called him with Amma narrow the villa. So Hamilton hapa and some have said that this will be part of a punishment in the Hellfire that she will be made to carry the firewood. The fuel with which her husband will be punished at home. Her man at the help of Fiji the her in her neck is heavily on a rope, a rope of what method of twisted fiber. Jesus from the roof letters Jamia does and deed is used for neck but there are many other words used in the Arabic language for neck g in particular is used for a neck that is long and beautiful. like that of a dear, long, beautiful, elegant. So Allah says in her

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elegant neck that she's so proud of around what she wears her necklace and she boasts about it. Fiji has

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Have an on muscle muscle from whoever's name seen that. And muscle is used for palm fibers. It's literally to twist fibers and or strands in order to make a rope to twist them into a rope. And we see that under mean, she had a very precious necklace a very expensive one. And she would hold it and she would say that By Allah, I will even spend this in opposition to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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This is how much he hated him. This is how much he opposed him. So Allah says Fiji, dear Hello Mimosa, this necklace that she's so proud of. Allah will replace that with a rope of twisted fiber with which you'll be punished.

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This means

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123 gd ha ha.

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If we revealed when the pseudo was revealed, I would have had not yet met his fate. He was still alive. Similarly, his wife was also alive.

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If they wanted to disprove the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, they could have just simply accepted Islam.

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If they accepted Islam, then what would the tsunami

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it would mean that he's not going to be punished in that way. So this also shows the truthfulness of the messenger subtle love is I know, the truthfulness of the Quran.

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And we also see that when the surah was revealed on Jamil, the wife of Abu lahab, she came out wailing and she had a stone in her hand. She had a big stone in her hand, and she was saying he criticizes our father, and his religion is our scorn. And his command is to disobey us, meaning she was going on and on saying negative things about the prophets of Allah, Allah.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sitting in the masjid, meaning in the harem, and I will walk out of the land who was with him. And when I woke up, saw her, he said, O Messenger of Allah, she is coming and I fear that she will see you. And if she sees you, she's going to try to harm you because she's walking around with a stone in her hand. I mean, she must really mean something.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, verily, she will not see me, don't worry, she won't see me. And then he recited some of the Quran as a protection for himself. And she came until she was standing in front of a vulva. And she did not see the Messenger of Allah. And then she said, Oh, vaca verily, I have been informed that your friend is making insulting poetry about me. She called the Quran poetry. And Rebecca replied, No, by the Lord of this house, he's not defaming you was this ally?

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Was this? No, because who revealed these Ayah? Allah subhanaw taala of the profits on the lawn Is that him didn't say anything. Who was saying this, a lot was saying this. So then she turned away saying, indeed the conditional that I am the daughter of their leader, she was very proud of herself, very proud of who she was. And it was the status, it was the swell, it was this dounia that had deceived this couple, and both of them together, were heavily involved in opposition to messenger. So

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it is also said that Abu lahab, the main reason why he opposed the messenger sallallahu Sallam was because of his wife,

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that she is the one who had encouraged him to do so. Because we see that on her side of the family, Abu sufian. Later on, he became Muslim, and his wife hints. She was also a great opponent of Sophia and was also a great opponent at that time. So the family of Jamil all of them were opponents of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and on the other hand, will not have his family. We see that the uncles of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Okay, if they didn't accept Islam out of them, at least they didn't oppose him so violently. So why was it that he was like this because of his wife? What does it show to us? What is it show to us?

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What an important role a woman can play,

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that she can literally drive her family, she can literally drive her husband to either do something good, or do something that women have been given this ability. They have been given the strength, this unique characteristic, which is perhaps only with women, that they're able to change the minds of their husbands. They're able to

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for their entire family, they're able to affect their children, their relatives to a great extent. This is why it's so important that a woman is honored

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that a woman follows the religion of Allah subhanaw taala because if she is fine that her family will be fine

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