Abdullah Oduro – The Quranic Call Juz 25 – The Signs of Allah

Abdullah Oduro
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So don't worry, we're not going to live in a castle at peace of blessings of a lobby upon you all. Allah subhana wa Donna has signed on this earth, everything if you think about it, he has created so his creation has many different purposes behind it. From the purpose of creation is for you to look into ponder over it to remind you that there is a maker there is a creator, which further brings you closer to Allah. Allah subhana wa doll and the 25th jerte June the 25th portion of the Koran, Chapter 41, verse number 53 and 54 the last verses of this chapter, a full sillas Allah spent Allah says a beautiful thing which should remind us of his beautiful creation. Allah says in the Koran

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century he is Phil flt Wolfie unfussy him had begun 11 and a half. He says here support Allah very interesting point, he says, We will surely so show them our signs in the horizon and in themselves, until the truth becomes clear and apparent to them. So here, Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning two things in regards to the way that he shows you His signs. He says, certainly him it now we will show them our signs, how, how is the manifestation of displaying his science to you, it's actually in things that are consistent and never stop. If you were to open your eyes, you will see these signs, the first of them is the horizon, the horizon, and you have to understand it's not only the horizon,

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the horizon is to give you a sign, which is more of a generality of everything that is similar to it, ie things that are external to you, or it could even be understood as the cosmos. When you look at everything in the sky, you look at the planets, the stars, you see, everything that happens with these forms of creation, all of these are signs is for you to think and to ponder, who created it. Firstly, you know, that mankind as a human being, you do not have the power, intellect to create it. Nor do you have the power, intellect strength to maintain it, or to take it away. So when looking at the horizon, when the sun rises, when the sun sets, all of these forms, the ecosystems and how the

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seasons change, you have no control over it, it is a sign and then he moves to the second type within yourselves, as Allah says, in your own selves, fly to the zero, do you not see? Or do you not use your intellect? To understand that within yourself, you have no ultimate control within yourself? There is something you have to rely on to maintain you. Just think about that. If Allah has control over all of that, what are we doing in response to that? And that's why he says, We will keep showing him since he is in a field flt will be unforeseen, had time until the truth becomes apparent to them. That youth has become apparent to you, those of you that have embraced Islam, and

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those of you that are watching and have not, when will that truth. permeate your heart to Allah will affect your decision that you're making the decisions that you're making in life, but the ultimate decision to show gratitude to Allah by becoming a Muslim, Allah subhanho wa Taala after that says our them yet Phoebe Rebecca and no Allah Krishna and she's asking a question, is it not sufficient? That your Lord is the Shaheed upon everything, he is the witness upon everything, he sees everything has knowledge of everything knows the man I my new Shay, and small details are everything. He created everything. He sustains everything he is one that will take it away.

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Is that not enough for you to realize that he is the witness over all of this other in nungwi, mitigating Millipore you know, beam, then Allah subhanaw taala says, they are still unquestionably, unquestionably, still in doubt, from the meaning of the Lord. And is it not? Is it not unquestionable that he will supine Allah

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and encompasses all thing encompasses all things, everything, he is more healed. So, looking at these last couple of verses of this chapter, firstly, let the for the 41st chapter to understand, it's important for you to look at creation and to act upon the knowledge of what you see from creation. And the ultimate response is the response of saying, Subhan Allah, the ultimate response are the actions that results from the statement glory to God, for all praise to God. Oh Allah. Thank

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You Oh Allah guide me calling out to him as a response. acting in this video is a response in the Islamic way is a response. So May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that ponder over these is in the signs that he is placed on this earth for an ultimate purpose. May He allow us to see that purpose and to act on it. He's talking about hidden cinema a camera to hear but a cat. Thank you.

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