Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L289D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Blaming the ship on your legitimacy in

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Lesson number 289 sora talak.

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Willa iya is nominal. multilumen Nyssa eco. And those women who no longer expect menstruation among your women,

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Allah IE those women who Yeah, isn't it? Yeah, it's there from newsletters. Yeah Hamza saying yes, to give up or to have no more hope. So they have given a pope of what men and Mahela have monthly period, meaning they no longer expect to menstruate.

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And why is that so? Because of menopause. Because of menopause. It's not necessary because of age, remember, because sometimes, women who are young, even their ovaries go into early menopause, it happens. So they're yummy. They're perhaps in the 30s, but they don't have their period anymore. Similarly, a woman could be in her late 40s, and she's still menstruating. So it's not necessarily with age. So Allah Islam and Rahim, those women who no longer expect the monthly period magnesite come from your women, which women, the believing women, are those women who have been given divorce in if tapetum if you are in doubt, about what about the rule in such a case, about their waiting

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period? That How long are they supposed to have their adult for? Because they don't menstruate anymore. Or for example, they're going into menopause. So their, their menstrual cycle is very irregular. You know, it happens sometimes with women, that they will have their menstruation after several months. Okay. It's not that they don't menstruate at all, but their beard will come after several months. So select that means you have to wait for three periods that might take three years, it might take more than that, it may take less than that. So in this case, Allah says ferried the tuna. So there it is, how much selesa to assure three months, which one's three lunar months, their

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waiting period is how much three lunar months.

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Now, this includes those women as well, whose spirit is irregular.

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Because sometimes some women, their period is extremely irregular,

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not because of old age. Sometimes people cannot figure out why their period is irregular, but it's very inconsistent, irregular. Sometimes it's five days, sometimes seven days. Sometimes it doesn't come for a month. Sometimes it doesn't come for three months. Sometimes it comes after 15 days. So in that case, what are you going to do?

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Three months in Northampton ferried Donatella to Asher?

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Well, he lemmya Hebner and those women who do not menstruate who do not have a monthly period, meaning their waiting period is also how much, three months, three lunar months.

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And this will be in the case where a woman, for example, is extremely old, she hasn't had any menstruation for years, many, many years. Or, for example, a girl is extremely young, she got married even before her period started. It's quite possible. So in that case, how long will it be? Three months, you're not going to wait for her to start her period, but rather, three months

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will lead to a family and the pregnant women oullette Laura love Li Amal plural of hammer. So the pregnant women are genuine, they're appointed term. And what does it mean by the Agile over here, the conclusion of their waiting period. They're agile, meaning when is your waiting period going to come to an end and your learner hamlen that they deliver their burdens, meaning until the end of their pregnancy.

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So when their pregnancy is over, when they have delivered the child, then there It also comes to an end. Now this could be one hour,

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this could be five days, it could be five months even. You understand.

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In the case of a pregnant woman, until When is she interested?

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Until she delivers. say she delivers after one hour or a day is over. If she delivers after five days, hurry those over if she delivers after five months or it does over you understand

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whenever she delivers that is when her ego will come to an end and you'll learn a hammer one

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woman you have tequila and whoever fears Allah yadgir Allah whom in me he you saw, Allah will make for him in his matter, ease. Allah will make matters easy for him in this world and also the hereafter. This is the benefit of what

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Following the commands of Allah,

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what does it show? Following the commands of Allah does not make your life difficult and complicated, rather, it makes your life easier. We think it will make your life difficult but rather it makes your life easy.

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Woman yet tequila, Hydra woman, Emily, you saw their liquor umbrella, that is the command of Allah, what is what is mentioned over here of the prescribed waiting period, that with regards to those women who do not menstruate anymore, or those who still haven't started menstruating are those who are pregnant, this is their, this is the command of Allah, this is his ruling. And this ruling and zenner who alaikum Allah has revealed it to you. And not that you just read it you recited you memorize it, no, Allah has revealed his ruling to you Why? So you follow it? You observe it, you implement it.

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Because sometimes when it comes to the commands of a lot people just like to learn them, and discuss them and recite them. And that's it. But why has Allah sent down these accounts, so that we follow them? And zela who eleiko the purpose is not just mental exercise, but the purposes that we implement them? Why am I here tequila and whoever fears Allah, you can fear and who say it. Allah will expiate from him his sins, meaning Allah will forgive him for his mistakes. He will save him from the evil consequences of his sins you can fit on mousai TV, where your alumna who Angela, and Allah will magnify the reward for him, for who, for the one who has fear of Allah.

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Because if you think about it, when it comes to divorce, the matter of divorce, it's so tricky, so complicated, sometimes, that no matter how careful the person is, he ends up being rude, being harsh, isn't it? No matter how careful the person is, he ends up doing something wrong.

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But if a person is careful, he has fear of Allah, he's careful at every single step, then what's the benefit Allah will forgive him for his say yet,

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and Allah will also magnify the reward for him, he will increase the reward for him, Allah will prevent what he fears and multiply his reward, even for the little good that he does.

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Now, again, these verses are about Pollock, and the benefits of the court. They are general whether that the hook, a person applies the metro phone app or in any other scenario, in any other situation in life. But in particular, when it comes to family life when it comes to family issues. If a person has fear of Allah, look at the benefits, look at the reward, ease, risk. Similarly, forgiveness, similarly, great reward.

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And again, we see that with the law, what has been mentioned repeatedly, taco taco taco, because, yes, you're going through a difficult situation in life, but it doesn't mean you disobey Allah.

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Because sometimes it happens that when a person is going through a difficulty in life, what does he forget what Allah has commanded? And because of that, he also suffers with regards to his or her know, if this difficulty has come in your life, remember it was decreed from before Allah allowed it to happen. And you're being tested that in this situation, what do you do? Do you consider what Allah has commanded? Or do you just follow your own desires? You understand this is also a huge test.

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So when a person follows the commands of Allah, then look at the benefits you can fit on who say it when you're alumna who.

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Then Allah says, S, Keanu Unum and Hazel second,

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large them of where you dwell as Keanu Han Aquino from iscan St. Catherine sukhna. What does that mean? home? So as you know, the addresses to the man that you provide residents, you lodge who women, your wives, were men, Hazel, second, Tom, wherever you live. What does it mean?

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that a man is responsible to provide accommodation for his wife? This is in general, and this is also after the luxury divorce during her

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You understand?

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So as a new one I'm in Hazel Santa Where's a woman to live?

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When she's married, with her husband, and where she to live doing her

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again in the house of the husband and which he does is after the revocable divorce the luxury divorce, as can only mean hi susanto mean would you decal according to your means out of your means.

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Wood, this is from the newsletter as well Jean that What does what does that mean?

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To find and wood is that which is present that which a person has that which is mo jute, what is available,

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some in wood or the comb, meaning according to whatever is available to you, according to your ability, according to your financial capacity, meaning whatever you can afford, that is what you are to offer to your wife.

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So, as Keanu Hannah, min Hazel santam, me, Woody, come on, provide them a place to live in accordance to your means. So, what does it show? If a person can afford a comfortable place to live for his wife, then he should provide that to her? If he can afford bigger and better he should provide that to her? And if he cannot, then what should he provide? whatever he's able to?

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Because sometimes what do people do they keep their money in their bank, and they tell the wife live simple.

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And out of simplicity, she's living in a very difficult situation where she doesn't even have the place to keep her clothes where she doesn't have the place to keep her stuff. She's struggling. It's very difficult. It's not like he cannot afford he can afford but he says no, we should be simple. And we have to make do with this. Whereas all the money sitting in the bank, is that fair? It's not fair. What does Allah say? Us Keno hold'em in Hazel's economy, where do they go? What kind of residents is the husband responsible to provide his wife with whatever he can afford, the best that he can afford.

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And this also shows to us that the status of the husband is the status of the wife. Meaning if the husband can afford luxury, then he should provide the same to his wife. Because sometimes it happens that a man he will buy expensive stuff for himself. He will wear nice clothes, he will wear nice shoes, but what is the wife wearing? Whatever she got at her wedding? Is that fair? No. The status of the husband and the status of the wife is the same after marriage. He is to provide to her whatever he is able to afford, not that he saves all the good stuff for himself. And for her needs. He only waits for the sales. This is not right.

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So ASCII no hoonah mean Hazel second to me widget eco.

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And this also shows to us that the husband and wife How are they meant to live? together?

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mean Hazel's account, what does it show together in the same house in the same place? Not that the wife is living in one place and the husband is living somewhere else.

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Because when there are distances, then this creates problems as well, isn't it? If you're living away from one another, how are you meant to understand one another? You're supposed to live together? That's the objective of marriage.

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But remember that in the case where a man has multiple wives,

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then how is he going to keep them in the same space? No. Each has her private place. Remember? The houses of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? How are they heard you like they were not that huge. They were not that luxurious, but each had her private place. And they were not connected from inside. isn't until all of them had their separate doors. Which shows that yes, the man is to provide accommodation to the wife But how should it be? According to his means, and it should be hers exclusively? So asking you wanna men hate Osaka gentlemen, would you come? well as to the ruhuna and do not harm them little by Yoko la hiner so that you make it difficult upon them led to

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La ruhuna from the rotators but raw, meaning don't harass them in the matter of residents don't make their life difficult in the matter of residents. How would a person do that?

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by restricting by tightening the muskan the house and then Africa upon the wife while he can afford other ways.

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So for example, he is able to provide her good house but he says no we are only going to live in this one bedroom apartment. Although we can afford a bigger one but we are only going to live here. This is not fair landlord ruhuna little by Ukrainian and little by yuku from newsletters badea Coffee leak.

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What does that mean? narrowness tightness, and Leah Carla is to harass someone deal harshly with them.

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So when you can afford to provide better than provide better, don't make things difficult upon them in order to harass them, just to harm them for no reason. Because sometimes men do this Why? So that the woman will leave, she will ask for divorce and when she will ask for divorce, then that means she has to give back the money that he had given. And if he gets divorced, then he has to give motor as well.

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So what do men do? Sometimes? They are unjust to the wife. So Allah says, led to the ruhuna Little De Ukranian.

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And many times, we see that the problems between husband and wife, what do they begin from these issues? The husband can afford but he doesn't treat the wife well. He can afford a better place. But he does not provide that to her. He can provide her with the things that she needs. But he doesn't anyway, just being tight * just saving the money. But what good is your money going to bring to you if it's just sitting in the bank and you're not spending it on your family? Is that going to bring you happiness? No, it's only going to lead to many problems.

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We see that sometimes the husband and wife they have no problems with one another. The only issue is money. It's one of the biggest issues.

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So when you can create ease for each other, then why don't you do so led to the ruhuna? who

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were in control? And if they were meaning the women are not the Hamlet. They are the possessors of Hamlet, what does that mean? They are pregnant.

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So if the woman is pregnant, for unfaithful Elena, then spend on them, how dare you learn the home loan until they deliver their burden meaning until they deliver the chap.

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In the previous ayat, we learned about the over here we specifically learn about what who is going to spend on the woman while she is inheritor.

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Generally, the husband will until the end of data in the case of a pregnant woman who will spend on her in her. Again, the husband will until when until she delivers the child. So this expenditure includes the house where she needs to live, her clothing, her food, delivery charges, all of that, who's gonna take care of it, the husband will have to learn hamlen

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for in order analytical, then if they cycle for you, meaning the divorced woman, she was pregnant at the time when divorce was given to her, the man spent on her until the baby was delivered. Now he's no longer responsible to spend on her, especially if he didn't reconcile, okay? He didn't reconcile. That's it, they're separated. Now, divorce is completely effective. But if the husband asks that woman, please nurse the baby. And she agrees to do that, for in medical, then what's going to happen for 200 euro on them, give them their wages, meaning again, who is going to take care of the woman until she's nursing the child, the father of the child, you understand?

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Because once she has delivered the child, he is no longer responsible for her. If he did not do the job, I mean, they're separated. That's it. He's no longer responsible for her. But if you want her to nurse the child that he has to provide for her.

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What Tommy Robaina come be my roofing and consult one another in an approved manner. It Tell me from the root letters Hamza. Meanwhile, what does anger mean? affair command issue. And edema is the shower it is to suggest one another to consult one another.

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Because in a consultation, what's what's happening? A person suggests and this is what you should do. The other says this is what you should do. So each person is suggesting is right. So what is it the shower? So what dummy Robaina can consult one another concerning disconcerning? What concerning the child that what's going to happen? Who is going to nurse the child?

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Is the mother going to nurse the child is a wet nurse going to nurse the child, this matter is going to be decided how with mutual consultation.

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Not that the Father decides everything leaving the mother out completely, or the mother decides everything leaving the father out completely? No. The child is who's

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of both of them. Therefore both of them decide together, how the child will be raised. Who will nurse the child? Where will the child be? Who will he spend his time

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With what

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this is mentioned in sort of Bukhara, as well as number 233, that worldwide data you'll learn that oladipo nihalani cameleon mothers, they should nurse their children for how long, two years, not more than that limit or the annuity model dar, where Ireland mo Lu de la who this woman in our case were to live in Morocco and the father he is responsible to provide for the food as well as the clothing of who are the mother of the child, if she is nursing the child led to can live on Epson Illa de la to la vida, de vida de when mo ludum. Dare to be wealthy, neither the mother should be harmed because of the child, nor should the father be harmed because of the child.

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So who beno can be maruf, discuss this matter amongst yourselves, and come to an agreement. And remember that when the mother is nursing the child for the sake of the Father, and the Father has to spend on her, take care of her clothing, take care of her food, and also give her a wage, you understand, also give her a wage, because nursing is something that's not easy. It is difficult, it takes a lot out of a woman she needs to eat, then her clothes also, she needs to keep changing, right? Because if the child is of that age, typically children, they throw up a lot, isn't it sort of the need to change constantly. So more clothing needed,

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then similarly, a wage is also to be given to her. And all of this will be decided how with mutual consultation, what dummy lubaina come tomorrow.

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Not the man says you have to nurse. And this is how much I'm going to give you. That's it? No, the mother has to agree.

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So the mother has to agree. Similarly, the mother cannot say, I'm going to nurse the child. And this is how much you have to give me and the husband is forced to give that no, both have to come to an agreement.

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We're interested to NFU create difficulties for who for one another thoughts often from newsletters, I'd seen raw versus opposite of use. So if you make things difficult for one another, regarding the sapling, that the child is being used.

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The mother says if you want me to nurse a child and you better give me this much money, the father says if you really want to nurse the child, then you have to agree to taking only this much. And because the mother loves the child she wants to nurse so that's why she compromises she accepts a little wage. This is not fair, right. So if you create difficulties from one another, you cannot come to any agreement faster to do the hoo ha then put an end to that argument. And some other woman is going to nurse the child

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as I told the ruler who

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another woman is going to nurse the child settled their law daughter in an ultra feminine of her so another woman is going to nurse that job

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Leon foo sorority mentality Lee lamb over here is off. So Leon he should spend who should spend those hours in the possessor of abundance meaning the affluent person, the affluent men, the one who is wealthy, he should spend majority from his capacity meaning generously, on who on the divorce woman or on the suckling woman on the breastfeeding woman. He should spend according to his capacity meaning if he can afford a lot he should give more. Women could either lay here to school and whoever whoever is risk was restricted upon him meaning he is tight in his means failure in fact, then he should spend money matter who law according to what Allah has given him from that which

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Allah has given.

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Meaning there is no fixed amount that has to be given to the mother. for nursing the child. You understand. The amount is not fixed. It's left to the individuals. Look at what you can afford and give that much woman Cody Darla here is full value and fickman murder Hola.

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law you can leave Allahu neffs and in lemma, Taha Allah does not burden a person except with what Allah has given it.

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Meaning only if a person can afford Allah then he is meant to spend a lot and if a person cannot afford a lot, he is not meant to spend a lot. What is the person responsible for whatever Allah has given him, meaning whatever he is able to do, sajer Allah who bear the burden, Yusra, Allah will make after hardship is something very important that we learn in these two is

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that first of all, the men and women who have divorced from each other, who's between them, children. So just because they dislike one another

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Just because you want to take revenge from one another doesn't mean that the children should be harmed, the children should be made to suffer. No.

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If you look at this the right of a child is worth that he should be nursed by the mother. And even for that, Allah subhanaw taala has given rulings over here, whatever other rights, like for example, being able to see the mother being able to meet the father is not the rights of the child. Yes. Okay. The parents have divorced. But why should the child be separated from the mother? Why should the child be separated from the Father?

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Similarly, sometimes children's education gets compromised because of that. The father says, I'm not going to take care of you, you decided to go with your mother. The mother says, How can I take care of you, you are on your father's side. You understand? This is incorrect. Because many times people forget in the enmity for one another. Those who are suffering, and especially the children, because children are weak, they're innocent, they cannot speak for themselves. And sometimes they're confused. They have no idea about what's going on. We were living together happily, perfectly all of a sudden, Dad has left all of a sudden mom has left, what's going on? Children have no idea, isn't

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And people take revenge from one another. How? Through children? This is unfair. This is not right. Yes, you don't like one another anymore. You don't live together anymore. But you are responsible for your children. Children should not be abused in this process. their rights should not be neglected in this process. Even the right of being breastfed.

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And look at this Allah subhanaw taala says what dummy Robaina can be merggle that discuss amongst one another, do shuara when it comes to the breast feeding of the child, the father and the mother, they are to discuss with one another? What's going to happen? What about the child's marriage? And what about the child's education? Should they not discuss these issues? Yes, they should. You are separated. But the child has a right on both of you. You understand?

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Because sometimes, you know the father, if he has given the custody to the mother, he will not have any role in the child's life at all.

00:27:23 --> 00:28:08

Similarly, if the mother has given the custody to the Father, she will never go see the child where's my child? where she's studying? Where she growing up? What school is she going to Who is she going to marry no interest whatsoever, just because of dislike for the Father. This is not right. you dislike the person the other, but don't neglect your child in the process. main responsibility is of the father's because he is to look after because whoever is custody, the child is in there going to be looking after the child right. So mainly it is a father's mainly it is the fathers. However, if they decide amongst themselves, then it can also be given to the mother. So for example,

00:28:08 --> 00:28:24

if the decision is that the mother keeps the children until, let's say the age of seven, for example, until the age of four, then who is going to take care of the child who is going to spend on the child. The father will okay because the father is responsible.

00:28:25 --> 00:28:48

And over here at the end of the day we see saya Allahu Akbar, they're sitting Yusra, Allah will create ease after difficulty. Why? Because everything has its appointed time. Difficulty will soon be over. And if you follow the commands of Allah, then very soon after this difficulty will come ease.

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Remember that no difficulty no grief, no sorrow, no complication in this dunya is eternal. Eventually it comes to an end. Eventually, the wounds you have the heel, isn't it? Eventually the cuts that you have on your skin, eventually what happens to them? They heal, isn't it so? Similarly sajer Allahu Barbarossa Nusra just because the divorce has taken place. I don't think this is the end of your life. A lot will create ease after difficulty.

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Amina Murphy we mean Nisa.

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And this is also show to us the importance of mutual consultation. That how if something concerns a person, they should be included in the decision making? Because the man and the woman, okay, they may be divorced. However, there's still something that concerns both of them. That is of common interest and who is that child? So, yes, they're not together anymore. But when it comes to any decision making with regards to the child both should have their input, you understand?

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Both should have their input, because both of them have a right to the chat

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is permissible during the day. And this is clarified from this asking Unum in hate was a concern that during their data, make them live where you are living, not that the woman is living in the house and the husband goes away? This is not right. They should be in the same house. Okay. Why, so that there are more chances of ruder? If they're living separately, then they will be less chances of virtue? The point is to save the marriage,

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the status of Pollak

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early what we learned that separate the beds, that is in the case of new shoes, in the case where a woman is being extremely disrespectful, disobedient to the husband. So in the first case, what is he going to do, he's going to talk to her advisor, if she doesn't listen, then he's going to separate the bed from her meaning he's not going to sleep with her to get the message across that I'm upset with you. I don't, I don't like this. And then if she doesn't listen, still, she continues with her new shoes. Then in that case, he's also allowed to discipline her by hitting her slightly.

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So that's another situation that's not divorce. That's not a part of divorce. It doesn't mean if a man wishes to give divorce to his wife, this is Oh, he should give it that first. He should talk to her and then he should separate from her and then he should hit her. No, that's not divorce, okay.

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rujuta can be done any time during the Rita. Even one day after pronouncing divorce he can do on the last day he can do to

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see the thing is that wherever a person is whatever the laws of the land are there on one side, and on the other hand, a lot of times it has given us certain rules as well. to actually make divorce effective. What does a person have to do follow the Sharia

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and other legal processes, they can go along afterwards even or along with the actual process as well. Okay. But to really make the divorce effective A man has to follow the Sharia.

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If a man gave divorce to his pregnant wife,

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and let's say she delivered after five days, he didn't get a chance to do now later on is like I didn't do I know it was a mistake. So what does he have to do now?

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myka give my witnesses Well, he everything has to be there again. He cannot just go have relations with her. Because her it is over when she's delivered the child

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In autobahn Allah

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good morning,

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Lee, and how many a city was incident to work the command of its Lord and His Messenger, Allah subhanaw taala warns us with the example of the people of the past. So many people of the past so many nations are that they were disobedient and arthritis from the root letters. I enter World War Two, what does it mean? to disobey out of pride and arrogance that a person considers himself do i do great, and he refuses to obey, he refuses to abide by the rules.

00:37:04 --> 00:37:39

So there were so many people of the past who refuse to follow the command of Allah and also the messengers, the messengers who came to them, because when it comes to the shittier, were to follow what Allah has revealed and we are to follow what the messenger has also taught us. A person can cannot disregard the teachings of the messenger, he has to follow the Sunnah of the messenger as well. So the people of the past when they disobeyed Allah and His Messenger, what happened for her 77 shaddaa. Then we called it to account a severe account,

00:37:40 --> 00:38:19

meaning we held those people responsible. We brought them to account we gave them their Recompense. And this was his urban shadiness, a severe reckoning, and what was that in which there was no Pardon? So they were punished in this dunya even were either Bonanza there been no claw, and we gave it punishment, such punishment that was horrible, that was unbearable. What is the lesson in this for us? That when people disregard the commands of Allah and His Messenger, then Allah punishes such people in this dunya even?

00:38:20 --> 00:38:26

Yes, there is punishment in the hereafter. But there is punishment in this dunya even this is a severe warning.

00:38:27 --> 00:38:39

Because many times when it comes to matters of divorce, family life, people just follow their own desires. They don't follow what Allah has commanded. A person should be afraid of that time, unless punishment can discern.

00:38:41 --> 00:38:57

And sometimes, a person becomes very arrogant, and he's committing injustice against his children against his wife against his family members thinking that he has the right to do it. He has the power to do it. But for how long does he have the power of luck and take it away anytime?

00:38:58 --> 00:39:47

For her 77 shanita where are the Venetia? I'd have a new claw further Courtois Bella, I'm Leah, and it tasted the bad consequences of its affair. Were in this dunya even the people of the past that are here the people of that town, they suffered the consequences in this dunya where can people to Umbria hustla and the outcome of its affair was utter loss. The end result was what? utter loss failure destruction. A person disobeys thinking he will take all the good for himself. He will take advantage out of the situation. But we see that eventually when the last panel data vanishes the volume then what's the outcome of the volume after loss? Whatever he had, he doesn't even have that

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

left with him. Bad de la hola whom are the Urban shahida Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment were in the hereafter the punishment of the dunya they have already suffered

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

in the Hereafter, there is much more severe punishment for de la jolla or lil Al Bab than fear Allah or possessors of intellect, or people who have some mind. take a lesson from this, and who are those people who have some reason, who have some intellect and Latina, amanu, those who have a man, so people who have a man, or people who have some sense, have fear of Allah, and don't disobey Allah in these matters are the ends and Allahu la convict, ah, Allah has certainly sent down upon you, they call a reminder, and what is this reminder, the scripture the Quran,

00:40:40 --> 00:41:21

so Allah has sent out this Vicar upon you, not just that you're very proud about it, but rather that you follow it. So when Allah has sent it to you, then observe it, follow it. You see, many times, we see that in family issues, people don't follow the commands of Allah, they know what the rules are, but they will not follow them. Or they will pick and choose and they will select only what suits them only what's in their favor, isn't it? So but and this is a huge warning that when the commands of a law are there, then if you are sensible enough, if you are a believing person, then you are to respect those commands and follow them properly.

00:41:23 --> 00:41:28

And it's the responsibility of those who believe to make one another follow those rules properly as well.

00:41:29 --> 00:41:51

For example, if your brother is doing something wrong, is it not your responsibility to advise him to stop him? If he's being unfair with his wife? Should you not stop him? Should you not do that? Of course you should. Because as we learned earlier, that the family is a small unit of the society, but whatever happens in the family affects the society on large as well.

00:41:52 --> 00:41:56

So if you don't stop him now, would it not affect you later? Yes, it will.

00:41:57 --> 00:42:17

This is why Allah says and sort of on fire 25 what the whole fitness thing led to so even a Latina woman comparsa and fear a trial which will not just strike those who have wronged among you exclusively. Know, who did it affect other people as well. So when other people are doing wrong, don't just let them do wrong, stop them.

00:42:18 --> 00:43:01

rasuna and meaning we're also narrow sulan and we have also sent a messenger Firstly, Allah mentions what the Quran that he has revealed. Then he mentions the messenger whom he has sent, and this messenger yet Lu aleikum. wa Taala. he recites upon you the verses of Allah and these verses, how are they mobile Gina explaining everything very clearly. It's not that these IRAs are confusing, they're unclear, know, the rulings that Allah has revealed. They're very clear. And secondly, Ally's even sent a messenger who further clarifies the rulings, isn't it so Allah revealed to Robo caller first later on serrata Pollock and then with that the guidance of the messenger Rasulullah and yaku

00:43:01 --> 00:43:25

Alaykum Ayatollah bobina Leo alladhina amanu Armando solly heart mina lumati in a new so that he may take out those who believe and do righteous deeds from where from darknesses into the light. So those who believe and do good, it is their responsibility to follow the guidance of the messenger to follow the rulings in the Quran. If they want to be rightly guided

00:43:27 --> 00:44:05

women you remember Larry, we are most silent and whoever believes in Allah and does righteous deeds. What's the result? You the * who Jannati that dream and title and Hello, Allah will admit him into gardens underneath which rivers flow just imagine all of these either telling us about what divorce and if a person follows this property even What does Allah promise Jenna Holly Dena, FIFA, abiding there in eternity for the US and Allah, hula, hula ska, in fact, Allah has perfected for him provision in gender, Allah will give him beautiful provision, perfect provision in abundance.

00:44:06 --> 00:44:34

Because you see, sometimes it is selfishness that leads to being unjust. A person wants to secure all the benefits for himself. But what do we learn from here? That if a person follows the rules of Allah, and in that process, even if he has to give up something, later on Allah will give him excellent risk in general. What's better? A little bit of risk in dystonia are much better risk in general. In general, that's much better.

00:44:36 --> 00:44:48

Allahu lydie Hanako savara semi wedding, it is Allah who has created seven heavens. Allah is the one who has created the seven heavens. Women are the end from the earth, Midler hoonah like them,

00:44:49 --> 00:44:59

meaning similar to the seven skies, Allah has created earth as well. What does it mean? That if the skies are seven, how many Earths are there?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

Seven as well. Some people say that mitla hoon over here means seven continents. But that's not right. Why? Because how are the seven heavens? in layers one on top of the other? Isn't it?

00:45:15 --> 00:45:30

Similarly the earth also how are they like the skies, one on top of the other in layers. And just as there's a huge distance between two skies, similarly there's a huge distance between two Earths as well. Okay?

00:45:32 --> 00:46:16

There is the topmost sky and then there's the lowermost sky. Similarly, there is the topmost earth and the lower most earth as well. The top most is which one, which one, where we are because above us is what? The sky adonia So what does this I show to us are seven Earth just like there are seven skies. And this is mentioned in the Quran and this is also mentioned in the Hadees. We learned from our Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever asserts the land of somebody unjustly, even if it was a mere hand spent, then his neck will be encircled with it down to the seven Earths. His neck will be encircled with it down to the seven Earths and behind his narration, he will sink down

00:46:16 --> 00:46:19

to the seven Earth's me This is the punishment of that person.

00:46:20 --> 00:46:40

So the seven Earths are mentioned in the Quran, and they're also mentioned in the Sunnah. Now, we cannot say with our limited vision and knowledge that How is it possible? Where is it? Allahu Allah about the reality of the seven Earths, isn't it? So? Because the scientists they discover one thing, and the more they discover what do they say the more ignorant we are?

00:46:42 --> 00:47:24

So will mean an earthly mithila hoon. What's the point of mentioning this over here that Allah has created seven Earth's seven skies? That he has the necessary general Rubina Hoon, Allah He is the one who descends who sends down the Command between the meaning he is the one who regulates the affairs of the seven skies and the seven Earths he is managing their affairs, it's his command that is implemented. Why is Allah telling you about this litella mo, and aloha, Allah, Alicia included, so that you know from this, that Allah is able to do everything, or anila have a health of equilibria in Allah and that Allah encompasses everything and knowledge. Why is Allah telling us

00:47:24 --> 00:47:29

about this, so that we realize that everything is possible for Allah,

00:47:30 --> 00:47:50

where he has created seven Earth's seven skies, and he is managing their affairs? Look at the differences that exist in the earth that exist in the sky, but who is managing their affairs? Allah subhanaw taala. So yes, you may have many differences in your family life, but Allah can manage your affairs as well. Isn't it so?

00:47:51 --> 00:48:19

And when a person hands over his matters to Allah, that is when he benefits because in the heavens and the earth whose command is implemented, Allah subhanaw taala. And because his command is implemented, this is why there is harmony. This is why people can live. This is why rain can fall down from the sky. This is why so many creatures can survive. But if Allah's commands are not implemented, then what will happen? chaos.

00:48:20 --> 00:48:50

Similarly, if you don't implement a loss command in your life, what will happen in your life, chaos as well. And remember that Allah knows about every single thing, even what's going on in your family life, nothing is hidden from Allah. And when he knows he's the one who can guide you best. He is the one who can take care of you best. And remember that he is the one who will give you recompense for it as well. So no matter what situation it is, don't forget the commands of Allah. And don't forget that you are accountable to Allah.

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At not

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Regional levina

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amilo slaley Hajime, no tienen

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Dena fee

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for the long haul, long haul

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a panic alarm will be hamburger. Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta, Luca Juana, to be like a Santa Monica.

At-Talaq 1-12 Tafsir 4-12

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