Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L289C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of following rules and guidance to avoid complications and achieve success in life is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be mindful of Islam and not abandon their love for their partner. The speaker also warns against giving up hope and becoming arrogant, as it can lead to problems and negative consequences. privacy and privacy are also important in marriage.
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For either Bellona agenda when then when they have reached their appointed time who the divorced women and what is their agenda agenda refers to the end of their at

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the end of the waiting period

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so when the divorced woman is about to reach the end of the waiting period, let's say she had her first period then to her than the second period and then to her now there's only one left one period left okay. So the end is very near. So then the husband has to make up his mind he has to make a decision is he keeping her or is he letting her go? So Allah says for mc cohoon nebby murfin Oh very cool when we move then either retain them according to acceptable terms or part with them according to acceptable terms you have to make up your mind quickly.

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Um, SQL will never newletters meme scene graph m sock which is to retain something to keep something with yourself. So retain her keeper. How be maruf What does it mean by this keeper with models? This would be the case where the talaq is Reggie revocable divorce which is the first or the second

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What is maruf? How is he going to keep her with maruf meaning by taking her back before the end of there is

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not that he wants to do after it. No, it has to be before there it is completed.

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Similarly, model falter means honorably, respectfully, being kind to her, not being harsh to her being rude to her. No if you have decided to keep her then keep her with maruf not that you know you keep showing your Sandra that look. This could have been the end of it, but I've been so nice to you. I've kept you anyway. No, this is not model.

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Similarly, model falter means while giving her what she deserves, meaning her hug her rights as a wife, whatever she deserves, it should be given to her for mc COVID number maruf.

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And if you decide that no, she should go, you don't want to stay with her. Oh fatty who would not be miserable. Then release her according to acceptable terms valuable from the reflectors fell off for what does work mean? separation and move out aka moussaka. farakka you Federico moussaka. moussaka is when to separate from one another.

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This is bad Marfan, so to separate from each other? They were together, but now the separate away from each other.

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Spherical will not feel separate from them, how honorably? How is it that you're going to separate from them honorably? That leave them to conclude their waiting period? Leave them to conclude their waiting period and don't do and you will do it with them?

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Because of Amanda's router with the woman that's it, then he has it. But if he decides to let her vote, then what should he do? What should he do? Let her waiting period come to an end.

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Secondly, Federico who also means that there are those over, there was no reconciliation. She's going home now at that time, what is a man required to give to the woman? Some kind of gift, the maratona remember, some kind of gift? And also whatever she owns, whatever is hers, she has the right to take it with her. Not that she is don't leave empty handed. And whatever we gave it to you give it back to us? No, but rather he should send her away with something final Kahuna tomorrow.

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Similarly, he should separate from her house in an honorable way. Not that she is kicked out of the house gerst abused, no, in an honorable fashion fatica wanna remove?

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Well as she do, and take as witnesses as she do, she in her that Shahada, meaning call as witnesses who the way or the lane to possessors of justice, meaning to just men, men come from you, meaning who are believers,

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so called to people who are just people do justify to bear witness over what, over either the moussaka or the Roger.

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Meaning whatever final decision you make, make sure that at least two people who know about it not that people are wondering So did they do due to the not to do either together or they're not together? No, at least two people should be there to witness that will actually do the way or the main.

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Someone have said that this command is actually off is terrible. Meaning it's not mandatory. The two people must be called over there to bear witness to it. But rather it is preferable

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Okay, because it's not necessary that you will find two witnesses in every case.

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So as you knew the way or the limb income, will akima Shahada Lila and establish the testimony for Allah, meaning the addresses to the two witnesses, that you are coming to bear witness to this for whose sake? For whose sake for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to ensure that the commands of a law are being followed. So don't take a wage for it. Don't charge the man for it. Similarly, don't charge the woman for it. Don't consider it as a favor upon them. No, we're okay Misha has written in there, you're just doing your duty for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Then you can you will be he that he is admonished by it that he can what is that he can refer to? Is had a lot of impact with Marvel Movado Captain Marvel all of this, you are the VP who is instructed by men? Can you help me novella he will he will he who believes in Allah and the Last Day, meaning a person who believes in a line the last day that he must follow these commands that Allah has given and a person who does not have this belief, then he can do whatever he pleases. He can do whatever he pleases. What does it show? What does it show to us?

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That it is a requirement of a man to follow these commands.

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And if a person does not follow these commands, what does it show that his Eman is weak, it's deficient, then you can you will be given Canada you will be left you alone will ask a woman yet tequila. And whoever fears Allah yadgir under whom mahaya Allah will make for him and exit a way out.

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Whoever fears Allah, and as a result he follows the commands properly, then Allah will make for him away out Maharaj What is my fridge, and exit and outlet and escape. So Allah will make for him an outlet and escape by saving him from every distress of this world and the hereafter.

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Because if you think about it, sometimes this issue of divorce between a man and woman, it becomes so complicated, so difficult, so messy, that people don't know how to get out of that trouble. Out of that difficulty, isn't it? months and months go by years and years go by. And people do not know whether they're married or they're divorced, isn't it.

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But we see that a person who has fear of Allah alone will make a way out for him.

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Allah will take him out of that situation. So he's free.

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I remember recently, this woman had called into ask about her divorce, that when she got married, the marriage was not registered over here. So it was just like a verbal nica just to Srinagar. And that was it, there was no paperwork done nothing whatsoever.

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She had problems with the husband, they had two children already. She moved out of his house, she was living with her parents. And then she was in touch with him. But then after some time, she lost touch with him. She doesn't know where he is.

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She has no idea where he is. It's been many, many years. She doesn't know how to take divorce even.

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Because if the marriage was registered, she could have done something. But if the marriage is not registered, how she meant to take a divorce when she cannot even get in contact with him. Do you understand? So this is a problem when you don't follow the rules? Who told you to leave? Why did you leave the house? And if you were leaving the house, you should have left with some kind of decision. And once you left, why did you just leave it like that? You should have come to a conclusion or decision sooner or later. Why delayed for so many years? And now you're wondering what am I supposed to do?

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So a person must feel a lot with regards to these issues. He cannot neglect them. Because if a person neglects them, then what does it lead to many, many problems, endless problems for years and years complications difficulties.

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So women yet up in your Allahumma hajah whoever fears Allah and as a result of that, is careful about following the commands of Allah, he will find a way out of trouble. Otherwise, people are stuck in these difficulties for many, many years, you had your Allahumma hajah.

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And over here, although this is specifically with regard to divorce at a loss pantalla saying, but we can understand this in a general sense as well, that a person who fears a lot with regards to what he is doing, Allah will make a way out for him.

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And this is something very true. Like for example, if a person has a job that is unlawful, a means of earning that is unlawful and if here's a law with regards to that, and he makes

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His mind I want to get out of this alone will make a way out for him alone will take him out of it.

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But if a person does not have the fear of a line his arc and he says, oh, too bad, I don't have another option, then will he find another option? Will he find another alternate? No, he will not. When will you find a way out of the problem that you're in? When you have fear of Allah Almighty yet dakila yadgir Allahu Maharajah

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where zuckermann Hazel is the same, and he will provide for him from where he does not even expect,

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first of all, alone will take him out of the difficulty that he's in.

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Secondly, alone will provide him for where he cannot even imagine from where he cannot even anticipate from where it never even occurred to him. This is the benefit of what having fear of Allah, following the commands of Allah will my coworker and Allah And whoever trusts on Allah, for who has trouble than Allah is sufficient for him. He doesn't need to rely on other people. He doesn't need to be unjust and other people and take their rights, no, whoever trusts on Allah and Allah is sufficient for him.

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In the lower belly, who agree? Allah will accomplish His purpose values, what does values mean? One who reaches one who attains, so Allah will definitely attain his armor. What does it mean by his own, meaning whatever he decides to do, whatever he wants should happen, it will definitely happen. No one can prevent him, nothing can stop him, no one can make it difficult for him in the law, how valuable he called the journal lovely condition, or draw, Allah has already set for everything a decree

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or draw what is called me

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an estimate a measure a fixed quantity, a fixed amount of time. So for every single thing, a law has fixed, it's

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how long it will be,

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how much it will be, how much its length will be, how much its size will be, how much its time will be for every single thing the other is written from before.

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And this is with regards to every single matter.

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For example, even when it comes to the length of the day, the length of the night. Is that fixed? is fixed. Yes, once a night begins, you can expect when it's going to end, isn't it? once a day begins, you know, when it will end? Right? Because Allah has set for everything is

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and this is with regards to a person that is even a person's provision, even how much provision he's going to get for how long until when how much what type, even that is written, even that is decreed. Similarly, a difficulty that a person is going through, even for that there is if

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it's not that if a person is in a difficulty, it will be like that forever. No, are the janela Holika Alicia inkaterra if a person is in a difficult situation right now, it's not going to be like that forever, sooner or later things will change. You understand? Just like the day changes into night the night changes into day.

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Similarly, if a person is in a complicated situation today, it will come to an end eventually, because Allah Holika Alicia inkaterra everything has an appointed time, difficulty will come to an end is will also come to an end

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because sometimes a person wonders what happened everything was perfectly fine. Where did things go wrong? Well for everything there is a degree.

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Similarly a person wonders, it was so messy, how can everything is fixed, because for everything, there is a happiness comes to an end difficulties misery, sadness, anger, even they come to an end.

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We learn instead of a con i will holla kokkola Shay enfocado de de la that Allah has created everything and determined it with precise determination. The size of each thing is precise, the beginning the ending, everything is written from before in sort of art aid, Allah says welcome Lucia in our in the whole be musical. And everything with him is by do measure.

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So what is it show to us that a person should not give up hope? No matter what situation he is in, he should not despair.

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That just because we're in this difficulty right now. It will never be over? No. It will be over at some point. And if you want it to be over soon, then you have fear of Allah and you follow what Allah wants you to do. Because when when yet tequila yetter Allah Who? Maharajah wire

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To mean Hazel as the same woman yet a worker Allah, and what is it that prevents a person from following the commands of Allah?

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Because people want to take things in their own hands, isn't it?

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If somebody is being unjust, they want to stop him themselves. They want to force him to stop themselves. But sometimes you cannot stop him. But just because he's being unfair doesn't mean you'll be unfair. No, people like to take things in their own hands. But what do we see you follow the commands of Allah and leave the matter to him. And when you will leave the matter to him, then Allah will be enough for you

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to walk around alone Allah for her hospital,

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and what is it that will give you the ability to continue the fact that in the law, ballyhoo me, whatever Allah has decided it will definitely happen. No one can prevent Allah.

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So if good is decreed for me, no one can withhold it for me.

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If difficulty is decreed for me, no one can take it away from me. Because in Allaha, ballyhoo Emily codegen Allahu decondition Katara. We learn from a hadith even or bassanio, he said that once he was writing, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam scandal behind him, meaning you were sitting behind the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam turned to him and he said, Oh, young man, I will teach you some words. So learn them. Be mindful of Allah and he will protect you. Be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you. Be mindful of Allah and he will be on your side. Meaning he will help you. He will not abandon you.

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If you ask, ask Allah. And if you seek help, secret from who Allah as well.

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And know that if the oma gather their strength to bring you benefit, they will never bring you benefit except that which Allah has decreed for you. If the entire nation were to gather together to bring you some benefit, they will not be able to do so unless Allah has already decreed that benefit for you. And know that if they gather their strength to harm you, they will never harm you except with that which Allah has decreed against you. The pens have been lifted, and the pages have been dried, meaning whatever Allah has written in the decree, it's written, it's fixed, it's definitely going to happen.

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We listen to the recitation.

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This is

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toll free.

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Tina bisa.

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the Hodo de la

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de su

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So in summary, what have we learned so far about divorce, that a man if he decided to get divorced to his wife, when is he to give it to her? In the state of for her in the state of purity? And how many times only once? And from that point onwards? What are they supposed to do? keep count of their data. And during their adult where does a woman stay in the house of the husband and who is responsible to support her financially, the husband as well. And once there it that is about to come to an end meaning the last court, for example, has begun that the man has to quickly decide what he wants to do. If he wants to keep her he must do to do if he doesn't want to keep her then he must

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let her computer it. And then after that, how should he release her family

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Kahuna maruf.

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During the EDA, both things have been said that you don't expel them and they should also not leave, the husband does not have the right to let her go. And the woman also should not go, which shows that if she goes, and this is what, disobedience to Allah, this is violating the limits that Allah has set. Meaning it was the first divorce, he did reduce during their data. So if for example in there either the husband does reduce, so they're together. Now, after some time, he decides it was a mistake, I should divorce her. So if he divorces are, again, do they have to start they're at the from the beginning. And he has to give a divorce at the right time. Yes, he does have to follow

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through to them, it will start all over again. But this will be counted as the second divorce. And if he gives divorce to her a third time that will be final divorce.

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If the man is abusive, and the woman is in her ID, and if she stays with him over there, there's a lot of fear risk, then it's okay for her to go. This is not being sinful, because there is a risk to her life to her well being her safety. Because sometimes it happens that, you know, for example, a woman may be pregnant, and the husband is being extremely abusive Now it could affect her. So it's okay for her to go.

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During there either. Are the husband and wife responsible for each other in the sense that is the husband responsible to provide for the wife? Yes, he is. Similarly is the wife to listen to him. Yes, she is. And if he has any relations with her, then that means they have done her job. And there it is over.

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He is not allowed to give her divorce in the state of impurity, meaning when she is menstruating. And secondly, he's not allowed to give a divorce. In the period of her meeting, well, she's not menstruating. But in that period, marriage relations were established with her.

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So for example, she had her period for menstruation it finished. Now she's clean, he establishes relations with her. Now he cannot divorce her. What does he have to wait for, for her to menstruate again, to become clean? Only then he can divorce?

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You understand?

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So he has to wait.

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And when he will give her divorce them, they have to wait for three menstrual cycles. If she's pregnant, inshallah, we will learn about that in the following if

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during the data she covered from him, No, she's living in the same house, he has a right to do to do with her. In fact, she should beautify herself even more and be more obedient to Him to save her marriage. Okay.

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The two witnesses, what will they do? Basically, at the conclusion of their ADA, they will be told, okay, this is what we're doing there. It goes over. We didn't reconcile she's going home. She's divorced. Okay. Two Witnesses, they will witness this factor later on. If there's ever an issue, did they actually get divorced or not? You know, these two people are there.

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So the later the man cannot say, Oh, no, there it was never over. Or he cannot say oh, we never did you know, there are two people who are witness to that. And those two people are who just

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we see that the rulings of divorce are so detailed. And a person has to be so careful with regards to them, that by the time a person gets to that stage where he wants to divorce her, you might think, Okay, forget about it, he might change his mind. This is what is meant by law, law law, you're disobeying the delicate law, it's quite possible Allah will create something new in the heart of the husband in the heart of the wife, so that they don't end up separating from one another, but rather they they keep their marriage.

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And if you notice over here, the coins mentioned that woman yet duckula yadgir, Allahu Maharaja, and earlier is number one as well, that what the law has become,

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and then later in it number three, where is the human Hazel, a civil matter worker at a law firm or hospital? In the law, valuable empirical data along with the condition in other law, what does it show to us? That when a person has fear of Allah, when he's dealing with other people, that his life will be less complicated?

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Why is it that people have so many family issues, whether they're married, or they're going through a divorce, or whatever is going on? Why is it that there's so many family problems? It's because people do not have the fear of Allah.

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And because of that, they don't follow the commands of Allah if a person follows the commands of Allah, it will reduce family problems in his life, it will make things much easier for him.

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Similarly, another cause behind family problems is not having to walk alone Allah, right, trying to take things in one's own hands. And this is what leads a person to disobeying Allah, but we see that when a person has to walk alone Allah He has fear of Allah.

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Then measures will become easier for him.

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And without the court, he will lie, he will cheat, he will harm the other, violate the other person's honor, humiliate him, you know, people will be divided, they will take sides, children will be divided families will be divided. So it leads to a lot of facade. But the fear of Allah is what keeps people together.

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We are in control of our emotions. And now we have to be in control of our emotions, and don't let your emotions be in control of you. Exactly. Because at the end, whatever you do, you're accountable for it. So just because you were upset, just because you were very hurt, just because you were very angry, doesn't mean you do whatever you want to, you have to control yourself because at the end, you are accountable. And it's this fear of a lot that will keep a person straight. And this belief in Allah and also the last day

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and you see at the end of this, if ajala, lovely Galicia inkaterra, Allah has made for everything. Precise determination. In this context, if you look at it for divorce, for example, there it does not eternal. There, it does not for five years. But what's the quarter? selasa Kuru. Right. Similarly, we see that the period of a woman is not such that she's menstruating for 20 days, no, on average, I was at five days, seven days, 10 days. So for these things as well, Allah has made a quarter why, so that things become easy for people. If this quarter was not there, than how difficult divorce would be, how complicated it would be, what an endless process, it would be.

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Correct. And it would lead to so many in justices. So it's a huge mercy of a lot that he has kept a decree, a determination for every single thing, including divorce, including the including menstruation, and in this is a mercy and from this, we should take a lesson that everything comes to an end eventually. So do not give up hope and do not become arrogant either.

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Because when people are going through difficulties, they give up hope. And when people you know, they have power, they have control. They become arrogant and oppressive. But there is a warning. You have power today. A law can take that away from you. Because sometimes because men have the right to divorce, and they have the right to take the woman back. Sometimes they commit such injustices against women, manipulating the children. There is a warning in this app for everything. There's other Your time will be up soon

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to listen to the recitation

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What do you

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do the law

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