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Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a dr Officer discussing the Surah Taha, which focuses on the fear and resurrection of Islam. The dr Officer discusses the importance of forgiveness and being prepared for the day, as well as the importance of giving women and men Dawa women. The dr Officer also mentions a prophecy of a war and a bounty on the Day of Judgment.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah why on earth he was so happy to hear Jemaine and now that the 24th Jews or PATA of the Quran

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continues on with Surah two Zuma.

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And as we mentioned previously, Surah two Zuma focuses on the toe feet of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the importance of a class

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in the beginning of this Druze, in Surah, to Zuma, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned something very, very important, and that is, that

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a person should never disappear of the Mercy of Allah subhana who would die?

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That is because Allah forgives all sins. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that we should not despair no matter how huge our teams have become. No matter how many sins we have come with, as long as we are coming to Allah subhanahu data with sincere repentance. Then Allah forgives all sins in Allah yield Pharaoh luda Jamia

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later on in the Surah, Allah subhanho wa ala talks about the Hereafter. And we have a very vivid depiction of what will happen on that day. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that the disbelievers did not value a lot the value that he deserves, will now call the ruler how contrary he will outdo Jeremy, I'm Cabildo to Julio mal Korea, that they do not value a lot the value that he deserves, they did not estimate him the estimate that he deserves. And yet, in his hand will be the heavens and the earth on that day on the day of judgment. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about how the Trumpet will be blown. And then Allah concludes sort of Zoomer with a very, very vivid

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description of the end result of the two groups and the two camps,

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the camp of the disbelievers and how they will be dragged into the hellfire and thrown into the hellfire. And then the camp of the believers

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and how,

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you know the believers will will will be brought to the gates of gender, and the gates of gender will be opened before them. And they will enter they will praise Allah subhanho data and they will witness the angels surrounding the Throne of Allah subhanho wa taala. So ask yourself, which of these two groups do you want to be a part of? It's not an issue of hoping and wishing, but rather, it is a matter of serious nature. Ask yourself, are you prepared? Are you prepared? or what have you prepared for that day when the people are either going to hellfire or going to or going to Jana? Do you want to be among those who are greeted at the gates of Jana? Or will you be lagging behind? Or

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will you end up in the Hellfire

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after that we have Seurat Orphic Surah Tahara sort of off here

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basically, takes up most of the rest of this Druze and Allah subhanho wa Taala begins the surah by mentioning his forgiving nature, and how Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives, and how he accepts the repentance of those who repent to Him. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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was Hannah Huhtala mentioned the story of Musa and pheromone and the arrogance of Iran and also the story of the believer from the family of Pharaoh and how

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he called his people telling them to believe in Musa alayhis salam

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and the entire you know, the entire description of the the dialogue that took place between him and his people, and also Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in various places in the Surah

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how the disbelievers

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argue and debate concerning Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and the truth from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Also, we have

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we also have after that

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Surah facilite. So that facilite covers the remaining of this juice. And this surah basically focuses on the themes of surah Taha fear, and that is basically the truthfulness of the Quran, the issue of Tawheed and also the resurrection after death. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the Quran and the condition of those who reject the Quran. Also, there is mention of evil companions and the fact that these evil companions they make Cooper in disbelief and seems to become attractive to us. Also, we have the importance of giving Dawa women or colon men Dr. Elahi Muhammad Ali Han,

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who is better than the one who calls to Allah subhanho wa taala, the one who gives Dawa we also have the importance of good manners and being patient.

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And also, we have,

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you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioning that his signs, the signs of Allah subhanahu Attallah are there in the horizons, and Allah will show us his signs in the horizons. And so this is a prophecy, that until the Day of Judgment, Allah will continue to show his signs and this is something that we see in this day and age, when scientific discoveries are showing us the truth of what Allah subhanahu Attallah set. And without we come to the end of the session until the next session, sabbatical of Nairobi Hambrick ash, Elijah and Estelle Hirokawa too late was salam ala Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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