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At-Tahrim 1-12 Translation 1-12

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Module One affiliate out of Sudan Karim. Allah virus further below him in a SharePoint rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Orbis Rashi Sati were Sidley under the Washington letter melissani of koko de probenecid. Now in

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Lesson number 290, pseudo Tarim, I am number one to 12.

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Translation Yeah, are you here? Oh, and maybe you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lima, why? To help remove? You make unlawful man that which a handler he made lawful, Allahu Allah laka for you, who really you seek mulata pleasure as logic of your wives will love you and Allah, La food on most forgiving or Haman most merciful.

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Odd In fact, for other he has ordained Allahu Allah lakum for you, the he letter to dissolve or dissolution a manickam of your own will who and Allah Mola come your protector wahoo and he is an Arlene, they always all knowing. And Hakeem they always always what is and when a server, he can find it. And now Vu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Illa towards BB some as YG he his wives had eaten a statement, fellow man so when not bad, she informed be with it well, and al-hurra who he made it apparent, Allahu Allah, Allah He upon him, Allah He made known Barba who some of it were our other and he turned away on from Berlin some further muscle when

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he informed her be he with it, or that she said, Man who america he informed you had this honor he said never any he informed me and Arlene they always all knowing a hobby, they always are aware in if the tuba you do repent it Allah to Allah for God so in fact Sahaja inclined kulu Kuma hearts of YouTube we're in and if de la hora you do support each other. Are they he against him? For in them Indeed, Allah Allah, who he is molar? Who? His master, his protector? Where do you believe you know, and gibreel was salehoo and righteous and what meaning of the believers one Mullah aka two nd angels by the velyka after that, law, he is helpers

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are sir perhaps Baraka who his robe in if for lacuna. he divorced you and that you have a dealer who he will give in exchange to him as well Jen wives hyaluron better men corner than you, mostly matin, ones who are submissive, meaner, thin ones who believe only that in ones who are constantly obedient, the abettin ones who repent. Are we there the ones who worship said he had in one too fast? Say you bet him ones who were previously married, whatever capital and virgins Yeah, Are you her or alladhina those who am I knew they believed to you all say, enforcer, comb yourselves, what are legal and your families? Now? Fire waku do have its few anessa the people while she jello and

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the stones, I lay her upon it. Mother a cartoon angels, real elves on ones who are harsh. She died on ones who are severe. Left not here as soon as they disobey Allah Allah. Man, what Amara whom he ordained them, he commanded them. We have our Luna and they do ma whatever you Maroon they are commanded. Yeah, you have all alladhina cafaro those who disbelieved. Let do not director Do you all make excuses? Aloma today in Noma, indeed, not but to rizona you all are recompensed. Man, what quantum you were alone you will do? Yeah, you have Oh

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Medina ermanno those who believed to boo you all repent, it Allah to Allah delbarton repentance, no so her sincere arsa perhaps, or bukem Europe, and that you can feel, he will expiate and come from you say he ethical, your sense, were you the healer calm and he will admit you genetically into gardens that Jerry it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers yoma en de la not you see, he will disgrace Allahu Allah and nebia the Prophet one la Vina and those who am a new day believed Mara who with him neuro home their light Yes, it will run banner ad him before then will be a man him and by their right sides. Your coluna they will say robina our admin you complete Lennar

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for us neurona our light will fit and forgive Lana for us in Mecca indeed you Allah upon cliche in everything or deal on always all able. Yeah, you have all unabie you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam jarhead do jihad, strive hard? Alka fell against the disbelievers while Muna 15 and the hypocrites well, lo, NB severe or lay him against them. Well my home and they're aboard jahannam is hell will be set and how bad and must lead the destination loadable he struck Allahu Allah, Motherland and example, la Vina cafaro for those who disbelieved invalid wife knew him of new

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well, and emulator wife looting of loot Canada Day to work. Under our Bodine do servants men from Eva Deena our worshippers our servants slyly hain to righteous for Hanukkah Houma but they betrayed them to follow them so did not unia day to availed on humor from them to mean Allah from Allah che anything worth the end it was said oh the hula you to enter and now the fire Mara with a Dessaline those who enter

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well Dada and his truck Allahu Allah, Motherland and example little Athena for those who knew they believed in raw data wife fit our own our own is when our that she said Robbie, oh my rub. Ebony you build Li for me in Dhaka near you, Baten a house filled gentlemen in the paradise when a genie and save me mean from fear own affair own wear armor, the heat and his deed when a genie and save me, Maine from alone, the people of Bali mean those who are unjust.

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Well Maria Maria and Maria evanesce daughter, Enron of Enron and Lettie she who acts on it, she guarded fauja her her private part, funnel Faulkner, so we blew. We breathed fi in it, men from Blue Hina our spirit was so delicate and she testified be kalimat with words prob behalf of Baku to be he and his books. What can add entry was made from l carnitine. Those who are constantly obedient.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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Jeannie Mina Lupo was

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the first speaker

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