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Al-Imran 169-185 Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali Ali Hill Karim a mother earth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem are Bish roughly 30. Were silly emri

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letter melissani of kahuku the

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lesson number 52 Surah Al Iran is number 169 to 185.

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wanna and do not abandon? You definitely think allatheena those who, Kotaku they were killed, fee in severely way Allah He of Allah and Worthen Wanstead Bal, rather, are here. Once alive, living in the near or be him they're up, use a cone they are provided or they're provided sustenance. Fairy Hina once rejoicing Bheema with whatever at home he gave them Allahu Allah. Min from fugly His bounty work and yes step scharoun. They receive good news. Yesterday Sharona they receive good news.

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Bill levena about those who learn not yell Haku they join, be him with them. Men from fulfill him behind them. Allah that's not how often a fear or lay him upon them while they're and nor whom they are known. They will grieve. Yes that Sharona they received good news. Be near Metin of blessing with blessing men from Allah, Allah, we're fiddling and bounty we're under and that Indeed, Allah, Allah, La not you there he wastes as your reward. And many of those who believe

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and levena those who is to Jabu they responded lilla he for Allah, what were soon and the messenger men from body after ma What are that asaba whom it reached them, or who the wound, Lil Athena for those who are new, they did utmost good men home from them, what the goal and they adopted the core, they feared Allah agilon by reward, or Lehman, great and Latina, those who color he said the home to them, and also the people in indeed, and NASA, the people are in fact jamberoo they gathered the comb for you for show home. So you all fear them further home, then it increased them imminent in belief, will call you and they said has been sufficient for us. Allahu Allah, whenever and how good

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and will kill the trustee the Disposer of affairs functionable so they returned binaire Metin with guessing with favor, main from Allah He Allah wa fuddling and bounty Lam not em sesam attaches them soon any evil, whatever and they followed rivanna pleasure approval, Allah He of Allah Allahu and Allah, boo possessor funnelin of bounty, are we great

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innama indeed not but barely come that are you all, as shaitan who is the shape on u haul? waifu he frightens earlier who from his close friends fener so do not to her for whom you are fear them will have funi and your fear me in if you were moving in once you believe whether and should not yet he agree with you. And Medina those who use it aroona they hasten with each other

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fee in and kufri the disbelief in the home indeed a man will never yogoro they harm Allah Allah, Shaya anything you do. He wants Allahu Allah. Allah that no

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yadgir Allah He makes the home for them. How one apportion a share fee in an era, the Hereafter, when a home and for them, are there been a punishment? Are women great

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in indeed and Medina those who is thorough they bartered they purchased Alka for the disbelief Bill emang instead of the belief or with the belief, Len will never your devil they harm Allah Allah shake anything when a home and for them are there been a punishment and even one painful weather and should not be a seven he definitely think and levena the zoo careful they disbelieved. Anima that indeed not but or a number that indeed what

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a number first of all, that indeed not but and secondly, a number that indeed what

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normally we give respect the home to them hiren is better the unfussy him for themselves? In America indeed not but normally we give

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the home to them, Lee as they do, so that they increase his man insane when a home and for them. Are there been a punishment mahina in disgraceful, humiliating math not Ghana, he was Allahu Allah Leah de that he leaves and not me Nina, those who believe Allah upon now what and don't you all Allah He upon it had the until you Misa he separates, he distinguishes and hobbies the impure main from

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the pure one and not kind of he was Allahu Allah liotta lyrical that he informs you, either upon a layby be unseen when I can, but Allah Allah yejide Debbie, he chooses, he selects men from Bruce Lee His messengers, man whoever your show he wills for me No. So you all believe the law he in a law was really he and his messengers. Were in and if took me know you all believe what at the zoo and you all fear Allah. fella come then for you. A German a reward, a Lehman great weather and should not yes urban, he definitely think and livina those who have aluna they are miserly. vema with what utter whom he gave them. Allahu Allah. Men from the he is bounty who it hiren best law home for

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them. Then rather her it Chevron is worst the home for them. So you do akuna soon they will be colored.

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Man, that which breathy Lu they were miserly, be happy with it. yonah en de lpm the standing when Allah He and for Allah, Mila su inheritance, a semi wet of the heavens of the skies will up and the earth will Allahu and Allah Bhima with whichever Dharma Luna you will do have your own or resolve where

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laquered certainly semirara he heard Allahu Allah, Allah statement saying and levena of those who call do they set in? Indeed Allah Allah for your own for when I know and we are near our once rich? selectable soon we will write, ma what car do they set for Cutler home and they're killing an MBA the profits below 80 without helping any right when a title and we shall say through your taste either punishment and hurry of the burning fire, their liquor that Bheema because of what but the mat it sent ahead, it forwarded a the comb your hands are under and that indeed, Allahu Allah laser he is not really learning in the least unjust at all unjust, little or bead to the slaves.

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And Medina, those who call you they said in Indeed, Allah Allah are he that he took a promise

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Elena to us. Allah that not Mina, we believe, lira sulan for a messenger. Hector until yet Deanna he comes to us before burning with a sacrifice, the guru, it eats it, it consumes it.

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And through the fire,

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say, God, in fact, Jay acoem he came to you with saloon messengers, main from corbally before me, thereby yet with the clear proofs were biLlahi and with which condom you said, fella, then why, but ultimo whom you all killed them? In if control you were, so the clean ones were truthful.

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For in so if

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they belied you, for God, then in fact, good diba he was beleid was stolen messengers, main from publica before you jeru they came, they will begin it with the clear proofs was the book and the scriptures. Well, keytab and the book and money, the radiant

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kolu every Epson soul, they're equal to one who tastes one that tastes a moat, the depth. We're in America, and indeed not but to a phoner you all will be given fully

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oduro comb your wages yoma en de lpmi the standing

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feminine so whoever Zia, he was removed. I'm from a now the fire, what are the sealer and he was admitted agenda, the paradise for God, then in fact, as he was successful,

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warmer and not adhere to the life adonia of the world Illa except the benefit

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of the deception.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Mommy, and daddy.

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Only me deema

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la de Nevada.

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Shalom, shalom.

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you read

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Labor Board

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long run

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to merlini

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Bobby tamina

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Rena malu in Allah, Allah ina

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as de Ville de la Genie upon very much