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Yunus 31-52 Translation 31-52

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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soliel karimabad feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Elisa de su li MD agree.

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discerning of Tavakoli probenecid nerima lesson number 114 to the unit number 31 to 52 translations say men who

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say provides you, He gives just to you, men from a summer sky and the earth among young liko he possesses, he controls a summer to hearing

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and the sights or the

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moment Andrew

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he takes out a hairdryer delivering men from a majority the dead will usually do and he takes out the dead men from the living the woman and who

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she directs

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the matters the affairs

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to normal them soon they will say, Allahu Allah, Sutton so say a fella do the not to tune your sphere. So they can so that

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Allahu Allah roadbook robocon Europe

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to the to some other. So what is that? Some other? So what is that? border astir and happy Detroit except of Burleigh the misguidance so Soho some way somewhere to reform you auditor in the way today liquor likewise

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it was established presence

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word or a beaker of Europe. Allah upon a Latina those who settle the cross limits they send a home that indeed they learned naughty, you know they will believe to say how is men from shorter echo your partner's mango

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tea originates he initiate a hotel, the creation sooner than your ad. He restores it, he repeats it.

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Allahu Allah.

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He initiates the creation sooner than your ad. He repeats it. And then somewhere how

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you all are deceived.

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A pile is made from Shoraka equals your partner's manhood. Yesterday he guides elar towards unhappy the truth. Don't say Allahu Allah, God He guides will help you to the truth. a sermon is done Who? God He guides me to the truth more worthy, more entitled. And that youtuber he is followed among all who learned not your hippie, he finds guidance or he is guided in law except that use birth he is guided sooner than what Luckily for you. Teresa has the spoon you will judge whether or not

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he follows Excel home most of them except a woman supposition in indeed of oneness the supposition you're not using a is a very old men from unhappy the truth show anything in the Lucha Indeed Allah or Newman

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memo with whatever yes earnings they do.

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And not turnovers. However this

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used to be it is fabricated or it be fabricated from Bernie other than Allahu Allah. we're lacking but the speaker conformation. Alavi which brainer between your day he gets to hands with a sealer and detail lt 30 of the book, learn not have any doubt CG in it. Learn from rub the rub allow the main of the world

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if he fabricated it. Don't say also you will come December 10 with a chapter with a pseudo nicely he like it. Were the annual call you will invoke men home if you all were able, capable men from Dhoni other than me

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Allah in His continuity for the ones who are truthful Bell rather

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the delight dinner with what? Learn you're here to the encounters

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with its knowledge of its knowledge

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and not yet yep to him it comes to them

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it's interpretation it's actualization actual position to their liquor likewise comfortable Hyppolite and Medina those who learn from probably him before them. So, look tracer help kind of was our pivotal consequence and result early many of those little round will end

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up will believe or he believes busy with it

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and from them

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he will believe or he believes that he

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will and Rob Booker

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is most known for sitting with those who spread mysteries were in

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trouble I suppose and say he saw me on the lead my deed will come and for you on the call your deed your body owner say of responsibility this associated cinema from whatever our model is we're only an hour I bury own free of responsibility this associated

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somewhat taught middle aged

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women home

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men who yesterday owner the listen attentively

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to you

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can use them to smear you make to hear a symbol the death ones were low, even if and if

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they were not your clone, they understand women's room and from them men who generally he looks in a car to you

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then you just be your guide a little near the blind ones, willows, even if

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they're not. Yep, zero they see

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indeed learn not years lemo children's immerser the people shake anything. Well our kingdom but a nursery the people insist upon themselves just remove they do wrong.

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And on day, he or she will gather them to

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learn not to remain in law except certain hours or a moment. Men from a hurry the day yet are assuming they were mutually recognized or they will recognize each other. Buying a home between them. insect four zero G was in loss. He lost a novena those who took the boat they delayed because he was meeting a lot of Allah Roma and not turnover. Notre Dame went to receive guidance for ima and if Maria nicar We definitely show you Barbara some Ella de which Laredo home We promise them or we threaten them or not our fire nikka we will call you fully meaning we definitely recall you fully we give that to you. So Elena, then to Nigeria, they return sooner than Allahu Allah shavon is a

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witness. Allah affirm more of what you have alone, they do. politically and for every

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nation, community, people are assuming a messenger. So even so when he came, receive their messenger to do it was decided by no home between them, both to speak with the justice for home and they learned not just they will be wronged.

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And they say motor when Heather This is where I do the promise in his continual service game. one's more truthful.

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And liquid I possess, I have authority to see for myself better than any harm to Allah and nor necessarily any profit any benefit in there except my reward. Sure he would Allahu Allah, liquidity for every 10 people or children and appointed time or an appointed term in there when it came to the home the appointed time or their appointed term senate yesterday. They will seek to delay certain actions

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Enrollment will lower and lower your stock demand they will seek to advance

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for item use or you consider if

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it came to you or they're below his punishment bear than at night

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a day whether or not your store Judo, he seeks to hasten mental summit for assets or even from him to remove the criminals

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sooner than available whenever or either when My bet is together as whenever and either when that work or it occurred itself momentum you believed DC whether it

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worked now while in fact you will be whether it's the start you do your seek to hasten sooner than Taylor what was said

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to those who will remove the dead wrong to your taste. Are there other punishment and holding the everlasting or the eternal? How are or not?

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You are recompensed in the except dinner with what you were given you already

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listen to the recitation of these

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Mina sama you want.

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Me Me?

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Me Me.

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help me Show

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you wanna

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wanna kill

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me abou una.

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volta to

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meet me.

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Minogue woman home

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smells some

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woman whom

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you know me Oh,

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zoo daddy

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