Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 28 – L281A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various false accusations and accusations made against multiple people in a situation, including a woman named Missus (M), a woman with a long history of drinking alcohol, and a woman named Missus (M). They also talk about various false accusations and accusations made against multiple people, including a woman named Jaden who believes in Islam and a woman named Holly Dina. The group discusses their experiences and experiences with men, including a woman named Holly Dina who believes in Islam and is a woman named Holly Dina. They also mention a woman named Holly Dina who believes in Islam and is a woman named Holly Dina.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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tsuda Hill Karim I'm about for him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim are beshara he suddenly were Sidley MD. Dr. Tim data melissani of kuqali. Urban as it were in Lesson number 281 pseudotumor jadida is number one to 22. Translation.

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And, in fact, semirara he heard, Allahu Allah, Allah, saying allottee of she who,

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today De Luca, she disputes with you. fee concerning zoji her, her husband, what is the key? And she complains in Allah to Allah. Allah who and Allah. Yes, Merle, he hears the How would Akuma mutual conversation of YouTube

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in Indeed, Allah, Allah semir on always all hearing buslee don't always all seeing eye levina those who use our hero una de proclaimed we have men come from you, men from NASA him their wives, math, not Honda de Omaha to him their mothers in not in my head to whom their mothers in law except Allah IE those women who wanted to know whom they gave birth to them. Were in the home and indeed de la colonna surely they say men Karen disapproved men from alone the speech, the word

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was Uhura, and ally, or end a falsehood

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we're in and Indeed, Allah Lara for one surely most pardoning will have fallen, most forgiving. When levena and those who use our hero una de proclaimed, we have men from Nyssa him their Wives, submit then your una de return. Lima for what do they said, for the hero, so freeing Robin of iNec. mencoba from before and that efms there to touch each other, then they come back, are you all do a lunar, you all are admonished, be here with it, on law, who and Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do hubiera on always all aware, finance or whoever loves did not judge it he finds. Firstly, I will then fasting charade of two months, motor therapy rain do consecutive men follow from before

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and that efms day to touch each other for months or whoever landed not yesterday, there he escapable for animal then feeding sedena 60 miskeen and needy vaniqa that little minnows so that you all believe believe in Allah wa rasuluh he and his messenger were tilka and that who do the law limits of law, water caffeine and for the disbelievers are there been a punishment element painful, in the Medina indeed those who you had done, they oppose of Allah what I saw in the who and His Messenger could be to they were disgraced, gamma just as kobita he was disgraced a Medina bozhou men probably him from before them were called and in fact einzelner we sent down 18 verses by uniting clear ones,

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when it Catherine and for the disbelievers are there been a punishment Mohini humiliating the owner on de yerba to whom he will raise them Allahu Allah jamir and altogether for you in a beautiful home then he will inform them Bhima with that which are milling they did a saw who he calculated it, he counted it. Allahu Allah, when a suhu and they forgot it.

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One law who and Allah, Allah upon Galicia in everything shahidan a witness, and then did not die. You see, that Indeed, Allah Allah, Allah will he knows man, whatever this summer wet in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill up in the earth, man not your Corona it is men from Nigeria. Any secret talk selesa of three Illa except who he lobby or whom fourth of them. Wanna and nor home setting five

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In the except who he said is to whom is six of them when and nor Edna lesser men than rarely cut that one and nor actor more in law except who he Mara whom is with them at Noma. Wherever can they were some then you know Bo home he will inform them Bhima with whatever army do they did Yokoyama on day of the standing in Allaha Indeed Allah because only with every che in thing I leave on always all knowing and and did not die you see Ella towards and Medina those who knew who they were prohibited. I'm from a najwa the secret doc. So then your una they return Lima for whatever know who they were prohibited on who from it? Where can I Jonah and the mutually whispered or the mutually

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hold secret talk? Bill isn't with the same one or the one and the transgression, while Mercia and disobedience of wosu of the messenger or either and when they came to you Hi yoga, they greeted you Bhima with that which lamb Did not you Heidecker, he greets you. Be he with it? Allahu Allah. Way. akuna and they say fee and forcing him in themselves. Lola Why not? You are the winner he punishes us. Allahu Allah Bhima because of what Nicola we say, has boom sufficient for them. Jehan Nemo is *. He has loaner her they will burn in it for a bit, sir. So how bad and mostly the destination? The Are you her or you and Medina amanu. Those who believed either when there are jatim you all

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neutrally whisper further than do not that an agile you are mutually whisper bill isn't with the sin while or the one and the transgression or mercy and disobedience of the soul of the messenger? What an agile and you all mutually whisper, Bill bear with the righteousness what the poor and the core what the and you will fear Allah Allah, Allah de The one who lie to him to Sharon, you all shall be gathered in them or indeed not brought and the secret doc ministry upon from the shaytaan Leah Luna, so that he may cause grief and Medina to those who am I know they believed when he said and he is not divorcing him at all. One who harms them Shea anything Illa except be a vanilla with permission

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of Allah and upon Allah Allah failure to work and so he should trust me known the believers. Yeah, you have all you alladhina amanu those who believed either when de la it was said local Do you differ sir Who? You all space yourselves? fee in Alma journalists, the gatherings the assembly's

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FAFSA Who? Then you all make space?

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Yes, he will make space Allahu Allah local for you. One either and when de la it was said on chizu you all rise up fun chizu then rise up your fairy he will raise Allahu Allah and Medina Amano, those who believed main come from you, when Medina and those who do they were given a very limited knowledge that are generated in ranks one law who and Allah be met with whatever term Alona you will do hubiera on always all aware, yeah, you have all you alladhina amanu those who believed either when

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you took into confidence now Jaden, you took into confidence or now Jaden, you consulted privately.

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A rasuna the messenger for a demo. Then you all present by in a day before Nigeria come your private consultation Southern attend a charity danika that hiren is better law confer you will have to her and purist for Indian if London not that you do you will find for in a law higher than Indeed Allah reform always all forgiving for Haman always All Merciful

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did as factum you were afraid and that to cut the move. You all send ahead, beignet a day before Nigel welcome your private consultation, support charities for it then if lamb did not differ, do you all do whatever and he turned in mercy? Allahu Allah are they come upon you for chemo, then you are perfectly effective.

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English a sonata dishonor, to and you will give as a character does occur to you and you will obey Allah Allah what asuna who and His messenger will learn who and Allah hubiera always all aware the man with whatever terminal you will do and then did not tell you see in two words alladhina those who don't know they made close friends. Oh man people probably but he was angry Allahu Allah or lay him upon them man not home the main come from you while ah and nor men home from them. Were actually foreigner and they swear either upon and carry the lie or home while they are the moon they know either he prepared Allahu Allah no home for them. Or there been a punishment shed Eden severe in the

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home in the day, sir how evil man that which kind of they were your Malone they do it to her Do they have taken a manor home their odds Jonathan as a shield for subdue, then they stopped on from submitting their way of federal home so for them, or there been a punishment, movie known, humiliating.

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Learn never told me it will avail on home from them. And while home their wealth, why not and nor are allowed to home their children mean Allah from Allah shake anything with a dose of herbal now our companions of the Fire, whom they see her in it, Holly don't want to abide eternally yolmer en de Jabara to whom he will raise them, Allahu Allah, Jimmy on altogether friendly foreigner, then they will swear Lahu to him Come on, just as he actually foreigner this where law come to you where Sabina and they think unknown, that indeed de Allah Shea in upon something, Allah unquestionably in the home indeed the home they uncharitable the layers is to whether he has overcome, he has

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overpowered, I lay him upon them a shape on the shape on fencer home. So he caused them to forget the remembrance of law of Allah, whether Ecuador's his boo or group, a shaytaan of the shaitan. An unquestionably, in indeed, his Pichet on the group of shaytaan home the hostel room, the losers in the Medina indeed those who you had done, they oppose aloha of water Sula, who and His Messenger on a cudos fee among other lien, the most humiliated the most disgraced cateva he wrote, he ordained Allahu Allah lieben surely I shall definitely overcome and I will surely and my messengers in the Lucha indeed of La kawi Yun, one who is more strong or zizo always Almighty, left not that you do,

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you will find a woman a people you may know that they believe believe in Allah while young and the day and the last you are doing they love man who had he opposed Allah Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger well, even if can they were home their fathers or ebina home their sons or Atlanta home their brothers or Sheila to whom, or their blood relatives with those Qatada he wrote fuchal who beat him in their hearts and he man, the faith, the belief what a year they're home and he supported them, bureau him with a spirit men who from him, were you the head of home and he will admit them

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into gardens, that God it floors, men from dirty hair beneath it and help the rivers. Holly Dina wants to abide eternally see her in it for over a year. He was pleased. Allahu Allah, I'm home from them, what I blew and they were pleased I'm home from him. In a Ecuador's his boo or group Allah have an A unquestionably in indeed Hezbollah group of law of law comb the Muslim those who are successful, recitation

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How are

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Al-Mujadilah 1-22 Translation 1-22


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